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  • simplymel 16w

    "In Oceanic Eyes"

    In oceanic eyes, a titanic lies;
    Once filled with music & festive cries;
    Two hearts that soared, but one remained;
    Now sleeps in hushed corals, a legend ingrained;

  • gutzwvw 56w


    Tell me Ziggy, why they call me Biggy?
    What's that Bob's, not your father, fool.
    My friend Jack, son of Thrak.
    What the heck is going on.
    I'm quite small.
    Full of Gutz.
    A real klutz.
    So Ziggy, why you shine so bright.
    Illuminate the night.
    With your lantern teeth.
    Come weep in my lap.
    And share my breath.
    Through devotion I will answer your call.
    Like a hound in heat.
    I will be at your feet.
    Because for you I blur the lines.

  • potatoo 61w

    Saving people
    Hunting things
    The family business ♥️!

    Well every good thing always comes to an end and here it is, finally after 15 years, Sam and Dean are retired, or are they? Cause everyone knows once we get into this hunting life there is no coming back, you're far away from a normal life haha!

    I have been watching supernatural for alomost 3 years now and I can surely say that it's one of those long ass shows who didn't mess their ending!
    It was sad but it had to be like that! Ngl supernatural has really taught me a lot of things like whatever we do it has a direct or indirect affect on the world or anyone and sometimes letting go others is the best thing to do even if you don't want to.

    Sooo thank you Sam, Dean, Cass all of them even Crowley and Lucifer to make my life AWESOME! Lol.

    Peace out bitches ^_^!

    #Supernatural #destiel #Sam #Jack #Spnfinale

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  • kb_writings 78w

    Why ?

    " Why fight when you can Negotiate ? "...

  • jessejamz 96w

    Empty throne

    Without my Queen
    I'm a King with no crown.
    Whom only wears a frown.


  • bhagyashree17 118w

    #tragedies #titanicinspired #recentbinge #jack #rose #titanic #truelove #lovequotes
    Okay , recently I just watched Titanic ,I mean I know I am very late but not too late to miss it once in my lifetime, I am literally touched !!!!!��������

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    Let's just twin together forever,
    Like our love wasn't forbidden,
    Like our love wasn't cursed,
    Like our love wasn't infatuation,
    Like our love wasn't heartbreaking,
    But like the soul twinning together,
    Happily ever after!

  • __pran__ 120w

    Their relationship was sinking like the Titanic, but Rose still urged for her Jack's love

  • cactuspenguin 125w

    Just another helpless crush, yannow? #crush #Jack #foreveralone

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    Dear Jack

    You'll never know
    What February 19th, 2019 meant to me.
    To you,
    All you did was turn and say,
    "Wonderful job yesterday!"

    You'll never know
    How my heart pounded, how I blushed,
    How I gushed about it to friends for ages
    How I still grin even to this day
    Even if, for you, it faded away.

    You'll never know
    That the twinkle in your eyes
    And the way you smiled
    Made me feel light,
    Like everything was alright

    You'll truly never know
    How special you made me feel,
    Loved, wanted, and noticed,
    For all the other guys
    Look to some other, prettier prize.

    You'll never know what it meant to me,
    But I do.
    And even when you forget my name,
    I'll still be grateful.
    Oh, so grateful.
    So thank you.

    ©Cactus Penguin

  • jacksunny 126w


    चारो और आतंक था,
    साथ ही मातम था,
    जब पूरा देश इस लड़ाई मे विलीन था,
    चारो और चर्चे थे,
    हो रहे खर्चे थे,
    घर मे बेटी की शादी थी,
    फिर भी मांग रही आजादी थी |

    बापू ने जब जिम्मेदारी ली,
    सभी ने उनकी साथ दी,
    लेकिन बोहोत थकने के बाद,
    उनसे माफ़ी मांग ली,
    सत्याग्रह का दौर था,
    कहीं लग रहा फोर था,
    सारे अपने मे व्यस्त थे,
    सभी स्वतंत्रता को ग्रस्त थे ,
    कहीं अंग्रेज़ की बर्बादी थी,
    शुरू हो रही आजादी थी|

    महान नेता दे रहे भाषण थे,
    घर ही घर मे शासन थे,
    महिला नारी का भी खौफ दिखा,
    अंग्रेज़ बेखौफ दिखा,
    आज़ाद हिंदुस्तान एक नाम बना
    जो भारत की शान बना,
    अंग्रेज़ ने रास्ता नाप लिया,
    हिन्दुस्तानियो ने पत्ता साफ किया,
    गाँधी ने सभी को माफ़ किया,
    अब हर मे खुशियाँ, रौशनी, खादी थी,
    क्यूंकि मिल गयी आजादी थी

  • gunjan_singh 128w

    If you don't feel sad when Rose leaves the hand of Jack in the sea after sinking of titanic and survived only to fulfil her promise. Sorry to say dude but you don't know what is love yet.


