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  • madinah_writes 12w

    What happens when peace is silenced?
    Does it die slowly like an abducted child from it's mother? Or it pours out dust of poverty even to the fullest sea?

    What happens to a state where injustice rules?
    Does it die out like the candle of love in our hearts? Or it blinds our sight like that of a bat reaching high.

    What happens if Nigeria divides?
    Would it again, be the gaint of Africa? Or Peace and unity would become the missing letters of the past.

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  • euphoriccree 13w


    On this day last year,
    The innocent were killed because they decided to be strong
    And fight against what's wrong
    I don't want to say much
    But because of all the guns that were fired
    All the bullets that didn't miss
    All the injured
    All the blood that was shed
    All the lives that were lost
    All the lies the government told to cover up the illegal murders
    And in all all the injustice that occurred at Lekki Tollgate on 20.10.20
    A day of no peace
    Justice will come soon
    Maybe not today
    But someday.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • sofychris 14w

    October 14th

    Hey Man,
    Happy Birthday
    It's 2 years without your regular birthday goat meat
    I'll keep counting all the portions you owe me
    Just so you know, you're indebted to me as always
    Saturdays have not been the same at home without your sumptuous breakfast ritual
    Your ogbono soup also went on vacay with you.. we still don't like it
    I don't know about others, but I miss our toe cracking sessions. My toes are now stiff
    I've also started speaking igbo more fluently.  It still sounds "phonerized" but I still speak it anyway
    Your small mummy is now a very hot atarodo. She can disturb for Africa and is very much in the business of enjoying her life. She's still a tax collector and at this point, Moneyca should be her official name.
    Regi is still planning to sell all of us. He's tired of our women drama. The other day, he was laughing about how he has inherited your wife troubles. She calls him every time he's out of sight. But their love is blossoming.... couple goals
    Tmoney is still a baller, she's been my urgent 2k supplier. We don't argue much anymore, we are now mature babes
    Before you ask, your baby girl is fine. The pressure has not been easy on her, but she's a tough one... she didn't break. You know she never backs down, she always makes a way in the storm.
    Nothing serious on my part  I've not gone for service.. i still dey find money as always .. but i will next year, I promise
    I'm now more confident and outspoken, no more dimming lights here.
    I'm still an ajala like you, but my account balance is not corresponding with my legs. I miss taxing you.
    The other day when I was going through your library, I saw your expense record books.  Truly, I've eaten your money in this life and sadly, I'll be unable to return the favour.
    But it's well. I know you're somewhere better that money can't afford.
    I'll keep taking charge , but please endevour to pay my salaries. I need money to function properly. T for tenks... that's one of the new slangs here. That will be all for now...
    Keep singing with the angels...
    Remember, I'll always hold you dear in my heart
    I love you ❤


  • vibx_poetry 15w

    Where are we now?

    Where are we now?
    We are a people of life and color
    Food that savour our core
    Ancestral eulogy that we adore, but
    Diversity without candour
    We stir and serve penury
    In golden plates of bemuse
    Eating with expensive cutleries
    And wine that cannot come from palms, except it's Italian.

    Our contributions are only irrelevant,
    Since government of the day holds the mantle.
    We sit on our high horses
    Arrogating affairs from our
    Thrones of hypocrisy and inane critics
    I'm responsible as much as you are
    we can choose when we are ready
    To own our farmland or
    Be a passerby amidst chaos on our heritage.
    So, where are we now?


  • madinah_writes 16w

    Shango (Yoruba language: Ṣàngó, also known as Changó or Xangô in Latin America; and as Jakuta or Badé) is an Orisha, a deity in Yoruba religion. Genealogically speaking, Shango is a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was the third Alaafin of the Oyo Kingdom prior to his posthumous deitification. Shango has numerous manifestations, including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Obomin. He is known for his powerful axe. He is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers that Yorubaland as ever produced.



    The god of thunder.
    Fierce in mind and spirit.
    Man no one could inherit.
    If a lier swears in his name,
    Would get stuck to death.

    The god of thunder.
    Brass crown on his head,
    Double axe in his hands, a symbol of dread.

