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  • _smilie_ 48w

    No matter how harsh I may sound after heartache... no matter what I say...
    I'll always act like defused bomb whenever it comes to take revenge.

    I can't...
    I can't...
    I really can't hate you, no matters what you do to me although I hate myself for not standing up for me.

    I'm not weak... I still don't want to hurt you.

    God give me strength!!


    #Ltselfc #Miss_Unknown

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    Slowly talk turned out to argument...
    Argument turned to fight...
    Fight turned to heartache...
    Heartache turned to warning...
    Warning turned to threatening...
    Threatening turned to opportunity...
    Before opportunity turned out to revenge...
    It melted.


  • wordsofsh 48w

    Dear understanding me,

    They screamed, and blamed me for it all. And what I did? Just let it go saying may be they are angry, perhaps it's just a bad phase for them. But nobody cared or thought how many many times I had ignored this behaviour of them and endured it all..

    Why is it always me trying to understand you? What you are going through, analysing what made you angry and rude? Is there any end to my apathy?

    I never let you know how broken and shattered I feel when I let you lash out your frustration on me. Each time I tell myself being understanding and quiet will make you understand later on that I was so understanding and empathetic. But you prove me wrong every time.

    I am not giving up on you, but am I giving myslef up for you gradually?

    Seeking answers,


  • theorphicmind 48w

    Dear empath within,

    You walk miles in others' shoes,
    Acquaint yourself with their views,
    While grappling your greys and blues
    silently enduring in the above cruse.

    You give, though you are worn,
    Hold out hope for the forlorn
    Strive painting a smile to adorn
    this visage, beneath which lies a heart torn.

    You feel, for it is all the world has to offer,
    every ripple in the still water,
    In gilded cages, the mortals suffer,
    forgetting that "Thy story, thou author"

    Mind and remind that it is transient, this pain
    This existence is not in vain,
    For the skies clear after a bitter rain,
    Sentient and hopeful, may you remain..

    With admiration,
    The oneness that is you

    Cc: @writersbay
    Pc: Giulia Bertelli from unsplash

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    Letter to self


  • erics_girl 48w

    Dear Self..

    Dear Self;
    I hate to sell us short but
    There's little to report in
    Terms of us deserving
    Praise's & Support.
    Anyone who knows us, is
    Already aware, of how we
    Are from inside out, what
    Is or isn't there. Nothing
    New inside us that others
    do not know. If there was
    I'm Sure its something that
    I wouldn't want to show. So
    Honestly, dear me, this
    Letter makes me sad. But
    I can't give praise & credit
    to something I don't have.
    I do know something to be
    Proud of, is my soft, & soulful
    Heart. Compassion seems so
    foreign these days, that it sets
    Us apart. Seldom will we find
    Someone who genuinely cares,
    But I do sometimes, to a fault,
    I have so much love to share.
    Love for everyone I know &
    Some left to spare. I know to
    some it's not A lot, but when
    your willing to give all you've
    got, thats so much more, then
    those who just give what they
    It's my heart & love of God in me
    that makes me as rich as I need to be.That's really all that matters to me.
    Thanks for being me! Love Me!


  • sneha91 48w

    Dear,My self soul

    I know you have remember all about me and my life.Because you are the one who reside in me from the days i am in my mother's womb to my present day to last day of my life when i left this earth.You know i have habbit to stand infront of mirror and talking to you my self soul.When i feel any pain and tears roll down from my eyes.I also convey to you infront of mirror no one can see their's self soul.When i see infront of a mirror to myself i feel like i am talking to you.When I do any mistake i told to myself that i am really sorry to you my soul for doing crimes.Because i know How much ? Bad deeds i do in my life all will be counted and you will be punished for me by God.So i am very sorry for you my dear soul when i do any bad deeds please forgive me if you can.

    I am a human i am engage with host of sins,sins of thought,sins of word,sins of deed.But i am giving you words from today i will try to correct myself to do good deeds so that you will also get rewards for my good deeds by lord God.
    From me.

  • friedliebend 48w

    Dear you,
    Just know when he says you're being stupid, he means it. Just now you've came here to write this letter after leaving a part of your heart somewhere. They say your heart is big. How big tho? In how many parts can it break so that you'll still have some of it left with you even after leaving so many parts here and there? Things keep happening with your heart and I don't know if it's getting stronger or weaker with every time you spend yourself in accepting those things.

