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    * 18.1.2022; 6.32 A.M (Malaysia)

    * Song title: Raise your voice. Korean-English song by F-Killer. (Gummy, Kim Jong Kook & Haha). They sang it during Running Man's fan-meeting event.

    #song #wod @miraquill

    * For my #crush #AHBA


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    Raise your voice ~ (Changed lyric)

    I listen to your voice.
    Listen to your hard breaths.
    You were so exhausted.
    I know, that you have a tough life.

    I wanna know, if you really liked me?
    Because I still like you & I love you.
    I'll never change my feeling for you.
    You're a sea-sponge. I'm a starfish.

    I listen to your voice.
    Listen to your heartbeat.
    You're the apple of my eyes.

    You really mean so much to me.
    You are so precious to me.
    Never going to change my feeling.
    Even after end of the world.

    Raise your voice
    I watch your videos at YouTube.
    I even subscribed to your channel.
    I'm your die-hard fan. Can you see it?
    You're among the stars. Shine in night sky.
    Wonder how's your day?
    Wanna hear you say!
    I’ll always support you.
    The one who shines. It's you!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    * 16.12.2021; 2.21 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For my #crush #AHBA
    * He also changed lyric of Uptown Girl song. But, his version was different: Sar'f World. (On his YouTube channel: Hadi StudyTv)

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    Weirdo Girl ~ (Changed lyric of Uptown Girl song)

    I'm a weirdo girl.
    I wanna be in your world.
    I'm a shining pearl.
    I like the colour purple.

    & I still like you.

    But, you like her.
    Does she like you?

    Yay, yay, yay.

    If you don't like me.
    I also hate me.

    I shall die, die, die.

    You don't know...
    how much it hurt.

    When you block...
    me, again. Ouch!

    You are a weirdo guy.
    Welcome to my world.
    You're a shining pearl.
    You like pink. Not purple.

    You used to like me.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    * 19.9.2021; 7.12 P.M (Malaysia)

    #Secrets - #OneRepublic

    * 13th in #NuEmChangedLyric

    * I sang in my mind "Do you see, what I see?
    Lots of fishes in the sea." while snorkeling at a local island, a few years ago. ~


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    Untitle 76 ~

    Can you guess, what I see?
    Lots of fishes in the sea.
    It makes me wanna swim...
    at an ocean; On a whim.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    * 27.8.2021; 3.12 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 593rd post; 85 posts till 678th (Target)

    * Inspired by melody of #Kpop #song #Nobody by #WonderGirls

    #NuEmKpop #NuEmChangedLyric


    Nobody ~

    I am nobody.
    But, me.

    I'm myself.
    I am me.


    I'm insane.
    I guess so.

    I'm a nobody.
    Just a nobody.

    My mind's

    It's like I have
    no body.

    Nobody gets me.
    I have nobody.

    Wanna be somebody.
    Not to everybody.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    Nobody ~

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    * Inspired by #melody of #KPop #song by #BTS #Butter #ARMY


    #smooth #better #Batter #EaseUp #Dont #Bitter

    #NuEmKpop #NuEmChangedLyric

    * 14.8.2021; 5.27 P.M (Malaysia)
    * 576th post. 102 more posts till 678th.

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    B-tter ~

    I am smooth, like butter.
    I know my own self better.
    Even though they batter.
    Ease-up! Don't be bitter!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    * 562nd post

    * 11.10.2020; 2.30 P.M

    * Sad-parodies of Trap of Love & Say to Myself
    (Osts of: When The Devil Calls Your Name #Kdrama)

    * 2 versions of parodies for each song:

    English: Death Call
    Malay: Panggilan Maut

    * I'll upload the video-recording to my new Youtube channel, Noct Enig Notes & Gigs, later. (I'll update the link in bio. when it's done). ~

    * 10th in #NuEmChangedLyric
    * 3rd in #NuEmSadParodies


    Death Call ~

    I keep
    my name
    is called

    Who is it
    that keep
    my name?

    its devil

    Perhaps, its
    the call
    from the

    I don't

    I'm not
    to kill


    I am
    just so ill
    It feel
    too painful

    When will
    my suffering

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    Panggilan Maut

    Ku asyik

    Siapa dia



    tak mahu






    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    Sad-parodies of...

