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  • sumitsoni85 87w

    दुनिया भाड़ में जाती है तो जाने दो,
    गर कोई सरकार गिरती है तो गिर जाने दो.
    मेरे यार को इंसाफ़ मिले,
    बस इसी की जंग जारी है.
    गर इस जंग में ये ज़िंदगी भी गुज़रती है,
    तो गुज़र जाने दो.

    ©Sumit Soni

  • extrovert_tales_ 93w

    Dear bollywood,

    I had dreamt a dream of becoming a bollywood star. I believed that bollywood recognises and welcomes the real talent,
    The budding artist can truly approach to it.
    Apparently, getting the name and fame is not that easy but one's consistent labour and toil can be beneficial.
    We common people lamented at the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, we refused to believe that he had commited suicide, we believed the judiciary of our country, we believed bollywood industry that it would provide us fair justice. Unfortunately the racket of druggie and dopehead people protesting to supress the rising tide for justice. Now is this how bollywood looks alike? Is it really a curse for those influencers whoes ambition is to be a part of it? Isn't bollywood partial for the newcomers?
    Why NEPOTISM? Why not real talent?
    Why is that the person who actually deserves such high fame and name is underrated?
    If you support, "Raja ka beta hi raja banega" then please we are no longer apart of you.
    We won't support you!
    We rebellion crowd stands for justice. We stand for EQUALITY! We stand for Sushant and many other stars like him whoes tinkling was parmanently covered by the dark horizon of dirty bollywood.
    Fearless lady Kangana Ranaut when she spoke about those dark faces behind Ssr's death, what did the political party do?
    Admist, all those hard feelings and offensive words BMC tried to supress her, we are well aware about the incident now. She will be back with a bang, we hope.
    She is the voice of the country against nepotism, favouritism and in execrating all the illegal powers and mortifying accusations.
    We all support her!
    Dear bollywood, thanks for making us believe that we can no longer be apart of you, thank you for breaking our trusts, reminding that bollywood is all about dirt, about nepotism.
    Bollywood is all about fake struggle, there is no place for true and real talent.


    From yours,
    Not so dear
    A bollywood protestor.

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  • shrutisinha 96w

    बस कुछ ही दिन, फ़िर सारे पर्दे उठने ही हैं। ��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #CBIForSushant #sushantsinghrajput #supremecourtofindia #justiceforssr #worldphotographyday #bringsushantjustice #justiceforsushant

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    'तस्वीर की सच्चाई'
    तो सब चीख कर बताते हैं,

    मैंने 'सच्चाई की तस्वीर' पर
    मगर अक़्सर पर्दे डलते देखे हैं ।


  • _versatile__soul_ 99w

    Justice for Sushant ❤��
    Please Share this as possible as you can ��

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    #ssr #justiceforsushant #cbi #love #sushantsinghrajput @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • rhymester_udit 99w


    है साँच के आँच में दम इतना,
    हर झूठ मिटा कर खाक करे।

    जितने भी जतन करले कोई,
    जितनी कोशिश नापाक करे।

    तुम सच के गले को घोटे हो,
    सच तुमसे सांसे छीनेगा।

    कितना भी छुपा लो खुद को तुम,
    सच हर झूठ उजागर कर देगा।