    What am I supposed to tell you girl? Tell me na. What do you want to hear? Don't we talk every day? Are you tired of yourself? Every one gets tired of you once you show them what you exactly are. Trust me, you aren't bad but you're just a little too much of everything and that becomes worse for them to handle. When will you stop being so? I'm hating this when I'm asking you when you will stop being yourself
    There are always a few things I want you to remember and I keep repeating them. You'll follow what I tell you na? You should because that's what you are and I don't want you to change ever.

    Smile. Keep smiling. Do I have to tell you how much your smile means to them? They love you alot and the wideness of their smile depends on yours. You love them too na? So it's not that difficult for you to do this simple thing for them. I've already taught you how to and it works.

    Help. Keep helping. In every way possible. When in need, won't you wish for someone to help you? They are someone like you and when you'll have an opportunity to fulfill their wish of having someone, fulfill it. If possible, try to keep yourself aside for sometime and be as much selfless as you can. This makes a lot of difference.

    Love. Keep loving. When you feel like you want to be loved, don't wait for someone or something to love you. Love them and yourself. You know the ways you can do this. Do something that would bring a smile on their face and eventually you'll find yourself smiling. Love them the way you'll ever want them to love you. I know you deserve to be loved but they do too. If you aren't getting something, that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't get it either and when you can give them that, please do.

    Mean. Keep meaning. Never say something you don't mean. You know how much it hurts when anyone shows their back on something they said na? Do you want anyone to be hurt that way? I know that you'll never want this. Always remember that just say things you'll be able to do at any cost. Remember, never take anyone's words too seriously that when they'll say they didn't mean it, you'll be like you didn't know it's that way. Don't forget to feel happy when those words are said cause it may happen they really mean it.

    Hope. Keep hoping. Never lose hope because so many things depend on that single feeling. Never lose faith in happiness that one day or the other, it'll come running towards you. Always keep your arms open to welcome it in any state. Most of the times, you'll have to work for getting it so always try to give your best. You are hope for yourself, have that belief in yourself which you have in people you love.

    I know you'll always try to be there for someone who'll ever want you to be there. Don't forget that you'll always need yourself in every single walk of your life. If someone or something makes you question your worth, don't let it go and just try to find that worth they aren't able to see. I know if you find the way you try to find worthiness in every being, you will find in yourself too.
    Do me a favour and don't ever lose yourself because you'll always stay precious for yourself even if not for anyone else.

    You love and you'll keep loving. You sing for others and on their behalf for yourself right now and you'll keep singing while writing your own songs when you feel like. You paint and sketch, you'll keep doing it even when there won't be any smiles associated with it, you'll do it because you can and you love doing it. You'll keep reading for yourself and keep writing your heart out even when there won't be anyone to read it and understand it. You'll learn to play the guitar and keep studying because that's what you want to do. You'll smile, laugh, cry, stay quiet, sing, dance, write, love, let go, lose, hold on, gain, paint yourself into colours without hating the shades of grey and live. Breathe in chaos and breathe out peace.

    And most importantly, remember that I'm always here for you.
    Takecare of yourself, okay?

    Love, smiles and peace,
    Someone who'll always keep trying to love you enough.


    #Ltselfc #writersbay

    Bg credits: Me

    I guess I might add some thing or the other to this letter when I'll feel like. I know this doesn't fit in the topic but I really don't know what else to write here for self.

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  • mayomikun 48w

    Dear me,

    I know you've crossed cold rivers in winters ,
    Traversed the desert on bare foots,
    You're a size 7 but you've put yourself in several shoes,
    Those that fit and those that don't,
    You self sabotage most times ,
    And activate autolysis to see to see others smile,
    You've been dying and telling other sapiens to find ,
    reasons to live.
    Two eyes of 15 perspectives.
    I know it doesn't look like you'd find peace,
    Or someday smile out of genuine happiness,
    You've come so far ;
    Thanks you for those decisions you made.
    Thank you for surviving.

    20 - 02 - 2021

  • we_elude 48w

    To : Me

    Hola Me !!!

