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    I was studying on my desk while eating some Ramen. Sometimes I really think, who invented the things such as homework, exams and so all. Did that person even thought about us while inventing these things?

    "Yah Y/N. Stop eating your Ramen like a hungry dog and do your homework."

    "Aish! This man!" I sighed while I turned and saw him lying on my bed while looking at me.

    "That's my choice how I eat my Ramen. Do not interfere in between."

    "I am not interfering. But you really are eating like you have never got food for so many years."

    I decided to ignore him and slurp on my noodles. Suddenly, a thought came in my mind.

    "Taehyung, you told me you were shocked that I can see you. Why so?"

    I turned back and he was caught off guard. He got up and thought a little.

    "Well.... That's because..... Humans are not supposed to see immortals."

    "This means at first place I was not supposed to see you?" I asked and he nodded.

    "I was really shocked. Ever since I became an angel, not even a single human was able to see me. But you, you came out to be a different human being."

    I smirked and said,"Well, I always knew that I am special."

    "Yah, whatever."

    "You said you are my guardian angel. This means you can do some magic?"

    "Yes. In your terms, it is called magic. But in our terms, it is called work, just a normal work."

    "Hmm.. So will you mind if you show some of your 'work' to me?" I asked while laying stress on the word work.

    In a blink, Taehyung was standing in front of me, or more specifically, bending down at my level in front of me. His face was so close to mine, his breath hitting my lips. My cheeks grew warm and my heartbeat increased.

    "What kind of work do you want me to do for you princess?" He asked with a slight smirk on his face.

    "I-I......I was just asking you t-to do some of my homework magically." I stammered and tried to calm myself at the same time.

    "I was expecting some other work, some other beautiful work, but here you are ordering me to do your homework." He said as he stood straight while I released a breath, which I was holding unknowingly.

    "DIY" He said and I squinted my eyes at him.

    "Yah! What do you mean by some other beautiful work? And being my guardian angel, can't you just do some of my homework? Not even a little bit?"

    "No, not even a little bit."

    I stood up from my seat and stood in front of him.

    "Please my dear guardian angel. Please I request you to do some of my homework. It will be a big help for me." I whined with puppy eyes and for a second, I thought I saw a different emotion in Taehyung's eyes.

    But then, he sighed and came near me while I stepped back.
    My back hit my desk and I just stopped there (obviously, because I cannot just get embedded inside the desk) while Taehyung kept both of his hands on either side of me, more like he trapped me in my position.

    He came more near to me, more like our bodies were just pressed with each other as he whispered in my ear, "Next time, do not use these puppy eyes or I might do something else. Become more independent." He slowly got back and just within a moment, he vanished, leaving behind some white dust.

    How can a man make me flustered so much, when at the first place I just met him today?
    How can he make me feel so comfortable when he is not even my friend? Is that how it feels to be with your guardian angel? I was so flustered right now.

    I sat back on my desk in order to complete my homework. I opened the notebook to see that my homework was complete. Wait- what?!

    My homework was really complete. I looked through me other notebooks and saw my homework was really done. A smile came on my face immediately.

    I stood up and began to jump while squealing"Thank you my Guardian angel. Thank you so much."

    Little did I know, that Taehyung was standing on my doorway, smiling a lot as he saw me jumping and cheering like a small kid.


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    Chapter 7

    I was in the café now, and my 'so called' guardian angel was standing outside the café.

    Somewhere deep down, I repeat, deep down, I felt a little bad for treating him like this. Firstly, it was my birthday and secondly, he had been nice to me so far. Apart from that, he is someone who knew my parents well.

    I wanted to know badly who is this man? Whatever he said about my parents earlier made me curious to know more about him. Curiosity took the best of me and I decided to talk to him.

    I took the last sip of my coffee, paid the bill and came out of the café. As if on the cue, Taehyung turned around and stood in front of me.

    "You should not think this much about me Y/N. I have already told you who I am."

    My jaw fell open and my eyes widened.
    "What the crap? Y-you, you were able to read my thoughts? How?"

    Taehyung smirked and came closer to me. I was about to step back when he pulled me by my waist and whispered in my ear, "You very well know this girl, angels, especially me, have divine powers."

    I got flustered by his actions and pulled myself back while he began to laugh.
    "It's so easy to make you humans flustered."

    "Don't make this as an excuse for your pervert doings." I said as I pulled myself back.

