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  • crystac 48w

    The Power of the Mind


    'One needs to overunderstand how powerful their mind is. That's why the people attack it so much.'


    "Can you imagine creating the wild animals with nothing but your mind? No science, no robots, no crazy chemicals that destroy us. Just the mind. Do you realize how massively epic that would be?"

    To the regular human being, that seems sort of impossible.

    "Humanity can be anything they wish to be. They can own the Universe. They can create and recreate a brand new Universe over and over again. If only they deconditioned from the endless lies and sweet nothings imprinted unto their minds by their oppressors and go down their own path. They have no Knowledge of self. And if they have no Knowledge, they'll believe anythliing. They'll fall for anything. When I speak of Knowledge, I speak of the real origin of man. Heaven and Hell. Personally, from the word go, I never believed Heaven was a place. I've always believed that it is a state of mind. How did these people know that Angels have wings and halos? Did they see it with their own two physical eyes? And why are all the Angels white? How come I've never seen a Black Angel? Or an Indian Angel? Or a Japanese one? Or even a Hindu or even an Aboriginal one? Why are they always White? (Not hating. Just stating). Why do they link Black to evil while White to purity and angelic purity? Why? I don't get it. I've never believed that the Devil is a red being with two horns and a tail. It's simply an illusion. Trickery and fuckery of the highest level in order to play with our minds. The school curriculum is worthless - judge me all you want but we both it's true - all one hears, reads, sees and speaks of is made up lies of Christopher Columbus having discovered Americas or something of the sort when the real truth is, he was a leech the whole time! Robbing off the Indigenous folks from their wealth! We sure as hell read about the colonisation of Africa but we don' see a thing, not a god damn thing about the beloved Ankh in our books. All the real and juicy tea was wiped out from history and replaced with a watered down, copycat version of the real deal. People out here saying about Christianity and all them religions (not coming after anyone. Not a personal attack) came from them fuckery. They came in with their Bibles and told you to close ya eyes and pray. When you opened your eyes... You had the Bibles and they had the lands. Some of the peeps became Christians, Catholics, Muslims and all these other religions through being whipped and caned like donkeys or something. When a Black person is seen with blue, green, white, red eyes or even blonde hair and it's natural, when they see an albino, everyone says that they're unwell. That person is not healthy. That we need to see a doctor when in reality, it's our genes. Ain't nothing with our genes. It's called the 'Eve' Gene. We powerful. They don't want us to see the truth. How come nobody notice that the cultures all across the Globe are similar? Investigate the cultures and you'll see, you'll see a ton of similarities. And what's the deal with these terms 'Developed Nation' , 'Developing Nation' 'First World, Second World and Third World Countries'? Why would they call themselves 'Developed' while it's clear and as bright as day that they stole all the precious stuff from Africa and claimed it as their own? Why shoot off the noses of the Egyptians? And what's the deal with the darker characters in movies being described as the villains or the ugly ones? When I was a kid, I wondered why Africa and the Black Race was so far back and this thought appeared: We were advanced. Super advanced. But we went too fast and we had ended up having a burn out. I guess I was wrong. And them children's brains still getting fed with the made up lies of Christopher Columbus. If them leaders got exposed to the Ankh and all the real juicy details, stuff would have been different but no, they're just puppets to higher leaders who also are merely dolls to strings to be controlled by the oppressors."

  • crystac 49w

    Michael Jackson



    It was only yesterday when the old man was singing his ABCs.
    Now look at him, almost 63. Even the kids are all grown.

    Time flies by so fast... I feel like an old lady.

    Happy almost 63rd birthday Michael! 29th August. Just a couple of hours (at least on my end.)

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    Black Tea Blog


    (Still on hiatus.)

    @BlackTeaBlog on YouTube ❤️

    Thank you very much for speaking out concerning your situation with Cardi B. If you need any help, let me know. I stand with ya hun. Just because your status and general lifestyle is different from hers, it doesn't mean her and her fans should bully you like that.

