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    I sleep very soundly and peacefully. But it's been three days and I just couldn't sleep. Cuz just before daybreak smthng began to disturb me, as if some voices were calling me from a very different world, objects falling, weird sensation of someone running around and all those movie-horror-intros. My teeth were aching, aching openly and maliciously, causing me an acute, drilling pain. And I could no longer understand the pain of it as I was gone so very deep with it; My entire eyes and my head were filled with terrible sensations of an alarm buzzing with echoes and screams, felt as though I had been forced to chew thousands of sharp-fat-red-hot-chilies at once. For the first time I felt the real-actual-pain, The FEAR; I took some water into my mouth and started spinning it clockwise just letting know I'm cool to myself. And! My 1000 mocks on ghosts were running inside my head simultaneously making it more uncomfortable. These things didn't stop but got worse. Fully packed on the bed, I was pretending asleep.

    *Tung Tung*
    Clock reads 12:00.

    I got off my protective cover, I dunno why I look behind the corner. There, I could see someone standing, someone strange, strange enough to eat the horror vibes for the dinner. I dunno wattu do, I feel numb n peaceful with an unaffected mass of fear. I know I can't scream or run. I feel paralysed. I just stare at the corner. I stare at it. I feel controlled. Controlled by smthng powerful. I'm actually not staring. I'm controlled by this shadowy figure, right at my peripheral vision, the feeling of dread and uneasiness washed over my head which is running down straight at it.

    *vision blanks*

    *wakes up after three days*

    This is strange. I'm tied to the bed. Two pastors and an exorcist with a cross is loud-over-confidently-reading-bible. I can feel and I see bruises and cuts everywhere my body. I'm acting weird. I'm shower foaming in my mouth, it's green blue orange and red in color. I'm spewing out random incoherent things in a really deep loud voice n stuff with different languages if it's one. But I can feel everything. The creepy realization where the devil has possessed me. The pain is intolerable because it's 100%. Then I point at the exorcist and he falls back 10ft. I can turn my head back and front, upside-down, 360' defying gravity. But these holy water and the cross and the hallelujahs are making me so sick and weak. I can't face it or listen to it;

    I went crazy at some point. They couldn’t really hold me as I was trying to hit them and play them bowling. I almost ran on the wall. The exorcist and the other two had to – dangerously – choke me until I lose some strength. I'm peeing, vomiting rainbow colored juices, making the room shake, things falling down inaudibly. Finally the exorcist breaked it down shouting 'I command yo' repeatedly. I finally passed out. The exorcist comes in with a lamp and he sees I passed out and I woke up after hours, there's a bowl on the floor and the guts next to it. The guts turned black. He urges anyone not to touch the guts at any cost. Then I went to a nearby, empty hill, on top of it, and he asks me to burn the guts right there, the exorcist says I'm free now. I look at the sky and take a deep breath. All of a sudden I hear the voices again.,

    “I don't exist cuz I don't exist" !