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  • claralynne 27w


    Emotional fluctuation.
    Compiled on a piece of paper.
    Overflowing with thoughts you can't taper.
    Feeling nulll.
    I stare at the words Ive produced.
    Will my reader be seduced?
    I find it strange how I wonder if my darkness is dark enough?
    This darkness hurts.
    And I can't see.
    Why would anyone ever want to portray darkness as beautiful?
    What is wrong with me?

    ..But then I remember the satin ,white blooms of moon flowers.
    And how they only bloom at night.
    Even bats can admire their beauty....
    Because they know already that in darkness, you need no sight.

    A Dazzling darkness.
    And Empty spaces.
    But, who's really listening?
    Who really sees you?
    The emperor of emotion.
    Words are the Moon.
    And life is the ocean.
    Go with it and worry not...
    Fill your mind with beautiful thought.
    Even when you don't have the words to write.
    No amount of darkness could ever dim your light.
    What are you afraid of?
    Describe the dagger in your heart.
    Your words will free you.
    Even in darkness,
    I see you.

  • _shattered_soul 49w

    When I got admitted in ICU

    One makes many plans for future ,

    worries for future ,

    Unnecessarily start hating his rival ,

    Waste time to fulfill the expectations and dreams of others which may be trival ,

    But all this vanishes when one become sick or meet a life taking accident .

    For that moment , one only wish for his good health ,

    Prayes to walk like others ,

    Prayes for quick recovery and thinks to do what he likes ,

    Realizes that nothing is important than a fit body and a good health.

    Why we forget this very important thought after we recover ,

    Why we forget that few people have never recovered and are in bed for forever ,

    Why we forget that health is the base of everything ,

    Why don't we invest time on the most precious gift from the Nature - The body.

    People especially , Young generation is indulged in drugs ,

    Few claim they are so busy that they can't even exercise for half an hour ,

    Have you noticed a old man walking so fast in the garden ,

    As his doctor told him you may die soon if you will not exercise ,

    Then why to wait for such statements ,

    If you are healthy then you feel happy ,

    If you are healthy then you think good ,

    If you are healthy then you experience life.

    It's very true that health is wealth .

    Lessons, learnt on ICU bed....

    Ride Safe...Mom is waiting at home!

    #Accident #ICU #Life& Death #LifeAfterAccident #Mirakee #RoyalEnfield #Mirakee

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  • docsurbhi 50w

    The last time I was hopeful
    When my words radiated hope,
    to a 39 year old in the ICU
    struggling for a breath,
    Not that fast, not that shallow
    At death's door he stood
    with aching chest and collapsed lung
    Those pale dry lips,
    uttered the words which bled with pain:
    "This is the last. This is the last. Allah!"

    Death so close,
    I've feared, I've known,
    engulfing a drowning soul.
    That was when
    the last time I was hopeful.


  • _rakhi 62w

    Oyo room book karne ke dinno me
    Sab hospital me bed book kar rahe hai.

  • 7secondsauthor 70w


    जब से चेतना है,
    मैं अकेला ही हूँ।
    जन्म लेने के बाद से
    मृत्युशय्या तक भी, और
    गहन देखभाल इकाई से
    पुनर्जन्म लेने तक।
    इतना अकेलापन अच्छा नहीं,
    सोचने का अखण्ड समय मिलता है,
    मैं उन क्षणों से निकला ही नहीं,
    ७ मई २०१० का अब भी पछतावा है।


  • _shattered_soul 72w

    Hoping to hear only good news coming from beyond the doors of I.C.U.

    Praying from a waiting room, letting god do what is
    needed to help.

    Knowing that everything is in His hands and not mine, trusting in God.

    Waiting for news to come from within depths of I.C.U.,
    nothing to do but sit here and wait to hear.

    #ICU #Hospital #Mirakee #Shatteredsoul

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  • tardigrade 84w

    If you've been in a room that is trapped shut,
    but it sordidly fails
    to prevent the one on deathbed
    from making an offhand escape
    through the bolted doors and windows.
    While you're left alone
    to fend the cold that follows ,
    that renders you hollow on the inside.
    And attacks your soul like termite
    No matter how hard you hold on, you've lost the fight.
    Your eyes convincing the monitor to show a spike,
    but there's nothing on there
    except for a tragic flat line
    You've to address the family
    Have done it before, but it never gets easy.
    They are still holding on to the hope of lucidity.
    The spark those old eyes showed on evening.
    Slipping in and out of consciousness, every time
    But it was false hope, it rarely isn't.
    You sit down next to the gentleman and give him a reason.
    Why his wife of a 40 years relationship
    had to get up and leave in between,
    leaving him to fend for himself.
    You did your best, but you couldn't help.
    And in his glistening eyes, you see a reflection,
    of the perfection, that he thought their marriage was
    the memory of his lover, the promise of forever,
    and the hurt that her passage has caused.

