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  • captainfatimahabiba 11w

    Tick tick tock
    It's night O'clock
    Something at mind, knocks
    Perhaps they call it, Writer Block
    There's an acquaintance of the Vampires
    Who's wandering through streets of poetic land
    Seeking an open door that still lamps some ideas
    If preyed upon, it slams the door with force of lust
    The gravid nibs that are about to give birth to poem
    And some maiden ideas in minds are attacked
    Bites the pen to suck last drop of ink in it
    Tragedy, comedy or hybrid one
    It loves every flavor of ink
    Departs before twilight
    But the after shocks
    Do reign behind

  • conflicted_ 14w

    #Insomnia #Insomniac
    Clenching my teeth, I tighten my grip on blankets, Eyes buried deep down sockets, not deep enough, slam a piece of wood against my head and it feels I could take with no flinch, tears roll out of helplessness blurring the already dark room...
    The corner of my bed looks so adept for my head to slam against, hallucinating the bloody outcome and the carcass of my sleeping cousin on the other side of the room I refrain from making any other sheets red..
    It is not that I am not tired , so tired that I wanted to throw off my carcass off by the evening. Looking forward for that hallucinations before sleep where I tread between reality and a dream...
    I watch my sanity tested like a string for it's elasticity...
    The street lights pierce my room and my head ,splitting my head in between. Did I imagine that!?
    I don't know if felt that was better...
    Would it? I struggled trying to keep myself sane from all the thoughts that felt right at the moment..
    Hardest to fall asleep?
    Is This a curse?
    is someone thinking or dreaming about me? Was this the price for waking up!?

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    Clenching my teeth, I tighten my grip on blankets, Eyes buried deep down sockets, not deep enough, slam a piece of wood against my head and it feels I could take with no flinch, tears roll out of helplessness blurring the already dark room...
    The corner of my bed looks so adept for my head to slam against, hallucinating the bloody outcome and watching the carcass of my sleeping brother on the other side of the room I refrain from making any other sheets red..

  • madhuripalaji 25w

    అర్థ రాత్రి..
    నిద్ర మాత్రం పట్టట్లేదు..
    ఎక్కడో విన్నాను.. కళ్ళు మూసుకుని చుట్టూ వినిపించే ఏవైనా కొన్ని శబ్దాలను గమనిస్తూ మనసును శాంతపరచుకోవచ్చని..

    కళ్ళు మూసుకున్నా!
    మనసు ముక్కలైపోతున్న శబ్దం.
    నువ్వెళ్ళిపోయిన తరువాతి నిశ్శబ్దం మిగిల్చిన రోదన శబ్దం.
    కలలు కరిగిపోయి కన్నీటి వరదైన శబ్దం.
    ఆ కన్నీటిలో ప్రపంచం లోని రంగులన్నీ వెలిసిపోతున్న శబ్దం.

    ఆ శబ్దాల నుండి ఎలా పారిపోవాలి?
    బహుశా నేనే రాయిలా మారిపోవాలి!

  • poetictherapy 33w


    The darkness fades. Here comes the dreadful light
    I try to beat this demon but I can't win the fight
    I just want... to be just like them
    I want the joy of daylight but it seems that I've been damned.

    I miss my youth and living a normal cycle
    God please make this day my last revival
    I can feel myself rotting inside
    Where the darkness lies and the demons reside
    A busted bulb and candle that's been burned
    A broken mind that could never really learn

  • sun_writer 33w

    Can't sleep

    What's the reason that your eyes won't close?
    What's the reason that your mind won't take a pause?
    Why is it that you won't drift into the world of dreams
    Why is it that you're still awake, burning the midnight oil
    Toiling away at menial labour, or just turning pages?
    Orr maybe, watching random shit on internet, like those of new ages?
    Or is it a heartbreak, or a past trauma?
    Do you too sometimes wish, that you could just close your eyes and instantly fall into a coma?
    Why're your nights sleepless and days restless..?
    Do you too feel... Trouble falling asleep.. And more so staying awake.. Thoughtless, Helpless?

  • nighty 40w


    I go up when the sun goes down, that's the curse of an insomniac

  • abhishekkamble 57w

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    #date #romantic #lovely #love #days #evening #musing #stories #cafe #wait #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #shortstory #stories #failed #staring #beautiful #sadness #coffeedate #coffee #insomniac #ceesreposts

    Image credit to - unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©FredrikÖhlander

    Date with the awaited

    Window walls mirroring the unclear and expressing the grief of being ignored of why people looking through me are often so made to wait? Wasn't the mirror supposingly told "you will show the person not through the unfailing stare of eyelids fluttering the watery flow", tables positioned to the brim of one's tummy but the chairs are so modest to give a cozy stuffed cushion for the waited one, realizing as the streets out show nowhere traces of their aura while nail biting and ticking the phones keypad, I share the familiar space discreetly hearing your sip of disgrace.
    While I see the door pushed in and pulled out ruthlessly even made at a stoppage, it strained the stranger's neck at times to glare evenly at the newcomers and maybe the little kicks I am smashed with definitely utters out the anger. While some people await in the gleam of LEDs and neons, some leave paying tips in a manner callously thrifty, while wait for someone at the right corner might fill up the other chair in the front, I guess this is how another afternoon or an evening date the awaited person while fantasizing and gossiping in their dwelled minds.

