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  • pallavi4 1w


    My parents are like chalk and cheese
    As different as two people can possibly be
    I keep wondering since I am like neither
    How they managed to sire me

    My dad is chilled out and relaxed
    Unfussy and jovial all the time
    Even in the face of things going wrong
    He pretends that everything is just fine

    My mom is more tightly wound
    A stickler for time and work
    Accounting for every minute of the day
    She doesn’t let anyone haphazardly lurk

    He is short and a bit of a bully
    With big dreams and a wild imagination
    An optimist at heart, he is never found low
    Or down due to mournful resignation

    She is tall and determined
    Hardworking and intense
    Once she starts something she continues
    Doing it for weeks without an end

    He still dresses like he is in the 70s
    Unwilling to change into current styles
    But adapts very quickly to new technology
    He is unstoppable and goes on for miles

    She’s modern and dressed to the nines
    Uniquely different and mighty fine
    But bad at changing according to changing times
    Unwilling to put even a foot out of line

    A sharp contrast of two separate worlds
    To me they represent the two poles
    They maybe apart in mannerisms and behaviour
    Yet they are what makes my home


    16th of January, 2022

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Ethereal Acrylic Paintings
    by Duy Huynh

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  • ouch_theseoneliners 1w


    Godsend creatures who taint your adulthood with weird and silly childhood memories in front of others.

    PS. Love you mom-dad.


  • devbhandari 1w

    तू कभी

    तू,कभी सर्द रातों की कॉफी सा,
    गहरी नींद उड़ा ले जाता है
    फिर सुबह की धूप के टुकड़े सा,
    उजाला भर ले आता है
    तू कभी ट्रैफिक में फंसी गाड़ी सा,
    जी भर के शोर मचाता है
    फिर अपने मखमली हाथों से,
    दिल को सुकून दे जाता है
    तू,कभी सर्द रातों की कॉफी सा,
    गहरी नींद उड़ा ले जाता है

  • feflourflowers 1w

    You conceived me thank u no big deal it's not like u even played you part as a parent so thank you for 15 years of hell I'm greatful.well done !

  • popsweety_abi 1w


    Being born as a woman is not a
    curse because, no one in this universe can play her role as part and
    as equal to nature!


  • varunasopa_ 1w


    Bf-gf are transient and temporary


    Existence and devotion for parents are long lasting and permanently forever

  • priyankaanbu_001 2w

    If you miss your beloved dad or mom badly just play the game of MONOACTING it's them where u came from...

    They are always in u you know what they feel about u; ask yourself!

    You will even get a positive answer for a negative situation.


  • raman_writes 2w


    ज़रा सी शाम क्या होती है बेचैन हो उठते है ।

    बच्चे घर ना पहुँचे तो माँ बाप परेशाँ हो जाते है ।।


  • kefi_kat 3w

    Parents are tree of life
    Grounded deep beneath
    Standing tall
    Pround & patiently
    The bridge between
    roots & wings
    Of their child
    They teach us
    All the seasons of life
    They inspire us
    To what we can become
    & Remind us
    Where we come from
    The very home
    Of warmth & love
    Their purpose
    To care & nurture
    Oh, how without a doubt
    They know it all
    They inspire us to embrace
    Our Natural beauty
    Parents for sure are
    The home of life
    To those who hold on
    With respect
    Are blessed eternally.

    ©Kefi_kat originals
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  • angeljohn 3w

    Their Share

    Been immersed in a mother's potency,
    I was dispersed into an open world
    self absorbed in a flow that's greedy.
    But my mother's share of compatibility
    never let me and will never let me to discord.
    She treasured her selfless-love in me
    and taught me to treasure the same affection
    within the ones around me and the ones in me.
    With her maternal soft spot in me,
    I shall not live in vain.

    Nurtured by a father's compassion,
    I was taught to be confident to question
    and to create answers with my own life.
    My father's vision was I,
    for he witnessed, an invisible future in me.
    He has made me strong
    to fight against the wrong
    until my veins drain, out of my mane.
    Thus, I shall not live in vain.

    A Mother and a Father
    live in me immortaly with,
    her sweetened love and,
    his infinite power and,
    their share erased
    every bit of vain from me.
    Hence, forever and ever
    I shall not live in vain.


  • seo_myeon_i 4w


    We fall
    We stand
    We cry
    We laugh
    We play
    We sleep

    This is the things we miss the most
    Remember at every fall
    Floors are beaten
    Each spoons of food are in the names of our dears

    Loves from parents were isn't enough
    We want everyone to love us only
    We were attention seeker
    At every cry and laugh
    We are pictured

    At every fall
    All comes to comfort us
    No worries
    Only to enjoy

    We act like elders
    But we weren't
    We were comedy person
    We are entertainment for others
    Every laugh have love for us

    But we are grown
    No more laugh
    Not even floors are beaten
    At our falls

    I wished those days never end.


