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    Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle all the way
    do you hear an ambulance
    siren coming from far away
    what it is you wonder
    no prizes to ponder
    perhaps a neighbourhood
    covid19 wonder
    replete with masks and
    sanitizers, and sprays
    Six feet distance,
    don't dare to blunder.

    Silent Night, Holy Night
    Everyone's inside
    because of the viral fright
    carols and midnight masses
    are virtual this time
    Christmas club lunch is going
    to be limited to a few clients
    Cakes, cookies and roasts of meat
    waft around
    Party is on at Zoom
    wear your pajamas, put up your
    Santa cap, and let's groove
    to the Quarantini as we sip
    our immunity Martini.

    Knock, knock.!
    someone is there
    who's it at this curfew hour?
    Tis' the Corona guy knocking perhaps
    waiting to lure its next victim into its
    spiked trap.
    Go inside, cover yourself up
    wear a PPE kit and disguise yourself
    as an Urban Polar Bear.

    This is a great song.
    a funny song
    Why this CoronaV CoronaV came to
    thee, dear Mother Earth Ji ?
    Rhythm incorrect.
    Distance more than moon star ugh,
    couples can't even lovingly kiss each other - - ugh,
    friends can't hug each other-- ugh
    everyone wearing ppe kit, mask-uh
    washing hands like Lady Macbeth-uh
    everyone giving covid test - uh
    Lockdown became word of the Year-Ugh...
    learning to wash, cook and clean... uh.
    people became overnight sensation ugh..

    When this going to end - uh
    Covid19 cousin has come to UK.... ugh
    Vaccine is still far away.... ugh
    I'm going to end this parody now.... ugh
    feeling sleepy uh.
    This is a C R A P song, yo guys and girls
    I'm Singing this song... ugh..

    (Repeat :
    This is a great song.
    a funny song
    Why this CoronaV CoronaV came to
    thee, dear Mother Earth Ji ?.(x2))



    #OriginalByRuchi #ChristmasvibesbyRuchi

    #Mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

    To Carolyn Ma'am - @cees_outpost Thank you for organizing this amazing challenge. It really is a great way to start the Holidays and end this morose year on a funny note :)) ❤️
    I tried my best hope you like it..

    Quarantini - a word made by me that means a song played as we are inside our homes, quarantined, under lockdown.

    Note - (Important)

    Last two paras have been inspired by the viral Tam-Eng song of 2011, Why this Kolaveri Di sung by Dhanush, lyrics by Anirudh Ravichander..
    If you haven't heard it, go listen to it you will love it ��

    25th Dec 2020 03.48 am. Friday.

    All Rights Reserved. ©

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    Pandemic Paean...
    Why this CoronaV CoronaV came to
    thee, dear Mother Earth Ji ?
    Rhythm incorrect.

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    On this Christmas, let's do something different.

    Let's spread love, cheer and hope all we can and become a Secret Santa ���� in someone's life..





    Feel free to drop a comment below :))

    HoHoHo, let's go ����������������������

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Merry Christmas :))
    in advance to all the Mirakeeans ����������������������❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️


    03.40 am.... #OriginalByRuchi #ChristmasVibesbyRuchi...

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    Kissing your fears away
    under the mistletoe
    basking under the sunshine
    of love
    feeling the rain of emotions
    waiting for the gifts of best wishes
    opening up the presents of happiness
    baking cakes of prosperity
    the waft of harmony emanating
    singing carols of hope and
    as snowflakes of this cold year
    Let's welcome the laughter into our homes
    with Santa's HoHoHo, as the annual
    sledge moves forward

    towards Another year..
    of newer beginnings, old resolutions
    and renewed yet exciting happenings...

    Merry Christmas, friends
    May all our valid
    dreams come true
    may we fight our way
    through this pandemic
    we are going through....


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    To the guy I n(ever) might meet,

    I saw you amidst the chaotic crowd
    of few, who were there, necessarily
    not soothing a psychological view
    Feeling a trillion butterflies �� fluttering
    around, this time not inside the proverbial
    As beautiful things demand to be felt
    and viewed through the optical viewfinders
    of emotive hearts...

    Ignore for sounding John Green-ish
    but it is perhaps the fault in my
    literary stars that I fail to scribble my thoughts
    my unread, dust laden, and copper yellow paged books prepare to take revenge upon me by giving
    me a writer's block.
    To every author in this universe, I apologise I'm a writer that is not at all a voracious reader.

