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  • meedeh 1d

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    "Friendship is indeed powerful
    Shining on the paper's ink
    Creating the strongest bond
    As blood linked."

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    One of the greatest bond
    A treasure far beyond
    Choose the wise
    To avoid being despised

    Sway with a mate
    That's ready to create
    Loyalty and honesty for both
    To increase friendship growth.

    You met many along the way
    but only few are with you today
    These are your real friends
    who stay by your side till it ends.

    A true friend for you,
    will always stand by you.
    For a friend indeed,
    will motivate you to work harder and succeed.

    A true friend is indeed a blessing
    For both are ready to keep on progressing
    Irrespective of all differences, a friend chooses, understands, accept and support you.
    In the darkest days, a friend shares sorrow and soothe pains with you.

    True friendship involves mutual respect, admiration, and gratitude.
    Built on shared principles and virtues not attitude.
    Sweet memories cherished for a lifetime
    Without giving and collecting any dime.


  • meedeh 1d

    Vibrant emerald green
    So bright the grass
    A comforting sun
    Shining upon it all
    Long lustrous leaves
    Dancing in the wind.


  • kamrie872 5d

    I have a sweet tooth
    And baby you're sweet to me
    Opening doors
    Listening like I'm the only one alive
    You made it a habit for me to indulge
    Sharing adventures in my head
    I find myself craving you

  • meedeh 5d


    Waiting is standing in the storm.
    An unending feeling of nervousness,
    shroud in skepticism.

    Waiting is pain wrapped in sucre frost
    Sweet on the outside, a puffed sore inside.

    Waiting is bitter pills administered by withering hope and dying soul.
    To abide, to tarry, to continue to be present,
    to last, and endure.
    Builds emptiness and sunken eyes.

    Waiting is planting the seed of faith and nourishing it.
    Surviving in the wilderness.

    Waiting is a strength renewal.
    A barrelful of doubts, uncertainty
    But uncertainty well embraced brings forth good tidings.
    Wait until the waiting's done.

    God is working in your waiting
    In waiting there is purpose
    Pray.. Wait.. Trust.

    Waiting is pain
    Waiting is gain.


  • porcupine 2w

    Grim Reaper

    Slowly he moves in the dark
    Creeping through the mist
    Searching for lost souls
    They will pay the tolls
    If anyone should take a risk
    The reaper will leave his mark

    A drawing of a grim reaper by my friend
    Is what inspired me for this

  • athena_abi 2w


    If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten


  • meedeh 3w

    Your value,
    is not thy victories
    neither thy downfalls.
    Your value,
    is just who you are.


  • meedeh 3w


    Mirror showing the reflection of a strong 'woman'
    who has seen the world and conquered alot
    who is that strong 'whuman'.?
    who will tell the universe about thy strength and valor;
    so vast in knowledge borne by honour
    That you are a woman;
    And the strongest 'whuman'.?

    She was born with the brightest eyes like the first dawn of spring
    Her soul is a precious gift meant to be kept and held tight by herself alone
    She is beautiful and her scars seems not to define her
    Her genre is honorable
    Her pages are well lettered
    Her character is dignified
    She is phenomenal.

    Be not haughty in spirit towards the bearer of you and I;
    sole carriers of seeds you do not see
    For she is the only 'whuman'
    who can 'enjoy' the pains you know nothing about
    Without her no future
    She shines brighter than the sun
    A strong rock that no wind can blow away
    The strongest 'whuman'.


  • meedeh 3w


    What head is heading the body.?
    I should take a closer look;
    But the closer I look, the farther it becomes
    Oh, I need to see clearly to know if
    the head is after all the tail

    Which mantle is representing the truth of our nations.?
    Is it the heart turned to stone.?
    or the wide eyes clothed in myopia.?
    And the judges for principles have
    turned to mere beggars.

    How can the nation survive this gruesome generation.?
    Where the grey hair are the lithlums;
    Whose conscience has been sold for beggarly coins;
    This heart still bleeds for the truth untold
    For the heart of our leaders are beastly.

    Makers of laws, destroyers of laws;
    Honored by title, dishonored by character;
    Clothed in our naira, epitome of corruption,
    ambassadors of doom.
    Who leave footprints of blood instead of breathe;
    Oh! how my heart bleeds!


  • meedeh 4w


    A man's dreams are index to his greatness
    Keep your dreams alive!
    Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in oneself
    Remember all things are possible for those who believe
    Life is full of beauty;
    Notice it! notice the humble bee,
    the small child and the smiling forces.
    Smell the rain and feel the wind.
    Live your life to the fullest potentials and your dreams likewise.
    Dreams are like stars;
    You may never touch them
    But if you follow them,
    they will lead you to your destiny.
    To accomplish greatness,
    One must not only act but also dream;
    Not only plant, but also believe.
    When dreaming alone,
    it is only a dream;
    When dreaming with others,
    it is the beginning of reality.


  • meedeh 4w


    There, my hope has been
    Ever since man has fallen apart
    Tis a land of hope, joy and rest
    No sadness, no sorrow ever seen there
    A land surrounded by light of glory
    The land where melodious hearts;
    Pour out there songs of victory.
    The land my father built

    Oh! How I long to see this city of gold
    Promised by my father
    I look up to the city of peace, love and laughter
    the earth is decayed in untruth and indignation
    And no hope shall I find in humans
    Who deal on falsehood

    Nothing dost the world offer
    The world hands out violence and injustice
    The world sees 'abomination' as freedom
    The world seek truth in darkness
    And twists the arm of justice

    Tis my utmost desire
    To see this land
    Where night turns to day
    And the sun never sets
    Never will I miss the treasure land
    Where virtue resides
    And vice is exiled

    The treasure in this land is celestial
    It leads to no conflict
    Like the treasure of earth
    It is a treasure that disobeys
    All principles of earth
    Principles that fails
    And break the minds of men

    O, Man!
    Lay not your hope on earth's treasure
    Hear me, o people
    There is a celestial treasure
    For only men of honour and
    Value to discover it.
    And tell the story
    With songs of victory
    On your lips.


  • meedeh 5w


    As the grudge of yester years builds,
    the hate mounts in strides;
    The once tender soul stinks,
    and craves for nought but blood,
    desecrating the land with filth,
    Yet the still voice of peace beckon
    for love.

    Though they seem not to hear;
    but their hearts yearns to bear,
    in the direction of swings;
    To behold once again the songs;
    that gladden and brews with love.
    Peace the joy of onehood;
    the spice of barriers of ethnicity and tribalism
    and frowns at the intent of favouritism
    but advocates the religion of love.

    Peace the language that motivates the soul,
    it brightens and inspires the mind;
    It is the light that grows in the dark,
    it breathes life into the withered land,
    Through the silhouette of unity.

    Arise you battered and bittered,
    we are all casualties
    Just like the juntos declared
    No victor no vanquish;
    The antidote we all seek,
    can only be found in the balm of peace.


  • warrior_of_sky 7w

    Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand,
    Not only to others, but also to yourself.

  • lone_sleeper 8w

    After all the unbearable suffering from "SILENCE"
    I wanted to scream my lungs out.

    The screaming is unable to provide my heart any balance.
    Cos the river that used to remind me of her has now dried out.


  • ragavielangovan98 10w

    #inspired from "Maid", A Netflix series

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    Domestic Violence

    She was bruised, she was hurt, she was suppressed, she couldn't feel her cheeks,
    she was being controlled,
    she was lost,
    she was locked up in a cage that,
    It could take weeks to recognise her favorite color.. .
    All because he couldn't control his rage!

    She was ambitious, she was talented, she was hopeful, But she was not where she should be..

    Who to blame? The system....

    No matter, how much the damage is?! She always bounces back and make her living!
    She is strong, that, no matter how much shattered she feels, she gets back on her feet and fight against the odds!

    Statistics says, Nearly 56% of the women are being abused either physically, emotionally or sexually.

    It's too heart wrecking that, Are we really living in the 21st century where women are both psychologically and financially independent!
    Can't imagine, how women would have been treated in the earlier days when she was restricted only to the kitchen! . .. Pre_independence

    Wondering when women would be truly empowered! Not just few, All the women from all parts of the world!

    You go girl! Sky is the limit! You are unstoppable!


  • claralynne 10w

    Rain And Tough Terrain

    I have grown tired.
    Tired of writing.
    Tired of fighting.
    I'm not even sure what I'm fighting to gain.
    Is it days filled with sun or rain?
    Do I desire smooth sailing?
    You don't really learn anything that way.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    That's what will cure this pain. That's what'll get me off this plane. This plateau of nothing.
    A purpose is what I seek; it's what I desire.
    I loath the day that I lost my fire.
    A perfect storm.
    It came and all turned to ash.
    Cold, wet ashes.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It comes again and again.
    And now, I just sit back and wait to see what will transpire.
    But I already know that's not how it works.
    The answer lurks.
    I need to hold my head higher.
    The Phoenix cannot rise above and fly if I'm not holding my chin up high.
    Rain and tough terrain.
    It's causes me so much pain.
    How will the Phoenix ever fly from the ash if the rain keeps falling?
    I can't help but wish the sun would quit stalling.
    I'm so tired.
    I wish the skies would quit bawling.
    At least at night.
    So that I could write. And poor my feelings out on a blank page of white.
    As I understand it, storms come and go.
    This storm is slow.
    Its hard to remember who I was when the storm began, what seems so long ago...
    I'm missing that spark; that inner desire.
    Stagnant. UnInspired.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It ought to clear up soon, I'm sure. It just has to....
    I know there's more to my world than just cold,wet ashes. So much more.
    So as tired as I am, I will conquer this tough terrain no matter how far it may go.
    And I will charge through the rain until it clears.
    Tired eyes with tears.
    Face-to-face with my fears.
    Fighting through the storm.
    My destiny.
    Trusting the universe.
    Finding my answers through time.
    Knowing the Phoenix will fly in due time.

  • dg_the_line_of_thinking 10w

    Some people are priceless
    Even Rare conversation
    Never Stop them from loving !

  • jasmeet_singh_khatri 11w

    Kuch yuh dil ke manzar prr tumhara naam aaya,
    Jbb jbb pyaar se padha vasta, hrr daffa tumhara hi khyal aaya,
    Mobhatt ke shehr me jbb nimal hue ham...
    Mobhatt ke shehr me jbb nimal hue ham ...
    Kharidaar ke roop me bas tumhara hi naam aaya...
    Kharidaar ke roop me,bas tumhara hi naam aaya !


  • kamrie872 13w

    I can hear the melody in your eyes
    I can run away and dream with you
    Arms open to embrace something new
    If you dance around this topic
    Can I dance with you
    Slow dancing in the moonlight
    Soft smiles we're writing all night
    Could this be a new beginning
    There's that gentle look
    I find myself humming with you

  • the_secret_pen_style 8w

    People only take words which prove them right.

    Even if they know your right, if it doesn't help their situation it's no good.

    Even if someone is wrong and it fits them, it's worth for them.


    People who scold are they people who care.