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    "Weeping may endure for a night but joy come in the morning light"
    -psalms 30:5

  • mysteriousde 2d

    Eius pulchra cogitationes
    coined euphoric stories,
    she conveys them
    as patriotic glories..
    Those eunoia is her dux
    which illuminate her vita..

    #life #joy full #life #wod #pod
    @mirakeewrites_ @miraquill

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    Who she is??

    she is paratus for omnia
    beatus and flawless
    She luceat like stars
    in her own lucis caelum..

  • meenalochani 2d

    My best moments

    All my school days went in vain,
    I never received shields,, medals or trophies,
    My poem were meaningless,
    My stories were senseless,
    My arts were lifeless,
    That is how people judged my talents,
    My first stage of life passed with fear,

    I grew up young and ambitious,
    As per God's will became a teacher,
    I gave my best to students,
    That I missed as a child,
    My dedication did pay me a prize,
    My joyful moment was unexpected,
    When I was announced as best teacher,
    My first shield I got in an arena full of teachers,
    Who clapped and appreciated,
    My happiness had no words,

    After a long break, I began to write poems,
    As a student every one criticized my talents,
    But, now I gained some courage to try again,
    Luckily I found miraquill app,
    To pen my feelings and read others emotions,

    Many genius writers were here,
    Many best poems were selected for post of day,
    I wrote poems for my satisfaction,
    But, here our work never go unnoticed.
    One fine day my fragile heart beat with joy,
    My fragile poem on flowers was selected as post of day,
    I was flying with joy,
    Finally some people really read and appreciated my work.
    These two events were best moment of my life.

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    #painter #joy #vacation #wod

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork ��

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    Poem from a Paintbrush

    I sketch summer as a woman
    cocooned in a daisy sundress,
    a turquoise bow and wheatish
    schmaltz straw hat similar to
    Sorolla's portrait of "women
    walking on the beach"

    She was shuffling with saltwater
    breeze in her espresso hairs, a
    half-squeezed lime in her hand
    and a lapis voile kerchief
    dangled around her neck

    Her redolence was of babul
    gum and the red sandalwood
    Straddling under an umbrella
    canopy with a drink of young
    apple juice, summer looked
    like a diva tossing between
    the sun and sand

    There were ocean droplets
    dancing in the air, seashells
    flirting the harp with the waves
    and dolphins ricocheting in and
    off to the heart of the coastline

    Behind the magenta and the
    watermelon hued sky, summer
    gazed like a long sunset of joy
    keeping up a little longer with the
    twilight for a tight summer holiday


  • antheia_ 2d

    #joy #nostalgia (not a poem though)

    Thanks much ❣️@writersnetwork

    Whiffs of balmy breeze from the ���������������������� kissed her cheeks on those hot and sweltering July sunsets whenever she gazed out from her window seat to look at the horizon where the silhouetted blue hills started to blend in the engulfing darkness neath the sky that blushed with the last streaks of the afterglow..
    Everyday that traffic snarl at ������������������ served as her escape from reality when her city bus got stuck for atleast 20 minutes whilst she returned home after finishing her undergraduate classes at the �������������� University.
    Watching the ripples on the otherwise placid river, small jetties ferrying off a dozen and a half folks, few wooden boats & mechanized ferries anchored at the banks, hawkers selling glittery trinkets along the elevated embankment (footpath), the limitless horizon... the river, the red river always provided her with a sense of calm; for at times it sang some soulful tunes echoing the song of her heartbeat as veil of serene emotions flowed in her veins. Growing up in a city where the mighty river served as its lifeline she oft felt the river billowing as lilac waves that ebbed & flowed in her soul.. gentle yet fierce at times.

    Those showering confetti of pink cherry blossoms at ��������'�� �������� dispelled the grim melancholia of the fall, effusing fresh hope(s) & infectious joy in the atmosphere as well as in her lonesome heart whenever her family went on a trip to neighbouring ���������������� during the autumn vacations. The lake shimmered in pastel hues on sunny afternoons swallowing the stifled grief of the bleak landscape.
    While she trudged on those meandering cobble stoned garden paths around the lake hearkening the soft whispers of footsteps she found reminiscences of bygones slithering around her spine, when she as a zesty gleeful child sans any charade(s) happily fed those luminescent fishes in the lake standing atop that rustic woody bridge in the company of her beloved grandad during summer holidays.

    The April sun poured bliss through the half opened window in the single dorm room of her hostel that was nestled amongst the tea gardens at ������������������ University slowly waking her up to a sanguineous dawn on most days beckoning her to the distant shores of her latent dreams. Those lush green tea gardens lulled her sore, homesick soul so as those fiesty ������������������������ resembling fiery beads of amber, cascading golden shower & flirty ���������� trees as she unpacked her boxed up life in paper cardboards along with those carefully preserved curios of her yore where she now stood as a young girl of 21 in that 60 sq ft empty room.. the room that she would now call home for two years.
    In the evenings, wisps of clouds appearing as reels of orange peel & the effervescent porcelain hued ���������� dancing midst the surrounding mirk used to give her some subtle but serious pangs of saudade..
    yet the redolence of his husky voice, the feel of his slender fingers against her satiny skin, the sillage of his fragrance along with the warmth of her mother's embosomed love and tender pat of her father's; every single precious memory of her dotting family and amor played out in greyscale as flashbacks every night as she slowly drifted to sleep while being 276 miles away from them acting as the ultimate anodyne, letting her bide those two solitary springs alone before she embarked on the odyssey that will herald her homecoming thus culminating her sojourn.