    Coming back to you my poetic muse,
    I have waited for you patiently as patiently and intently I complete reading a short story.
    This might decode why I came across some who lingered for a short while, tutored their lessons and vanished outta thin air...

    Will you stay a little longer, pretty please?
    Hold my hand and say once "Yes, I will".
    Promise I will share half of the bills. ����

    I am not Pablo Picasso, or Leonardo Da Vinci
    Neither I'm Wordsworth, Keats or Shelley
    who can either paint or describe you
    sensually or romantically.

    I'm perhaps mostly myself more than anyone else.
    I am humorous at awkward moments
    and awkward at humorous moments
    I am unintentionally satirical, and sarcastic
    And I love myself for it.

    I'm romantic in an unconventional way
    and unpredictable sometimes
    If anger were a person, it would be
    10 percent of me
    Am I scaring you already?
    Won't you hug me, and say - "It's alright, let's
    go for a movie?"
    I melt rapidly than the Arctic Circle
    glaciers, you see
    Won't you steal glances at me?
    No regret shall you get
    if you choose me ever to
    take out on a lover's D A T E
    for I'm not the
    one to make anybody wait.

    You're like the breath of fresh air
    in a masked lair
    Your smile is like the bright sunshine
    after a gloomy night
    You're my heart's endemic
    You're the vaccinated
    answer to my lonely
    longing pandemic.

    So, Mr. Muse,
    I'm waiting for you
    playing S E N O R I T A on loop
    Come walking, running,
    horse-riding, or flying
    embrace me in your arms
    and break my enchanting
    dream charm.

    #OriginalByRuchi #RomanticsbyRuchi #writersnetwork #Mirakee

    I love this background ❤️���� �� @mirakee thanks keep adding more such.

    20th December 2020, 02.52 am. Kolkata, India.

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    To the guy I might
    n(ever) meet

    [Read the caption....]


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    This is dedicated to a stranger I came across on a YouTube live chat while staying awake on 14th December for observing the live streaming of Geminids meteor showers.

    To you, Starry stranger :

    Thank you for being my stargazing buddy, albeit virtually :)) If you ever see this poem, let me know you're here

    of course, not all strangers are worth writing for.
    but then
    words never need a reason to be expressed, either in an idiotic way or intelligent way.

    17th December 2020. 5.15 pm. Kolkata, India.

    #OriginalByRuchi #RAWbyRuchi

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    Stars over the screen
    Stars beyond the sky
    You were a stranger
    amidst multitudes of
    virtual stargazers
    waiting to catch a glimpse
    of the shooting meteors

    The night gradually
    traversed to morning
    Habitually throwing
    a line of satire, speaking in
    a predictable flair
    clued you up
    to recognize me as
    a writer, then and there.
    I was surprised but not shocked
    as to how you discovered
    my obscured line of thought.

    Pat came your wise response,
    "It takes one to know one".
    It brought a faint smile to my face.
    My insomniac eyes, sparkled with a
    joyous gleam
    to come across another person
    from the World of Word-Stream.

    Thank you for the momentary
    and meteoric rendezvous...
    Hope to know you someday
    when galaxies and universes

    Until then, tell stories and heal.
    do not lose yourself
    in this world
    made up of illusionary reel.


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    Hey, guys. Wassup. :)) I could not complete the Thriller short series, The Night at the Asylum.

    I apologise for the same :))

    2 months and I'm back again. (perhaps I might ���� run away, again. swooshh!!!)

    Inspired by the recent Geminid Meteor shower. I couldn't spot a single one. :(((

    17th Dec. 2020 03.55 am.

    LAME ONE. YOU CAN IGNORE �� #OriginalByRuchi #writersnetwork

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    of course,
    I waited for you like the
    showering their sparkling
    vibes from the nocturnal

    moments turned to
    then hours turned to
    hopeless dust shoved
    to a bin.

    you were like the mirage.
    a hallucinatory image
    that flashes like a dream
    enveloping like
    an illusionary nightmare

    What were you
    I couldn't fathom.
    for the sky was dark
    and doomed

    I detest meteorites
    Some crater the heart of the
    where beautiful lakes form

    Some create a void
    that turns into a
    abyssal black hole
    devouring the
    bright soul...