    So finally here I am.....where
    I write I seems "I and I" representating Oneness.
    (And I am getting off-track since the very
    beginning ��)

    So let me write about me ...I mean you .... strictly

    When I think about you or I am trying to write about you .You seem not as this 'One' .But you ....who you are ...I always try to find you ....I seldom do too....then I realise how far you are from the 'One' you are wished to be

    I know you as very thoughtful paradoxical being ...always confused rather say observing and pondering why people act that they do....why everyone's mask is such a compulsion in society (question far from covid era)....why and how everyone and you are intertwined ....how to elude so called 'textbook' and preacher's knowledge to find your answer.And this last questions was so tricky for you as you were surrounded by endless 'whats' and never made to realise what types of 'whats' is your 'what'.

    Your brain and heart were your best friend.
    But your voice box disliked to vibrates as similar to that of favourite vibrations of the world. And silence quickly became your best friend.But the assumptions that your silence carried was so intriguing even to you. So you began to look for its anwers too.

    Why do you need answers ? ....Shouted your brain
    Because I need me !..... Shouted your heart

    The answers that you were looking for shattered in assumptions made for you .
    But who knows you better than me
    Your brain cured your aching heart .
    (O my God ! Your best friends became eachother's best friend ..Were you sad��)And you gathered your piece out of several perfect accepted pieces of you.
    And this is something you now understand is important as breathing ....and you will have to continue to do this as long as you are breathing.

    I still can go on and on .....

    So I have to do the advice part tooo.....
    Cool !!!!
    I ll try some .. ..

    The random mental rambling that end you up in bewilderness .....Accept it ...

    So the million splitted versions of you .....for you .......in you..... is still 'you'✨
    You and you ......
    Your self multiplicity concludes into your oneness��

    From : The questionnaire version of 'you'

    Thanks for reading !!!

    All letters at -------> #letteread

    #Ltselfc @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @fromwitchpen #letteread #self

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    If the answers are subjective .......
    Choose that subjectivity that your soul seeks

  • writerwithin 48w

    20.02.2021:Day 6: Write a letter to that part or trait of you that no one knows and appreciates but it deserve to be known and appreciated.✉️
    #Ltselfc #lettersfromwithin
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    ::An Introspective letter::

    Dear Optimist,
    Hi darling. Yes I am writing to you. Don't be surprised that I addressed you as a person with optimistic approach. Because till now, you have always been called, even scolded for being a hard core pessimist. But you stay within me and I know you inside out. You cannot fool me. I know that in every "this could go wrong" proclamation of yours there is a "this is going to be perfect" thought deep in your heart. Even though you speak out loud of all the possibilities how something will fail, you always have your fingers crossed and prayers in your mind for it to succeed.
    My immense gratitude to you for all the positive vibes you give me in spite of the negativity surrounding us every now and then. I have been criticized badly by friends and family alike, all the time for pointing out the flaws of any plan. Only you were never disappointed in me and always showed me the way to overcome these flaws and carry on the plan.
    If you wouldn't have been there the critic part of me who believes in extreme pessimism might have killed me by now or worse got me depressed and frustrated with life. You saved me till now and I am pretty sure will be there for me forever (fingers crossed). I sometimes miss you but you always come back to me and I am very happy about it.
    You gave me the ability to fall in love again every time my heart shattered into pieces. You gave me the strength to succeed after every exam, interview or project failure. I know people would like me more if I show them your glimpse but I would rather be hated than share you with them. You are my hidden trait and I am proud of you. You keep me sane in this distressing world.

    Your Possessor.

  • pallavi4 48w

    Letter to my empathy

    To my empathy,

    Deep seated you reside cocooned
    From the outer world concealed
    You soften all my rough edges
    Helping me understand others in need
    Being able to empathise with another
    And having the ability to their mood read
    Sympathising alone isn’t enough
    When another’s feelings you can feel

    Thank you for everything you do for me


    20th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • sighsandskies 48w

    Read at your own risk, just a stupid person with silly rants.

    Dear me,
    It's been a long time since I had an intense conversation with you. Life indeed has its own way to keep one busy. Anyway,I'm not here to justify or defend my excuses, I am here to firstly apologise. Today, I sincerely apologize to you for becoming someone, I shouldn't be or someone you don't want me to become.

    You've always liked the word 'Beautiful '. I know once you told me , Beautiful has no definition. It's the most powerful word our universe can create. And when we call something beautiful, it's the end of the praise and in a way it's the beginning of a chain of all myraid, sophisticated and alluring words, contained in a mere nine letter word. You've always nudged me to become a beautiful person, a person that has a kind heart. I try, I genuinely try with all my soul , but sometimes it feels like I am not a beautiful person, but pretending to be one.

