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  • jlaine 15w

    A Clown and His Fish

    A clown and his fish,
    Hook and snared,
    Duck caravans crossing the way;
    Crabs clapping back,
    Sights impaired,
    Floundering fish flops away.


  • angels_halo_shines 23w

    Welcomed by a cloud of love I caught floating by. Lucky I was this time around. This time just don’t let go.
    I understand that we need to let go at times. It’s necessary to make steps in the right direction. Not this time around. Do you see the difference?
    Luck or faith call it as you will. Before it’s too late, I can enjoy the love in front of me. All the pain. All the pain.
    Endurance means something. Focus.

  • ini_oluwa 38w


    Woke up in a depressed state
    "Where am I?"
    She looked around
    Trapped in a doorless room
    She starts screaming for escape
    The more the scream, the more the room shrunk
    This would be the death of her, she thought
    Various thoughts began to overwhelm her
    Thoughts that made her cry
    Thoughts that dampened her spirit
    She was gradually loosing her mind
    She felt helpless, She fainted
    Then woke up to see a light
    Dark thoughts hovering over the light
    But couldn't overpower the light
    She saw a blue door
    Crawling towards it
    She gained her freedom

  • lalitha_l2 38w

    The doors of adventures,
    Opened to touch floors of many futures.
    The shores to crossed,
    To fly the skies of our wishes.

    One should stand,
    Along the pros and cons,
    And never be diluted,
    With the songs of sad.

    The lectures of many features,
    To be learnt along with cultures.
    The venture should be nurtured,
    With the suggestions of people mature.

    The success on way,
    If we are here there,
    To take the hopes and fires,
    To taste the many flavours.
    #cees_doors @luvnotes_challenge_host
    #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt #challenge

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    The doors of adventures,
    Opened to touch floors of many futures.
    The shores to crossed,
    To fly the skies of our wishes.

    One should stand,
    Along the pros and cons,
    And never be diluted,
    With the songs of sad.

    The lectures of many features,
    To be learnt along with cultures.
    The venture should be nurtured,
    With the suggestions of people mature.

    The success on way,
    If we are here there,
    To take the hopes and fires,
    To taste the many flavours.

  • shailjaaaa 38w

    #cees_doors #imageprompt #challenge #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Wandering around the town,
    on a hazy morning.
    Adjacent to an vibrantly hued maple tree,
    there was an old house,
    with chapped walls.
    The shrieking noise of abandoned house,
    spoke with the reticent rage inside my heart.
    I went closer, millions of sentiments
    over poured my mind
    Witnessed there a huge door,
    painted with colours of hope,
    glossed with the shades of happiness
    A wooden door,
    ornated with intricate designs
    It told classic and rich antiquity.
    Cracks and gaps were howling
    a story about a different realm
    The iron hinges, were somehow
    still gripping door, to maintain
    its majestic dignity.
    The rusty joints were creaking,
    resembling an elder being who
    had a playful youth but now experiencing a senescent phase.
    It was not mere a door but path
    to a world which was enigmatic.
    The aroma had an exquisite charm,
    that made my exhausted mind
    lost in the illusory woods of oak,
    a bright sunshine, expanded meadows.
    The bewildering antique door,
    which was obsolete to world,
    I found glimpses of distinguished past.
    Poured my eyes, I left the place
    only to write about it after ages.
    Is it still standing there
    with such glory?
    Is it mere door and not reality?
    Does a inscrutable world
    exist on either side of the door?
    I am still unaware,
    I am still perplexed.

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  • sproutedseeds 38w

    #imageprompt #cees_doors


    Every mind needs ventilation
    keep its doors and windows
    open for optimistic circulation of
    fresh thoughts to get good vibes.

    Mind is the attic for storing thoughts
    of the past memories
    If the window doors are shut
    the thoughts will get rusted, resulting in
    Lack of space for fresh thoughts.

    Dust the thoughts regularly
    wipe it clean to be transparent enough
    Spray some perfumed freshner
    of thoughts spreading its fragrance
    alongwith the bright rays of hopes
    all around attracting the chirping
    ideas from positivity.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 38w

    This is my submission to the #cees_doors challenge. It's a lyrical rewrite of a song called "The Gambler," performed by Kenny Rogers back in the late 1970's. Using my own words, I've written it to the tune of that song. Thank you for reading.