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    टूटे हुए तारों में हम खोजे जा रहे
    अधूरे ख्वाहिशों को
    पूरे होने के उम्मीद में
    चाहे हम कितने ही बार
    पूरे होते हुए भी टूट चुके...

    चंद पलों की खुशियों को
    ठुकरा देते हैं हम
    कुछ करकरे कागज़ और
    धातु के नुमाइंदों के लिए
    चाहे वो खुशियां कितनी ही अनमोल हो..

    फिर चाहिए क्या हमें
    यह तो शोध की बात है
    तब तक
    चलो आशाओं को
    थोड़ी और उड़ान भरने
    का मौका दे

    सब को गिरना है ही एक दिन
    चाहे वो टूटे हुए तारें हो
    या आशाओं के गुब्बारे

    गिरने वाला कभी हारता नहीं
    जब भी वो गिरता है
    खुद के लिए

    और जब वो 100 bar गिरने के बाद उठता है
    वो सूर्य की भांति 1000 गुना अधिक चमकता है


    कुछ nonsense है, शायद . 2 महिने से jo writers block hai.. :))
    17th December 3.34 am...


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    टूटे हुए तारे....

    (caption padhe)


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    To plagiarizers :

    Whether you're lurking behind or elusive and arrogant enough to not heed to warnings by admin or members of this platform, remember if you copy everything there would be a day when your life would be cloned.
    Even if you sit on the toilet seat to s***, or try to plant a kiss on your girlfriend's lips, everything would have been or would be used by someone else before you. be it the seat or the lips. of course, you're a plagiarizer you won't mind, isn't it.?

    Oh another thing, if you think deactivating and using a new account to again repeat your copycat act, think again.
    Perhaps someone's is copying your style too. If you're inspired, learn to give credit. A name or mention does no harm.

    You can keep copying and getting wow comments, damn appreciations, whoa and beautiful compliments, get around 200 to 300 likes, 40-50 reposts and 70 to 80 comments, be in the popular section too.
    But what you can never have is

    You can never have talent to write or pen down original pieces. cause if you did you wouldn't just take second hand appreciation for someone else's thought process and brain work.

    You're a plagiarizer. And even your identity and your existence is at the behest of someone else. You should drown in a shot glass of water.


    16.10. 2020 4.50 pm.

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    Warning: Trigger and abuse for

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    And a final nail on the trend coffin of Main-Tu. I guess.
    Isse savage hua toh Yogi ji ke sar k baal ke nam badal dena XD

    Better late than never. ��️�� 16th oct 2020. 12.45 am.

    Agar same to same kisi ne likha h toh bata do. credit debit loan de denge.
    #OriginalByRuchi #lamekbye

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    Coronavirus Sa Tu..
    Vaccine/Mask/Ppe kit Si Main..

    Coronavirus Sa Tu...
    Quarantine si Main

    Isolation sa tu...
    14 din bad azaad si main...

    Durga puja me dhak sa tu..
    dhunuchi naach si main..


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    Perhaps, Love stories aren't meant for me. or that's what I had thought
    I can't even finish a novel on a love story.
    But then, real love stories do not end.
    they linger on for a long time
    giving company to lost souls
    who find a way to write, sing, paint or
    waltz through it.


    Thank you for the first repost after my comeback, Writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    :) ♥️ ^_^

    #writersnetwork #Mirakee #pod

    15th October 2020. 2.34 am

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    The electrically saccharine taste of candyfloss
    melting in my mouth and disappearing in seconds
    reminds me of love.
    How it creates emotions
    sweet and sudden
    like sugar and lightning
    combining together
    a dangerous combination yet worthy of
    being a part of the nostalgic sea we often drown ourselves in.

    The nightmares where I see myself falling from
    cliffs, mountains, buildings
    reminds me of love.
    How we know we will fall, or maybe fail in it
    still, we dare to take the risk.
    We don't bleed. but our hearts do.
    But we mend ourselves
    through the elixir of self-love

    Love stories have a happy ending
    Some do. Some don't.
    we love the tragic endings more. don't we?
    somehow happy endings don't conform
    to the reality of this 'It's complicated' generation.
    It's not a social media trend.
    It's the reality we finally found a nameplate for.

    We adore moons, stars, celestial bodies
    comparing them mostly using analogies of
    our imaginary, real, not-so-imaginary beloved(s).
    we like to find love in everything
    or maybe love leads us everywhere?