    But you sit there, holding my hands, chanting all day to become that version of me I always admired. But life is too difficult, you see. So here I apologise for not becoming a beautiful person to live upto your expectations.
    I am also sorry for behaving immaturely most of the time and then later regret . I am sorry because sometimes I get irritated and annoyed with you that I abandon you for days.

    Trust me , I respect you, you are in my soul, you live in me, flow through every inch through my body , but here I am a mere home to you, a disrespectful, rude home.

    I know , I have seen you in the darkest of your days, when you can't sleep at night, when you cry repeatedly all through the day, when you fancy dying than existing, when you're falling apart with every step you take, when you create suicidal notes in your head, when you give up on loving yourself, when you blame yourself for each little thing, when you feel extremely lonely, when you hug your own self , when you stand in front of the mirror with tears and eyes refusing to look in the reflection with the fear of breaking, when you want to throw things desperately in anger, when you don't want to talk to anyone, when you shiver in front of people, when you insult yourself for not being worthy, and when you don't want to take a step further. I have felt every little of you, and I know there exists a tiny corner in your heart, that has golden sunshine leaking out, waiting to spread in this world. You are beautiful, even if the entire world is against the fact, I know you are beautiful and I am extremely proud of being someone like you. I am proud of you for walking past the way, even if the thorns make your naked feet bleed. I am proud of you for being strong inside out.

    Today as I write this down, I feel that how much I missed having late night deep and long conversations with you. When we used to talk about freely , and the mind used to wander freely, without the fear of being judged. And how I enjoy being in your company. I remember the times, when we used to dance together, playing music so loud , carelessly moving, and not fearing about the world out there. Sometimes I feel so beautiful to own a soul like you.

    Here, I give rest to my pen. You were there in my head as I wrote this long stupid letter and I know you are smiling a beautiful smile or perhaps a proud one. And that's when I got a response to my letter.
    Remember I love being you.

    A beautiful human in making.

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  • bonitasarahbabu 48w

    One too many times I've loved
    One too many times I've died.
    I don't ask for much,
    Just for someone, anyone to love me as me.
    I don't have much,
    In the looks department, I fail.
    All I have to share is love and loyalty,
    But that is not something many want.
    People want the looks and the money,
    And I don't have either.
    The envious side I have,
    It is loathsome.
    Wishes to forget the idea of love,
    I pray for that.
    Wishes to not care about finding a mate,
    Prayers have been made for that to be true.
    I don't like this side of myself,
    And I don't wish this upon anyone.

  • miss_silentlyweird 48w

    #Ltselfc #letterforme @writersbay
    Source ��: Pinterest

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    From: Me

    Since I was a kid, I'm a type of person who's
    always kept little things even just the wrap of
    candy, I usually felt bad throwing things away,
    thinking it will be abandoned and be alone.
    Others often say that it's a weird behavior of mine
    but for me its attitude that also need to appreciates
    not because for being a good keeper rather it's a
    behavior of giving importance to something while cherishing it.

    To: Me (©miss_silentlyweird)

  • crazy_panda_ 48w

    Dear self.

    A note for you, I'm your past/present/future.
    You live in me or you depend on me doesn't matter, matter is that I'm your soul. You know what; I know your each secrets. I remembered those days when you locked yourself in room and you cried a lot also when you danced alone with happiness.
    You are so introvert and shy from the childhood. Making friends was like a task for you. You don't like crowd and parties. There are so many people like you. Dear, I know your all secretes and your dreams. What you feel, what you want; what is your need I know them all. But I think you have locked yourself in a dark room where you can't breath. Dear, I know you love sky, a big blue sky, you love moon and stars. You always wanted to fly infinite. But you are in boundary which is surrounded by so many mouths of people, you always think about others judgement and their thoughts about you. But Have you ever thought what you want in your life. You have to push all the boundaries and open the door of dark room of your fear. The big sky is waiting for you outside at your doorstep.
    You don't having to prove others how much you love them, just start loving yourself. That is your strength. Darling you have immense courage put that courage at work.

