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  • biswajitdev 9w

    Dear #wanderers of #Universe
    Have a glance and drop a #star �� or #scar �� in accordance with your feelings to the verse.
    Your suggestions are heartiest welcome.
    ** To all those stars you hide within
    'O' Star etched soul, smile and shine
    Don't hesitate to twinkle before tumbling into the void
    Claim your precious presence that none can avoid.

    Don't burry your lucid lustre
    Devour darkness with ardent valour
    In the dark night of despair and fear
    The bright stars of love and hope shimmer, truly forever.

    Which one do you prefer?
    A shabby scar or a shimmery star?
    Tattered existence or an exquisite one? **

    * GLOSSARY :
    Star etched - Decorated with stars, Tumble - Fall down, Void - Blank space, Burry - Cover, Lucid - Bright, Lustre - Glow or Glaze, Devour - Destroy or Consume, Ardent - Passionate,Valour - Courage, Despair - Hopelessness, Shimmer - Shine, Shabby and Tattered - Miserable or Poor, Exquisite - Beautiful *

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    To all those stars you hide within
    'O' Star etched soul, smile and shine
    Don't hesitate to twinkle before tumbling into the void
    Claim your precious presence that can avoid.

    Don't burry your lucid lustre
    Devour darkness with ardent valour
    In the dark night of despair and fear
    The bright stars of love and hope shimmer, truly forever.

    Which one do you prefer?
    A shabby scar or a shimmery star?
    Tattered existence or an exquisite one?

  • pharoah 35w

    #Lucid dreams

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    Lucid Dreams

    Atleast in my dreams i have comfort
    The comfort of being alone
    The comfort of having my own space
    The comfort of living in my own world
    Where nothing is real
    Where nothing is personal
    Where there are no consequences

    Atleast in my dreams there is no job
    No obligation to wake up the same time each day
    No obligation to eat the prescribed food for the morning
    Atleast in my dreams i have comfort
    The comfort of not having to sit at a desk for 8 hours repeating the same tasks in exchange for a piece of paper

    Atleast in my dreams i have comfort
    The comfort of living in a timeless space
    The comfort of making love without consequences
    The comfort of spending a day without rules
    Where there are no cops waiting to give you a fine
    Where there is no division of race and culture
    Where there are no politicians

    Atleast in my dreams i have comfort
    The comfort of creating a new story each night
    Where there is no system of governance
    Where there is no money
    Where there is no materialism

    A world where we all are free
    Atleast in my dreams i get to create my own utopia

  • voices_as_thoughts 36w


    As I sat to write this I could barely recall we were ever together, it's always fuzzy like those big plans we tried figuring out,
    but when the song you recommended to me came on I could see your face clearly from the lyrics.
    So alive like breathing from yesterday today
    every drop of our beautiful memories raining down my sight from singing on the highest pitch of our voices and swerving our hands high in the air to the calmest of our whispers at 2am with our hands locked in every possible hooks
    so alive like stepping into the house of nostalgia and locking the doors against the reality.
    what could save me from your face if not the next button.

  • likwidsay10 59w


    Life is a dream thats unending
    Under an endless universe
    Can't you hear your own thoughts
    It seems it's so surreal
    Dreamer that's awake while dreaming


  • jeitendra_shrma 72w

    the street;

    I walk
    on a street
    day in day out
    same route
    and the same destination,
    smell of flowers
    shadow of trees
    a car with a broken window
    a bird nest
    squirrels stealing from street vendors
    an atm, and wine shop
    signal lights turning red and green
    honking vehicles
    roaring engines, exhaust smoke
    hot summer or cold winter
    I cross this street in all weather,

    I see a child
    scared of something
    the laughing crowd, mocking him
    helplessness in his face
    tears and hiccups,
    It happens daily
    I cross the signal as it turns red
    these crowd and that child appears
    and drama starts
    and sometimes I doubt
    am I neurotic? it is really happening?
    or I am dreaming?

    and when cross the pothole
    I see an old man
    laughing, and talking to someone
    but I can't see the other person
    is he talking to me?
    I doubt that
    as I don't understand his language
    I could Just see fear
    in his eyes
    as he has seen something
    like a ghost?