    We often feel an unexplained longing for a stranger, whom we haven't much communicated with
    (that makes us insane but love, nevertheless, gigantic or microscopic, makes us lose our senses a bit, doesn't it?)

    We sometimes go numb towards a person close to us, it's often wrapped in formalities, it's often a duty we perform to make sure we have a clean conscience at the end of the day.
    (Often, it clogs hearts. suffocates the soul. how long will your conscience survive?)

    //Dandelion seeds fly, from a distant world
    they land somewhere alien
    Finding a ground to grow and love
    giving hope to healing hearts//

    //Love is love,
    complicated or not,
    human or innocent
    one-sided or
    subtly existing in two minds
    not finding a voice.
    True love is hard to find and define
    Love is the greatest truth
    that forever shines//


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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Vibrant


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    Life is vibrant when we find happiness in small things


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    रात के अंधेरों में
    दोपहर की गर्मी में
    लू के थपेड़ों में
    मचलती तूफानों में
    तोड़ती आँधियों में
    झलकती बिजलियों में
    ना ढूंढो हमें

    हम तो मिलेंगे किसी
    के टूटे हुए दिल में
    किसी के निराशा में
    किसी के आंसुओ में
    किसी के क्षणभंगुर ख्यालों में

    //कविताएं जो मिलती है किसी बेचारे आशिक़ के डायरी
    के पन्नों में//


    #OriginalByRuchi #hindiwriters #hindibyRuchi

    #writersnetwork #Mirakee

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    ढूंढने पर ना मिले हम ऐसी कविता है,
    दिल की पुकार सुनते है हम ऐसे नगमें है
    (...कैप्शन पढ़े)


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    Inspired by recent post of Jaya of @call_me_harfkaar


    Of course people hurt you. by their words, or actions, or inactions, sometimes insensitivity.
    'cause you give them too much importance to that extent that they are like the remote control application that takes over your whole mind system, and manoeuvre you like a puppet.
    Only thing is instead of a happy, bright puppet show giving you respite from a hardworking week, it breaks you yet your heart fails to acknowledge it.

    Sweet words, two or three gestures of kindness, and lovable acts (of course, it is normal in this somewhat sinister world but we choose to consider them so) and bingo! that's the recipe to an unexplained disaster that disguises as a continental dish that looks good on plate but is as awful if someone made baingan ka kheer or karele ka halwa or maybe Biriyani ice-cream or chicken falooda...
    list is endless.

    Now you've to decide. whether you want to get shots of depression everyday and die day by day, as you sink into a blackhole, a blackhole where logic of science and laws of universe don't hold any sense.

    Difference is in this blackhole you forget who you are, what you are, where you are and get sucked into it unknowingly.
    where your sense of belief, logic keep playing on a broken radio on loop, with no sight of being repaired unless you destroy it.

    You can only destroy it if you want. Your thoughts, your vulnerability, your emotions, your feelings, your heart may want to go back to that blackhole...wondering perhaps there's a way for reconciliation, maybe immature and impulsiveness was the reason, maybe it's just my overreacting mind, maybe there's nothing wrong.

    But these are not what you want, these feelings, emotions, vulnerabilities, feelings and your heart are what you are thinking you want. these are not realities.

    At the end, it wouldn't be emphasis to say that your life is, was and will be always yours.
    If we can wear a mask and keep at bay a virus, is it so difficult to keep away people who KEEP TOYING WITH OUR MENTAL HEALTH IN SOME OR OTHER WAY?
    USE IT, AND ELIMINATE SUCH Malicious Viruses.




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    Part 2.


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    I wish the paradise returns from its exile
    I can't be blind to what I see, but I can't remain dumb either.

    #OriginalByRuchi #RAWbyRuchi

    12th Oct 2020 9.10 pm
    #writersnetwork #Mirakee

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    Real Talent never needs to be begged for.
    It shines like the Sun and
    soothes like the moon.
    It creates attention rather than seeking for it.


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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Forgive


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    The best way to achieve peace and happiness


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    कहानियों की भूमिका ख़ामोशी से हैं, खैर अंत भी तो उसी ख़ामोशी में छुपा हुआ है...

    8th oct 2020, 00.45 am. Thursday

    #OriginalByRuchi #hindiwriters
    #writersnetwork #Mirakee

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    फिजूल की बातों में क्या रखा है
    यह ख़ामोशी ही अनकहे किस्से बयां
    करने के लिए आमादा है


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    Short, nonsensical poem by me.