    The god of thunder.
    This eyes are burning fire
    His strength are in his words, just ease.
    A standing motto for justice.

    The god of thunder.
    The heart of boiling gold of deed.
    He's the joy for for which the innocent are freed.

    The god of thunder.
    Only the evil doers at night
    Face his merciless sight.
    The wicked during the day ,
    Are left speechless on what to say.

    The god of thunder.
    Cast them beatings of lightning and thunderstruck.
    There is no escape, for all evil is stuck.
    Sango of rights in equality,
    Dance to him in turns of virility.

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    Sango; the god of thunder


  • madinah_writes 16w

    This is a myth/story/forklore about how Osun river came in existence. Osun is a river found in osun state, Osogbo, Nigeria. It is seen as saviour to the people. Osun was invaded by fulanis, popularly know as herdsmen. They're immigrate from City to city around Africa. The name of the town was derived from the water which was once, a small river. Now, millions for worshippers visits her from across the world. Osun had a deep history and rich culture. It's origin is Elemi, another river from the town where my mum hails from. Elemi (The owner of spirits) is believed to have supernatural powers. As it is, fishes from there can never be cooked. So are other aquamarine that lives in the river. Africa is rich is history. Many are yet to be found.

    Osun// Our Guide


    Long ago,
    In time of war and fights between tribes. Travellers flooded in with bows and arrows.
    Taken over the indegen's land and brides.
    Citizens flee,
    Letting strangers take over their country.
    Migrating like lost lambs into thick forests,
    They were faced by a river despite the burning detest.
    Eating fruits and leaves,
    The river satisfied them.
    Every night, their priest would hear a female's voice he just couldn't condemn.
    Every night, he would walk into the water, begging it to show them light.
    The river, however,
    Had a queen with skin like moon.
    Her body truly radiant, her name was Osun.
    She then proposed to the priest.
    If your people can worship me, I would grant all your wishes and assist.
    Every night, the people would pray.
    Show us light, lead to the right way.
    Meanwhile, when the day boasters.
    The water queen sent spirits to poison the imposters.
    One after another, they died.
    All their hard work went asunder.
    Rivers flow, worshippers increased.
    They gave last rights to all their deceased.
    Food grew in aboundance, so is fish and clear water.
    With Osun's assistance, the city and population grew wider.
    Osun river,
    Till this very day.
    Has more followers,
    And expands all the way.
    © Madinah_Writes

    #Osun #ocean #river #myth #nigeria #miraquill #writerscommunity #tale #truelifehappenings #war #reality #writersbay #Africa

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    Osun; The River Goddess


  • madinah_writes 19w

    Catching glimpse of this echoing city, burning into flames of ashes.
    Carrying it's guilt in me, like a miserable pregnant girl.
    Pressing my falling head against hers, like that of a baby's.
    Saying her name like a protection prayer.
    "God Save Nigeria"

  • dosbambi 19w

    The state of things in the most populous black nation in the world is alarming, the people charged with the duty to maintain and sustain the country have done nothing but worsen the country.

    They are a set of selfish, wicked and corrupt folks.
    And everyone just want to abandon the country for greener pastures.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #nigeria #africa #nigerianpoet

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    What do you say to the one,
    people have totally given up on?
    How do you console her, whose life is been controlled
    by vicious, callous and selfish ones?
    What do you say to the woman pregnant
    with multitudes of potentials?
    But no one will give her a chance,
    her people don't even believe she has a chance.
    How do you console her whose life is ruined,
    before her eyes as she cries helplessly?
    She is Nigeria, stupendously blessed above and beneath,
    yet watches her children's suffering go unending.
    She cries for help, begs for deliverance from the monsters
    whose mission has been to milk her dry, and
    take all that belong to her, her glory, dignity and pride.
    In the hands of these monsters, she wails day and night,
    people say she can't be rescued,
    they say the poison has eaten too deep into her, to be saved,
    no matter what anyone brings to the table for her.
    Her children have given up on her,
    they don't want anything to do with her,
    to them, fighting for her
    is a lost cause, nothing good can ever come out of her,
    the only way to go, is to deny her.
    All alone with her oppressors, she wails day and night,
    wondering why her own people won't fight for her,
    with all of the treasures buried in her!