    and then I buy a cigarette
    I smoke
    sitting near the nest of that bird
    and watch squirrels
    stealing from the vendor
    she never stops them
    and I wonder
    is she stupid or what?
    but she looks tired of life
    maybe a nihilistic
    who have lost the meaning of life
    or never had a meaning as such,
    she gives me
    same cigarette and lighter
    and I throw the bud at the same place
    I give her money
    but never care of change
    I Just walk
    without saying anything,

    and I circle a park
    where I used to play as a child
    I see myself playing there
    probably my memories
    playing in loop
    as I see these things
    which no one else sees
    wait? there are no other people
    Just these characters
    I had never seen their faces
    or talked to them?

    and in the night
    the moon shines
    shadow helps squirrel to steal
    I let them steal
    and a Young man comes
    buy cigarette and smoke
    looking at these squirrels and nest of the tree
    pays me and leave
    without asking for change
    and when I call him from back
    he ignores as I don't exist anymore,

    I look at the moon
    and as a child, I stare at the street
    I see a Young man
    standing alone
    laughing and mocking
    I see no one else near him
    with whom he talks
    or shares his laughs
    his laughs are peculiar
    and sound like an old man,
    he takes out cigarettes and smokes it
    without lighting it
    as he forgot to light it,

    I am old as the moon
    people say
    that I am here from decades
    I remember
    I came here in my youth
    I found an old man
    he used to laugh
    I stayed with him
    here on the street
    and I saw a little child
    staring at me
    from the window
    these squirrels steal
    but the old man has warned me
    not to scare them off
    maybe he loves them,


  • sidharthsuraj 80w

    Sleep with with your eyes open,
    don't let your monsters
    see your lights orphan.

  • unrevealed_us 80w

    I am...

    I'm accepting my shortcomings , I'm embracing my flaws ,
    every time I'm comfortable with me , my skin differently glows.
    the clouds of darkness, sometimes still pull me to the bottom ,
    and just sometimes ,without losing myself upwards I'm drawn .
    but seldom i lose a part of me and become what I'm not.
    i am the silver lining on the dark clouds ,
    I'm a unicorn In a blue sky ,
    but I'm also a dark night and an interstellar.
    -Anushka Bajpai

  • raindropsoncacti 80w

    Odd Dream

    Just roused from a deep, calm state of sleep
    I'd been having a dream, unusual but pleasant.
    Dreams this lucid and with features so symbolic
    Always make me wonder what they represent.

    I dreamt my puppy had gotten off his leash
    And climbed into the car of a friend.
    My pup stepped in for cuddles with the girl in the back,
    Ignoring my pleas to come back to no end.

    Surrounding their car was a camping tarp
    Which concealed something so out of place.
    It was serving as a shelter... around a pond!
    Thinking of this brings a real smile to my face!

    Their "camping car" was not their usual car.
    It was a silver Volvo station wagon! Ultra vintage yet sleek.
    Suddenly my kids were there too, hanging out in the back,
    And my friend and I sat down at the pond to speak.

    I submerged my feet in the pond-water,
    My friend beside me did the same.
    As we did, different turtles swam past our feet
    And rose to the surface, again and again!

    Then one turtle, different looking and more prominent than the others
    Stepped out of the water entirely, for us to see.
    Then like in a nature documentary, some voice-over announced:
    "To witness this type of turtle step onto land is such a rarity!"

    We remained sitting with our feet dangling in the water,
    Both amazed to see a turtle so rare.
    Then my feet began to get touched by I-don't-know-what, his feet or turtles?
    But still, there we remained, without a worry or a care.

    Then that was that! My dream state ended.
    My eyes opened, and I slowly woke up.
    What sense is to be made from secret car ponds, with turtles, I haven't a clue.
    But thanks for taking us there,
    My little dream-pup!


  • unrevealed_us 81w

    Dear lover!

    I'm too insecure to love anymore .
    I'm too lonely, don't wish to have you slide with me .
    I'm too full of darkness that i may take away your light from you .
    I'm too afraid to trust you yet , or anybody anymore.
    I'm too angry on myself to accept you yet.
    I'm too broken to be fixed , too insecure to trust too tired to have the history repeat , too full of misery and mood swings that'll change your life completely .
    But there's one thing I'm not. SELFISH .
    I can't drag you where i am .
    -Anushka Bajpai

  • unrevealed_us 81w


    Let that rose gush the blood flow in your vein,
    Let the warmth be felt on your skin.
    The rosy blush , the shine on the lips ,
    Let the embrace console you for a while.
    -Anushka Bajpai

  • shrey_17 82w

    I think it's okay,
    To breathe and feel suffocated!


