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  • arun_jayaraman 11w

    Dear Wifey,

    Holy moly! You're my jolly,
    I'm just trapped in your life's trolley.
    Oh hot dolley, hold your volley.
    Tugged at my heartstrings, dear ally.

    Your my lightning, I am your thunder,
    Let's rock together and make wonders.
    Heavenly hunter, stately splendour,
    Just throw your nets, and I'll surrender.

    Like a hot chocolate with red velvet,
    Let's be exquisite in our love goblet.
    Like cheese pizzas and garlic breads,
    Let's be the couple with no regrets.

    Toughtimes are like red signals.
    Lets stop and wait for green signals.
    When we accept the facts and act normal,
    Peace would greet us my angel.

    Love and respect in a marriage,
    Strengthen our souls with a great bondage.
    Let's make this work at a very young age.
    Trust my lines, I'm your poetic sage.


  • rashmir 12w

    # Kuldeep Rajput
    You are our life and we never want to lose you we love you more than ourselves so we can do anything for you
    Now I understand my gangster ।
    # gangster❣️
    By unknown writer

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    For you

    प्यार क्या है:^)
    Jahan Marne se jyada
    Sath jeene ki baten hoti hain
    Gussa aane per khamoshi nahin
    Baten hoti hain।
    Galtiyon per chikhane se jyada
    Samjhaya jata hai
    Jahan छोटी-छोटी nok joke k sath
    Beshumar hasi Ho...^_^

  • black_pages 24w

    Dear love,

    We don't work together
    We don't have to talk everyday
    We don't have to spend time with each other
    We don't go for shopping together
    We don't make schedules for dinnernights
    We don't have plans together for our future
    We won't be lying next to each other
    We won't be potrayed as Radhekrishna of Kaliyuga
    Though Radhekrishna were not together
    Radha owns Krishna... Krishna owns Radha
    Many eras have passed
    Love exists despite all this
    Between Radhekrishna, between us...

    With love,

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #black_pages #gna_abir #love_quotes #love #life #hubby

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    Dear love ...

    Though Radhekrishna are not together
    They are eternally one
    Radha owns Krishna... Krishna owns Radha
    Many eras have passed
    Love exists despite all this
    Between Radhekrishna, between us...

    With love,


  • letsutilak 25w

    My only Person, who have grown so much in me.
    Grow old with me, build a home with me.

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    It is hard pass a day without hearing from you.
    I go to Bed with a heavy heart then I woke up in the middle of the night only to find myself missing you even more.
    I pad myself soothing with our good memories thinking he is out there doing good job for our people.
    Yet it still doesn't sooth me much, I still find myself in the same pain.

  • sarahrachelea 25w

    Are you really worth of my precious time?
    Are you really worth of my true love?
    Are you really worth of my pure heart?
    Are you really worth of my loyalty and sincerity?
    Are you really worth of my solemn oath?
    Or are you just another fake-being with no values that unworthy?

    ~ wifeable only for my future hubby

  • letsutilak 30w

    It was a pure form of love with Innocent thoughts and minds but gradually it is ruined by stereotype society. This chain needs to be broken and accept the basic form of reality.
    A Love like that of Mother's Love is precious.
    Just like so I wish for that of Father's Love from my Man.

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    Battle of Own

    I ain't a poetess yet i find peace in writting. By scribbling my thoughts gets to relax my mind. This is where i can express my every piece of thoughts without being judge. My sole listener who listens without uttering a word. A quite and calm listener where I realise my anguish.
    My only battle that I battle here is where I stand to be the winner and losser. For I am the sole warrior in this battle of mind. They say self battle is the toughest battle but I believe to be the Bravest battle where only the stronger one choose to battle oneself.
    My mind initially was innocent and pure, with pure love and thoughts but now it is being muddled with cruel stereotype of society. Where one's own fail to own their own. Many are judge few are appreciated for assumptions and self prediction plays more than being the right one.
    Innocent mind ones strike wrongly with cruel judgements triggers more. It ruins one's peace for rejection and insecurity is cruel to accept as it is too little too big to accept in this messy life of mine.
    Pure Love with Innocent thoughts is like a blank slate where a single dot is much visible than those board filled with scribbles. A slate ones scribble on it can't be that blank slate which the psychologist call "Tabularasa".

  • wifey_suicide 41w

    Another day with you, is like having espresso in my coffee.