    Soon you've to show yourself out of the sad room.
    As the family trickles in to go about the bad fortune.
    Rooms too crowded for an outsider to enter.
    Too full of colliding memories, unbalanced, no centre.

    And if you weren't paying attention
    right next to the now-empty bed,lies one more.
    Another life falling apart in a doggone contraption.
    A metallic,violent cough rips apart familial bonds out of action.

  • anthonyhanible 92w

    He Straight Went Blank

    He can't hear you
    Deep dark space in his brain
    He's lost
    In deep though
    River flow
    Ocean waves
    Boat crash
    Written all over his face
    He's hurt
    Always sitting there with his head down
    Talk something
    Just to say okay
    Wearing his pain
    Like he wears his clothes
    His tears you'll never see
    Let him be
    Quiet man
    In ICU
    Stress flowing through his vains
    In a poker game
    Waiting for a joker to flip
    Car crashing head on
    Airbag knocking him unconscious
    He Straight Went Blank
    He Straight Went Mute
    He Straight Went Dead inside

  • ashamurali 101w

    Selfless service creates miracles. Some people come to our lives and touch briefly, and create a lasting impact.

    #mirakee #mirakee #pod.#poem #writersnetwork #life #wordporn #icu #healthworkers #woman

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    ICU - a different love story

    Into a glass room she was wheeled,
    Her dear ones in prayer, kneeled
    Wishing that soon she will be healed.
    Cut off from all, she felt her hopes sealed.
    Alas! She lay there, gasping for breath,
    Not knowing how close she was, to death.
    She closed her eyes tight,
    Too tired, even to put up a fight.
    She didn’t know if it was night or day,
    Almost lifeless on the bed,  she lay.
    Then came a cheerful young attendant,
    It was on him all the patients, dependant,
    keeping patients happy was his task.
    "how are you, sunshine” he would ask.
    Sitting all alone in the ICU  is no fun,
    It was tough to insulate from the glum
    To keep awake he would cheerfully hum,
    Romantic tunes and songs some.
    She instantly pressed the bell,
    He appeared, to ask "Sunshine, all well?"
    your song, she said,  is like a  spell
    Will you sing for me as well?
    He sang for her ever so softly
    As she listened to him intently
    His words touched her gently
    and her heart swayed merrily

    With joy she wanted to scream,  
    maybe it was a dream!
    Mother and grandmother, she was,
    no one ever saw the woman, she was!
    Not just medicines he infused in her vein,
    His loving care made her forget her pain.
    He made sure, strength, she regain,
    she returned home, never saw him again!
    She feels alive and is back to her old self,
    She remembers him and smiles to herself,
    Maybe beautiful, she was,
    Wrinkles, et al!


  • tender_tough 110w


    There was a period in my life that I don't ever want to relive even in my worst nightmares.
    I am definitely thankful that I lived through it.

    I spent those 2 weeks in an ICU...

    What an irony was that it was the time I needed to be with my family and friends the most because it was draining my energy to be in that atmosphere intensely different from the outer world.

    There were 3 kinds of people I saw inside that room...

    Patients struggling to get back to their feet,
    the very few infrequent visitors coming with hope in their eyes and prayers in their heart..
    and most importantly ,
    those godsent warriors who relentlessly put their efforts into getting each and every one of their patients back to normal life again.

    I'm not an expert,
    with the little experience I had inside the ICU,
    I can say that patients in intensive care become emotionally confused and turn terribly hard to handle .

    So did I.

    I couldn't cope with the sudden tragedy that hit me.

    I wanted support...
    the emotional one.
    And I believed that l only my family,
    who knew me like the palm of their hand can give me that.

    But to my surprise, these warriors proved me wrong.

    Their growth From complete strangers to being my another family who intensely cared for me was sudden.

