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  • gutfeeling 12w


    Focus on intentions instead of noticing words!

    Sometimes words are harsh, but intentions are pure good. That matters!

  • bi_nspired 18w


    Thank you so much for the likes and reposts

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    Now that it's a new year

    Now that it's a new year
    The thoughts of beginning the New
    Spread across the streets of wisdom
    Wisdom picks all the thoughts
    To the corners of a cozy home
    Where they are preciously processed
    For Timeliness to package them
    And give them straight to Action
    Who delivers them to various owners

    Now that it's a new year
    Timeliness received an August visitor
    Decided to entertain the visitor
    Who happened to be a stranger
    But until now
    They spoke about many things
    Many days had passed
    Oh focused being,
    Why did you loose your focus
    To a stranger you just met

    Now that it's a new year
    Action please go visit our dear Timeliness
    You need to go with Remember and Self will
    They will help chase this stranger called Procrastination
    Away from Timeliness house
    So Timeliness can begin packaging
    Thought who has now been processed
    Into individual Resolution
    For them to be fulfilled in the new year

    Now that it's a new year
    It is not enough to make a resolution
    After all, Resolutions are actualized with Self will
    Now that it's a new year
    Action needs to deliver
    And send away Procrastination

    What's your resolution?
    Now that it's a new year


  • ms_shayara 19w

    क़िस्सों में ज़िंदगी नहीं जिया करते,
    भूल ना सके तुम्हें कोई ऐसी कोई कहानी लिख कर जाओ।

    - नैन्सी उप्पल


  • tracey8737 20w

    Happy New Year

    Knowing you are here,
    To ring in this new year too;
    Makes it all worthwhile.

  • susann 20w

    Day 7

    What is that one thing you would change if you were given an opportunity?

  • musings_of_a_writer 20w

    A drunk story

    I saw the fireworks in the sky from my balcony, I dialed a number, within seconds ;I could hear my favourite voice

    'Happy new year',he wished with joy in his voice
    'Happy new year to you too', I replied with a chuckle
    then there were few minutes of silence
    What next ?? I didn't plan this conversation like I always do
    'I need to confess something',I blurted after much struggle
    'I think I'm in love with you'
    'What?' I saw a change in his voice happy yet confused
    And I continued, ' and I swear the dialogue was not told under any influence of alcohol'
    'Really???' I can still sense confusion and doubt in his voice
    'Okay,may be a little; less than 10'
    I told with a giggle
    'I want you to say it without any'he demanded
    'Then there is problem' I chuckled
    'What??' He asked impatiently
    ' A beer makes you look cute
    With vodka as a knight in a shining armour you are there
    Without it you are adorable too
    But the thought to be in love with you is a complete nightmare'

    I could hear a loud laugh from the other side I so wish I could see that
    'You're incorrigible but please don't change' he said in between his laughter
    'I won't' I said with a smile

    'Okay I need to join my friends shall I keep ?' he always does this;takes my permission to keep the phone,after I told how it infuriated me when he just kept his phone telling he has a lot of work..

    All this little things he does for me makes me happy... But I never say he must understand and I know he knows.

    'Yes...go and enjoy. And happy new year once again' I said
    'Happy new year to you too...and love you'
    I wanted to say ' love you too' but didn't
    I said ' I know and take care...bye'

    It was a happy beginning of a new year indeed

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 20w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    I'm home at last
    The past is the past
    The New Year is here
    It all happened so fast

    Dear friends whom we've known
    Shall remain with us ever
    Our lives intertwined
    In ways nothing can sever

    As time marches on
    New bonds are conceived
    And with joy in our hearts
    Each new friend is received

    New places, new faces
    Much to see, much to do
    A new home, a new state
    A happy New Year, to you!!

    Wanted to say a quick hello, amongst all the endless unpacking! ��������
    I hope all are well, and that each of you are enjoying a great start to this new year. ����
    I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone's work as soon as we get the house settled. ��
    At the moment, all I can see are brown cardboard boxes from wall to wall, so I'd best get back at it. ��������
    Hope to read you soon! ��‍♀️

    P.S. Regarding the picture, pretty much me at the moment, but not me; and minus the fancy dress, the blonde hair, and the alcohol. ��

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #happynewyear #newyear2022 #justmoved #newhouse #TonsOfEndlessUnpacking

