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    As long as you pay heed to their applause, it will affect you. Don't let it. For you are the only one who matters. You are your only friend.

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    P.S. (for the challenge) I tried and failed miserably.

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    As I ultimately succumb to the feeling of helplessness I have been battling for long
    And kneel down on my knees
    I see them applaud.
    Their grins fill me with a sense of hatred, more for myself than them.
    Feeling paralyzed
    My bruised hands weakly try to wipe my moist cheeks dry
    But my salty tears end up burning my wounds.
    I jerk my hands away 
    And realise
    I can’t let the overpowering pain conquer me
    My heart is not the perfect place for it
    But I fear I will disappoint myself.

    The applause is getting louder 
    To the extent of making me deaf.
    Almost letting out a shrill cry in despair
    I stop 
    For I am reminded
    I am still on my knees 
    Lame as a hurt dog
    But ferocious as a hurt lioness.
    I stand up
    Surprisingly I hear less noise now
    The sound of my rapidly beating heart 
    Can be heard loud and clear
    For the applauders fear courage.

    The remnants of my burnt down self confidence
    Prompt me from backstage
    I have to resist the tears 
    Eagerly waiting to 
    Moisten my recently dried cheeks
    And transcend down to my lips
    For I am thirsty verily.
    I am everything I shouldn’t be.
    Lost in a land of sad smiles and hidden tears
    Which can’t be faked for long
    The audience applauds that loud, you see
    It racks your brain and soul
    Maybe in mockery or admiration
    They never fail to applaud though.

    This time 
    While wiping my tears off my destitute-looking face
    I let the tears burn my unhealed cuts
    I let the dust from holding the stage way too long, dirty my face
    And I take a bow to them.
    As the sound of my reincarnated self-confidence
    Radiates high frequency waves
    Which they can never fathom
    Nor listen to
    I leave the stage
    With my head held high.
    I don’t hear them applaud anymore
    Not anymore
    Because I simply don't care.


  • miranah 261w


    Deep black eyes fixated at the red light, keenly awaiting it to turn green.
    Her heart and mind applaud as they fill her with courage every time she steps down, in attempts to persuade those faces to trade a few pennies for those colourful candies that lie in her basket.

    After a minute of persuasion, dejected she steps back, only to return when the light turns red, in attempts to conquer the world.
    Cars too big, yet hearts too small that disappoint her as they fail to look through the innocence of her soul.

    Fellow vagrants surround her as they boast of the pennies they managed to gather. They laugh at her as they prompt her to stop trying.
    Trying hard to resist her tears, she falls asleep with a heavy heart and an empty stomach, on the isolated street as night falls.

    A passerby walks past the lane as he notices a tear at the end of her eye as she lay there, enveloped by sleep.
    Tucking the strand of hair that caressed her face and wiping her tear, he takes away the punnet and leaves her a few pennies.

    The first ray of sunlight strikes her face and she wakes up with hopes to face the day.
    Failing to find her punnet, she frets in dismay, only to find those pennies she longed for, lying beside her.
    She smiles, as she endlessly thanks that unknown soul behind the smile that graces her face.


  • malavika_rs 262w

    Make way for friendship

    On my day of success 
    I saw a man in the corner 
    Who made me cross all the barrier. 
    I saw him wiping his tears
    Upon my success with prayers. 
    I could hear his applaud
    In spite of other's laud. 
    He gave me ample spirit 
    To conquer my dream. 
    When matters of disappoint 
    Came by my side
    He was my sole motivator 
    In every prompt time.
    I never dared to resist
    And my dad made the apt assist. 


  • in_love_with_the_words 262w

    Make Way For Friendship

    The ones who applaud for you when you deserve it the least,The ones who conquer your heart with their love, patience and maturity,The ones who disappoint you many times with bitter facts and prompt replies,The ones who just can't resist your company,are your soul friends stick to them at all cost.


  • tejeswar 262w


    One has to applaud the genuine guile of a woman who knows how to conquer a Man whole-heartedly.
    As time flies past,she shows her true colours to disappoint his feelings which were too prompt to resist the curves and curls,the charm and class of the woman of his dreams. Never in the back of his mind he knew what was coming next.He still smiles at her inspite of her debauchery and wants to sing the song of love and make way for friendship.

  • words_flow 262w


    Is there any reason to applaud the falsities you present to me?
    A reason to conquer the uncertainties?
    Or am I setting myself up for you to disappoint me?
    Putting my heart on the line for the promise you gave to me,
    Your promise nothing more than a prompt for dishonesty,
    Making way for a friendship in which I must resist your falsities...

    - Terri Pietersen

  • anurag_pandey 262w


    I don't need the world to applaud as long as you are by my side,
    You taught me how to conquer and swallow one's pride.
    I hope I never disappoint you or make you cry,
    Whenever I am in a dilemma, how you always come up with such prompt reply?
    I just can't resist your company, so never say good bye,
    What should I call you my buddy, pal, mate or cutie pie.