  • madinah_writes 19w

    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song of our rich history, we could never lend.
    Sing a song to me, my dear.
    Let others join this dance without fear.
    Use the talking drums and rocky xylophones.
    Let me dance to the tunes in my new agbada, in the beats of our own.
    Let chiefsmen sit and listen to the drumsmen's beats.
    Let the Kings and Queens,
    Elders and citizens,
    Sit to withness our rich culture.
    Let is remind them of what history truly means.

    © Madinah_Writes

    #nigeria #home #africanpoetry #song #localsong #music #mirakee #miraquill #writwrsnetwork #writerscommunity ##localbeats #dance #royalty #myths #culture #heritage

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    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

  • light_ofthe_heart 23w

    Say No To Violence

    I say no to violence
    I say no to killing one another
    I say no to inhumane act
    I say no to any form of negativity
    Why? Why? And why?
    How? How and How?
    These two questions keeps ringing in my ears
    Sending vibrations unaccepted to my heart
    Signalling my brain things my mind can't take to heart
    We said we are one Nigeria
    But so lost we seem in our seek for revenge
    And our thirst for blood
    Does violence ever serve as a solution to violence?
    No! Even a neonate will cry out
    The pain keeps getting unbearable each passing day
    Violence will only keep costing us our lives and peace
    In it the future and home we crave for will be lost for eternity.
    Irrespective of whatever it is, was or will be
    We are Nigerians and Nigeria is our home
    Our pride our peace
    We need to stand up and sweep the violence beneath where we sit
    Violence is never a solution to violence.

  • aspiringwriter 28w

    The darkest night has suffered a lot to form the brightest sky

  • shogazi 31w

    Higher Energy Theory

    There's is only one way to make everything fall into perspective tho, and get a little sense out of it all, I mean the universe, life or whatever this is lol. The answer to it all is Energy!
    And at this point you're probably like, what ? Energy ?
    But well yes, just stick with me on this one. Vibes, aura, intuition, thoughts, ideas, emotions, words and all that, yea basically everything is a form of energy. What I'm saying is, if you look at everything as a form of energy and you remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed and now for the point that says it can only be transferred from one form to another, you'll be like ohhhh damn, everything kinda makes sense
    Okay now I'm gonna be giving some in-depth examples analyzing all I have said, just stick with me yea, since energy can't be created or destroyed, and everything is Energy, so that means we(as human beings) are a form of energy right ? Now you'll say but Shogazi, according to both religion and/or science we were created either by God or by the big bang
    So I'm like okay, let's handle religion first. Remember everything is Energy, so now let's break it down
    Religion tells us no-one created God right ? He has always been there and will always be. Take note, that supports the first part that says energy can neither be created or destroyed which means God is the ultimate Energy right
    Now you'll still say okay even if that's true, he did create us tho and everything else, now what does the Bible say about creation ? It says he created us "in his image" that means in a sense, we are a part of God's very own essence, that's why it says that when we "die" we don't really die but our souls continue to live for all eternity either in heaven or in hell further proving that we are just masses of energy trapped in a body since we can't be destroyed lol. Okay the rest of everything God created using his word it says in the Bible, and remember words are also a form of energy right. So basically in that case, The ultimate Energy (God) transformed into other forms of energy(Everything else). here the transformation process was speaking of words(energy). In simpler terms taking the sun as example
    God said: let there be light.....we can also say energy (word) from The ultimate Energy (God) was transformed into light(another form of energy) and the transformation process was (speaking) so basically communication is just a way of transferring Energy in form of words(energy) which is why we can get ideas(another form of energy) just by communication.
    So we can say in a very broad sense, everything has a form of God's own very essence, vaguely speaking we are all part of God. And we obviously have the ability to create also, or so to say transfer our energy into other forms known to us as our own creation, and in this sense the process of energy transfer, we called invention lol
    I mean look at it, nothing truely dies
    I mean even when organic creatures die, they don't really die....they just decay and another thing emerges from that like maybe they become fertilizers for plants and that's how it is with basically everything
    In science, the creation story agrees a bit more with this energy theory
    According to the big bang, it says everything was densely packed in a very tiny point of "energy" before it exploded and started forever expanding guided by all the laws of physics we know today, and that's just it, Everything was a point of energy and that energy just started expanding forming everything we know now, including us...so the whole entire universe and everything in it is just that same small point of energy just expanding, so we can say hypothetically, that small point of energy where everything started is the Ultimate energy(God) and from that energy Everything else originated which still supports that we are all still that first energy
    So in religion we can say everything is all God's essence
    And in science we can say everything is all just that very first energy just in other forms
    And so now both theories seem to agree with eachother based on the law that says Energy can't be created or destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.
    So now looking at it from another aspect, that means obviously there's bad and good energy
    In religion it's God and the devil that form up the complete Energy
    In philosophy it's the yin and yang that forms up the balance or whatever
    In a more circular setting people would just say there's just good and bad, and they can't exist without the other.
    So with these few notions allow me or should I say permit me to sum up everything and I mean everything that there is in the universe into one simple thing for our feeble minds to grasp, and that thing is energy! Once we start looking at the world from this perspective, it starts to make better sense
    So there you have it.
    The Higher Energy Theory


