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    29th March 2022

    @writersnetwork thank you so much team . Much love to you����

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    Half burnt memories, leftover love , snowflakes of saudade

    Winter and falling snow wrapped around the finger of ache , mimicking my frozen smile and murdering my moribund hopes. Mawkish mornings are bedizening the willows with woes. Noirceur nights knitting ephilates to embellish my selcuded sleep . Mild breeze of magoa sending shivers down my love soaked spine.

    A hole of betrayal on my trust tinged roof, hauling the snow flakes of grief into my dilapidated home . My ajar orbs staring at those endless dark clouds to open the woebegone windows letting the first ray of sun, kiss the forehead of his consort earth, morphing her indurate heart into the rivulets of tears .

    I ,an amorist lying on the floor of grotty metaphors, tucking few broken verses of memories under my grey pillow along with some blank spaces and pauses as a harbinger of separation. My cabinet is empty. The bizarre blanket of our blabbers has purloined by fate. Days are changing the clothes of months and years . My heart is stuck inside the lake, under the frozen plates of saudade/snows .

    My melancholy drunk alamort soul concealing the scars under the shawl of insomnia . My nomadic foot are searching for the footprints of leftover love to descry the graveyard of dulcet pledges . But there is nothing to find , past is dead . There is no trace of halcyon on the lap of present. My room is filled with the silence engulfing serene. Time has effaced all my reminiscences , congesting my existence with emptiness.

    I can't time travel to the past , i have to turn the wheels and move forward. I have to bookmark this forlorn winter as I , a worshipper of nature can't deny the presence of frost, stacking up the wisdom on the shelf of phases . Burning my longings in the flames of metanoia i have to wait for the arrival of springtide , bedecking my soul with the warmth of self-love. I have to restitch the ivory wings of my buoyancy to fly across the sky of my beloved summer.


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    25th March 2022
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    I kept blowing life to my deceased daydreams
    chanting the spells of mystical manifestation
    i embellished it with staunch faith,uncaging my insecurities
    They flew in the welkin of my life like blessings of deities

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    24th March 2022
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    Marcid moed

    I was but what you would think of me
    If i ever dared to rip my laugh apart
    and show you the interior of my mouth?
    Two honed razors under my over sharp
    tongue that often try to cut the criticism
    of others and crave to savour the dessert
    of their tears. But those deceptive teeth
    shut the doors letting the grudge paint
    my inner cheeks with scarlet hues . I stay
    still with my tight lipped lies and few fake
    smiles threatened to linger on my lips .

    I was but what you would think of me
    if i ever dared to open my heart to you?
    Would you ever be able to love me with
    the strings of truth tightened around your neck?
    In the hearth of my heart depression burns
    the conifers of my passion along with the
    papers of my peace melting the candles of
    my buoyancy. And I a nauseous nuisance
    beseech for winter in the realm of sun .

    I was but what you would think of me
    If i ever dared to share the tales of my soul?
    The rage against patriarchy flows through
    my blood. My thoughts are corrupted by the
    idea of perfection embellished with envy.
    I am a blue-grey colour-blind , who nurture
    the infant woes but faintly discern the
    glorious hues of mt. everest of my gaiety.

    I was but what you would think of me
    If i ever dared to share my insecurities?
    I am a woman of catastrophe, a great
    fiasco of god . My footprints are forbidden
    on the sand of time . All i do is sow the seeds
    of self hatred, lullaby poetries with my
    laments and drown in the sea melancholies
    and choke myself on grief .


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    20th March 2022

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��
    I thought you're ignoring my existence ����

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    Somedays i want to stare at those endless sceneries alone. Sometimes I want the reminiscences of spring to fill my nostril with their addictive fragrance while listening to the melifluous melodies of my favourite singer . Sometimes i want those brave tears to cascade down my eyes not caring for the opinion of society. I want those cold breeze to cafuné my hair with love. Under the tenebrous sky I want to write some comforting verses for my fragile soul. Sometimes i want to shine like stars with each heartbreak gulping the wine of wisdom. And at the end of the day i want to sleep in the lap of serenity hiding all my worries under my mattress tucking few reveries on my pillow.