    I saw you crying alone for love but why you want others to love you. Are you not capable to love yourself. Come on !! You are enough for you. Remember one thing in life if no one cares you, if no one loves you and if no one think about you so just let them go and go. Don't force anyone to stay with you. You are not a beggar of their love. Start loving yourself. I know for some years solitary is your best friend now. And solitary is not bad; it teach you so many lessons of life. Everyone came on this earth for a purpose, find your purpose. Be your Ikigai.

    You know, I saw you growing as a person and as a human. You have reached so far in your life. You can understand yourself well. Do not settle down in your circumstances. Be your strength.

    I also know that what you want in your life. You want to fly, you want to scream, you want to grow, you want to be the best version of yourself ,you want to be a better learner in your life. Experience, experience the things you it will help to grow, learn new things it will make you a better person. Scream, you want to do but thousands of echoes is stopping you but you have a power, power of words and a weapon as pen so, Darling use your power and smash those echoes with your weapon. And you can fly , trust me.

    Dear, your past/present/future is depend on you. You are the creator of your life. And you are going to be a great human. Believe and stay with your root even you when you will fly in someday. I saw you growing as a tree. So stay humble with you and others even they don't care. Solitary is not going to make you fragile it will make you more powerful.

    Dear me, I promise I am going to make you proud one day and one day I will conquer the heart of this world, With my courage, my talent,my determination, with my patients, With my love, with my hard work. Even as an introvert, shy and self esteemed person. I will going to make yourself proud trust me, and you will fly in infinity.
    Love, Trust and kind to yourself. This was a note for you(me).

    Your inner voice.
    with love

    For some days I was busy in other stuff so I don't got my own me time for myself. But today I got notification about this prompt and today I spent my whole day with myself. Thinking about myself. I wrote this letter for myself only. And how amazing I'm feeling right now. And this letter is for 'future me' actually.

    Million thanks to @writersbay for giving this challenge/prompt. Really this was I needed in my life, for myself.

    And here is my 6th letter is complete.

    #Ltselfc #writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork.

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    A letter to myself,

    Be your own 'Ikiga'i.


  • childauthor_345 48w

    �� Inner self thoda long answr type questions ki tarah ho gya . Sorry for writing lengthy #letter .

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    Dear self ,

    Hope you're less confused nowadays finding some worth in vulnerability of fading essence . Ok not so worrying topic ; how is your soul flourishing between the crushed core of reflected pondering heartbeats ? The incarnation must be pure it's an emergence for you ; don't think of skip ok .

    So , even of being your closest one shamefully I didn't understood you ; how mysterious anyone can frame himself , don't be opaque o anther and yes don't be totally transparent , not everything means to reflect sometimes the colloidal pieces reflects beauty ; you're understanding na what I'm saying .

    I also heard that you haven't grown up yet .
    Can I ask why . Even of gifting you the contrasting lens for the overview of the world . Did you break it ? Ohk not so big issue just polish it with some essnece of wellness .
    Don't be fair ha many masterminds exists there.

    I knew you're an adolescent existence you aren't of any mean until you can purchase some boxes of greed to the humanity . I'm your companion until you're mine . Never make any decision in haste. It is so reputated and renowned mankind but you know what they're not kind . Everyone wants humanity but only selected ones are human here but I hope you're still miles away from suspensions .

    Ohho , I'm so happy to hear that you passed another stage successfully you're an alive teen with uncountable counter memories .
    I got your syllabus , hmm your next examination is of surviving invincible trenches . Dates aren't so far so work hard . I want better percentages .

    So before going I wanna ask some terms ;
    Are you alright mentally , you're strong na , have you developed controlling power , You have concentration and recommendations or not !! Just clear these doubts before visiting the examining destinations .

    Well , I'm wondering in the search of better considerable rank yet I'm totally fine .
    Prepare very well . All the best for further ..
    Take care .

    Your colleague

  • _firefly 48w

    Dear hidden me,

    I think we've met in my conscious sleep twice or thrice. You're an ancient soul, never praised for being so. Unlike me you're an introvert, lost, inside the blues and greys, in this motley world.

    No matter how harsh the surroundings get, you're always calm. You're the peaceful side in my restless soul. I know I never acknowledge your presence or thank you, but I need to say, you're really really important for my existence. You're my spine, my drive, everything that keeps me intact in this broken world.