  • smartofficial_writes 31w


    I know a country, Flora Shaw named her Nigeria,
    She was one with so much bounty, now in chaos and mass hysteria,
    Her beauty buried in her cultural diversity,
    Transformation later dawned with adversity.

    Every four years, we choose the lesser of two evils and never the greater of two goods,
    They are focused on the next election rather than the next generation,
    Strong four letter words like love, hope, care and hero have vanished,
    The freedom we so craved for has vanished.

    Kidnapping, banditry, rape and trafficking brought to our doorsteps,
    Ethnic clashes, nepotism, terrorism and corruption now seem like footsteps,
    The healthcare is on sick bed, economic status on crotches,
    Education battered with so many stitches.

    We stand as the greatest nation, yet we lack, hunger and thirst for good foresight,
    I see the light, a great sight, a good fight,
    We will shine like the stars and sun,
    We will use music to heal the nation like guitars over guns.

  • michaelnene7 32w


    I'm thinking of how we got here.
    My thoughts are hanging on a tightrope,
    My memories feels like an empty space;
    From where my thoughts echo.

    Where do we run to?
    In a land bleeding in pain and thoughts drained of trust.
    Whom shall the enigma be revealed to?
    Or, do we all sleep and wake up in death?

    Tradition has crumpled the pillars,
    Religion has torn its walls.
    We are left in the debris of democracy and tyranny,
    In a system so cold and leadership so uncanny.

    Shall we speak and yet perish in silence?
    For we speak to the ears of "deafs".
    For our thoughts are clear, but theirs are not.
    May we be sound in this phase, and they go nuts.


  • peter_akhere 32w

    I long for a new narrative for Nigeria. #Nigeria #June12 #DemocracyDay

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    Tell Me a Tale

    Tell me a tale of Sunrise and Flowers, 

    Of the morning dew slowly drying up on beautiful blooms.

    Of birds singing and a gentle breeze upon the tender grass.

    Of flowing rivers, of jumping crickets, of clear morning skies.

    Tell me a tale of Childhood and Innocence, 

    Of playing in the sand and bathing in the rain.

    Of communal friendship with every other child, 

    Regardless of how rich or poor their parents are.

    Tell me a tale of Peace and Unity, 

    Of hands joined in oneness and hearts united in love.

    Of progressive ventures and honest vocations.

    Of virtuous sons and daughters harmoniously building their fatherland.

    Tell me a tale of Justice and Equity, 

    Of fairness to the rule of law and the supremacy of righteous laws.

    Of merit and transparency, and square pegs in square holes.

    Of Nobody's becoming Somebody's without knowing Anybody's.

    Tell me a tale of Pride and Patriotism.

    Tell me a tale of a Federal Republic.

    Tell me a tale of a New Nigeria.