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    12th March 2022

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    Remember me as a passing cloud who went away with the touch cold breeze , remember me as the haze that meant to be vanished with the first ray of sun. Remember me as another gleaming star in your constellation. Remember me as a burnt page of your novel, a forgotten lyric of your melodies. Lock my portraits in the casket of past. Remember me as the first painting,you had drawn when you were fourteen. Never let the dust of my memories pull the river of tears in your eyes.Let the seeds of my comforting verses sprout in the womb of your melancholies. Let my poetries heal your scars little by little. Let my sceneries fill your heart with serenity.


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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork i am Happy ��❤️��

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    I was sitting in the corner of my room , wrapped with the blanket of memories. All i could see is the questions written all over my blue walls . Waves of worries are knocking on my mahogany door. Halcyon couldn't make me smile anymore as they were stuck on my windowpane. Turmoils were roaring inside my head. I plugged in my earphones to shut my brain. But like my silence my playlist was murmuring the agonies.

    I saw a pair of hazel eyes on my screen holding the ocean of emotions , with a smile pasted on his lips. When my trembling hands touched his rosy cheeks my phone started whispering the verses of another cosmos. Those verses were foreign to me. Spring kissed my lips. I mistakenly bookmarked fall in the pages of his love.

    He watered moxie on the edges of my woes. His music intoxicated my soul , blooming self love in my heart. Rainbows painted my dreams. Novels were craving to inscribe us on her skin. Tears of glee fall from the orbs of rain, when he pulled me under his purple umbrella to protect my ambitions from the storm of criticism. We baltered under the lights of hope. Time stopped it's wheel when we stared at those endless sceneries of love taking the sips of forever. His sonorous voice melted my miseries.

    My healed scars drag me out from his magic shop. I lived my whole life in few years. We are not fated to be together. He is the moon of tranquil nights and i am the scorching sun of noontide. We are destined to fall apart.


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    Omo pod i am so happy ���� thank you so much @miraquill i am really greatful for everything.
    Thank you so much love @writersnetwork .
    I was thinking about tae tae and about my bestfriend while writing it.

    I am happy.
    @murryben @dazzling_sunlight_ @__ayesha
    You people are love�� .


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    What if someday the grey walls of my room squeeze me in their cosmos like there is no other cosmos beside those rigid square sized boxes who always see me crying screaming, breaking down on floors, hammering my heart at night and collecting the broken pieces before dawn , shackling my own limbs to run slow but ending up touching the finishing line of glee, holding the hands of toddler relationships whom i often lose in the carnival of time. What i will do then standing all alone in the midst of no where?

    What if my heart fails to love you each and everyday? What if someday a stranger tiptoed to my heart and became the reason of your tears? What if the rivers of our love never meet at the estuary of this universe? What if someday i get intoxicated by the fragrance of betryal and deny to hold your hands and you too leave mine being stabbed by the daggers of heartaches? What if our compassion start swinging on the hammock of misunderstandings what if you retract the shelter of your care? How i will find my way back to our home?

    What if i lose myself in the maze of your dreams and forget to cast the spell of love to connect our hearts ? What if the roads of my heart don't lead me to the destination of your heart? What if the malignant fate splits our path after walking together for a while? What if someone wake me of from my reveries? What if you fail to understand the language of my love? What i will do then?

    O'time what if you heal all my scars ? What i will write in my poetries? Will the words still sit on throne of my papyrus with out the diadem of heartaches or they will leave the castle walking on the red carpet of peace?what if you purloin my metaphors? What if i sell the last coin of my sonnet to quench my thrist for misery? Will I ever be able to write again?

    It scares me . It scares me the most .


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    Life ~A bravura business of fate

    I have never experienced any major event . For me each and everyday of mine is like a little concrete, which is a part of that huge mountain struggle. And those water drops of ocean glued to each other by the cohesive force connecting the continents.

    When time slipped through the gaps of my fingers and adulthood kissed my lips i realized childhood was like that planet pluto who no longer belongs to my solar system. As toddler i used to wait for my father to come and pick me from my school but he never came and time forbade me from hearing those school bells anymore. That's how my school life ended. Those tears , no one ever noticed them . Those aches healed with time or i can say i accepted my fate.

    after five winters when i was graduating from my university, I longed to see those chapped brown lips to curve a little more , those pale palms to clap for me atleast once while i am delivering my graduation speech. But i was all alone there. Standing in the crowd hopeless, clueless not knowing what i had ever done to deserve this. Somehow they stopped making noises when moon peeped through the windows . And that's how the chapter of my university ended when i flipped the pages of my youth.