    On our first meeting, you didn't talk much about who you were. I never asked you, but I realized you wanted to converse through silence, as if it was the best language we could speak. Your crimson hands, your face sparkling like a firefly, your dark hair and your hazel eyes, you looked like me, you looked like poetry.

    On our second meeting, I knew who you were. Out of nowhere I blamed you for everything, for my shaking hands, for my disappearing words, for my anxious self. Deep down I was jealous of you. Because once I was you and you were me. And you simply said, ' Calm down. Introspect. Hear it, silence is the answer to all your anxiety. '

    You've taught me patience. You're the one who makes me strong. I can let everyone go but you. All my metaphors are festooned with the sanguinity you give me. You're the poet, I am just a medium you break through the silence. Return home soon, my sky is forlorn without you.

    With sincere gratitude,
    Yours mate firefly


    @writersbay thank you for this wonderful prompt.

    Lines on the background are from the song "beginning middle end"
    And I humbly take the background credits.

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    /Sometimes, it’s hard to see what the future holds
    And most times, it feels like a steep climb, and that’s alright/

  • bellemoon99 48w

    Dear perdurability

    We're still here! Thanks to your puissance. No one knows how much you've tried.

    You wrap me up in hope, push me to keep going even if I feel broken.

    Others see my smile, listen to my loud laughter, but no one knows how many tears we've dried.

    Thank you for keeping me here, gifting my lungs with air, because thanks to you...I've reached the stars and painted my scars into a beautiful kaleidoscope.

  • rasheederh 48w


    Dear self
    How long would you hold back and
    dance to the tune of perfection.
    Does not the strings of living send you quiver of cold.?
    Does the folds of agonies not flow through your spine?
    Does the society not discriminate your strives?.
    Does the walls of your heart hold fort your tears.?or
    Does it breakdown to your midnight fears?
    In the Vogue of this circus there is no label for looser
    They may strike your weakness but
    The rainbows shall grace your flaws
    That it beams in colours and be named fadeless
    The hues of positive absurd your sparkle
    For through the path of courage shall you walk with victories.

    © Rasheederh

  • barefoot 48w

    //"“The greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others.” -anonymous//

    Dear empathy,

    Calling you dear makes the wounds in my mind mock at me but here it goes , I feel you are that part of me , of us , that is most unappreciated and unseen hence most in danger of going extinct .
    At a time when kindness is the call of the hour , we are losing ourselves away in establishing mindless boundaries and barricades around our scared hearts.

    Dear empathy , I fear that we are starving our collective compassion because we are feeding on the belief that humanity comes second to capitalism. People don't see you because it is easier to pretend that you don't exist in a world that will ridicule you for your outdated belief that we need each other to live , not just survive.

    Inhuman acts are treated as ways to further perpetrate violence , lives are seen as mere tools with which to generate more value to the market of the world , children are taught to value that which will ensure their survival but not the values that will ensure the livelihood of everything and everyone else with equal measure.

    You empathy are seen as a naive , unwanted trait of the human kind that is hindering us from gaining the pinnacle of progress but what I don't understand is the fact that without you , we would not know love, or care or true joy , the only few rare things that is making living a worthwhile thing to endure.
    I am honestly fearful of addressing this letter to you because then you would feel that the world cares enough to appreciate you but then you see the reality is different. I am not the only one who holds you within me and wonders if you are still alive , every single one of us does , it is just that we are blind to you too often and so you shy away from growing to your full potential.

    You see we remember and are taught about Hitler and his brilliantly inhuman mind that led to the cruel deaths of way too many jews, but we are never told the story of Meip Geis , the secretary of Otto Frank who kept the family of Anne Frank alive and the diary of whom we read today to reignite hope within our spirits. You see kindness doesn't earn profit.

    You see we are well acquainted with the word slavery , it coloured our history textbooks with so much baravado and had the most number of questions asked in out history exams , but amidst our cramming , we didn't come across the name Harriet Tubman who was alone responsible for rescuing 300 people from slavery. You see she was
    not white.

    It is funny that we need to keep you alive because it is you who has kept the meaning of life alive through these years.
    I am no savior of the world dear empathy , I don't even know what role art plays when the world is burning? Maybe it keeps hope alive. I don't know. All I know is , we are at that point in our evolution where we are not sure what humanity even means to each one of us , and I sincerely believe that you can teach that to us . And for that reason alone , I write this letter to you , to ask you to take rebirth and reiterate to every heart within which you dwell that life is life because of you. And every life matters . The suffering of every single life is the suffering of the whole whether the thick skin we adorn makes us feel this fact or not. And the day we learn to put you first and appreciate you without worrying about the value you bring to the economy of the world , we will learn to see that hearts are invaluable , when they hold empathy within and above everything else.