  • gacha_lover123 132w

    #Jack #my #cute #cupcake
    By gachalife_lover1234

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    You complete me!❤

    When you are near me I feel safe, happy, and loved! You know how to make me laugh,and smile! When I started to have feelings for you I thought that If I told you then you might think I'm weird cause I get that alot....People thought I'm weird because I don't talk much and I love broken hearts and because I love to draw them! I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for being there for me! And I guess I also wanted to say is..."you complete me! "

  • liathekitten 132w


    Thought I would fit in
    Right along my only kin
    Where the box castle would fit
    Each and every one to sit

    The One would be the servant
    The Two has bigger chores
    And Three is the mechanic
    Four, is the double agent
    Five is the cook, cleaner
    Six is the greeter
    Seven, is the guard
    Eight is the knight
    Nine'll give you a real fright, executioner
    Ten is the guest

    King is the boss
    And the Queen is his wife
    Jack is their son

    Ace, the Advisor,
    the influence, the manipulator

    And I'm just a Joker

    I entertain, I laugh, i giggle
    Jiggle, bubble, juggle
    I distract the queen
    From her worries of her son
    I distract the king
    From the near war behind the sun
    I distract Jack
    From the responsibilities,
    Everybody just loved to undermine
    My abilities

    To feel just as much you laugh
    As I make a fool of myself,
    It's an art, it's a craft
    But it's a trap within itself

    Cause I'll never be one
    Cause my debt'll never be done
    Cause every time you would play
    You never give me the time of day

    I was once so colorful, so full of 'appiness
    But once you shoved me, it grew my desperateness
    It split my Joker self in two

    I was once red but now I'm black
    I once was yellow but now I'm white
    I was once green but now I'm grey

    Now I'm the dark, creepy, angsty Joker
    I laugh at your scream, your blood, when I split
    Every card, every person, every position in four

    For the heart represents me heart
    You've ripped from me
    For the clover represents my luck
    For myself lasting this long
    For the spade represents the dark
    That is now growing in me
    For the diamond represents my charm
    For the mask I've put

    To hide the pain, to hide the truth
    That when the cards are being dealt
    I'll never be accepted, I'm a bad tooth
    Whip my back with the kings belt

    For once you would laugh and smile at the Joker
    But now you'll learn to fear and bow down to the Joker

  • jacksunny 133w

    रक्षाबंधन Part -1

    रक्षा के लिए बंधन है,
    कोई मज़ाक नहीं,
    जो बहन का मान रखता है,
    उसे डरने की बात नहीं,
    राखी एक मोली नहीं है,
    यह तो एक बंधन है,
    भाई बहन के प्यार का
    जो तोड़ता है इसे,
    पाप का भागी होता है,
    जो समझ ना पाए,
    वो बड़भागी होता है,
    जो ना समझें वो सब कुछ खोता है,
    और बाद मे पछता कर ज़िन्दगी भर रोता है,
    एक दिन उसे समझ ज़रूर आता है,
    बंधन जो रक्षा के लिए बांधा जाता है
    कोई हँसी मज़ाक नहीं,
    कोई इसे हँसी मज़ाक समझ कर पहनता है,


  • _desaiagraja 133w

    It's always better to be multi talented but being multi talented and not mastering on a single thing does not work. As they say incomplete knowledge is always harmfull. Perfection is must. You need to work hard you need to give your blood and sweat. But then it would be definitely be better then incomplete or may be being nothing. Do thing in life in which u are best. Or may be workhard for being best. And then knowing different things in life is good.

    #multitalented #jack #master #aim #goal #talent #littlethings #perfecrion

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    Its better to be
    Jack of all and master of one
    Then to be
    Jack of all and master of non

  • jacksunny 133w

    The Rhytmic Thief

    One one One,
    This is a Gun
    Two Two Two,
    Why Do You Do,
    Three Three Three,
    Leave me Free,
    Four Four Four,
    Give Me one Crore,
    Five Five Five
    Leave me Alive,
    Six Six Six
    Give me candlestick
    Seven seven seven,
    Your work is Done
    Eight Eight Eight,
    Leave this Gate
    Nine Nine Nine,
    Have some wine
    Ten Ten Ten
    Bye Bye Ben.

  • gacha_lover123 135w


    Your love is like air I can't see it..... But I can feel it!

  • ibrahimghani 136w

    Season 1
    Episode 11: SKIN BURN

    Dead bodies, rag-dolls, knives, dogs, toys, kids. I have to pack up. I still haven’t gotten the verification message. They have to confirm it. I have a long journey ahead. Still no response from anyone. Smell. Ugly smell. Skin burn. It’s red and swelling. Time is 3 AM. It’s late. Too late for the job. The final job.

    Guns, toys, cameras, tools and some pencils. I still have a long way to go. Alone and depressed. I want to meet him. I want him soon. I can’t resist. The frying pan is really dirty. My bad breath. My skin burn. I can’t make dinner. Never. I have my bag-pack where I have to put the most important things for this job. Just waiting for the call. His call. Time is 3:09 AM.