    "You called me what?" He asked, kind of offended, as if he was hearing some abusive comment.

    "A pervert!" I shrugged my shoulders.

    "Yah! How dare you call your guardian angel a pervert? Have some respect for me little girl."

    "Never in a million years you pervert!" I smirked as I began to walk back to my home through an alley.

    But soon, I bumped into a hard body of someone. I looked up to see an angry Taehyung, which made me gulp my own saliva.

    "You!"His voice sounded very intimidating.
    "Control yourself and your words, or someday I will make you float in the air and will make a pigeon fly over you and do its shit on you."

    His threat made me speechless. But soon, I started to laugh hard while throwing my head back.

    He looked at me in a confused manner and asked,"Do you think I am joking?"

    I shook my head and controlled my laughter."N-No. But you know what?! You could have find a better threat than that."

    I walked passed him and continued to laugh.

    "Yah Idiot! Wait for me." I heard Taehyung yelling for me as he teleported by my side.

    After so many years, apart from my best friends, someone was able to make me laugh like that.

    I don't know if he really is my guardian angel or not, but this man is kind of interesting.


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    Lol! It's a filler chapter so read it on your own risk.��

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    Jungkook fell from the couch while laughing his ass off. He couldn't control his laughter ever since Taehyung told him about the morning incident that happened when he was with you.

    And now, seeing him laughing like this, Taehyung couldn't help but feel a purge of anger rise within himself, along with the feeling of a little bit disrespect.

    "Jungkook, stop laughing. There is nothing funny in this according to my view." Taehyung said in a low and intimidating voice.

    "But Hyung" he paused a little bit while catching his breath, "I really want to meet this girl. Firstly she is able to see you and then she treats you like a puppy."

    That's it. The mention of treating him like a puppy made him angry. And out of anger, he raised his hand, which raised Jungkook in air.

    The younger one immediately stopped laughing and fear approached him faster than the speed of light.

    "H-Hyung. I am s-sorry. I was just... J-just joking." Jungkook stammered and Taehyung scoffed and dropped his hand, thus, making Jungkook drop with a thud sound.

    Jungkook winced in pain and rubbed his shoulder.
    "Next time, you better not take her side."
    Jungkook nodded and got up slowly.
    "But hyung, what now? Didn't you ask the priest about it, like, how is she able to see you when humans are not supposed to see angels at all?"

    Taehyung sighed and then said,"Yes, I asked him and all he responded was that it is common for some souls, especially the old souls, to see angels and spirits.

    Jungkook nodded in understanding. He was about to say something but all of a sudden he noticed Taehyung's expression changing into a worried one."Hyung, everything fine?"

    "Y/N, she is crying."

    (Y/N's P.O.V.)

    I was standing in front of my parent's graves with Jackson beside me. Sana was about to come, but she was getting late for her part time job in the café. So I insisted her to go for her work.

    I couldn't help but let the tears fall from my eyes as I kept flowers on their graves.
    "Life is kind of difficult without you both mom and dad. I wish you both were here."

    Jackson came and kept his arm around my shoulder, giving me a sympathetic smile.
    I smiled back and then said,"But you know, this guy right here, and a girl who was getting late for her job, they both are literally angels for me. They really were with me throughout all the times."

    "We still are, and we always will be." Jackson said and I giggled a little.We both sat there for sometime in silence.

    "Y/N. I think it's getting late. Let's go home."
    I sighed and then said, "You should go Jackson. I don't really think I want to go home." Jackson thought a little and then nodded.
    "Take care Y/N, see you tomorrow." He waved a bye and I did the same.

    Now, I was all alone in this graveyard.
    "Who was that guy?" I jumped a little and turned back to see Taehyung, coming right towards me.

    "You are here, again? Don't you know anything else other than stalking?" I asked him as he came by my side.

    "You were crying, weren't you? Was that guy the reason?" He asked as he wiped a tear from my cheek.

    "First, stay away from me. Second, that guy is someone who can never let a tear fall from my eye. So shut your mouth."

    "Pretty rude. Stop crying Y/N. Your parents are really good souls, everyone in heaven likes them. They are pretty happy above, but they don't like it when you cry. It makes them feel guilty for no reason."

    Taehyung's words caught me off guard.
    "H-how do you know about my parents?What the hell are you saying?"

    He sighed and then said, "Don't forget Y/N, I am your-"

    "Stalker, a magician stalker. That's what you are."