    They made me feel safe...
    even spoon fed me sometimes..
    they became my sisters .
    I remember calling one of them my mother.
    And they told me how their families were including me in their prayers then.
    I remember planning a trip to go with them,
    once I got out of the icu.
    They must have been trying giving me hope that I will definitely get out of there.

    And I did.

    After the two weeks in icu and almost a month in ward..
    I was discharged.

    When they bid me bye...
    I don't remember who..
    one of them told me... l
    et's hope we never meet again here like the way we did.

    Life moved on.

    Met few of them after that too during my check ups.
    When I met that warrior who used to spoonfeed me and frequently scold me for keeping a grim face during those days near the elevator of that hospital again...
    I couldn't resist the tears pooling in my eyes.
    I gave her a tight hug that lasted only a few seconds.

    But my heart has them all caught in a hug that will last forever.

    Because I'm eternally grateful for what they did for the 22 year old me...
    for going beyond giving me medical support.
    For engaging me in conversations and keeping me from losing my sanity out of frustration and fear.

    In those two weeks they did influence me nearly as much as my family did in two decades of my life.

    Not just me ...
    also my mother.

    To all those warriors who does this magic with their amazing dedication towards job.
    You guys are the best set of humans god could've ever made.

    I don't know how to end this note...
    maybe because the respect and love I have for them is endless...

    Happy nurses day warriors.



  • jordangibran 158w

    A fibrotic lung was losing its dimension,
    Zooming to take a turn for the worse.
    Inauspicious forecast on the walls of an ICU
    Resonated the arrival of another Guinea pig.


  • faizshaikh 168w

    One sided love

    Sometimes loving someone who doesn't love you is like
    Admitted in a I.C.U of
    A hospital which is abandoned


  • vvdlove 176w


    "What is more painful than a breakup?" A broken lover asked. "Seeing your loved ones in ICU and wondering about their situation!" Replied a shattered son.

  • aguywhowrites 194w

    "I will never leave you."

    The girl who had told him this

    was nowhere to be seen when he was fighting for his life in the ICU.

    But the best friend who he left for her was crying outside in front of the Ganesh ji statue.

    Now he knew who loved him and who didn't.


  • surjeetshreyaskar 196w


    Vo raat Mai isi asha me chain se soya tha ki subah tu awaz dekr mujhe utha degi roz ki tarah...
    Mai bure khwaab me hu abbhi jha mai tujhe nishchetan dekh rha hu ! Mai Jaga nhi ab tk qki tumne pukara nhi.

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    Ek anubhav si hi h
    Ye andheri subah
    Jisme aaj pukaar nhi
    Ma tumhari, Tum to ho
    Khwaab tumhare
    Lipte mere pairo se
    Pr deed bnd kiye
    Tum leti ho, chupp!
    Anubhav ye koi pida
    Na bn jaaye sandeh h
    Pr tum lad rhi ho to
    Mai hathiyaar bn tere
    Haath me hu
    Tum mutthi me jakde rhna
    Jb tk mai toot na jaau
    Aur tum nihatthe na ho ...

  • badhandwritingguy 199w


    The clock was showing 11 p.m when i was going to visit my cousin brother ,Reaching there i found him in quite a hurry as he was rushing to hospital with some handy cash .I silently got into the car and onthe way to hospital i found out his uncle an ex service man from Indian army has got some cardiac attack and an emergency situation occurred. Aftee few mins we were right behind an ambulance where i could see a lady who was fighting against hope and a man who was sitting helplessly inside the ambulance . Once we reached the hospital ,The doctors of base hospital attended and said "no seat available in the I.C.U ". The son almost begged to get his father admitted but it hardly made any difference.I silently watched the patient who appeared to be taking his final breathes via life support system . After 10 stubborn minutes The lady gave up her patience and shouted "He has been serving the country for all his life and today there is nt a single bed in this hospital for him ". Ask me how it feels when you see your husband dying infront of you ".I helplessly watched her teary eyes and frustrated voice. The son stood numb along with all of us but the lady didn't quit she rushed to the higher authority room and after a while she came back running "they have allowed....take him inside the ICU " .Her breathes were losing their grip but she whispered "who feeds the baby untill he doesnt cries" .The patient was finally going inside the ICU,Few mins later an neurologist surgeon came and observed the patient before asking what all happened with the patient ".For a moment the lady felt relaxed but just after that the doctor came outside to tell us "The damage is irreversible , the cardiac attack has resulted in excessive bleeding inside the brain" .usually i dont use the word impossible but be ready for the news .. . It was so heartbreaking .The fight of lady proved worthless .She came to us and asked curiously "what did the doctor say????. How could i take that hope away from her ..a hope of saving her partners life..a hope of being with the person who married her and set up a world together. All i said was "dont worry aunty ..b.p is high ..surgery can't be done in such situation so wait for the morning. She felt like losing her energy for a moment and slowly allowed her drops of tears to say ' i know...he .. Won't..make it :( '
    .But i said again No aunty he will.be alright you may leave now i m here with my frnds .I convinced her to go back home and looked at the ICU and questioned 'why :( ' and i felt as if the ICU was replying me that ICU IS TEMPORARY ,DEATH IS PERMANENT