    (Back to my hiatus)

  • crystac 52w

    Good Bye.



    "What's up with all the suitcases?"

    "We're leaving."

    "Seriously, Ruby?"

    "Yes, Dexter. We are serious. We're leaving. Going away to relax to the tropical islands. And Miss Christine is coming along with us."

    "Christine is still high from her previous break and you want to take her away again? Don't you think you're spoiling her?"

    "Dearest Dexter. Christine is not yet done with her healing and therapy. We want her to be completely healthy. Not just physically. Mentally and emotionally as well. Sometime away from all of this will do her some good."

    "She's not ill, is she? Is she suffering from a medical condition that I don't know about?"

    "Stop being ridiculous. As a matter of fact she's much better than before. And she's much taller now. And enjoys looking at her reflection now that her scars are gone. She's slowly returning to the lively young lady I used to know. She's falling in love with life again and she wants sometime off."

    "When you say 'sometime off', what does that mean? Because the last time I spoke to her, she said she was utterly bored and wanted to explore and do other stuff. She wanted to run off and live life on her own. How long is 'sometime off'?"

    "Christine hadn't planned on returning. Like forever. The comeback was unscheduled for. At least that's what she said. When we told her that we were returning, she cried."

    "Why doesn't she want to stay?"

    "She said that she's 'served her time'. Something about being in the industry ever since childhood without getting a break. And you and I both know that the Blue Light never dims. That's how you work that she's at work. Just at the Blue Light. It's everywhere. 24/7 365 and it's been that way for a long time."

    "Yeah. If that Light goes off, the whole world is dead."

    "She's trying to figure out a way of ensuring that the Blue Light is forever on without having to sacrifice her health or overwork herself or even strain herself since she's the owner."

    "I can't even begin to imagine. How is she everywhere and nowhere all at the same time? Coz if she's around with artists, you'll see their lights turning blue. With the folks, it's the clothes. Sometimes, I see people dying/braiding their hair heavy shades of blue, purple, indigo or Platinum blonde. That's how I know she's close."

    "She has her ways. But she's getting exhausted lately. All the garbage in the seas and the messy air from the industries really mess her. Each time the environment is destroyed, the girl loses one of her many lives and that results to other lives being lost. Each time a tree is cut, Christine loses a section of her soul and that affects us in return. Each time something bad happens to everyone who's innocent, she loses a piece of herself and which in return affects us. If things go on the way they're are currently are, we'll surely lose her and we'll all die."

    "Ruby, one question: how important is this Light?"

    "Very important. It's through the Light that humanity receives food, clean water, medicines, housing and all that jazz. It's also through the Light that lives are created but as of late, Christine has been backing off because she's noticed the inequality. She's been her part but humanity isn't doing theirs and she's quite concerned. She says the current system has to go down."

    "Wow. That's a lot."

    "Yeah. Anyways, let me take these suitcases. The girls are waiting for me."

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    Please do not ignore the situations that are currently going on Turkey and Uyghur:

    Turkey is currently facing wildfires and apparently China isn't stopping the inhumane torture of the Uyghur Muslims. Someone needs to tell China that being a super power nation doesn't give them the right to mess up innocent people's lives. That's ethnic cleansing at its very finest and what they're doing is extremely inhumane and such should not be tolerated much less allowed. The Uyghurs are people with souls and families just like the rest of Earth and they shouldn't go through such atrocity.

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    I stand in full solidarity with Palestine. Palestine needs all the help right now. From immediate medical relief to the immediate stopping of the bombing that's currently going on. Israel is out of hand!

  • crystac 58w



    If someone said that they were loving, don't believe them.
    No loving person would have the heart to do such disgusting stuff.

    It was all a show. For money. And power.