    ©Shrey Sharma(Soul Delusionist)

  • satyaaaaa 88w

    #sleep#lucid#dreams#thoughts..if comfort had a shape

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    I sleep waking upto you
    I wake up to sleep next to you

  • balaji_venkat 93w

    Deep thoughts

    What do i write? 

    What do i say? 

    So late it is, dark and cold, 

    And I'm awake so wide in night. 

    Something weighs in heart, 

    Sometimes it doesn't depart, 

    Stays there right and still, 

    There stories of past so chill. 

    What do i write? 

    What do i say? 

    Of those things I did? 

    Of those things I think? 

    Broken, healed many a times. 

    With getting hurt to bleed everytime now. 

    A haunt of past? 

    Or a haunt of time? 

    What do I write? 

    What do I say? 

    About those thinks I feel, 

    Something's are just so hard to tell, 

    Hidden, concealed deep within, 

    With the key is lost forever in me, 

    Wish someone would find that for me, 

    To bring me out off the shroud. 

    What do I write? 

    What do I say? 

    Of these sleepless nights?

    Looking at those ticking clocks and twinkling stars, 

    Counting those vary star's, 

    Counting the rear and far, 

    Off my mind takes of there, 

    Where I see no one there. 

    What do I write? 

    What do I say? 

    Life is all a empty dream to me, 

    So void and empty within and out, 

    Thoughts of life, thoughts of love, 

    Thoughts of me, thoughts of all deep within, 

    Seems too blank and black. 

    Holding me to wonder what do I do next. 

  • ciara1 94w

    Believe In the Curious Dreamers Chapter 4

    (Quetip and Cheetoe walks home)

    Quetip (trembling his head with one hand in his pocket): Yo, that was some weird ass shit Mr. Perry was talkin bout today. 

    Cheetoe: Yeah that’s some crazy ass shit man. 

    Quetip: White people be experiencing some weird ass shit yo.

    Cheetoe: Yeah, that’s why a lot of they asses is crazy.

    Quetip: Yeah, I can’t imagine any nigga goin through that shit yo.

    Cheetoe: I’m quite sure it’s a lot of niggas that be going through sleep paralysis an shit, but the shit he was sayin, seeing the night stalker an shit, I don’t think no niggas be seeing that I think that's just they white asses be seeing them.

    Quetip: On the real yo, white people be telling us some weird ass shit yo.

    Cheetoe: Yeah shid…

    Quetip (grins): That’s why I said his ass needs some pussy in his life yo. 

    Cheetoe: Haha, it’s somethin wrong with you man. 

    Quetip: He lived alone with his dog an shit, he needs some pussy for breakfast and dinner.

    Cheetoe (gives Quetip a hand dab): Hahaha, you crazy man, but I see you ight.

    Quetip: Ight bro.

    The Next Day

    Mr. Perry: Hi class, how is everyone doing?

    Class: Good.

    Mr. Perry: Good, okay, well today we are discussing lucid dreaming, what is lucid dreaming?

    Shonte: That's when the dreamer knows they are dreaming.

    Mr. Perry: Yes, and that dreamer can control the events of that dream, you have to sleep with a mental set to have a lucid dream, as it mentions in your book, that the first step is to increase your awareness of dreams. Lucid dreaming is all about keeping your focus while you are falling asleep. In dream consciousness, it is infinitely longer than a waking second. For instance, when you wake up, it is 10:12, and then you go back to sleep, and have long intense dreams or nightmares that seems to last for hours to the dreamer. When you awakened from the dream, the clock hits 10:13.

    Shonte: Awe wow, interesting.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, the second step is to look at your dreams for signs of things that happen in your dreams, that could tell you that you are dreaming, some things that occur in dreams do not happen in waking reality or unusual, that could tell you that you are dreaming. Then, you become lucid in the dream. In a lucid dream state, you are consciously controlling your dreams. You are able to 

    discover things beyond your capacity to apprehend in your waking state. In the most important thing is to just commit to trying having a lucid dream. Those are the main steps of lucid dreaming, has anyone recalled having a lucid dream where you were aware of the dream?

    Shonte (trembles her head): Naw, I don’t think I had any of them types of dreams before.