    P. S~
    Land of blue hills and red river- Assam (Gauhati/Guwahati is its capital, famously known as Gateway of the Northeast )
    Dibrugarh- A quaint little but beautiful town of upper Assam. Also known as 'Tea city of India' because of its tea gardens.
    Ward's lake- A picturesque tourist spot in Shillong( a hill station) in the north eastern state of Meghalaya.
    *There is an annual cherry blossom festival held every year in November in Shillong.

    Krishnachura- Gulmohar
    Nahor- Nagesar flowers
    Togor- Crape jasmine
    **All these are assamese names of these flowers.

    ***Brahmaputra is also known as the red river for it carries the tinge of the iron rich red soil with it.

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    Of blue hills & red river..

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    She Took My Joy Pt2

    Every day
    To the night
    Putting up a strong fight
    Crying to the moon light
    Crying to the sunrise
    110 on I95
    Crashing into the wall
    Killing my Joy
    Played with me like a toy
    Every day
    To the night
    No smiling here
    No laughing here
    No I'm not happy here
    Theirs no Joy here

  • gaurangig 3d

    I don't know why
    But I cry
    Everytime I see
    The stars in the sky!

    I dont know why
    But I smile
    Everytime I feel the breeze
    In the air
    Blowing through my hair!

    I dont know why
    But I giggle
    Everytime I hear
    A baby's babble
    And see her wobble!

    I don't know why
    But I laugh
    Everytime I watch
    A rainbow
    Like the Nature's craft!

    I don't know why
    But I feel joy
    When I watch
    That sun soaked sky!

    I don't know why
    But I feel elated
    When I sit
    On a beach
    And watch the sunset!

    I don't know why
    But I feel delight
    When I see
    The flowers bloom bright!

    I don't know why
    But I want to rejoice
    When I go shopping
    And I get
    The fabric of my choice!

    I don't know why
    I can be happy
    In little things in life!

    #Joy #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Joy is in little things
    Only you need to find them!


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    do you remember being a child
    a jovial human with a cheerful smile
    you had a heart that didn't had cracks
    and your eyes wouldn't rain at night

    compassion would radiate from your skin
    and your home was your own body
    you didn't know the meaning of loneliness
    and you believed the moon follows you

    your tiny feet used to chase
    butterflies in forests of sunflowers
    the word "love" stood for the comfort
    of your mother's face and warm embrace

    when did you learn the ugly truth of world
    that your naive heart has to die
    and instead of lullabies you started sleeping
    to the sound of your mourning heart

    do you still chase butterflies
    and think the moon follows you
    and in loneliness you sometimes dream
    of following the moon to its world too


    @writersnetwork @miraquill #joy #wod #pod

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    Enjoy the moment, that is why it's called the present.

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    Presents of Happiness

    Everything in the world, has a soul. When one soul connects with another, it becomes the pursuit of happiness. That is when pure joy steals the lips with sublime laughter and heartwarming happiness.

    The Mornings heed my sunrise and smiles brewed coffee
    filtered among the sweet chirping of birds, calling out the state of happiness from deep within me. I could sense the feels bolt through my veins and tingle every fibre to smile, drenched in a rhapsody that my soul remembered.

    The Afternoons witness the way my lips forget not-to-smile given the beautiful present to create memories with the sunshine washing away my pinpricks of woe. The azure sky knows my secret friendship with the Soul of Music, and that I discovered the language of happiness although it was merely a whisper of love that connected our souls.

    The Twilights regard me with astute stretch of skies, pink and purple, wise enough to know, when the sun is tucked beneath the sunset painted sky, my soul rhymes the tales of citadels, fables of princesses, breath of words, smoke of dragons, scabbards of swords, forevers of fairytales, miracles of poetries, metaphors of love and my soul rhymes the language of the happiness concealed in my very breathe.

    The Nights eye me with a million starry gaze, not an inconnu to my cadence every nightfall, as the moon hovers at its apex, resonating the sounds of my happiness all day, from the coffee brewed of smiles to the laughter of each breath. And as the wind lulls me to sleep, I drift away from reality, happily to where the wind belongs, my very soul, knowing that new presents of time await tomorrows.