    After seven long summer while i was returning from my office , frustration written all over my forehead, sleep constantly forcing my eyelids to shut , i mistakenly took the shortcut choosing the dark alley to throw my half alive half dead body on the soft mattress , i saw a bunch of drunkards forcing themselves on a girl who is probably same age of mine . I punched them hard with out any delay and called the cops . They rescued the girl .

    When i tried to heal the Heart aches of that scared girl with my comforting words she told me , how her father never let her step out of her home alone, how her parents treat her like the princess of some fairyland , how her brothers protect her from every single storm . While trying to be there for her i don't know when jealousy embraced me . But when she broke into tears epiphany tightly clutched my hands. Yes I craved for the love of my father but I never wanted to be like that fragile girl.

    Life is like the Santacluz of Christmas who often fulfill our desires but always forget to tell about the pros and cons of our dreams . We always blame our fate and envy others comparing our lives with others. But deep down we all know we are satisfied with whatever we have . But like they say grass is greener on the other side we crush our soul under the wheels of discontent ignoring the silent suffering of others.


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    /out of sight out of mind/

    It was another dry day of fall . The ships of doldrums resting in the harbour of my life. The waves of time nurturing the seeds of saudade planted in the earth of my halcyon days.

    He dipped his toes in the ocean of my sorrows in a frosty winter evening. With his mere touch tranquillity embellished my blue skin. When he chanted the verses of sympathy the tides of my miseries break themselves under his feet.

    I lost myself in the depth of his blue eyes while trying to read the unheard, unspoken tales perched in his rose tinted lips. My soul started dancing with the rhythm of his heartbeats. I abandoned all woes swinging in the hammock of daydreams .

    I build the castle of love and adorned it with my compassion, forgetting that he is another nelipot , another spring in the cartwheel of seasons. With the sinking sun he took steps towards his home , painting my castle with the tinge of heartaches. His figure disappeared from my sight but the wildflowers of his love started burgeoning in my heart.

    Now i am protecting the garth of his warmth with the fences of my fortitude. He is no where to be seen but he resides in my reveries. He breaths in my poetries. He is out of my sight but i still thrive in the warmth of his memories.


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork


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    I remember when I was five summers old . I used to roam in my figmental castle of fantasies. Once when my mom asked me "why you always run hither and thither wearing a crown" . I replied to my mom " i want to protect my kingdom as I am a queen."

    /It was the first mistake of my life . From that day i always crave for a shelter under which i can let my faced of minerva melt , but as they say " no one offers a hand when you're strong." No one has ever offered me a hand. Whenever I try to commuovere the waves , sometimes they break down infront of my eyes and sometimes ocean gulp them down fencing them inside her womb. /

    I remember when i was fourteen falls old. I inscribed in my journal "I'll fill my lungs with the addled fragrance of cold Zephyr of deserts , savour the drops of rain , preserve the happiness of building sandcastle in the casket , incarcerate the memories of lands in the pyxis of my heart like those nomads. But when I saw my father purloining coins from my sister's pencil box, my mother beseeching for paying debts and rents , i torn the pages of my dream. And those shards of my shattered dreams still poke my heart.

    / That day the storm of epiphany hit me hard . To taste the suavity of elation we have to water the patience, hardwork and perseverance meticulously with our sweat and blood.

    I remember when I was sixteen springs old. I fell in love with those hazel eyes of that moonstruck ravenette like flies fall for fire . In the urge of protecting him i covered miles and miles leaving everyone behind. Pleas of my loved ones were no longer ringing in my ear. In the middle of no where when i stare at those eyes expectantly they turned themselves into red ones.
    *He was a nightmare dressed like a daydream.*or a bloodthirsty vampire who soaked my love and trust out of my veins to quench his thirst leaving an empty heart behind.

    /Love fades like those autumnal leaves, relationships end like those withered petals of rose but we stand strong like that old tree, like an old soul. /

    I remember when I was twenty winters old. Depression crawled into my soul underneath my skin like a traitor. Hope slipped from my hands when anxiety consumed all my emotions leaving my corpse behind . I screamed, i pleaded. My voice went unheard or the world had plugged in the earphones to listen to the cacophonies of their sufferings.