    "You really are calling me a stalker?! What do you want me to do to make you believe?"

    "I don't want you to do anything. Just stay away from me. That's it!"


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    (Taehyung's P.O.V.)

    I stood there in silence and bewilderment.
    First she could feel my presence and now, she is seeing me.

    I saw her, totally panicking and shouting out for her aunt. I wanted to wish her a happy birthday but I never thought about this.

    Her aunt came running and asked her immediately, "What happened Y/N? Who is here?"

    "Aunt, there." She pointed towards me and I stayed there knowingly, to see if her aunt also is able to see me or not."There he is, that man, you don't see him."

    Her aunt looked towards me and her expression changed into a totally confused one."Oh sweetheart, there is no one here. Are you still sleepy? It's okay if you don't want to go to the school."

    Y/N looked at her aunt in a shocked expression."You really don't see someone?"

    "No dear. There is no one. I guess you are tired from your daily life. If you want we can go for a holiday somewhere for a few days."

    Y/N shook her head and then looked at me once more. I wanted to disappear now, but my instincts kept telling me to stay there.

    Her aunt smiled and then said,"Take a bath to freshen up yourselves, you will feel much better."

    Y/N nodded and her aunt went downstairs.

    "Look Y/N. I know you are able to see me. I know it's shocking. I myself am shocked. But please don't shout like that."

    Y/N breathed in and out repeatedly. She was trying to calm herself down.

    "Who are you?" She asked while making some more distance between us.

    "I am Kim Taehyung, your guardian angel."

    She scoffed and then said, "You expect me to believe your lies?! My aunt must have not been able to see you, probably because of some effect of her last night's hangover. But that doesn't mean I am not able to see a grown ass man in my room standing right in front of me."

    I was shocked. No one ever called me a grown ass man. I mean, I am one of the most powerful angels in the heavenly society, and no one dared to say such things to me. And this girl right here, she dared to call me such a thing! A grown ass man!

    "Hey, hey! I am your guardian angel Y/N. I came to wish you a happy birthday.But you are kind of verbally abusing me. I see."

    She raised her eyebrows and then spoke,"Which generation do you belong to? It's common. I am not.. I am not abusing you. I am sorry if you felt that."

    Her face had a genuine expression of guilt. I felt immediately good."Okay, I forgive you for that. But before you say anything more, know that I am one of the most powerful angels of the heavenly society and-"

    But before I could continue, she took her clothes and her towel, and headed straight to the bathroom. Before closing the door she looked at me and said,"I don't want to see you once I am out of the bathroom. If I see you, I am going to call the police and then you are inside the locker. And please, stop with your guardian and powerful angel nonsense. It's irritating me"

    With that she locked the door and left me shocked. First she is able to see me and now, she is ordering me like she is my boss. How can she even not listen to me properly?!

    This girl is something lot more than my expectations. And I think she will be fun to be with.


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    (Y/N's P.O.V.)

    I woke up on the sound of the alarm and buzzed off the alarm.

    I looked at my parent's photo, which was on the side table and sighed. I really miss them a lot, especially on my birthdays. I still remember the day I came to know about my parent's car accident, it was my 6th birthday.

    "Y/N, you better wake up now or I am coming with a bucket full of cold water." My aunt shouted from downstairs.

    "Ugh! Why does she always pretend to wake me up in the mornings when in actual my alarm wakes me up." I said to myself.
    My aunt is in her late twenties, but still, she loves to behave like a teenager. After her work, she always prefers going to the clubs or hanging out with her friends or the worst, ending up totally drunk in a bar. And in this case, I just have to give up on my sleep and go to the clubs for her rescue, despite my hate for the clubs and the smell of alcohol and smoke present there.
    But despite all of this, my aunt loves me a lot, and always takes out time for me. This is why I forgive her many times, when she ends up in a bar or does any other mistake.

    "I am awake aunt." I shouted so that she can hear me."

    But I guess I shouted in vain. The door of my room opened, to reveal my aunt, standing there with a big smile on her face.

    "Happy birthday Y/N. I can't believe my little girl is turning 18 today."

    "Why can't you believe this aunt? You can calculate it yourself if you are doubting me." I said while getting up from my bed and walked towards her.

    My aunt pouted and I couldn't help myself but find her cute. I smiled and pinched her cheeks softly.
    "Thank you my lovely aunt."