    An oblivious child of the world.

    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee #Ltselfc

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  • doshimeghana7 48w

    Dear Organs Of My Body,

    I know that few years back you were a little baffled by my decision. You didn't understand why i did that. Also, i did not take permission of any of you. Not even the Heart who rules my body. I took the decision that involved all of you on my own. I did not care to ask if you all agreed to it. But now it has been some years and hope now you stand by my decision and realize that my decision is not wrong. In fact i feel we all will make each other proud at the right time.

    The readers here are getting confused as to what I am talking about. Okay so let us clear up some things. Before i start the topic, please understand that I am not trying to boast about myself. Neither am I trying to gain appreciation or like a proud mouth keep speaking about it. I am just trying to convey a message that needs to be implemented. If everybody did this, the change would be very impactful.

    Many times in newspapers i used to read about Organ Donation. How Organ Donation is the need of the day. How some people donate the organs of their loved ones and save someone's life. How cadavear donations are increasing, though they are only a handful of percentage than those in need of vital organs. I used to be really impressed that even after your death you can be immensely useful. Only your soul goes. But your presence stays here and you loved ones can be happy in some way. In childhood i remember Aishwarya Rai promoting Eye donation. So my knowledge was limited to only eye donation. But i was interested and i went deeper into this. I researched a lot and came to know that almost all the organs of our body can be helpful in some or the other way. I got in touch with "Mohan Foundation" and asked them a lot of questions before registering. And finally on 26.09.2017 i became a proud "ORGAN DONOR"

    Yes, i have pledged my organs. After my death, all the organs of my body that are in a state of being useful for transplant shall be removed from my body and given to required people. It could be Eyes, Skin, Pancreas, Lungs, Corneas, Kidneys, Liver and Heart. Believe me, this decision of mine has given me the most SATISFACTION till date. I kind of feel that i have "SEALED MY KARMA"

    Organ Donation is still not acknowledged by the society. There is not much awareness too about it. The usual belief is that the body should be burnt or buried as a whole. Missing parts will lead to a crippled body rebirth. Some mythologies also do not support the fact. But it is high time that we get educated not just by books but by thinking too. In life we seldom are useful to anyone. Atleast before facing god, let's do some good act to prove ourselves in front of him.

    I am attaching my Donor card here. I have not been able to convince my friends or family to register themselves as organ donor. But if I can inspire a few Mirakeeans to do this kind act, I will be immensely happy.

    People argue that there is no need to pledge from now. When death comes, our family will do it. Correct. That could be done. But you know, now a days deaths are so uncertain. People are dying at young age all of a sudden. At that time family loses all the consciousness to take decisions. But by registering and letting your family know about it, you yourself as well as others become sure of your decision. It kind of becomes your dream that has to be manifested. A thought that is constantly hammered on everyone is made sure to be taken to the final point. A thought thrust upon your family from now on will not be forgotten by them even at time of losing you.

    Few months back, organs of a 2.5 year old boy from Gujarat saved 7 lives with his heart, liver, kidney, eyes and lungs being donated after his death.

    Don't fear organ donation. You don't know when life will give up on you. You don't give up on something that can serve many in need and also keep you alive in many ways. Just think that you were blind or were in need of a kidney transplant. Would you not eagerly wait and bless someone who would make you see the world or survive you with their kidney?

    There are many organizations where you can pledge your organs. Carry your Donor card with you everywhere. So even if you meet with an accident, your donor card will have the emergency numbers and also of the organization with which you are registered. It is a kind of identity card.

    Okay dear organs, this got too long. Thank you for the support. I just ask a favour from you all. Please be in a workable condition till my end comes. Be in a state that you all could be transplanted. I wish to keep you all alive for years and years... Help me fulfill my wish...

    Your's highly obliged,

    Human body in which you all pump a life...

    Day 6 Letter Challenge. Letter to a trait of myself. I wanted to put the image so i had to write the post this way
    #Ltselfc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #megzyme

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    Letter to a Trait of myself