    Note : The condition of patient is still critical while i m writing this. Base hospital ,Delhi ,5:40 am


  • travelingsol 206w


    Frequently, I fall short
    Of eloquent speech
    Depends where you are
    Who is around.
    I change all the time
    I love listening to different languages.
    It's extravagant, each a unique dialect.
    Just like people are so different on the outside, inside we are the same.
    One day, one day i tell myself
    People will always look inside instead of out.
    A dreamer , ha.
    But i am so small minded.

  • masked_memories 210w

    When I thought of the sentence...
    THEY HAD LOT TO SPEAK YET LOT TO HEAR.....this is what I heard someone speaking to me....
    "Shall I pull it down?
    Hey Prarthana shall I put the window down?"

    A person who never speaks to me....spoke to me
    A person with whom I had lot to speak, heard me saying "yeah sure"

    When I thought of every single sentence of this writing,there I noticed it's own inner voice echoing and synchronizing with the events taking place around me

    Every imaginary thought which you have in your mind has it's own link and voice to be echoed in the present
    Only few people get connected to it
    Only few notice it.......!

    Do try it.....
    I mean,
    Playing the double role
    One , Being in the world of imagination
    One, Being in the world of reality

    Then enjoy it in your own world

    YOU HAVE GOT ONLY FEW PEOPLE in your life who come along these short lived, narrowest paths of mini trips of happiness which give you bunch of satisfaction and happiness

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @theboywiththespecs #voice #walk #heartbeats #warm #breath #dream #dark #gaze #happiness #imagine #silence #tears #speak #hear #trust #emotion #eternal #murmur #spell #join #knot #iloveyou #icu #pod

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    "Never heard his voice
    Never felt his touch
    Never enjoyed a walk with him
    Never cried in his warm arms"

    "But I do hear his heart beats in my ears which can hear nothing other than silence
    But I do feel him in my breath which lasts three more months
    But I do hold his hands and take him for a walk to my dreams
    But I do cry with my hands locked and head bowed down creating a darkness for him to get back to my dreamy world"

    There she sat,with a sharp gaze into his fluttering eyes,
    Noticed him stepping closer to her....

    Closer than she can ever imagine,
    There he sat right next to her....
    A reason for her breath,
    A reason for her happiness,
    A reason for her heartbeat,
    A reason for

    There he stood in front of her
    Wanting her to share her dreams, thoughts, happiness, sadness which she hid in her deepest silence

    Little did he knew that silence is the only language she can speak....

    She holding her tears at the tip of her silence,
    Was waiting for him to break it,
    Little did she knew that even he knew only one language......SILENCE

    Little did the destiny wanted it to happen so
    Yet both held each other's inner voice in their kisses
    A love,tuned with
    Ever lasting trust
    unspoken words
    Unheard emotions

    Those last THREE MONTHS of her life, decided by the destiny was for her existence in reality,
    Not for their eternal world of love...

    "Love you till the silence breaks
    Love you till the heart beats
    Love you even after three months
    Love you though I can't spell those three magical words"

    There he murmured
    "I LOVE YOU"
    While all that everyone heard was a deep beep in

    Hands joined,
    Hearts knoted,
    Words unsaid,
    There they left together to a,
    With a loud echoing voice,
    There she murmured...


  • writeitout 223w


    World: Why aren't you serious?

    Me: Zindagi ko zindagi rehne do. ICU na banao.


  • seamless 239w

    White coats and heavy hearts,
    monitor beeps and slow drips
    Shallow breathing and collapsing lungs.

    "there isn't anything else we can do"
    "call it"

    Close the curtain,
    slip to the next room over.
    plaster on a smile
    And move along.