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  • husnachikwela 2d


    January in twenty one, I have one programme,
    The birthday of someone, Who have his username,
    How can I combine, His last user sirname,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    You have not determine, Than saying about schooltime,
    You want to decline, Because of having fearsome,
    You are wondering anyone, Can cause you troublesome,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    Just accept your outcome, Do not be offline,
    This is your flavorsome, Come out and undermine,
    Visitors you must welcome, Do not stay alone,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    This is your dreamtime, If only you examine,
    You can get income, If you follow guideline,
    It can be supreme, If you not define,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James.

    Forget about your pastime, How you have done,
    You could not overcome, Not worry their tone,
    You have an extreme, All will be fine,
    Where is your scene? My beloved Baraka James

  • porcupine 3d

    A mild day

    A very mild day
    The sun was shining
    The lake started to thaw
    The reflection from the snow
    Is so bright and blinding

    A winter day
    The geese returned
    The ducks right behind
    The sounds of quacking noises
    Each one taking their turns

    Ice has formed
    Very slippery outside
    Throw some salt or sand
    Down on the ground to melt it
    Before you go for a slide

    A long season
    Of freezing weather
    Spring is around the corner
    This year's coldness put behind
    And soon to be much warmer

  • porcupine 1w

    January 17th 2022

    The snow is falling
    There's white everywhere
    In the trees and on the ground
    Winter is in the air

  • kp_singh 1w

    तुम्हारे लहज़े तो जनवरी की किसी रात से भी सर्द निकले,
    मैं तुम्हें हमदर्द समझता रहा और तुम बेदर्द निकले!
    Your tone is even colder than a January night,
    I kept thinking of you as a sympathizer and you turned out to be heartless! -Kps©2022

    #cold #January #heartless #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #kpsshayari

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    तुम्हारे लहज़े तो जनवरी की किसी रात से भी सर्द निकले,
    मैं तुम्हें हमदर्द समझता रहा और तुम बेदर्द निकले!
    Your tone is even colder than a January night,
    I kept thinking of you as a sympathizer and you turned out to be heartless!

  • nikhil16 1w

    Fursat agar ho toh aana
    Yun toh kaam humein bhi bahut hai
    Ho jo bhi jawaab woh saath lete aana
    Yun toh sawaal humein bhi bahut hai.
    Raah aapki dekhte hum aadhe se hogye
    Khoobsurati mein aapki hum bhi khogye
    Ijazat chahe jitni le aao jaane nhi denge tumhe
    Do baat krni hai baithkar aapse
    Yun toh shikayat humein bhi bahut hai.

    - n nikhil

  • brokenfairy 2w


    This year I want to;
    Fall in love with me again
    But do slowly.
    No rushing forward
    To accept and understand
    Who I really am.
    One step at a time
    Until I realise that
    I am worth loving.
    Every other year,
    That I tried to love myself,
    I stupidly let,
    Myself go all in.
    And then I ushered myself
    Into the deep end.
    Making myself swim
    Before I could stay afloat
    And so I just drowned

  • maiatamarain 2w

    #wod #month #january @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you everyone!! I'm grateful for all the birthday wishes I received on 5th it really made me feel SPECIAL ��❣️

    You guys are my butterflies!��

    (Jar here refers to heart)

    It was fourth of the first month
    I pasted the broken pieces
    Of the glass jar altogether
    I encircled the mouth
    With a silver wire
    And decorated
    The marks of the cracks
    With artificial flowers
    So they don't wear off
    At last when all was ready
    I knew I had to bloom alone again
    I put the masterpiece out in the moonlight
    And it silently gulped the sadness
    In one shallow
    The inner surface started to glisten
    With tinted shades of old me
    It was almost midnight
    When I saw the captured gloom
    From its silvery womb
    Giving birth to butterflies
    Wings sewed with sparkles
    Those little miraculous creatures
    Soaring and roaring in the night
    Faded in between the clouds
    G o n e
    Is what I thought
    But they returned
    With wings of fire this time
    And settled on my clavicle
    I silently whispered to them
    "I guess I'll keep you for forever Januarys"

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    I don't like endings and December was one
    Tsunami of goodbyes, I knew I had to stand alone
    Then miss January walked in gracefully
    Giving birth to my lilac butterflies


  • thelogist 2w


    The year starts with chilling and sunless skies,
    What must I do with new hopes that I planted?
    Summer is far and this silence is too loud;
    I want to run away but my fears are holding me to the ground.


  • porcupine 2w

    Sunset January 7th

    The sun descends in the west
    The snow is falling gently
    The ducks and geese all rest
    Nature is beautiful evidently

  • ckeerthana 2w

    Even in the darkest of hours
    I stood near her ,took her hand close to me and whispered
    "We can cross this together"
    And now we became one
    Making memories for a lifetime

  • sonu99 2w

    January Birthstone

    Love and strength
    Commitment Stone

  • night_mist_ 2w

    Wish You Happy Birthday

    Wish you very very happy birthday .

    Happy birthday to you , I know you don't like to congratulate and celebrate your birthday at all.
    But in a way, you have completed one more year in your life, which was done by the will of Allah. many memories many bad things passed away.
    Now insha-Allah, may your life be better, which you too deserve. Be as bright as the sun and a beautiful personality like the moon.
    May your every legitimate prayer be accepted, this is my prayer to you, and I have nothing but these prayers to give you.
    If bad happens in life, then it is related to good somewhere, because the importance of good times is known only from bad times.
    I say from my heart that till date I have not found anyone with a clean heart, you are balanced, you have always been transparent, you have given me loyalty, and taught me right and wrong.
    A little stubborn , a little tantrum , but MashaAllah you are the best. Because whose name is in the beginning of worship, there will be light in his heart ❤️.
    Always be happy ☺️, stay away from sorrows, consider yourself special, be brave, never give up and above all believe in yourself.
    I once again say with all my heart that may Allah give you all the happiness in this place and that place(paradise).