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  • harsh_pandey 66w

    Ye Jo teri yaad hai na
    Aajaati hai Har raat mujhe,
    Kisi toofaan se kam nahi
    Saare khayaalo ko
    Jaise bikher deti hai

    Ye jo teri yaad hai na
    Tere adhure vaado ki
    Adhure baato ki
    Tere khilkhilati hasi
    Humare mulaqaaton ki

    Uss Har adhure pal ko
    Jo roz raat main pura karta hu
    Jo jaage jaage khvaab dekhta hu
    Dhalne de mujhe
    Thak chuka hu ab
    Din ki tanhapan se

    Dhalne de mujhe
    Kal fir duniya ka saamna krna hai
    Ab dhalne de mujhe

  • anannya__sagar 66w


    How many more days of sleepless nights?
    How many more days of feeling dead inside to feel alive again?

  • chowdharyishrat 67w

    Wo keh kar gya tha k Baat hogii
    Hamein lga guftagoo ki Barsaat hogiii
    Nhii pta tha ghamoon ki Baraat hogii
    Sadii ki tarah guzar jye faqat ek Raat hogii
    Mere gham ki hr ghadii Hayaat hogii
    Un k chalte he khushiooon ki Wafaat hogii
    Shyd ab kbii na khushii se Mulaqaat hogii
    Ab to hr aayi gyii khushi ki Tehqiqaat hogii
    Na socha tha tadpaane waali terii Zaat hogii
    Ishrat jaane kb is dard se Najaat hogii


  • xanthe_poetic 69w


    Coloured feathers of a dreamcatcher,
    Dancing to a breeze overhead,
    Recurrent visits of the sleep snatcher,
    Keeping me wide awake in my bed.

    Jumbled strings of mindless chatter,
    A million and one thoughts in my head,
    Do any of them really matter?
    Why am I hung up on what someone said?

    My cell phone serving ads on a platter,
    And me absorbing all the lies I’ve been fed,
    Blue light trance and lonely laughter,
    Restless zombie, am I awake or dead?


  • tumaku 79w

    to those who don't get sleep, or are #stressed or who think so much overnight that they end up eating sleep, please help yourself in getting things better.
    every single being has beautiful #memories, use it for a better sleep, one says I'm #insomniac, it doesn't happen overnight, one used to always sleep well until the school days, this all word game, this crazy thing of putting yourself into a situation which you weren't earlier and then making it a habit, is wrong.

    please don't hurt yourself, for no reason, #life is #beautiful, live it your way, as much as you can.

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    "at times
    i just close my eyes
    thinking of all
    the good times
    beautiful memories
    i've been a part of
    i sleep like a baby"
    he said

  • lips_a 82w

    When a selenophile
    resonates with an insomniac,
    it paves the way
    for an everyday
    rooftop openmic session
    with the stars as the audience
    and the soothing breeze
    playing the music.


  • aj_potter100 87w

    रात चुपके से
    कुछ ऐसे गुज़रती है,
    जैसे होंठों को चूमती
    गले से ठंडी शराब गुज़रती है,
    शराब उतरती है फिर चढ़ती है
    रात चढ़ती हैं फिर उतरती है,
    नशा दोनों में होता हैं,
    एक शवाब दिखातीं हैं
    एक ख़्वाब दिखातीं है,
    कत्ल दोनों का होता है,
    जब सुबह होती है
    और होश आता है,
    ख़्वाब टूट कर बिखर जाते हैं
    और रात रूठ कर गुजर जाती हैं.

  • darkened_fantasies 90w

    #Mirakee #insomniac #readwriteunite #burn

    Let me forget this feeling one day. But you made me feel, let's not deny. Three days. (27,28,29th April)
    But I will forget.
    So let me remind myself that I have forgotten about it.

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    Even if we had met in the darkest of the alleys
    My heart knows that it will I who would have fallen into the darkened trails
    And You
    With all your perfect perfections you will glide through the air


    Like a moth drawn to flame only to end in ashes
    So let me burn
    Only to end up as residues in your ashtray


  • shrutisinha 90w

    And Yes! They help me get a better sleep.❤️
    ��Credit: Me
    DART: A Medicine

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    When insomnia hits hard,
    Your years old voice notes,
    Become my favourite DART.


  • poetrythatspeaks 91w


    Her mind leaped across
    Over thoughts
    Her past
    Or the relationships that never did last

    The bags under her eyes unraveled
    Physicians say it's from the caffeine
    Or insomnia known to keep her from dreaming

    It's not what they think
    If they read her mind

    They would change their theory

  • meghmaggi7 91w


    The night sky is dark
    So are the thoughts
    The stars are not with me tonight
    Neither are you
    The skies start clearing
    And the thoughts of you
    The changes of the color
    Changes my mood
    Eyes don't want to drop
    Neither does the mind
    There is light now
    But not in the head
    Sun is shining bright
    Eyes still won't listen
    The bright day welcomes everyone
    But the insomniac .

  • _i_n_t_r_o_v_e_r_t_ 93w


    Overwhelming emotions, infinite thoughts, imagining how things could have been better;
    As the clock ticks along with the racing heartbeat, tears flowing down, hands clutching each other, silently praying for the dawn to pass.
    While the whole world was dreaming peacefully, I was living my nightmares.

  • the_zeroth_mind 76w

    sleepless nights and wandering thoughts creates a new world