  • my_unspoken_words 64w


    आज खुश हु बोहोत
    रात को मैसेज आया था उसका...
    दिल की बाते तो नही हो सकी
    लेकिन खुशी इस बात की है
    कि उसने याद तो किया..
    थोड़ी चिंता में मै भी हूं की
    फिर से उसके लिए
    सीरियस न हो जाऊ..
    क्युकी जैसे तैसे मेने मन बहलाना सीखा है

  • ammy21 73w

    Tag ur hubby

    My dear hubby
    U looks thoda chubby
    I want that u only love me
    If u love anyone else
    I punch on ur mouth nd break ur knee
    Oh my dear hubby
    U r sweetest nd u r my lovee

  • sana_ayub15 102w


    Humare bus mei hota toh,
    Aapko banho me bhar lete,
    Aapko sab se chupa lete,
    Aapko apni aankhon me rakh lete,
    Kabhi na roothne dete,
    Kabhi na tutne dete,
    Aapko hum qaid kar lete,
    Bus apne dil ki duniya me
    Kisi bhi haal me hum phir
    Aapko azaad na karte
    Sari duniya bhula dete
    Aapko apna bana lete,
    Humare bus me hota toh
    Magar hai bebasi aisi,
    Humara dil machalta hai,
    Aapko hii yad krta hai
    Aapko apne qarib chahta hai
    Magar hum ky karen meri jaan
    Humara bus nii chalta hai....��❤️❤️

    @gulam_ayub15 mangi thi duaa rab se
    Dena wo jo khas ho is duniya me sbse
    Rab ne milaya hame aapse
    Or kaha smbhalo ise yahi hai khas sbse ��❤️������������������������������������
    Mana ki krti hu mei badmasiyn
    H mujhe me bhut si nadaniyan
    Ab jaisi v hu , hu mei aapki biwi jaan��
    Saho aap meri sari badmasiyn ��������
    Bs ye pyar kabhi kam ni hoga
    Hum yun hii bepanah mobhobat krte rahenge
    Meri jaan meri duniya aapme basti h
    Aapko rab se har duaa me mangte rahenge ��������������������

    My love this is for you ❤️❤️������������
    In aakhon ki gustakhi to dekhiye
    Aapko dekhne ke bad
    Kuch or dekhne ko taiyar hii nii ������������.

    #Ayubkisana #sanakaayub #gulamayub #sungam #babu #jaan #hubby #husbandwife #soulmate #lifeline #loveyouforever

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  • riyu_aishu 102w

    #love won
    #love moment
    #hubby &wifee moment
    #mirakee world #writting mood

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    ❤Love wons❤

    "Don't leave me alone,
    Don't go please",
    She said while sleeping,

    " Baby, wake up, calm down.
    We are already married, my love...
    And I am always with you bby, he said.

    He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead and try to calm down her,

    She cried in his arms for the whole night,

    Finally love won❤❤❤❤

  • sana_ayub15 103w


    My dear favourite person ��❤️��,
    I know sometimes I hurt you������
    Sometime I overreact ��
    But I love you more than anything
    And I can't see tears in your eyes ��❤️❤️

    So stay happy and I have always
    There for you no matter what ❤️❤️����
    You are the reason behind my smile ��❤️❤️

    i won't call
    But I care

    I won't text
    But i think of you everytime

    I won't meet you
    But i always miss you...

    I won't say
    But i always love you ��❤️����
    This is only for you my love..

    toh "lafz" tum ho
    Toh "khayaal" tum ho.
    Toh "duaa" tum ho
    Sach kahu ...
    Toh "mohabbat" tum ho��❤️��
    #ayubkisana #sanakaayub #gulamayub #babu #jaan #hubby #husbandwife #soulmate #lifeline #everything #loveofmylife..

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    Abjib si betabi hai
    Tere bina reh v lete hn
    Or.. raha bhi nahi jata.. ❤️

  • sana_ka_ayub 103w

    Agar mai ruth gya to tum mujhe mna lena,
    Agar mai roya to mere Ashuwo ko poch mujhe samjha dena,
    Tumse dur hoke agar so na paya to
    rat ko khawabon me Aa lori gake sula dena!!