    Trap of Love &
    Say to Myself

    Osts of:
    When The Devil Calls Your Name

    2 versions of parodies for each song:

    English: Death Call
    Malay: Panggilan Maut

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    Just end this pain ~

    When I was a litttle girl, ��
    wonder �� what I'll be...
    when I've grown-up. ��
    Now, I've become adult; ��
    Just end this pain! ��

    Ooo...hoo ����

    I keep crying...��
    like a baby.��
    Then, smiling; ��
    But, not �� happy. ��

    Ooo..hoo ����

    I'm just faking...��
    the smile �� lately;
    & keep falling...��
    down �� already.

    Ooo...hoo ����

    When my time is up, ⌛
    wonder �� what, could have been.
    When? Maybe, not...��
    now, but soon? ��
    Just end this pain! ��

    Ooo...hoo ����

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    * 553rd post
    * 24/9/2020; 4.03 A.M

    * Will upload the video-recording at my new Youtube channel that I'll make, later. ~


    #Lily #AlanWalker #song

    #SadParody #sad #parody #ChangedLyric #lyric


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    Just end this pain ~

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    * Sad-parody of Lily- Alan Walker's song

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    No one cares ~

    But, I
    the longer
    I cry.

    Just to wallow
    the sorrow.

    I wonder why?

    Is there tomorrow?

    There's nowhere
    to go; I try
    to escape.

    No way out.

    There's nothing
    that I can do
    about it.

    Have no cape.

    There's nobody
    who cares
    about me.

    No one does.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    Say Something ~

    But, I,
    no matter...
    how I try.

    Just to be with...
    someone special;
    somehow I just cry.


    I still like you.

    Not a lie.

    So, say something.
    I don't have much time.

    Soon; I'll die.

    Just say something
    I will be just fine.

    Well...Bye. ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    * 552nd post

    * 24/9/2020; 3.55 A.M


    * Sad-parody of Say Something- A Great Big World's song (Re-tune the melody a bit. Will upload the video recording at my new Youtube channel, that I will make, later.)

    * It's just something I felt, when I was #depressed & I think most others can relate. Sometimes, we feel like no one care about us, but, then, as time passed, we realise there's still some peoples who still care about us.

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    No One Cares
    & Say Something ~

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    * Sad-parodies
    of Say Something
    - A Great Big World's song

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    #why #ghost #thriller #suspense #secretlovesong #littlemix #song
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    *Inspired by song- Secret Love Song -Little Mix feat Jason Derulo

    * The parts of the lyrics are like these :

    Oh, why can't you hold me in the street?
    Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?
    I wish that it could be like that
    Why can't it be like that?
    'Cause I'm yours


    * I only use certain lines : 'be like that' , 'street', 'floor' While the rest, are my own words

    *Just my weird imagination Not really a rewrite

    *Its a negative vibe compared to the original


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    Why you be like that? (song inspired)

    Why did you followed me...
    from that street? ~

    Why did you dragged me...
    on the floor? ~

    Why did you be like that?
    You beat me to dead.

    I've become a ghost!

    ©Nuruliffa Emirah

  • nocturnal_enigma 171w

    #song #lyric @mirakee, @writersnetwork,

    *Inspired by song: Feel-Robbie Williams ~

    *about one-side love a.k.a 'crush' ~

    *Yeah, that's just how I felt & feel ~

    *Some (or most) of us may feel/felt like this too ~


    It's all inside my head,
    Your voice made me shiver,
    My face turned red,
    I've became colder.

    You made my heart raced,
    In the awkward silence,
    I ran out of breathes,
    Looked at you, at a distance.

    You gotta feel real love,
    Like the way I loved you,
    That feeling was so strong,
    Is it something wrong?
    For me to fall for you.

    I also wanna feel real love,
    But, I couldn't love you forever,
    Cuz' I got so much tears,
    Ran through my eyes.
    It's too painful too bear...