  • crystac 58w



    F**k the words. Check the actions. There's no need for closure. How people behaved, how they manipulated, how they pushed her away, how the media brushed her story off, how the judges ruled pathetically, how her peers got away with their wrongdoings and how she was the laughingstock of Planet Earth.
    That's more than enough closure.

  • crystac 58w

    Britney's dad


    There's something mystical about Britney. She's connected to a Higher Source. And her dad knows this. A lot of research was done last year during the pandemic to see whether her dad was clairvoyant. (I'm sorry if I've used this term a lot.)

    Turns out, he is. Last year, a Japanese theme was laid out on purpose. No announcements were made. It was done silently. The world wasn't to know. He fell for it. Vivian came in.

    Not only has Britney been tortured mentally, emotionally, socially and at some point physically but at some point spiritually. And can we kindly discuss the issue with her money? How is it possible that Britney has worked ever since she was a kid and her wealth is less than 100M$? Her dad and those around her ought to give a very good explanation.

  • crystac 58w



    Britney tried going as far as the White House to get help with her conservatorship...


    Tell me if this isn't absurd.

  • crystac 58w



    Free Britney. She's not some rag doll that you rip apart and stitch back together. She's a human being with a beating heart. She deserves access quality to health care and a beautiful, stress-free life just like everyone else.

    The people who made her feel worthless (why would you want to make a person drink lithium? They're the ones who have a mental issue) deserve to be arrested.

  • crystac 62w



    The Courts should listen to the people because they're the ones suffering. NOT the company and most certainly NOT the President of America.
    They're the ones hurting, NOT the people in the fancy suits!
    Shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline PERMANENTLY.


  • redrosedeadrose 186w

    Water Is Life


  • kevinosullivan 295w

    Silently Now

    False prophets worship false profits of pollution.
    Spiritual deathbed, smallpox blankets a wretched solution.
    The Black Snake is wounded but not out of the ring.
    Snow covered Sioux, of tribal tribulations; they sing.
    Indigenous sovereignty will not be ignored.
    Global warmings impact; an inflated price all life can't afford.
    Reduce your individual comfort so as to acknowledge.
    This extinct elephant in the room, the corrupt electoral college.
    Twenty-one gun salute to democracy, frozen in orbit.
    Humans raced past the edge, our sun shines silently now but with a mile of ice the earth can't absorb it.

  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Death swims in our eyes.

    Fluoride flows to pacify the sheeple.
    Empty houses of worship from pews to the steeple.
    Opium in Fort Knox, gold standard long been abando.
    Hyper heating of the planet, oceans devoid of ice ebb and flow.
    Heathens of industry drones care not the least.
    But there will be no interstellar locomotive escape for them called the beast.
    One spherical cage once vast of terrain.
    None spiritual enough to stop us circling the drain.
    Apocalypse clock inches within scent of demise.
    Life is overrated, death swims in our eyes.


  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Peace is Unprofitable

    The spine of a nations greed and excess need is blockaded by activists thwarting its progress.
    Corporatist police spray frigid water or mace and beat grandmas with batons about the face.
    Dogs, razor wire, rubber bullets; so called less than lethal. Prayerful peace and rights destroyed by capitalist evil.
    In solidarity we must unite together; all of us who have ever been oppressed and colonized wherever. Rise up you natives, immigrants and slaves. Change of climate for women, vetetans, cripples and gays. No matter if gentile, muslim or jew until the coming end of days we need you. If you cant beat them alone, join up and collude.
    If you breath air, drink water and live on earth.Everybody owes; everybody pays so please take heed.
    We are in this spiritual class war together!
    One planet, one humanity; yet two distinct sides of poverty and greed.
    Yin and yang, right and wrong, poor against rich; good versus evil business.
    All here descendent of immigrant, slave or native indigenous. We are all of the same fodder; mere disposable vassals and serfs to their feudalistic slaughter.
    Learn your history, or its bound to repeatedly unfold.
    Capitalism just the latest wave of complete control.
    The nations of the world all sucking on the death of its dole.
    Separation of church and state, the sinister rich laugh to the banks their typical trait.
    Blasphemous clergy, governance and industry our septic reality.
    Profit uses hate, fear and violence to ensure its satanic vitality.
    Nationalist pride, a charade to divide the masses of pawns against eachother.
    While the tides rise, the earth warms and we destroy our habitat; mother nature mourns.
    Capitalist greed, our temporal desire and gifted by the devil himself.
    Yet also approved doctrine of the Throne of Saint Peter and his Vatican wealth.
    Just war theory on behalf of profits is stoppable.
    Global moral erosion, paid conflict and destruction for Peace is Unprofitable.