    Kuch to hai tum me jo mujhe tumhare bina ek pal bhi rha nhi jata hai,
    Kaise btau tumhe ke ye dil bas tumhare liye dhadkta hai,
    kaise btau tumhe dekh mere ankho ko ek sukoon sa milta hai,
    jab jab tumhari awaz mere kano tak aati hai to
    najane kyu mere hotho me ek ajeeb si muskurahat aa jati hai,
    han ye sach hai ki mera dil bas tumhi pe marta hai,

    mera har pal ek pal me tham jata hai jab tum mujhe meri jaan keh ke pukarti ho,
    tumhe hasta dekh mai muskurata hu,
    tumhe mayus dekh mai bhi udaas ho jata hu,
    Tumhe dekh kar hi to meri din ki suruwat hoti hai,
    Agar na dekhu tumhe to teri tasveer me kho jata hu,
    Mai jab tumhari in pyari ankho ko dekhta hu,
    to bas mai un ankho me dub sa jata hu,

    Kuch na kaho dil me hai jo ankho se bat ho jayegi,
    Tum bhi suno mai bhi sunu bas uhi rat guzar jayegi,
    Agar mai naraz hu tumse ya tum naraz ho hmse to sabr rakho,
    humari narazgi pal bhar me hi dur ho jayegi������

    @sana_ayub15 I love you��������

    #sana_ka_ayub #ayubkisana #gulamayub #sana_ayub #babu #shona #jaan #hubby #wifey #husbandwife #sungum #lifeline #solumate #lifeline #loveyouforever

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    सुनो ना....
    तुम्हारे बिना अब हमें रातों को निंद नही आती,
    यूँ तुम हमसे नाराज होके मत सो जाया करो ना!!

  • sana_ka_ayub 103w

    तुम्हें मैं देखना चाहूँ एक दम करीब से
    कसम से मिले हो तुम मुझे बड़े नसीब से!
    मैं तुम्हें अपनी बाहों में भर लूँ
    दूनिया से चुरा के आज कर लूँ खुद से करीब!
    तुम्हें मैं तुमसे चुरा के बसा लूँ दिल मे कही
    शायद इस दूनिया में है और ना होगा
    मुझ जैसा कोई खुशनसीब!
    क्योंकी तुमने जो मुझे दिल दिया है
    तो हूँ ना सबसे ज्यादा खुशनसीब।
    तुम्हारे बिना ना मैं जीना चाहूँ
    ना एक पल भी तुम्हारे बीन बिताऊँ!
    साँसे लूँ तो तुम्हारी साँसों को खुद में लूँ
    अब तुम्हारे बिना ना जी सकुँ ना रह सकुँ!
    मेरा एक प्यारा सा ख्वाब हो तुम
    निंदों में आती प्यारी सी एहसास हो तुम!
    तुम मेरी दिल का सुकून,हाँ दिल का सुकून
    जिसके साथ मैं पुरी जिंदगी जिऊँ!
    तुम्हारे यादों के धागे में पीरो के मैं अपने पास रखुँ
    हर जगह बस अब तुम होती हो
    सब सही हो जाते है जब तुम संग होती हो!
    हर पल तुम्हारी यादें मेरे पास होती है
    और उन लम्हों को याद कर मैं इतना
    मुस्कुराता हूँ की अब तो आँखें भर आती है!
    तो आ जाओ ना मेरे पास मैं तुमहें भर लूँ अपने बाहों में
    मुझे मिले है ये वक्त बड़े नसीब से
    तो इन वक्त को जी भर के जी लूँ!
    तुमसे और भी करीब होके
    बाहों में भर लूँ मैं तुम्हें!
    हमेशा तुम्हारे साथ रहूँ और तुम मेरे पास रहो
    और हर सुबह जब आँखें खुले
    तो तुम मेरी बाँहों में रहो!!
    तो तुम मेरी बाँहों मे रहो!!
    -- gulamayub --

    @sana_ayub15 मेरा प्यार आपके लिए इंशाल्लाह कभी कम नहीं होगा, ये वक्त के साथ और बढ़ता ही जायेगा।आप मेरी जिंदगी की वो ख्वाब हो जिसे मैं किसी भी किमत पे टूटने नहीं दे सकता।आप को मैं अपनी जिंदगी की हकीकत बनाना चाहता हूँ।आपको मैं जिंदगी भर का हमसफर बनाना चाहता हूँ।आपके आने से मैं मुकम्मल हो गया हूँ और अब तो बस खुदा से आपकी ही दुआ करता हूँ।मेरा प्यार इंशाल्लाह ताउम्र सिर्फ और सिर्फ आपके लिए ही रहेगा और मेरे पास जो भी है,मेरा इस दुनिया में जो भी है वो सब आपका है�������������� I love you my queen,my princess,my world������ I love you more than my life����������

    #sana_ka_ayub #ayubkisana #sangum #gulamayub #sana_ayub #husbandwife #hubby #wifey #babu #shona #jaan #lifeline #solumate #loveyouforever #life #lovequotes #everything #specialone

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  • gulamayub 104w

    मैं प्यार से चाय बना दूँगा,
    तुम सबको serve कर देना!