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    On a long and winding road
    Through the journey of existence
    I met a fellow traveler
    Whom I walked with for a while

    He wasn't one for talking
    And I noticed his resistance
    So instead of conversation
    I simply offered him a smile

    Soon the day grew into nighttime
    And the world fell dark around us
    All was still and silent
    'Cept the movement of our feet

    The traveler looked my way
    Then he told me his life story
    And he said his circumstances
    Left him feeling dead and beat

    When he'd said what needed sayin'
    He paused for just a moment
    Then again he looked my way
    And said that I'd been awfully nice

    He was grateful that I'd listened
    But his soul was dreadful weary
    And in his desperation
    He requested my advice

    I said "Friend, I ain't no expert
    I'm just a fellow traveler
    But I can see how bad you're hurtin'
    So I'll tell you what I know"

    "In life there's lots of choices
    I think of 'em as doorways
    And when it comes to doors
    You gotta know which way to go"

    You've got to know when to open 'em
    And know when to close 'em
    Know when to turn away
    And when to bolt them shut

    And at times when you're uncertain
    You gotta trust your instincts
    You gotta look deep down within
    And always listen to your gut

    You see, every traveler knows
    That life ain't ever easy
    But when we don't trust our wisdom
    We got troubles all the more

    Because all doors lead to hell
    And all doors lead to heaven
    It's all about perspective
    It really ain't about the door

    The traveler looked bewildered
    And as he took in all I'd told him
    He was thanking me profusely
    For which I said there was no need

    We stopped and slept a while
    And woke up with the sunshine
    The traveler looked straight at me
    And said "It's time I take the lead"

    He said I'd taught him many lessons
    And it was time to change directions
    He knew his worth and purpose
    And that his soul was finally free

    Then he warmly shook my hand
    And the traveler, he departed
    On the journey of existence
    To pursue his destiny

    ~Repeat chorus~

    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 8/26/2021

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt #challenge #lyricalrewrite #originalpiece #ceesmusicalmakeovers

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  • solivagant_soul 38w

    The tenebrous Crepuscule chugs down the
    mazarine potation and abducts the azure aurora immuring her in an aphotic oubliette of his realm.
    And then he guzzles down gallons of satiated schadenfreude till he vomits dolent alew

    Stifled to a fastigium of moribund,
    she blinks evanescing fluorescence
    with the commensurating decline of her breath.
    The sky bleeds onyx metaphors
    singing painful coronach.
    And as the Crepuscule transmogrify
    into a cimmerian witching hour,
    the vitiated D O O R opens ajar, and a
    cervicon- headed figure appears.
    Trudging with curbed nyctophobia and
    some grasped Fèath in my hands.
    I decide to chug on the bottle of Nīpan,
    That the lucifugous Noctiphany unfailingly offers with some sauteed dépaysement in my room.

    And then, my mind laden with discomfort,
    pain etched onto each thew,
    Throws up 90 sleepless nights and
    tumbles down the stairs like
    some abscised autumn leaflet.

    I end up on the sepulchre of hell's searing ateliar
    Horripilation of dread tingle down my spine,
    as I trail behind the cervicon headed figure and
    tread past the mirk spectres,

    The arteries in my throbbing heart
    starts knitting cordolium;
    For these eyes of every spectre amidst
    the Årelang Pandemonium
    devoid of Turpitude pleas for

    The uproar ceases and my eyes halts
    at the Abrupt junction of two corridors,
    Where few souls with whelved Blues
    assembled once they hear my Groggy footsteps.
    An old gammer shredded her tears
    upon revealing her son's betrayal,
    how she was stabbed and
    mallacht with no Funeral.
    And the woman who smothered
    her gluttonous spouse,
    for bartering her child in return for money.

    Then my heart pounded hard
    on the sight of a bruised, frail teen
    Weeping tepid tears, she disclosed the way
    her soul was pulverized under the brutal
    opression of the Molester and the fabric of
    her Robe shredded into fragments
    drenched in crimson blood
    Her only sin, slashing his skin,
    been aspersed to ruins.
    Now, she dwells in the Chambers
    of blazing hell, chumming up
    with other unsullied souls

    Soon enough, my eyes unfurl
    to the pleasant Canticle,
    I wipe away a teardrop from
    the corner of my eye,
    a sojourn of mesonoxian hallucinations.
    The D O O R to my
    diabolical hallucinations,
    Proclaimed, ~Not everthing is as it seems.

    "�������� ������ ������ ���������������� ������ ������ ���������� �������� �������� �������� "

    ©Solivagant Soul ~�� �������� ���� ������ ℕ���������� ��������������~

    @luvnotes_challenge_host I am really sorry, I just couldn't shorten the length.�� It turned out a little bit longer than 40 lines. I hope that's okay.❣️

    The meanings of some words in the write-up -

    • schadenfreude- pleasure in the misfortune of others
    • dépaysement- when someone is taken out of their own familiar world into a new one
    • Årelang- having persisted for a long time, longer than average duration of time.