    Potatoes, scissors, toys, biscuits, phonographs, rubber-bands and papers. What are those things for? Only biscuits are eatable. Not potatoes. They aren’t even cooked. And I don’t wanna cook. I don’t want my skin to burn. I am not wearing a watch.

    Socks, pills, bags, brushes, CDs, devices and stupid dolls. They gave me these. I don’t need them. I just need some relaxing time. They told me to wait for a person. Someone might come to join me. This job is a two person job or more. I don’t want this. I don’t want to. I am a party animal. Night is young. I want party. PAAAAARTYYYYYYY! I am horny. I need sex. Drugs!!! Bitches. They let my skin burn. They let me suffer. This is disgusting. I know that I am doing this for money, but what is the need for this much torture? Time: 3:17 AM.

    Fish sticks, teddy bears, books and I don’t know what. It’s hot in here. My skin is burning. I need hairspray. I can’t go out. I am depressed. Antisocial. Scared of humans. I am human too. But still, I am scared of them. Maybe hate them. I know that someone is coming for me, but I don’t know how to greet. Can’t browse internet. There are catfish all around the internet. Where is my snail? Time is bad.

    Bicycles, tube lights, binoculars, clothes, glasses, charcoal, pillows, boxes, watches, tapes, sandals, buttons, mobiles, lamps and what not, but I don’t even have any bullshit toys. I am better than others. I am stronger. I will kill most of them and I am confident about it. I will torture them. I will burn their skins. The rain doesn’t stop and I don’t have any umbrella. Guess, I am better off without an umbrella. Ring the bell. Kill the Phil. Hang the dell. Hill… I have to complete the lyrics. Revolver. Oh, without blood. Let’s feed it. It’s not a game. Life is. Time? I don’t need time. I am thinking about my ex-wife, my kids, my old man, my co-workers. Let’s kill them all.


    Acid bottles, gloves, razors, cats, toys, and some old men. We are the other half. I just got a message from boss. I am just going to send it to my partner. We are going to a place. Far from here. One of us has to burn their skin. This is really important. Otherwise no money at all. Money, its really important paper to live for. Without it, there is no life. No Love. No World. So we are going to be late. That’s the accurate time for our task.

    Swords, toys, stands, wrenches and pens. We were together all the time but not right now. I am going to meet her soon. I miss her. I love her. My clothes are all cleaned up. Ironed. I don’t want her skin to burn but it’s really necessary, they told me so. I am going to be ready soon. Just waiting for their signal. The ring from the telephone. They told me they’ll call me anytime after 3.

    Tomatoes, saws, toys, cassettes, erasers and files. I am hungry. But I got things to do. I woke up recently and there is a burn on my skin. I wonder why? Maybe they told me something I don’t remember. I have to feed my fishes. But I am hungry. I need to eat those. Let the fishes die. I don’t wanna die. Without feeding myself I can’t go out. I have to pick that son of a gun. I don’t want to spend more time here.

    Handkerchiefs, jars of poison, toys, paint bottles, keyboards and tablets. The world is crazy but I am not. I am so decent. I feel so comfortable lying on the grass. The snow. The sky. The beautiful people. The street lights. The roads. The cars are coming towards me. I think they are coming. Coming to pick me up. Coming to burn my skin. Then I will be going to pick up a person. It’s time.

    Shrimps, teabags, barbie dolls, notebooks, love letters and bed sheets. Now I have put those ashes on my skin. They want my skin to burn. So be it. My time has come.

    Bikes, fans, microscopes, shirts, lenses, crayons, bed sheets, containers, wall clocks, boards, slippers, switches, telephones, candles, fishes, spider-man toys and I have lots of time, a lot of it. I am having lots of things today. Not only today, but I am collecting them my whole life. Not because I want to use those, but to give those. To all of the people. All of my recruits. All the people who I wanted to kill are already dead. I wanted to rule the world and this is what I get? SKIN BURN…?


  • jyotiranjan_bora 141w


  • jyotiranjan_bora 141w

    "প্ৰেমৰ ৰাগী"

    মনত পৰেনে ৰ'জ সেই নিৰিবিলি সন্ধ্যাটি?তোমাৰ উন্মুক্ত শৰিৰৰ ভাজে ভাজে বৈ থকা যৌৱনৰ ভৰ-বাৰিষাৰ তোপাল বোৰে মোক মাতাল কৰি তুলিছিল। আৰু তাৰ ৰাগীত নিশা বোৰ গভীৰ হৈ পৰিছিল, লাহে লাহে।

  • anu_linen 183w

    One day many many years later,
    If we don't run into each other,
    I hope you still remember the colour of my eyes.
    That in your presence,
    my lungs forget to breathe.
    That you still are in control of
    ever inch of my being.
    Because I can never forget the
    dark pools you have for eyes,
    I choose to not forget your rhythmic breath.
    And I'll let you control the
    beats of my heart for another
    thousand lifetimes to come.