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  • suchetna 20w

    2021 through my eyes

    I wish they told us, along with the trigonometry classes and The animal Kingdom nomenclature That the mid life crisis isn't when you can't remember square roots or balance a ledger.
    But it is the outcry for oxygen tanks, and the helplessness at the the cacophonous sound
    Asking you to maintain, '2 gaz ki doori', giving you a helpline number... true helplessness is about
    painfully seeing the life sucked out of people, right in front of your eyes, without formal goodbyes!
    That's the first half of 2021, it spared no one!
    And then there were some;
    Lucky to sit and write about it, others still shunned
    But hey! They've taught us, life goes on
    After a scarred night, a bright dawn
    Spring was delayed, it came still, PTSD was a textbook noun
    Healing smiles and soaring spirits coloured all around
    The best thing about life, it follows the sine curve, up and down, there is a rise after fall
    (For a change thanks to those trigonometry lessons after all)
    Soon the new winds took over the scene, cricket world cup, Diwali, farmers protesting
    Ending the year with the most hyped Vicky-Kat happy ending.
    Whoa! What a roller coaster this year has been!


  • likhitvaat 20w


    सिंचना तू कर्म अपने, मेहनत ही तेरा साथ दे
    कभी ना होगा तुझे टूटना, जो तू अपने आप से ठान ले।
    - लिखित वाट

  • sharmistha_writes 20w

    The only wish I have for the new year is to get what I didn't get last year ....

    Happy New Year everyone

  • itsmelakshika 21w

    I have cherished myself the way I've been over the past years! Having no regrets neither doubts about decisions I took or what I did, always grateful for the good times that rolled through also grateful for the one's that taught me so much and made me even better and improved with the experiences I gained! Focus on what you have with you right now that matters the most.❤✨
    #HappyNewYear #SelfLove #Write-ups #Mirakee

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    "Not repenting over the PAST! Neither worried about the FUTURE! All that lies is within the PRESENT!"

  • shubhamjoshi 21w

    साल के अंतिम दिन तक भी सवाल करती रही चाय मुझसे,

    अगर मै ना होती तो तुम्हारा कौन होता ।।


  • rizal_21 21w

    Yesterday is not Today
    Today is not like Yesterday
    Nothing remains same
    There is something new everyday


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  • dosbambi 21w

    Happy New Year folks...

    Thanks for all the love shown in 2021, we do better this year. Cheers to doing better this year.

    Thank you!

    You can follow me on IG @bambidanieloluwadare

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #africanpoet #africanwriter #happynewyear #appreciation

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    The new year has finally walked in,
    2022 has collected the baton from 2021,
    and now, we are up for another ride.
    We go harder, this new chapter,
    We do better, this new phase,
    Nothing but raising the bar
    on this new ride.

  • garvtyagi 21w

    हाल बदले तो कुछ बात बने।
    साल का क्या है...
    वो तो हर साल बदलता है।


  • nikital__ 21w



    Just a year come with.....more mistake but love yourself ❤️

  • nitu_27 21w

    #happynewyear to all lovely people's ��✨❤️

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    Promise ✨

    Make yourself a promise ,that you will never break your promises you made this year for yourself ❤️

  • tracey8737 21w

    Happy New Year

    Knowing you are here,
    To ring in this new year too;
    Makes it all worthwhile.

  • shadiquek 21w


    बदलते दिनों में बदलते सालों में
    बहुत से बदलाव देखे,
    कुछ पल बिछड़े, कुछ दोस्त बिछड़े
    कुछ बदलते अपने हालात देखे।

    जिनसे कभी था दिल का रिश्ता
    उन रिश्तों में दूरियां हुई
    जो आंखे तकती थी कभी हमारा इंतेज़ार,
    उन आंखों को पलटते हुए भी देखे।

    साल बढ़ रहे उम्र घट रहे,
    घटते उम्र में तज़ुर्बे बढ़ रहे
    ज़िन्दगी तो फानी है सादिक़
    एक दिन फना तो हो ही जाएगी
    मगर बदलते साल में
    लोगों के बदलते एहसास देखे।


  • enolafeels 20w

    It's late but not too late to express my feelings...��
    So I decided to see the world with better eyes...��

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    I decided to see the world
    From a very different view
    And with a better eyes
    I will open them while breathing hard

    I will take time to learn how to love myself
    I will cry all the tears I need to cry
    I'll let myself get lost in the moment

    I'll take all the risk and
    the day as they come
    I'll leave the people
    That are not good for me in my life

    Because I finally decided that I matter
    More than I give Myself

    -Nandini Dwivedi