    Here, Crepuscule means Dusk
    And aurora is the dawn
    Dusk is the abusive husband of Dawn,
    Who also suffers from bipolar disorder, for which
    His feelings for his wife are inconsistent.

    #cees_doors #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt
    @luvnotes_challenge_host @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My eyes unfurls to the pleasant Canticle,
    I wipe away a teardrop from
    the corner of my eye,
    a sojourn of mesonoxian hallucinations.
    The D O O R to my diabolical hallucinations,
    Proclaimed, ~Not everthing is as it seems.


    (Full poetry in caption)

    ©solivagant_soul~ ℕ ~

  • bubbly_bluebells 38w

    #cees_doors #imageprompt


    We need real emotions,feelings to grow
    Not company of people;outgrown from childs love,belief,nature,life and magic
    That's why we need books and fantasy world
    This world is ruled by door to fondness of reveries
    Nay command,possessions and allegations
    We don't need caste-circle but nephelibata clouds
    Feels like home while walking over rainbows in
    search of spaceships & cropcircles on the ground
    I'm in love with the skyblue & shaved ice clouds!

    Texture of light brightened after expressing my impression
    in hindi,close to Sanskrit i.e. body chakras language
    made all one hundred forty four flower definitions
    to bloom full for a moment & energy points sparked
    Singing melody,symphony layers of whimsical universe like celebrating greatest lotus show ever
    The way petals humm during unfolding blushes
    Romancing with zephyrs upgrading welkin wings;
    dreams to turn around & never fall to seep back,down in the mud.

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    Door of flights


  • geraldine_mary 38w

    Open Doors

    When God closes one door He opens another
    Opportunities thus open further
    What wasn't meant for us hence gone
    Look not for opinions wrong
    Life isn't a sad story
    No reason to fret and worry
    Take one step at a time
    Cherish each moment sublime
    When Almighty is above what have you to fear
    Every moment He's is near
    He knows our heart 'cause He's the insider
    And forever our provider
    Hence worry not because when God closes one door
    He opens another

  • keyru_b 38w

    It is a sunny day
    Shining in a distance is the golden hay
    Arrival of a person awaited
    Standing at the front door which is
    Frangrant but in a characteristic way
    Wide opened up
    For the breeze to play by my hair
    I unknowingly unbolted
    The doors of my heart
    To let him come stay
    The sound of his approach
    My entangled feelings arouse
    Holding his hand
    I let him come close
    The doors hit shut
    While he pushed me against it
    There lingered a chemistry
    Hidden for so long to
    Unravel and become
    An exotic history

    #cees_doors #door #imageprompt @writersnetwork @luvnotes_challenge_host #challenge

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    I unknowingly unbolted
    The doors of my heart
    To let him come stay

  • nocturnal_enigma 38w

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    * 26.8.2021; 3.44 A.M (Malaysia)

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt #cees_doors #challenge

    * 3rd in #NuEmDoor



    Untitle 71 ~

    I want to walk out of the door...
    and then wander at a moor.

    I hear voices in my head...
    that tell me to be dead.

    I give myself a big hug...
    and then, I smile and smug.

    I have self-control; To hold...
    myself, without being told.

    I feel like an outcast...
    who has lots of scars.

    I guess, people misunderstand...
    me; Behind closed door, I stand.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Untitle 71 ~

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  • nocturnal_enigma 38w

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    * 26.8.2021; 3.40 A.M (Malaysia)

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt #cees_doors #challenge by @luvnotes_challenge_host

    * 2nd in #NuEmDoor

    * For: My crush �� AbHaBiAl @ #AHBA

    #poem #poetry #crush #sing #knock #door #heart

    -ock ~

    I still knock...
    on the door...
    of your heart.

    Can you unlock...
    it for me? Please.
    "Let me in." ����

    Look at the clock.
    What time is it now?
    "Time after time" ����

    A missing sock.
    That's who you're like...
    to me. I miss you.

    Will you block...
    me again? If yes,
    it's all in vain.

    You truely rock...
    my world! You...
    matter to me.

    The mirror mock...
    me? I look like you.
    It's like, you look at me.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    -ock ~

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  • akoijr 38w

    Times fly as I
    Patiently awaits her
    waiting for her
    heart to say
    desperate and afraid,
    my eyes went
    then I heard
    footsteps towards the

    As her voice echoed
    softly in my mind
    a river of saliva
    Sorrow was the drum
    beat playing in the
    corners of my heart.
    Even in pain, she became my love verses.

    For thou
    have waited so long
    for her love embrace
    it was a feeling
    So strong as a giant

    Wearing those old days
    under my garment,
    Care became an unanswered
    Prayer and love are another broken song.