  • writermaliktarik 297w

    Pre American people are still the underdogs in America, a country that stands in their ancestral lands which were turned to lands of slaughtering. They are denied what should be rightfully theirs even according to the game of American government consistently. Did Russell Means not provide any logical points for why he deserved to create an independent nation (which was supposed to happen a long time ago anyways according to a contract between the Lakotah and the US). #nodapl

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    This nation
    mistook funeral for celebration.

  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Turkey day of Mourning

    Moms up early the bird has been baking.
    Thanks to comumbus a new world to be taking.
    Feudal empires with serfs a plenty.
    Greed has no limits, oh what a bounty.
    No spice route passage but a whole continent of savage.
    The monarchies of europe will soon be expanding.
    Fast forward today of turkeys and pilgrims as heroic branding.
    The truth is that the pilgrims were destitute when greeted by the Wampanoag chief and elders.
    The heroes erased from the books for their act of charity without ever hearing of Christ.
    Good and evil existed then with more of the latter now.
    The victor scribes write the history books, though there nothing more than crooks.
    Exploited and deceived; disease, trinkets and blankets in exchange for genocide, ethnic cleansing and death.
    Like the wild Irish they are compared to the royal crown.
    We enslaved them, destroyed their pagan ways, culture and language but yet their spirit remained.
    This time we must kill the indian, save the man.
    Their spirit must die this time if we are to turn a profit from these riches.
    Now here we are, profit over people.
    Tyrany reigns supreme, with the whole place poisoned.
    The black snake advancing to finish the job.
    Winterd warm and summers hotter, ice age coming warned on the blotter.
    We cant drink oil is cried out in pain, let them eat cake was cried out in vain.
    Us against them, 99% versus 1%, its wrong to be trembling.
    If history has taught us a anything, the ruling class needs slaves to further their cause.
    Fuck your capitalism, your ways and laws.
    Anarchy isnt absence of rules and order, more having the strength to call out disorder.
    We dont need a new imaginary nation, constitution or border.
    We need equality and justice regardless of status, employment or nationality.
    Two middle fingers up to the oppressors, past; present and futures.
    With the seas rising and ice expected again; we humanity are doomed loosers.
    Prophecies fulfilled, only plastics remain frozen in liquid lands the Inuit now can reclaim.

  • alankrita3 297w

    Originally posted by : @this_divinelife

    Stand up for what you believe in
    #waterislife #standingrock #nodapl

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    Let us stand together to celebrate
    and protect our beautiful Mother Earth
    who nourishes us and protects us.

    Shine your light strong.

    Stand up for what you believe in.
    In love and peace.

    Love is the only way to change the world. Stand with me.


  • kevinosullivan 296w

    Water is Life

    Economic impedance foiled.
    Civil actions with dissension against illegal pipes of oil.
    A revival for fair water is our universal just creedence.

    Stop the Black Snake, We cannot drink oil.
    In solidarity, we must all stand unified and loyal. Tepid faith dealt uniformed hate.
    Cannons fire frigid wet liquid or mace in your face.

    Abbreviated narrative, corporate media ignores. Anguish eternal, evidence of the righteous.

    Blockades of evil, special envoy to satan.
    Water is life regardless of race, tribe or clan!