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  • snowfly 5d

    Who see

    who see's how we got the money, but they see's
    Only how to use our money, they never see is that money come bad or good way, anyway they flatter us and they use our money like water, later after the money goes, they goes
    What a fake people

    Except our parents not even brothers or sisters

  • cosmic_marvel 1w

    To Girls

    What is expensive gift means for me and maybe most of men
    It just not about money it just like seeing in your eyes and telling it's not just money it's my 100 hour of work but it is converted into 100 hours of love all the time i spend to get is love
    Sorry i don't know how to express in right word I'll try later

  • varshuahuja 1w


    अगर ख़ुशी के बदले पैसे लग रहे हैं तो देदो, जितने भी लगे,
    और अगर औकात नहीं है तो ख़ुशी को मत दबाओ बल्कि औकात बढाओ||

    हाँ अगर हाथ पैर नहीं है तो अलग बात है!


  • rohandugar_ 1w

    Your Efforts Makes Your Work Effortless.


  • werklikreddi 2w

    Money may not be the the most important thing... but it does affect everything that is important

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  • anu_inner_voice 4w

    Know the value of Money
    Otherwise it will show its value


  • anu_inner_voice 4w

    Learn to save money


  • writers_desk_ 5w


    Rich dad said money may not be the most important thing in the world ,
    But it affects everything that is "
    It affects your lifestyle , it affects your health care ,It affects your level of education ,It affects everything on a day to day basis .
    it affects food you eat ,
    So it may not be the most important thing , but ya it affects everything that is important to you .

  • 7peace 5w

    To become a wealthy person money is not only enough,
    but also knowing when to say

  • bhawanaa 6w


    No stairs
    To skies
    Still men are purchasing the land
    On the moon in paying lease,
    Progressing science
    Destroying humanity
    Instead increase।

  • kashyapraj3010 6w

    Child Fails in God’s Quiz!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap

    The first rays of light,
    As their alarm,
    Challenging them for
    A survival fight.

    Wake up hungry,
    Their throat all dried up,
    No tears left to drink.

    Look at those wide eyes,
    Staring blankly at,
    The beautiful blue sky,
    Dustbin as bestie,
    Traffic, a daily zesty!!!

    Scruffy hair, dirty teeth,
    Misfortune, as leech
    Red feet, giving tough time,
    Balloons, only lifeline.

    Open sky as home,
    Society taps as shower,
    Money as frenemy,
    Puberty, An enemy!!!

    Half naked soul,
    Searching for a heaven,
    Begging isn’t a biz,
    A child failed in God’s quiz.

    Rich on healthy diet,
    Poor crying quiet,
    Empty pockets scream,
    School, A Dream!!!

    Disease, leading death,
    HIV, malaria as the quests,
    Poverty raising stress,
    Drugs, the ultimate bless.

    Look at those flies,
    Gathering on face & eyes,
    Life doesn’t seem fair,
    Helping hands, very rare.

    Langars giving full fun,
    Malnutrition pointing the gun,
    Opportunity giving chime,
    Poverty, uncommitted crime.

    P – People passing
    O – Over coming
    O- Opportunities
    R – Repeatedly

    Please, let them grow,
    Definitely, they will shine,
    Let them fly high,
    & touch that blue sky.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Poeverty #society #money #sad #writersnetwork

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    Child Fails In God's Quiz!!!


  • iamsatyajitrout 8w

    Until you wouldn't get money while sleeping...

  • letmethinkplz 8w

    The mind makes it a game of Snakes and Ladders all the time.
    But, I also know that, it is I, who hurl the dice each time.


  • ib_kotun 8w


    Standing in a busy path,
    I'm lost, looking in the sky,
    Its night time but no one seems to care,
    Cause we're all chasing the money while nothing else is clear.
    I look around me and see everyone running,
    Running with suitcases and leather shoes,
    And I wonder, "that must be very uncomfortable",
    So much so, it must be torture.
    I'm pushed in the back again and again,
    Pushed by my insecurities,
    Pushed by my family,
    Pushed by my fear of the future.
    They keep pushing and now I'm in sync, in motion with everyone else on this path.

    Now am running like everyone else,
    I feel so uneasy,
    So pained.
    I look below and I see leather shoes on my feet and a freaking suitcase.
    I'm scared because am in a position I never wanted to be in.
    In the position I saw as torture.
    But am in this path now so I guess I'll just keep moving forward till I get to its end, right?
    This uncertainty is killing me.
    Never knowing when I'll fall,
    Carrying this heavy case of problems,
    Making monthly pitstops to reduce my load,
    but it never seems to lose weight.
    In fact its crushing, I need help.

    I see a friend ahead,
    I ask for help from him but he's too focused on his to help me with mine.
    The tempo of this path becomes too fast for me and I lose my balance.
    I scream out of fear of falling, then a shining light...
    Someone helps me up before I fall.
    He is hefty and tall, he says to me "i will help you with your load completely, but only if you promise to pay me back".
    I agreed wholeheartedly, I'm so happy.
    Then he ties my hand with a chain,
    I'm a little confused but still happy though.
    He then proceeded to dragging me and my load with him for a while, then drops us at a far place.
    I'm very pleased and relieved.
    but then he turns around with red in his eyes and begins to choke the life out of me.
    I beg and plead, then he offers me a solution.
    "Tie this chain to your neck willingly, and I'll relieve your stress".
    I agreed and since then I've been dragged by this man and now I see that the darkest time comes right after the sun and it leaves me wondering what evil awaits before the morn.

    Buried by the weight of my grief and life,
    I realized, "Oh no, I'm in a fucking deep debt".
    But by now, there is no escape because I'm a slave to this man who promised help.
    I turn to friends and families for help but they are either being focused on their load to care or are also being dragged in chains by this man.
    And now am living my worst fears, in this path called the RAT RACE.


  • jeetspeaks 8w

    Invest more, save less...

    Yes, more investment means more earning. Savings is not dynamic, rather static. If you invest the money somewhere, you may get huge returns, may be not, but there're a lot of action can be seen. Of course investment is always a better option than that of savings.

  • be_sometimesartistic 9w

    What has unquestionably caught your eye? What do you own, that was worth it all?

    Read my poem SOMETHING SHINY, of the SOMETHING series down below.

    #pod #miraquill #writer #life #money #want #ceesreposts

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @odysseus_2 @innovative_writer @darkerthanblack

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    Something shiny

    I got my eye on something shiny
    Walking down the street, how
    Ever loving just a flash of
    Brilliance was.
    My eyes met a crystal storm
    While I was walking down the street,
    Reaching where the roads meet,
    I stood enthralled.
    Solitaire on a platinum band
    Heart slips just like hourglass sand
    Every dime in my pocket
    Well spent, it was worth it,
    The ebullience on my face says it all.

  • gutfeeling 10w

    Tired days, bad luck, and loneliness!

  • anu_inner_voice 10w


    Don't make debts atleast 1rupee without any proper income
    You will know the difficulty only when you repay
    We can buy anything when we have money
    But don't waste money unnecessarily
    We can't get money back easily
    Sometimes we won't have a chance to earn
    We have to beg somany people for that chance
    We have to face physical mental tensions
    Don't workout things practically
    Think practically plan properly
    For your mistake your total family will suffer
    Respect money ,give value to money
    Without money we can't do anything
    There are more valuable things than money
    But money is must and should..
    Learn to save money
    Teach your children to save ..

  • gutfeeling 10w

    People often relate money with intelligence. Like Elon Musk is the most intelligent person. That's not true.

    No scientist was rich!