    Tired of waiting, my
    emotions grew
    I saw myself drifting,
    day by day, her memories
    Started to fade
    realizing I didn't care
    Faced with the task of courage
    her love breath left my
    Lung and

    Flung and scattered
    among blissful memories
    of ours,
    Love dances his hour
    Upon her stage
    beyond all odds!
    the voice that melts
    all the frozen chains
    In my heart said, " I love you".

    With a chill running through
    My vain,
    her melanin black skin
    Kiss my troubled heart
    As we make a vow to
    Sail all the storms that
    Will raise before us;
    hand in hand we
    take a walk to

    #cees_doors #Imageprompt @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    My Love world


  • puchka 38w

    That door opened my eyes
    to what happens behind
    Not all hunky dory as appears
    Painted red, signifying love
    Stifled screams of unfair deals
    Drunken brawls between couples
    Furniture upturned in a rage
    Curtains ripped off to vent
    Children left to fend for themselves
    While parents in fights engage
    That door broke the myth
    All doors spell new beginnings
    I was mistaken

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 38w


    Respectfully asking that each participant carefully reads through all of the challenge rules and information posted below.

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #imageprompt #cees_doors #challenge

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    The concept of a door or doorway means different things to different people. Some see doors as a new beginning, some view them as an end to something. Some equate doors with journeys, mysteries, barriers, or adventures.
    Keeping that in mind, today I'm offering an image prompt challenge that requires the use of an image of a door, obtained from Unsplash.
    To participate, simply access the images on Unsplash (via the image upload button on the second screen when posting), then type "door" into the search bar. From there, you'll be presented with a large variety of door images to choose from. Some are modern, some are old, some are funky, some are artsy, some are eclectic, eccentric, plain, falling apart, or colorful. Choose whichever door speaks to you or intrigues you, upload it, and based on that image, pen a poetic piece of 40 lines or less on what your chosen image inspires you to write on the topic of doors. One submission per person, penned in English, with strict adherence to Miraquill's Terms of Use please.

    DURATION: 48 hours from the time of posting. Please don't submit once it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: For this challenge only, be sure to use #cees_doors in your caption area. Please do not use challenge hashtags for any purposes other than your one submission, as they are intended for participants only.

    TAGGING: If you'd like to tag me to your submission, please tag this account and not my main account.

    *Lend a helping hand to your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy penning!

  • wilmaneels 73w

    You have to nurture it
    As much as you want to share it
    It's fragile
    With an invisible
    handle with care sticker

    So if you entrust it to someone
    Be prepared that it might get fractured
    Might be a little bruise at times
    But it will always be yours

    Don't let fear keep you from
    sharing it though
    *image credit to rightful owner*

  • mahtobpensdown 91w

    #picturec #mirakee #writersnetwork #dailychallenge #pod #repost #prose #nature #life #thoughts #imageprompt

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mikeanthony @thoughtsprocess @naturelover_ @daffodilpearlzz @black_pearl_ @chinmoy781125 @prose_of_soul


    Thank you so much for your time, lovely appreciation and kind repost ����♥️ Grateful �� I am so glad that you read this piece and gave me comments, repost and likes. Thank you for the blessings and may God bless you all with good health �� Please accept this as an individual thanking �� and I am really touched by your love.

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    Hill invites
    Spark ignites
    Tea energizes
    Eagerness arises


  • heart_spills 107w

    Sitting alone in his room at night
    He was staring outside the window
    He could hear the silence in his ears
    He could hear the songs by the nocturnal birds
    He could experience brightness of the moon
    Maybe he felt like he was going talk with the silence soon
    The toys started dancing on some music un-heard and unknown
    Tugging his pants to coax him to join their faces known
    He danced forgetting everything that night
    The music of silence and the birds filled the dance floor
    While the spotlight was of the moon
    Tired he fell asleep soon

    #perception #2ndpost #differentwriting #imageprompt #writingprompt
    #mirakee #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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  • heart_spills 107w

    Maybe when I can see 6,
    others could have seen 9
    Maybe when I have the habit of seeing the good,
    others would have the habit of focusing on the bad
    Maybe when I think it's okay
    it's important for others
    Maybe when I need a full blown explanation
    others might want to ignore
    Maybe I don't want to leave relations with my convenience for no reason
    others might think that it's completely fine
    It's about the perception where everyone is free to experience the same thing in different way and is correct
    Where everyone is allowed to think about the same situation differently and they wouldn't be wrong
    Where everyone is fine in feeling differently for the similar experience and that is still fine
    It's about the perception that helps you shape your thoughts and makes you be calm

    #perception #imageprompt #writingprompt #differenceyetright #differentpeopledifferentthoughts
    #mirakee #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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