    Jesus (quivers his head): Me neither.

    Mr. Perry: Anyone?

    Class: No.

    Mr. Perry (crosses his arms standing by his desk): Well let me tell you my lucid dream I had as a child. When I was in high school I created a lucid dream.

    Quetip: How can you create a lucid dream?

    Mr. Perry: Well, what I did, well let me tell you this. I was not a typical child that had an ordinary hobby. Some kids would come home during their breaks and just watch TV or play games, sports, draw etc… Those would be their hobbies. My hobby was that I would come home and lay down every day. My mother thought I was taking naps most of the time.

    Class (laughing):

    Mr. Perry: I never told her, hey mom imma go lay down and create a lucid dream.

    Class (laughing):

    Mr. Perry: She would think I’m losing it and she did not know what that was, so I would lay down on my back, I would start to close my eyes and I would create an image where I want my dream to take place, so I would imagine my grandmother’s house because that would be the place where I would always have dreams when I used to spend nights there when I finally was unconscious, that is when I started dreaming, even though I was unconscious, I was still aware of my mental set of dreams, the dream occurred at my grandmother’s house, it was weird, there were these two men standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, I remember all my dreams in details, the men were white and slim and dressed in all black, they looked like burglars, they stared at me and they were trying to convince me to dig a hole in my grandmother’s backyard, I was frightened, so I went outside and dug the hole. The hole they told me to dig, was a deep hole, when I reached the bottom, I realized there was a girl in the whole scared to death and wanted help, I was scared and I did not want to go any further digging, the two men kept telling me to keep digging unless they would kill me, now this was ironic, I kept digging and as I kept digging, I felt a gun pointed at the back of my head and they killed me, and I woke up quick, and I noticed that I was sweating all over.

    Jesus: Damn, that is some weird scary shit you had.

    Mr. Perry: Yes it was, well okay guys, it is your lunch break, when you get back there will be a test on chapter 4.

    Quetip (stands up and frowns and leans his head to the side): A test again, man?

    Mr. Perry: yeah, I am not like the other teachers, I will be surprising you guys with tests, I told you that. 

    Shonte: Boy you better start studying.

    Quetip (frowning): Shut yo ass up.

    Mr. Perry: Hey, that is no way to talk to talk to a lady.

    Quetip: Why you never let us know about the test ahead of time?

    Mr. Perry: Go to lunch Quetip, I will explain when you get back.

    Quetip: Man, ight, shit.


  • lucidfemi9 98w

    A dream of abundance

    Everyday is a lucid dream
    Life the movie screen
    Thicker than the air twirling
    A dense ocean currency
    I am the projector
    And the director
    The key to my dreams
    Ready to swim streams
    But "I cant afford to not record"
    Those words on that cord
    Struck one for me
    No proper rights to our dreams
    If we can't make it reality
    So you are telling me
    To have my dreams
    It takes control of what I see
    And what meets my ear
    It becomes clear
    That key to abundance is near
    Your vision becomes so clear
    That u release all fear
    Confirming your gift
    With what is mastered
    Ready to run faster
    What was the force?
    The force that moves you?
    Who was the source
    That it moves through?
    Something about that spark
    On your mark
    Get set
    And boom

  • _lucid 101w


    Numb the pain,
    Numb the pain,
    Numb the pain,
    Before the pain could fuck with me,
    I fucked it up


  • km_writes 102w

    Craving sensations,
    Familiar simulations,
    Have we done this before?

    I'm growing tired of the reruns.
    Finding comfort in the lucidity,
    Breaking apart from reality,
    Autopilot keep you synced,
    It's okay to unhook,
    For now.

    I'm trying to understand,
    Emotions I don't have, firsthand.
    Never had the capacity to expand,
    Or the power to command,
    Starting to wonder if this shit planned.
    Are you listening?


  • _lucid 103w


    Happy New Month from Me, Myself & Lucid


  • _lucid 103w

    False Memory

    Do you know how it feels like not to trust your memory
    Having to be forgetful, not once or twice but almost Everytime
    Asking yourself so much questions about the way you said something.
    Did I say it correctly?
    Not even able to remember Lucidly what you just did or say 5 mins ago
    And sometimes feeling you did or say something you never really said or do.
    That's how false Memory look like.
    Having no cognitive memory about your actions so you can't properly rely on them.


  • mr_stellar 104w