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  • alangholt 259w

    That Time of Life

    3 AM
    A fire's been lit
    The flames intensify
    Reds, Yellows, Oranges
    Heat, steam, smoke.

    I wake, overwhelmed
    It's coming from inside my head,
    Spreading down to my neck,
    My chest glows, radiates.

    The covers are shoved off,
    Shirt gathered up to my neck.
    The fan wafts cooling waves
    On my bare body, colliding with
    The drops of perspiration condensed
    Over my brow and breasts.

    Chilled now,
    My flesh begs for cover.
    Shirt goes down,
    Covers come up.
    Smooth sheets soothe.
    Breathing slows.
    Slumber beckons.

    3:30 am
    The fire rages again.