    काले स्याह बादलो से दूर रोशन मुस्तकबिल हो तुम्हारा ,
    सूरज सी चमक बिखेरता चाँद सा खूबसूरत मुकद्दर हो तुम्हारा ,
    सारे जहां कि खुशियों ,नियामतो से भरा दामन हो तुम्हारा ,
    मेरा रब्ब तुम्हे लम्बी उम्र से नवाजे ये ज़िंदगी,
    इंशाअल्लाह बुराइयों से दूर हो ये साल तुम्हारा ।


  • porcupine 2w

    Sunset January 2nd

    The sunset tonight
    Is quite a sight
    The reflection of the light
    On the lake is alright

  • khadijachughtai 3w

    It's January already
    my mind is still hanging in December
    since I have less to forget
    and a lot to remember

    Khadija Chughtai

  • charlieka 3w

    Smell of Pine

    January hits
    Like bricks
    Iced walls
    Empty halls
    Fragrance of pines in
    Swinging triangles of fragrance in cars


  • akoijr 21w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute

  • shaabie 27w

    And one on the summer flowering trees of Delhi that were giving me some major nostalgia.

    @hindiwriters @writersnetwork

    #may #summer #hindi #amaltas #kachnar #palas #january #pod #love #ishq #rain #hindiwriters #flowers #trees #Delhi #nostalgia

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    बूंदों को जो तरसे मई, तू बारिश की आस होना,
    लूँ परेशां रात काटते इश्क़ में अमलतास होना।

    स्याहि-पन्ने रूठे सभी तो कचनार के सूखे पत्तों पर लिखना,
    लाल गेरु के शब्दों से पहली फुहार की सौंधी मिठास होना।

    छोटी बड़ी ख्वाइशें साँची, जैसे सपने वैसे ढलना,
    टूटी छुटी नींद के तकिये में सेमल का कपास होना।

    कोयलों से हो धुँआ बस, और बुझा सा हो जुनूं 'शाबी',
    फूल से तू उधार लेना शम्मे, बीहड़ में भी पलास होना।

    जनवरी में अब कहाँ ये गुल सारे फिर खिलेंगे,
    आँखों में तू होना मई बाहर चाहे जमी ओस होना।

  • rhythmic_beats 37w

    Twin flames heating up the frozen sky by warm poetry. Isn't it a perfect date��♥️

    #wrap #blanket #moon
    #hot #cup of #poetry
    #shivering #nights of #january
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Sweetheart let's get wrapped
    In the cloudy blankets of moon
    And have a hot cup of poetry
    In the shivering nights of January.

  • charlieka 44w


    Every time I see you is like another season of Winter cold flush the bite of frost the burn of a January wind brushing my face with a kiss when you say goodbye

  • _writer_at_heart_ 44w

    A letter for January

    Dear January,
    You disappeared like sugar crystals in water, slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir...and just like everything comes to an end you too ended.
    Meanwhile i had few regrets and lesson to keep in my head.
    January symbolised new strength, hope, excitement, joy and zeal to have goals done.
    But as it is said, "it's easy to say than to do", i realised i expected too much than i should.
    I should have known, hoping is good but there's a thin line between hoping and over expecting which we seldom cross. Hoping is okay in my sight.

    If we donot hope how will we dream or plan. When, the first step to have passion or aim to do something is hoping, how can we don't hope but just plan ?

    It's never too late but it won't wait for us. So the moment may vanish but to treasure and utilise the moment, one needs to act without any delay and panic.

    What about now ?
    Why to grief for January when one can find solace now ?
    Let it go as the time too goes.
    Why not to live for now, before this too flows.

    I know i have a habit to think a lot and start planning more than actually performing. Before the arrival of January i was busy planning for it and when January arrived i again wanted to plan for the rest of the eleven months.
    I should have known its now or never,
    I should have acted wise to stand now and start acting in the present.
    Though acting in present is obviously good but planning for future is too important.
    But i realised i was more busy in planning for future than for present.
    January taught me i should have done every such things by balancing properly between present and future.

    If we ponder carefully, we would too realise that, January teach us, its easy to come but going is always the only constant. Like the tiny sugar cubes and salt, January disappeared into thin air, leaving everyone to wonder how temporary everything could be and its obvious to feel blue when something is left to oblivion and goes by.
    But why to only blame January when each month are slave of passage of time.
    January was just the calendar's ingrown elevator month, we must cherish for being lucky to survive till here and till now.

    Every ending leads to new beginning so ultimately nothing ends but actually moves ahead.
    According to its own span, something walk with us, as long as, it is meant to walk.
    It's because something ends so something new arise. Ending is mandatory for new beginnings that are awaited to rise.
    We ought to be thankful for everything that even leaves. With every goodbyes, lies a wheel of lesson and chapter unopened to catch and spin.
    What we call the beginning is often the end and what is end, often leads to a new beginning. In reality everything ends and something begins. What begins ultimately one day ends.

    Dear January, untill i meet you again, next year ; i want to hold on these lesson you convey to all of us.
    I will always remember that every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end, which is very rightly said.
    If i will be brave enough to say goodbye to you now, then life will reward me with a new hello, which i shall use untill it too vanish somehow.
    We all gotta make our move because time and life won't wait for us. Then how can i even expect calender to wait for me..!!
    Dear January, it was great to have you even with the highs and lows i received under you, but now is the time to close our chapter so that i begin with my new chapters, to play with my life's strings.
    Goodbye until we meet again.
    Your host,