    Her pout immediately turned into a smile and she hugged me.
    She pulled out from the hug and then said,
    "So, how do you want to celebrate your birthday? Where can we go?"

    I smiled and then said, "I don't want to celebrate. I want to go to my parent's grave."

    My aunt gave a sad smile. Probably she was remembering her older sister now.
    "Okay! As my girl wishes." She said and then left my room. My aunt needed space now. She always needs that whenever she got emotional.

    I turned back towards my closet to take out my clothes but-


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    (18 years later)

    Taehyung was sitting on a sofa, staring at the blank screen in front of him.

    "Hyung, stop staring at the blank screen. There is nothing beautiful in it." Jungkook said while sitting on the sofa and handing a cup of green tea to Taehyung.
    Taehyung smiled and took the cup from Jungkook while the younger one flashed his bunny smile.

    Jungkook was just like Taehyung's younger brother, though he wasn't as powerful as Taehyung. He was just a mere messenger of god. However, this never stopped Taehyung from loving Jungkook as his younger brother.

    "So Hyung. How do you feel now? It's been 18 years today since you have been assigned as the guardian angel of that soul."

    Taehyung sighed and kept his tea cup on the table in front of him.
    "It's good Jungkook. Though that girl, she is different, her soul is very different from all the other souls I have encountered till now."

    "Hyung, you have already told me this several times."

    "I know Jungkook. But trust me, day by day, my point of view about her is changing. Ever since she was born, I always found her aura different, different than most of the humans. But since a few months, it seems like she is able to feel my presence. Sometimes, I just have to hide myself from her." At this point, Taehyung almost sounded restless.

    Jungkook's face was totally blank. But soon, he began to laugh hard.Taehyung looked at him in an awkward manner.
    "What's so funny about this Jungkook?"

    Jungkook controlled himself a little and said,"I can't believe this Hyung. You sound like you are kind of scared from her. As if she is after your life. She is just a small girl Hyung, who is going to turn 18 today. But I must say, now I am so excited to meet her."

    Taehyung sighed and then stood up.
    "Whatever! It's your choice. I must go now."

    "Hyung, where are you going?"

    "To wish Y/N a happy birthday."


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    Love of The Angel❤

    Sitting on his chair and stroking his long white
    beard, the priest was busy in writing something. He was so involved in his work that he didn't even notice the white sparkles forming in front of him, indicating the arrival of an angel.

    The white sparkles soon took a formation of an angelic figure, finally forming an angel. A tall and manly figure with sharp and exquisite features, which could never be found in any human. He bowed and greeted the priest in front of him, finally gaining his attention.

    "Father, Lord has finally said it." The angel said.

    "Please don't say it's the time." He looked above at the Angel, looking for his answer. Unfortunately, to his dismay, the angel looked down at his feet and spoke in a low voice, "It is father. We have to do this for the welfare of every organism on this Earth."

    The priest sighed in dismay. He then stood up and nodded a little."I hope we all will not regret this, I hope the lord himself will not regret this."

    "He won't father. Our lord does everything for our welfare. Surely, this will cause some hardships for a time period, but it will lead to its destination very soon."

    The priest nodded again and the Angel bowed once more, finally vanishing into thin white dust.

    The priest took his cross and chanted some prayers repeatedly while his eyes were closed. As if, his life depended on those chantings.

    He finally opened his eyes and looked in front of him. There he was. Standing in front of him, with his beautiful features, was one of the most powerful angels, Kim Taehyung.

    Taehyung bowed and greeted the priest.
    "How may I help you father?"He asked in his deep voice, which still was astonishingly soft.

    "Kim Taehyung, I want you to be the guardian angel of a soul."

    Taehyung was shocked. Everyone in the heavenly society knew that Taehyung, being one of the most of the powerful angels, had so many enemies at the same time. So many enemies, some of them powerful too.

    "But Father, how can I really become a Guardian angel? I mean, this can only put that innocent soul in danger."

    "This is what a guardian angel is supposed to do, isn't it? And don't forget, with the Lord's grace, you are one of the most powerful angels."

    "But father, the worldly negativities are nothing in front of the demonic negativities. And you very well know that by making me the guardian angel of that soul, you must be putting the poor soul's life in danger. I would like you to reconsider the decision."

    "We already have decided what is good for whom Taehyung."

    Taehyung nodded, immediately understanding that he couldn't say anything to the priest.
    He bowed and finally vanished and into thin, beautiful white dust.