    /You have to carry your coffin at your funeral . You have to endure the weight of your own regrets . You have to suffer for your own deeds. /

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork��

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    Wisdom resides behind the doors of flaws.

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    She came into the world
    busticating the walls of
    youth , the walls of laxity
    crushing accursed fall ,
    malignant winter holding
    effulgent summer, quixotic

    She casts the spell of love
    through her single syllables
    to tinge my ivory sky of
    despondency with rainbows
    of glee. Her eyes contain
    eonian elysium where I
    roam like a solivagant
    saunter leaving my
    dispiteous doldrums

    She drags me to her
    paracosm clutching
    my finger with her
    tiny fists, where dawn
    breaths when she opens
    her eyes and night blooms
    when moonbow whispers
    lullabies . Moon is her
    hammock where she
    cuddles with slumber ,
    sun revolves around her
    like a chaperone.

    To paint the picturesque
    scenery of smile on her
    rose tinted lips I can die
    a thousands of death.
    My skin can carpet
    the paths of her life to
    protect her barefoot
    from the thorns of
    cordolium as i am
    her abditory and
    she is my panacea.

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork

    Heart aches tiptoed to kiss the love
    When silence slaughtered the relationship
    Losing words somewhere in the carnival
    of fallacies,ardency hid in the corner
    of lips,letting the hopes fall from eyes


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    Am i a wanderer
    No that wind who sleeps in the hammock of my long wavy locks is a wanderer . Some sand grains sit on the carpet of the warm wind and form another dune like those adults who build the castel of their dreams leaving the nest of wizened parents behind .

    Am i a wanderer
    No that imbecile cerulean water is a wanderer who sings lullabies to me.She crosses millions of pebbles , get hurt thousands of times by the small stones,fenced by the long bridges and eventually commingle with briny ocean losing her identity like the humans who taste their sweat and tears , fight with fears , sell their glee for living in an acquisitive society only to get buried deep in the ground with an epitaph inscribed on the tombstone.

    Am i a wanderer
    No that smile is a wanderer who jumps from lips to lips holding the hands of her amour euphoria. But when the euphoria abandons the love, leaving the desolation behind smile dies on the lips letting the tears fall from eyes like the ephemeral spring of young love who touches every heart on the page number 16 and stain the pages with the 21st fall leaving wisdom behind.

    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork ����

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    Thank you so much for the kind repost���� @writersnetwork

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    I am the midnight of forgotten memories you hide behind the melodies of your favourite music. The colour of your skin you stash behind your enchanting faced.The sleepless nights you tuck behind your blueth wet pillows.And when the sufferings fasten the knots of regrets around your neck I fall from your eyes and smudge the smiles resting on the pages of your present.

    "I am an unnoticed dearn emotion you beg every one to notice in your eyes "

    I stand on the tip of your tongue sometimes with the shirty sun of anger, sometimes holding the oceans in my eyes longing to fall on your lips, sometimes like the impish clouds ready to sprinkle the rain of euphoria and sometimes like the cold zephyr yearning to kiss the rose tinted cheeks of your suitor .And you twist your tongue coercing me to slide down into your womb with some bruises and scratches .

    " I am the unsaid words you long to speak"

    I roam around the the cosmos weaving memories on the edges of fantasies, storing them inside the jars of glass along with the stars of scars .I stare at your brown skin adorned with a white a gown and a dreamy smile pasted on your lips, eyes admiring my orbs filled with tears when you take the steps towards me crossing the long winter wearing the anklet of promises holding the springs ,stowing the sakuras of glee in my hairpins.

    "I am an exquisite unpainted scenery your eyes always desire to see "

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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork i am really greatful ����

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    I roamed around the pages like an unbottle emotion on the pile of euphonious words untouched by the breeze of love . I tiptoed to the next page pressing my lips together , subduing the waves of euphoria in my throat.

    I picked the four leaf clover from the ground and placed it on the title "contentment".The alphabets drew tree blossoms on the pages of melancholia . I saw red rose blooming on the pages of fantasies when i touched the smooth paper with my trembling fingers in twilight glow. I purloin the shades of red from each petal of rose and mixed them on the mahogany palette of my life.