  • glofeet_n_diaries 32w

    This piece was penned with Nigeria and Colombia in mind!
    This is dedicated to not just Nigerians but every country with hurting citizens who have got no freedom to protest and have been deprived of their fundamental rights. Keep hoping. Keep believing. Hold on and don't let go.
    ✌️ PEACE.
    #Mirakee #Nigeria
    #Hope #colombia

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    What will happen today?

    What will happen today?

    No one knows for sure.
    They say it's a democracy.
    But all we see are 'eighties' demons
    Slaying and betraying.

    What do we do?

    We can only hope and pray.
    That vampires with guns don't show.
    That these demons would only hiss without firing.

    Our tongues are sealed to the truth
    Tho' we see it.
    You better not say it.
    We've been cut in a web of lies so sweet.

    Oni Gloria

  • specially_ordained 33w

    Maybe someday we'll be told how to breathe eat and pray. Maybe one day we'll be too scared to protest against bad governance but right now Nigeria is a free country. Lets keep it that way.
    We're going to go back to normal. I believe it.
    Every Nigerian out there should too.
    "Please help me repost so much that hope reaches as many Nigerians as possible."
    We deserve to hope.
    We deserve to know that the dark clouds are gonna pass.
    We all deserve that happiness.
    We deserve the ability to protest bad governance.
    We deserve the right to use social media.
    We deserve to live without fear.������������
    #Nigeria #paineverywhere #hope #findfaith

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    The days are gloomy.
    Even Faith's sinking like a ship.
    What more can we do?
    Every possible option, gone.
    Even the tears have stopped coming.
    Probably exhausted too at their sources too.
    What more can we do.
    It's not okay.
    No matter how much it seems okay.
    We've cried as much as we can.
    Nothing seems to work anymore.
    What more can we do?
    Just sit and wallow in anguish and pains?
    Even the strings of hope don't want to be grasped.
    What more can we do...?!

  • emysan 34w


    In the ages of 1966,
    Like a lion's rage split in three,
    Follows the grave of men like fallen trees,
    Confusion grazes like the Egyptians in sea,
    A tragic embrace; a never wanting scene,
    We are the Eagles far above the downstream,
    Created with eyes, off afar we see;
    As the coolness of the deep ocean, we are to be,
    Never a war; it admit a lesson.

    In the ages of nationalization,
    Briefing in the moments of civilization,
    Anger, strife, self undergoing total minimization;
    Upholding the norms of true socialization,
    Without again the riffle, a modernization,
    The ladder way for a sure national maximization,
    For the cries of men in bloodshed are still raw,
    Openly written on the forefront of our walls,
    It admits a lesson, in the rage of war; even in person, a civil lesson.

  • theessence_ 34w

    It's the 27th of May.

    Quite mundane, I must say.
    There are no lively chatters nor childlike laughters.
    There are no parents, carrying out their prideful banters.
    -For their offsprings.

    The air is thick,
    From a mother crying over her "tata".
    Her wailing form lays battered on the streets,
    Her son; slaughtered like he didn't matter, and left in the pits.

    "Olorun, mu mi kuro"
    Her voice echoes through out the lands, lacing the dense atmosphere with wrath and despair.

    She remembers the times of her youth.
    When words were louder and intentions were clearer.
    When the streets were a little greener and the world a little brighter.

    Memories of moon dances and surreal lullabies.
    Nights of crickets and serene fireflies.

    Maybe, just maybe it'll one day get better, she hoped.
    Now, she's lost her tether. Her hopes are buried in the sand, like the crimson slowly leaving her son, hither.

    It will. It will get better.



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  • boddobodes 34w


    My Continent...
    The Giant of all Nations.
    My country...
    The mother of Africa.
    Below her lay the valley of her home towns
    Embodies 36 states and the "FCT"
    My state,
    Number 2 state after "Abia"
    Slogan "Land of beauty"
    I'm proud to be Africa!
    There is grace in the way she blooms admist the stagnanting storm.
    There is a willpower that etch from her Pearlscent heart,
    Painting the world green ruling out the red.