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    ~A Euphoric Aubade~

    A euphoric aubade
    On a white summer dreamy haze
    Frolic spirit floats on cloud nine
    A sip of love & soft sunshine
    Brews oenomel warmth in the spring of life
    Dandelion fluff & butterflies
    Dance away with the merry wind
    Reminiscent rustles of little moments pass by
    As fuzz of emotions tickles
    Contentment & tranquility from within.
    - Aubade - a song sung at dawn
    - Frolic - cheerful/enthusiastic/mischievous
    - Oenomel - something combining strength with sweetness

    #joy #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    A Euphoric Aubade


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    #joy #wod #walkingwithpurpose


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    Create your own Sunshine

    Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine. It's easy to get wrapped up in stressful days, but one way to battle it is by creating your own sunshine. To be happy you must be your own sunshine. Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine. Always look at the sunny side of everything. Find your happiness where the sun shines. The time is now, create your own happiness and enjoy your sunshine. As the saying goes "When life gets cloudy create your own SUNSHINE." Everyday may not be good but there's something good in everyday. When you can't find sunshine be the sunshine. Always keep your head in the sunshine.


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    "You texted me
    I called you"

    #gowithsagar #joy #pod

    Once upon a time, one of my friend texted me after many days and I was overwhelmed. So, without wasting a second, I just called him and said, "You texted me, I called you."

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    You texted me
    I called you


  • truevibes 3d

    Life - rekindle my relationship with Joy -
    It has been ages since she dwelled in my eyes
    For a period that lasted more than a few smiles -
    I still remember like the back of my hand -
    The way she made my skin glow
    The way she made my heartbeat soar -
    Let her make my emotions reach the sky -
    Just like she did everytime
    I won myself - a little more.

    - truevibes

  • aayush1999 3d

    When the enchanting fragrance of the pages of old books is diluted with the strong scented ink, it gives an intoxicating joy.

  • anthonyhanible 3d

    She Took My Joy

    Dancing every day
    Smiling from ear to ear
    Working everyday
    Until she busted my bubble
    Music off
    Frowning now
    I don't want to cook
    I don't want to clean
    I lost my job
    My joy is gone

  • ankitachaudhary 3d

    Lights have gone down,
    Life has gone to a standstill,
    Chaotic mind with voices running,
    Chocolate hills of hope rebuilding,
    Let's get lost in the flow,
    Lamp of warmth,put down the pride and come ride with me through the unknowns to find eachother.
    Bring me the horizon,oh little joy!

  • childauthor_345 3d

    Solitaire queen said ahoy
    And my creepy verses danced in #joy


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    Choco ecstasy unflavoured yet sweet

    The sleepy melody woke up ,
    Her grey turned in pink blushed dawn ,
    She isn't laughing with salt clusters in her eyes ,
    She smiled again and moon embraced her from the lawn .

    ~ a black and white shaded scale

  • iqujiger 3d

    Overwhelming #joy
    Thanks@writersnetwork for ❤️

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    The moment you express your
    Love to someone and you come
    To know that they were also in
    Love with you

  • cruisey 2d

    #joy #yournamec

    •The lines in ~...~ are from the song Aate jaate haste gaate by Lata Mangeshkar

    I hid your name in a poem. I hid in your name in my mouth. I hid your name in plain sight. I carved your name on a bullet and shot it into a tree. I cut down the tree and burned it in my fireplace, and in the ashes left behind, I wrote your name.
    ~Nick Lantz

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    Maybe I'll never forget your name.

    Because I hid it in my first poem.
    /And doesn't matter how many times I refuse to accept to myself that I still remember it to this day. And That poem was only privy to two pair of eyes. You and me. And you kept it so safely that the next day you find your brother eating his lunch on it. You know when you took it you also stole me of the ability to write on "someone". To this day, I struggle to write on a person./

    Because I dared to dream about you.
    /I would paint scenarios, beautiful ones and funny ones and impossible ones. And I would wake up worried wondering what If I talk in my sleep and someone heard me. I was speacially afraid of my mom hearing it./

    Because I wore your watch.
    /I love wearing other people's watch. I know it's crazy when you already have a watch on your wrist. And I know because your friends noticed the exchange they started teasing you and then it was legs kicking, elbows in the ribs and in all that somewhere you broke your specks. And even though the class was over you came back wearing another pair and though I never told you but they looked pathetic but it was worth it./

    Because I researched about Michael Jackson.
    /He was one of your favorites. I remember you asking me if I listen to his songs. If truth be told I hadn't until that day. But now when I hear Billie jean I hum your name. Forget the song, Michael Jackson is enough to perk up my ears. And he loved dancing so did you. I remember when you people did a couple dance in school programme and you danced with a friend, in all honesty I'll say I felt a tang of jealousy when I saw you dancing with that girl. But I never told you this./

    I wrote something on the last page of my notebook.
    /a feeling I dread even today. I wrote it, closed the book, wrote about other things many times later, read a few times but never opened it to the last page and it never reached you./

    शायद मैं तुम्हारा नाम कभी नहीं भूलूंगी
    ~क्योंकि आते जाते हँसते गाते
    सोचा था मैंने मन में कई बार
    वो पहली नज़र हल्का सा असर
    करता है क्यूं इस दिल को बेकरार~