    मैं जब आॅफीस से थक कर आऊँगा,
    तुम मेरे सर और पैर दबा देना!

    मैं सारे कपड़े इस्त्री कर दुँगा,
    तुम घर का सारा काम कर देना!

    रविवार के दिन खाना मैं बना दूँगा,
    तुम थोड़ा घर को सजा लेना!

    तुम्हारी गल्ती पर मैं तुम्हे समझाऊँगा,
    गर हो जाये मुझसे गल्ती तो हमें माँफ कर देना!

    मैं सुःख में ही नहीं दुःख में भी तुम्हारे साथ रहुँगा,
    बस तुम जिंदगी भर साथ मेरा निभा देना!

    अमीर तो नही मगर तुम्हारी हर जरूरत को पुरा करूँगा,
    तुम मेरे छोटे से घर को ही अपना महल समझ लेना!

    खाना खराब होने पर भी मैं वही खाना खाऊँगा,
    गर किसी चीज की कमी हो जाये तो तुम नाराज ना होना!

    मैं हर परिस्थीती में तुम्हारे साथ खड़ा रहुँगा,
    गर मैं रहुँ परेशान तो तुम सीने से लगा लेना!

    मैं तुमसे हर छोटी छोटी चीज शेयर करूँगा,
    तुम अपने नाम के पीछे मेरा sername लगा लेना!

    हम दोनो मिलकर एक दुसरे का हाथ बटाएँगें,
    थोड़ा काम हम कर देंगे,थोड़ा काम तुम कर देना!


  • gulamayub 104w


    Babu hum kaise btaye apko
    ki hum apse kitna pyar karte hai...����

    Din ho ya rat Bas rab se
    sirf apki hi fariyad karte hai....������❤

    Ap raho hmesha mehfooz
    ye hum apne rab se dua karte hai...��❤����

    Babu hum apke bina nhi reh skte
    har dua me bas apko hi mangte hai������

    hum apki her ada her nakhde
    Apki gusse se bhi hum pyar karte hai...��������

    Han thoda darpok ban gya hu mai
    Kyuki hum apko khone se darte hai...����❤

    Jaan se bhi jyada pyare ho ap hmai
    Hum apke ek halki si chot se tadap uthte hai...����

    Ap hmai her chhoti chhoti bat btati ho
    Babu Apki isi ada per to hum marte hai...❤����

    Mujhe rota dekh ap bhi ro dete ho Aur
    khus dekh apke chehre pe muskan aa jati hai..��❤

    Babu apko kabhi chhod ke nhi jaunga
    Ab ap me hi to meri puri duniya basti hai...����❤

    Apki her pareshani ko apna bna lunga
    jo dekhega buri nazar se uski hasti mita dunga��❤

    Ap fikar na karna meri jaan kabhi bhi
    Apko rulane wale ko uski nani yad dila dunga...����

    Kuch dino ki bat hai meri jaan sabr karo
    insha'Allah bhut jald Apko apne ghar le aaunga..��❤��

    @sana_ayub15 This is only for you my love.I really love u more than my life ������❤❤❤��������������������

    #Sana_ka_ayub #ayubkisana #gulamayub #sana_ayub #babu #jaan #hubby #wifey #life #lifeline #everything #solumate #husbandwife #sangum

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    Oii listen! Nobody is mine except you
    Never leave you together like this!

    Love is to fulfill it with me,
    You do not get angry due to a few mistakes!

    I know that you are only mine and mine
    Do not ever give someone else my place in your heart!

    Hear you don't get tired of praising me,
    If you ever make a mistake, forgive me!

    I love you more than myself,
    If I can never find it, then feel it!

    It will definitely take time for our relationship to be completed,
    Promise you one day you will be our partner!

    We have to fight many difficulties to get you,
    I will fight with every difficulty if you join us!

    I will not promise to keep you in the palace,
    But wherever you will, you will be very happy!

    Love you so much that you will forget all the sorrow,
    With our help, you will consider yourself lucky!

    I'm afraid I won't lose you anywhere,
    You look like yourself in this fake world!

    I want to say a lot to you,
    I will only say that my soul resides in my breath!