    So, I had to let you go ~ x3

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

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    Feel ~

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  • nocturnal_enigma 171w

    #song #lyric @mirakee, @writersnetwork,

    *Inspired by song : Here Without You-3 Doors Down

    *The title is a wordplay of the original title


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    Hear-Out Within (~song inspired)

    Every time I thought about you,
    My head aches, as if its spinning
    But as I tried, to forget about you,
    My heart hurts, like it's bleeding.

    Oh, I fell in love with you, maybe,
    Since the first time that we met,
    I've wondered, could it be,
    You've made, my heart melt.

    I have missed you , really
    Hoped you also,felt the same
    But, if I was just being silly,
    It would be, such a shame.

    Every moments that passed,
    All the memories, has shattered,
    Made me realised the fact that,
    We aren't meant to be together.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • nocturnal_enigma 172w

    Inspired by the melody of Viva forever -spice girls song
    If im not mistaken, viva means live So, i use the word live in it
    But, this time , its not a 'changed lyric' like before

    *Wrote it a few years ago (at AllPoetry) , but deleted it & after edited, decide to post here
    As the original one , not so good I guess , this is ok, compare to that

    I dont know why, suddenly feel so sentimental, right now
    Sorry , if i ruin anyones mood though ~


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    SeNtImEnT- (changed-lyric)

    I look through , the window
    And stare at the stars,
    The moon, shine brightly
    On the, darken sky.

    I wish , that the wind blow
    Can take away, my scars
    So, I could live happily
    And no more cry.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

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    #lyrics #change #song #broken #heart #breakup #ex #EX0

    *based on the song Him& I by Halsey & G-Eazy
    *changed lyrics, due to my emotions

    *the original one is like this:

    Cross my heart, hope to die
    To my lover, I'd never lie
    He said "be true", I swear I'll try
    In the end, it's him and I

    He's out his head, I'm out my mind
    We got that love, the crazy kind
    I am his and he is mine
    In the end, it's him and I, him and I

    *at first i misheard 'him & i ' as 'human eye' xD
    *so, i decide to use the words,in this piece
    * 'big head' refers to his stubborness


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    He vs I ~ (changed lyrics)

    He broke my heart, the hope died
    No longer lover, he always lied
    I said the truth, he swore a lot
    In the end, it's that human 'eye' ~

    He's got 'big head', but I didn't mind
    That's not love, cuz' we were blind
    I'm NOT his, he's NOT mine
    That's the end Of he vs I ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • nocturnal_enigma 172w

    *inspired by the melody, of the song Numb by Linkin Park
    *i changed only a bit of the lyrics in chorus part

    *The original one is : 'I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
    Become so tired, so much more aware'

    *the original one is better though I just change it for fun xD

    #song #lyric #poem


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    Numb~ (changed lyrics)

    I've done something wrong,
    Kept saying nonsense words,
    I've been acting weird,
    In this intense world!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • nocturnal_enigma 172w

    #malay #lyric

    #NuEmPuisi #NuEmLirik

    Alternate title : Forgive me

    * Translation:

    Please forgive me
    If it feel 'sharp'
    Everything that I accidentally said
    Have hurt your heart

    Please let me
    Even for awhile
    To talk
    While looking at your face

    If it's really
    The last time
    For me
    To meet you


    *Berdasarkan lagu Demi Waktu - Ungu , liriknya ditukar sedikit (chorus)

    *Harap tak kisah tag?
    @glamysieftron , @ikhlas_ki , @dalamfrasa, @jeffribachtiar, @far_hana @wilmana


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    Maafkanlah Diriku (tukar lirik)

    Maafkanlah diriku,
    andai kata,
    terasa berbisa,
    setiap ungkapan...
    yang ku terkata,
    telah melukai

    Izinkanlah diriku,
    hanya seketika,
    inginku berbicara,
    sambil menatap...

    Ingatlah diriku,
    jangan lupakanku;
    Sebutlah namaku...
    di dalam setiap...

    Tunggulah diriku;
    Harap kedatanganku...
    akan disambut...

    Suatu hari nanti,
    aku harap dapat...
    berjumpa dengan dirimu.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah