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    Sarang scented swevens

    I would like to be the love poetries perched on your lonesome clavicles, promising forevers to embrace you warmly in the cold winter of heartbreaks. And when the the sun will fold up the blankets of stygian nights i want to serve you the freshly brewed coffee of metaphors with the toasts of staunch , half burnt with the flame of death laced on the borders of resurrection.

    I would like to be the arid abyss who covets to soak all your tears and woes whelving itself with the shovels of sarang. I want to draw the crescent lips on your gloomy face and paint them with the hues of sakura purloined from greedy spring.

    I would like to be your ineludible destiny tied to your soul by the strings of reincarnated dreams that desiderate to fill the voids of your solitude with solemn pledges of summer and elations of august. I want to saunter on the footbridge of waiting, staring at the setting sun, holding the hands of words wearing the skirt of silence , to steal the glance of yours every now and then .

    I would like to be the skipped heartbeat of yours whenever the passing wind of the vintage reminiscences of sweet nights cafuné you under the shelter of forgotten fall. I would like to be the pulchritudinous sceneries you gaze at for hours and hours sighing the sighs of contentment.


    Thank you so much @miraquill and @writersnetwork i am grateful ����


    5th april 2022

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    Omo pod i am so happy ���� thank you so much @miraquill i am really greatful for everything.
    Thank you so much love @writersnetwork .
    I was thinking about tae tae and about my bestfriend while writing it.

    I am happy.
    @murryben @dazzling_sunlight_ @__ayesha
    You people are love�� .


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    What if someday the grey walls of my room squeeze me in their cosmos like there is no other cosmos beside those rigid square sized boxes who always see me crying screaming, breaking down on floors, hammering my heart at night and collecting the broken pieces before dawn , shackling my own limbs to run slow but ending up touching the finishing line of glee, holding the hands of toddler relationships whom i often lose in the carnival of time. What i will do then standing all alone in the midst of no where?

    What if my heart fails to love you each and everyday? What if someday a stranger tiptoed to my heart and became the reason of your tears? What if the rivers of our love never meet at the estuary of this universe? What if someday i get intoxicated by the fragrance of betryal and deny to hold your hands and you too leave mine being stabbed by the daggers of heartaches? What if our compassion start swinging on the hammock of misunderstandings what if you retract the shelter of your care? How i will find my way back to our home?

    What if i lose myself in the maze of your dreams and forget to cast the spell of love to connect our hearts ? What if the roads of my heart don't lead me to the destination of your heart? What if the malignant fate splits our path after walking together for a while? What if someone wake me of from my reveries? What if you fail to understand the language of my love? What i will do then?

    O'time what if you heal all my scars ? What i will write in my poetries? Will the words still sit on throne of my papyrus with out the diadem of heartaches or they will leave the castle walking on the red carpet of peace?what if you purloin my metaphors? What if i sell the last coin of my sonnet to quench my thrist for misery? Will I ever be able to write again?

    It scares me . It scares me the most .


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    Life ~A bravura business of fate

    I have never experienced any major event . For me each and everyday of mine is like a little concrete, which is a part of that huge mountain struggle. And those water drops of ocean glued to each other by the cohesive force connecting the continents.

    When time slipped through the gaps of my fingers and adulthood kissed my lips i realized childhood was like that planet pluto who no longer belongs to my solar system. As toddler i used to wait for my father to come and pick me from my school but he never came and time forbade me from hearing those school bells anymore. That's how my school life ended. Those tears , no one ever noticed them . Those aches healed with time or i can say i accepted my fate.

    after five winters when i was graduating from my university, I longed to see those chapped brown lips to curve a little more , those pale palms to clap for me atleast once while i am delivering my graduation speech. But i was all alone there. Standing in the crowd hopeless, clueless not knowing what i had ever done to deserve this. Somehow they stopped making noises when moon peeped through the windows . And that's how the chapter of my university ended when i flipped the pages of my youth.

    After seven long summer while i was returning from my office , frustration written all over my forehead, sleep constantly forcing my eyelids to shut , i mistakenly took the shortcut choosing the dark alley to throw my half alive half dead body on the soft mattress , i saw a bunch of drunkards forcing themselves on a girl who is probably same age of mine . I punched them hard with out any delay and called the cops . They rescued the girl .

    When i tried to heal the Heart aches of that scared girl with my comforting words she told me , how her father never let her step out of her home alone, how her parents treat her like the princess of some fairyland , how her brothers protect her from every single storm . While trying to be there for her i don't know when jealousy embraced me . But when she broke into tears epiphany tightly clutched my hands. Yes I craved for the love of my father but I never wanted to be like that fragile girl.

    Life is like the Santacluz of Christmas who often fulfill our desires but always forget to tell about the pros and cons of our dreams . We always blame our fate and envy others comparing our lives with others. But deep down we all know we are satisfied with whatever we have . But like they say grass is greener on the other side we crush our soul under the wheels of discontent ignoring the silent suffering of others.


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    Oh myyyy goshhhh. Thank you so much team .This is a huge surprise.I was thinking about
    taetae�������� while writing this . Aye it's my second POD����This is unbelievable. This is massive.thanks for the support and love . This day couldn't be any better . Loads of love @writersnetwork and @miraquill

    #katuata #wod #JEN_POD
    5th October 2021

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    Sewing dusk and dawns
    Sipping tea (of) eternities
    Nurturing hopes in the heart

    Scratching poetries
    Embracing our long lost love
    I'm waiting for bloom in fall


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    9th September 2021

    Once when I was young
    love smelled like a fresh hyacinth
    spreading it's fragrance all over
    my fairyland

    Once when I was young
    I roamed around in the realm of my
    narcissistic fantasies wearing a gown
    adorned with glistering stars and a
    pulchritudinous tiara embellished with
    roses and sunflowers

    Once when I was young
    my angelic wings glittered with amber
    sun rays and double edged rainbows
    sprinkled all over it helped me to fly
    across the millions of hearts

    But now as i have crossed the silver line
    of my youth , love seems like an imaginary
    dagger stuck in my amiable heart

    The realm of my dreams is no longer a fairyland
    It's my graveyard camouflaged with wildflowers
    waiting for me to bury myself deep inside it

    Those glittering stars on my gown
    are the scars on my paler smooth skin
    Those wilted sunflowers and roses are
    meant to be lay down on my tomb

    My broken wings are now screaming
    the deeds of my malicious fate
    malignant destiny enshrouding the
    sun rays and rainbows of my contentment
    behind the grey clouds of my miseries

    O my gosh POD���� ���� this is my first POD I AM SO HAPPY.
    @writersnetwork thank you so much really thanks a lot . This is a huge surprise ��❤️
    And thank you so much @miraquill i am so greatful for this . Again thank you��������������������


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    Once when I was young
    love smelled like a fresh hyacinth
    spreading it's fragrance all over
    my fairyland