  • sana_ayub15 104w

    I Promise ��
    I will hold you
    When you're sad����❤️❤️
    I will kiss you ��������
    When you cry ����❤️❤️
    I will make you smile ����☺️
    Whenever you feel
    Down and
    I will love you��❤️��
    Till i die ❤️��

    @gulamayub this is only for you my love ❤️❤️����

    Kitna pyar hai iss dil mein
    Keh nahi paate
    Par ye sach hai jaan
    Tere bina ab hum reh nahi pate ����❤️��
    #ayubkisana #sanakaayub #babu #jaan #hubby #lifeline #loveyouforever #husbandwife .

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    बूंद बूंद करके मैं, समा रही हूं यूं तुझमें.....❤️❤️
    जैसे अरसों बाद धरती को बारिश नसीब हुई हो..❤️❤️

  • sana_ayub15 105w

    Babu, you make me feel beautiful,
    Loved, protected, and taken care of
    You make me a better person, and
    I don't ever want to live my life without
    You by my side. Thank you for being mine.
    I love you tha most, i love you more than words
    Can show, i think about you more than you could
    Ever know, until forever those will be ture , because
    There is no one i would love tha way i love you!
    #ayubkisana #sana_ka_ayub #sangum #babu #jaan #hubby #loveyouforever #soulmate # lifeline..

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    Jab bhi mujhe yaad aapki aati h
    Labo pe mere bas yahi fariyaad aati h
    Zindgi me khuda har khushi de aapko
    Humari to har khushi aapki khushi
    Ke baad aati h❤️

  • sana_ayub15 105w

    Tumse kitni mohabbat hai ye
    Main bata nahi sakti

    Apni zindgi mein tumhari
    Ahemiyat jata nahi sakti

    Meri zindgi ka har lamha
    Tumhi se suru hota hai

    Tumse durr rehkar ek pal bhi
    Akele bitaa nahi sakti

    Mumkin hai main khud ko
    Bhool jaaun

    Par tumhe bhoolne ki
    Khata main kar nahi sakti

    Tum mere dil mein hii nahi
    Meri rooh mein base ho

    Tumse bichhad ke main ye zindgi
    Guzaar nahi sakti ����❤️❤️����

    #ayubkisana #gulamayub #sana_ayub #babu #jaan #hubby #everything #soulmate #lifeline..

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    Kaise kahu ki apna Bana lo mujhe
    Baho me apni sama lo mujhse
    Aaj himmat kar ke khati hu ki
    Mai tumhari hu ab tum hii sambhalo mujhe ❤️

  • sana_ayub15 106w

    Tumhare ishq se bani hu mai ��
    Phele zinda thi ab jee rahi hu mai ❤️
    Mile hoo tum hame kismat se, kuch to socha hoga us khuda ne yu hii nii is puri duniya me ek aap psnd aaye hoo hame ����❤️❤️
    Jab mile the to anjan the ek dusre se, ab jaan ban chuke han ek duje ki ��❤️
    Haan mana ki rukavaten bhut si haan humare bich,
    Mana manjil bhut dur h avi ����, pr bina. Kosis kiye har jayen hum itna kamjor humara pyar to niii❤️
    Jo hoga sath mil ke banth lenge hum, har muskil ka hal dhund lenge hum ����
    Haan mei janti hu aap darte hoo hame khone se ��
    Khete nii par rote hoo humare tasveer ko laga ke sine se, jaan basti meri ek smile me aapki ❤️ ab to puri duniya ko chhod ke bs mere hona chhate hoo ❤️��
    Mene to likh di h meri zindgi aapke nam ab to meri har duaa me aate hoo aap ��❤️
    Haan hun mei thodi pagal si par jaisi v hun aapke pyar se bani hu mei ❤️��
    Mujhe rota dekh khud v rone lgta h wo pgal ky kahu mei uske bare me haan thoda sa h wo khadus nakhre bhut dikhata ha ������
    Par mujhe ek bar hasta dekh apne sare gam bhul jata hai ������❤️
    Ye duriyan majburiyan han humari par kuchh din me sb khatm ho jayega.����....
    Haan mujhe pyar h aapse or taa umar aise hii rahega ye pyar ❤️❤️❤️

    #random #babu #jaan #hubby # myeverything # soulmate # lifeline # feelings #emotion #love of my life

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    Milna uss jahan me jahan fir tujhe mujhse koi judaa naa kare
    Zinda rahu tere baad yaa mar jau tujhse phele aisa kavi khuda naa kare ❤️