    5th October 2020, 02.10 am.

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    love is like the cherry blossom
    blooms for a short time,
    setting your heart free.

    when the time comes to cherish
    it fully,
    the season ends blatantly.


  • the_procrastinating_poet 68w

    *Lengthy read, please ignore if you wish*

    some of us, almost all of us
    in the some category
    have an affinity towards darkness.

    our raw, real, and rough thoughts
    come to us when we are surrounded by
    darkness of not only the sky above, or
    the night outside, or the room,
    but the overwhelming darkness that seeps in
    as we fight our own monsters.

    in Western countries, kids in childhood are made to believe, there are monsters under their bed.
    Little do they know, that there are monsters inside every one of us, which raise their heads when we cannot fight the vulnerabilities that overpower us.

    Why do you think some of us love the colour black? black heart emojis, black nail paint, black background, black wallpapers, etc.
    black is not the colour for depression or delusion, it is the colour when all bright colours lose their sheen, and it embraces their weakness, and stands out, saying--- "I'm not bowing down in face of the adversities and the anxieties some of which are consequences of my own thoughts and experiences."

    The best writeups, the best pieces, the best stories and the originality of our thought process comes to us when we are surrounded by darkness---
    darkness that has emanated from pain, heartbreak, failure, disappointment, and piledup expectations.

    Because we all are flawed. we all are imperfect. we are wounded. Our Originality is not our smiles alone,
    we are both YIN and YANG.

    We are black. we are white. we are the rainbows.
    we are the lightning clouds.

    We tend to write the same darkness in different ways,
    making it change its cover, and design.
    We use the best synonyms available, churning out a few metaphors, paradoxes, ironies, and oxymorons.

    And there it is, our specially designed limited edition vulnerability added with darkness is presented.

    Our tears don't fall simply now because they are made to trickle down our optic vessels, our hearts don't break easily, because they are made to crack into smithereens, and through that we know it is bleeding, waiting to be bandaged by growing shrubs of compassion and love.

    that is the thing about darkness and vulnerabilities.
    we tend to write too much about them. to the point of exhaustion.
    to the point that even exhaustion seems just another word.

    Yet Darkness remains our go-to theme.
    because Darkness makes us reveal our real selves.
    we can write about love, happiness, and joy easily, but it's tough to write about Originality, about reality

    Reality that encompasses both melancholy and

    What do you think about it?
    feel free to comment your thoughts.



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    RANT. part 1.

    4th October 2020.


  • the_procrastinating_poet 68w



    At the graveyard hour
    when the world sleeps
    the night keeps awake
    screaming cries of the
    tormented one,

    of an innocent soul
    burnt in a pyre
    whose family wasn't given
    the chance to a dignified funeral.

    the innocent flower
    tortured, abused, wounded
    by maleficent beings
    who call themselves as men of class

    it is rather indistinguishable now
    what is class, or perhaps crass
    as we keep on massaging and promoting
    the " putrefying patriarchy"

    There are heroes who don't wear capes
    some wear khakis, or that's what we know
    without worrying.

    Amongst these khaki-laden heroes,
    some have already sold their soul to the devil,
    what remains is a greedy cogwheel
    working only to drive the ego and powerplay of
    meanest machines.

    Another day, few hours, few moments pass
    another soul is tormented somewhere else.
    we just raise our voices on paper
    as the elected ballot nullifies this country's
    already grim future.

    Result :
    Justice not Found.


    4th October, 2020.

    02.02 a.m. Kolkata.

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    to find is broken. please try searching
    with another keyword.


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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Intend


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    Intentions lay obscured underneath wishes

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    #OriginalByRuchi :)

    3rd October, 2020.

    A meaningless yet somewhat meaningful poem.

    I missed this platform. Had left 4 months ago, glad to be back. glad to start afresh. glad to write again.

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    Hiding away somewhere
    location unknown
    address obscured
    trying to find something
    something that sets the
    soul free
    yet that something remains
    at large
    escaping the webbed mind
    becomes difficult
    enigma is just another word.

    People leave places,
    places don't leave people.
    they stay in the memories
    of the first tears, first rain, maybe
    first heartbreak, or the first of
    every firsts or perhaps
    numerous lasts.

    Our soul is segregated into
    multiple locations, locations where
    our heart once stayed, and now
    it is just the lingering rhythm of the
    past beats.