    I saw forelsket and kilig sleeping on the mattresses of dreams drowning in the galaxy scintillating in eachother's eyes . But soon the detrop fall came with the blister and flipped the pages of love greeting pain to step over the pages of time

    I erroneously hid my rose in the pages of sufferings and closed the book wishing the storm to pass quickly. But the dark pages of affliction soaked up the life from my rose.i found my love withering and crying on the pages of heartaches staining the words with tears.

    The petals fall from the pages as I crawled to the next pages of life , where epiphany of self love filled my nostrils and the solitude danced with me collecting the broken shards of my heart. Lessons hold my tiny fingers and helped me to cross the hurdles. I took small steps and after a while i found my soul sitting by the river reading the last page of the book .i fill the air of fortitude and the confetti of tenacity in my pink balloon and let them fly in the dusky sky spreading hope all over the world .


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    I quench my thrist for freedom with ocean of lies
    breaking the cage of deterrent poetry flies
    Singing the laments I lullaby my dreams
    Desiderating for the liberty nefelibata screams


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    Thank you so much for the kind repost ����@writersnetwork

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    I sprinkled some stars on my journal , twilight started reading my unspoken words.

    I want to fly above the ivory clouds of triumphs enticing the fiascos to take a sip of serendipity elixir. To tease the landscapes wearing the flamboyant attires purloining colours from chrysanthemums.To tint my lips with fuscia petals of rose.To lose my soul enormous times in the congregation of rivalry to embrace solitude.To perceive quietude in the clamour of melodies .To stare at those perpetual perennial picturesque sceneries hiding the blue and grey fall behind the floral curtains of my window.

    O' love
    I crave to walk down the aisle of dreams clutching the hand of reveries.To kiss your rose tinted lips taking pledges holding handful of fireflies.I crave to perch some warm poetries on your collarbone with the ink of fantasies in frosty winters.To melt the candles of my heart with the flame of your love. To dance in the rain of heartaches and remedies inhaling the petrichor of your endearment.To roam around the cities of meteors admiring bashful auroras stepping on the pebbles of eternities winking at ephemeral life.To sow the seeds of painful memories and sweet nights under my pale skin to grow the sunflowers of your warmth on my lips.

    I want to dig my grave in the ground of azure sky and sleep inside it covering my corpse with the blanket of contentment.


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    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork ��

    Grey string - grey hair

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    My quill should bleed on the paper of infancy
    to scribble the tales of my palpitating tiny steps where i savoured the sweet and tart tangerines of lies and admired the scruples of demure truth, Where I constructed the mansion of sagacity peering at the forsaken citadel of innocence,Where I chased the malevolent harlequin butterflies crushing the munificent altruistic flowers under my feet .

    My quill should bleed on the paper of juvenescence
    to portray the bewitching phantasm of my young love where my inamorato carpeted my paths with the vitrified sand of beguiling promises and fed my soul with deceiving love obscuring my acuity with ambrosial lies and left me to divulge the excruciating tales of my altruism losing the flesh and blood of my trust on each step of time's stair.

    My quill should bleed on the paper of senility
    to weave the sweater of life with the grey strings of experience , to enhance the wisdom curry with the sweetness of love and soreness of betrayal garnishing it with coriander of humbleness.

    My quill should bleed
    to delineate the seasons of life , to touch the lives of progenies of time .


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    What is scarlet love?

    The amalgamation of the abyss of your alienation in my heart and the purloined emotions from my poetries.


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    Aye thanks for the kind repost team @writersnetwork ❤️��
    Happy jimin day �� @miraquill

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    I picked succulent tangerines of love from the juvenile tree of adolescence .Dipping my fingers in the saccharine syrup of romance I savoured the tart and sweet raspberries of heartaches and love verses.

    I baked my flavourless life in the fierce heat of struggle and diligence garnishing it with the sugary cherry of friendship. As the red wine of age matured the shrivelled petals of love fell leaving the piercing thorns of promises behind .

    I honeyed and salted my memories with my gracious smile and heavy silent tears , dipped the quill of experience in the blood of wisdom to serve metallic poetries to my enervated soul in the peaceful graveyard.