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    Wish I could enjoy my childhood again.

  • varunasopa_ 4w

    #parents ��❤️

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    She : me or parents ?

    Me : Parents because love can be find after some or other day but parents are once in a lifetime gem ... they need to be preserved properly because they are our life's heritage and pride

  • guesswho 4w


    Let me clarify
    Anxiety for you -
    Picture a conversation:

    Even if you just think
    Of having an opinion
    It creeps up right
    Behind you.
    And hovers. And waits.

    And then how dare you think
    That you could share that thought -
    It raises up your pressure
    And slaps you back in place.

    It's like a horrid parent.
    Chastises when you're happy.
    A narcissistic mother
    That loves to see you fail.

    It's the reason
    You don't listen
    To music on the train.
    You think theses headphones
    Dumb on that little brain.

    And bedtime stories are
    A guide on
    How to be.
    A guide on how to walk,
    Eat and how to speak.

    And in there
    Mother reads
    Some conversations loud.
    And asks you
    To remember
    Which words come
    Where and how.

    And if you fail the task
    Of speaking freely
    She'll belt that tiny arse
    Till you can only stand.

    And only so much either
    As knees get weak as well.

    A horrid parent
    Mother -
    In every plan.

  • anorderlymess 4w

    Some parents probably don't understand how stressful it is for a child to bear comparisons on their tender shoulders at a young age. Maybe parents should stop comparing their child with someone else because each child is different in their own way.
    It is parents duty to understand and help the child bloom differently.
    Different is beautiful too.

  • anorderlymess 4w

    Parents need to normalise to accept flaws, success, failures and everything else that is related to their child. Each child is different in his or her own way and it is parents duty to understand the capacity of their own ward and let them dream.

    Parents should learn to accept their child the way they are instead of comparing them with someone else in the world outside or relatives or friends for that matter. It would be way better if parents just accepted the knitting dreams of their child and be happy with their child.
    Let them live life the way they want to after they have reached a certain stage in their life. Instead of forcing your dreams on them, it will be better if you as parents accept those dreams of your children and let them lead life the way they want to.

    In this competitive era, it gets difficult to achieve everything in one go. Some children take baby steps and some children take huge leaps. Just because your child is not running like the other child, doesn't mean that your child doesn't give the best of his or her capacity. Your neighbor's child maybe good at academics and your child maybe good in drawing or arte or singing or something else that someone else is not good at.

    Competition is there at every step and at every stage, this world is growing competitive. Just because your child is choosing Arts over Science doesn't mean that your child is not capable of anything. Maybe your child is good at literature/History/ Hindi/English and some other subject that a Science student may not be good at. Just because your child is going to Commerce field and wants to be an MBA or a CA doesn't mean that your child is any less than your neighbour's. Just because your child has done engineering and then wishes to pursue MBA and then wants to join some bank, doesn't mean that choosing Science was a waste.
    Let your children choose course/careers of their choice instead of you pushing all your unfulfilled dreams on their head. It would be way better if you would let them fly, fall, get up, dust themselves, dream and learn to walk again.

    Just because you couldn't fulfill your dreams at your age, doesn't give you the right to force your dreams on your children. By making them emotionally weak and convincing them the wrong way to make your dreams theirs, you're losing your child. Telling them all your dreams over and over again, that your dreams will remain unfulfilled if they don't pursue it, you'll be getting no where. Giving them guilt trips, by compelling them to dream your dreams, ambitions, goals and just making them suffer to achieve your dreams, will get you nothing but distance between you and your child.

    Dreams are dreams after all be it yours or be it your child's. Just for you, they have to sacrifice their dream isn't right. Is it? You as parents have sacrificed a lot so have they given upon things you might not know it because they never told out in the open about sacrificing something for you. Just to make you happy, to keep you away from worries, they might agree to dream what you have dreamt of, but what about their ambitions? Have you thought about it? What about those simple dreams that they've sewed for themselves?
    You couldn't fulfill your dreams when you were of their age doesn't mean you force all your dreams on them and continue the chain for generations together.
    Just like how you have dreamt something for them, they too have them something for themselves. Just because you don't support them, maybe they will accept your dreams as their dreams and pursue but you really think by pursuing your dreams, they will be happy? You think it'll be a good choice?
    Maybe your parents didn't allow you, didn't have your back but it doesn't mean that you don't support your children too. Back then, when you were of their age, when you were young, the conditions might have been different, the education system was not as strong as it is right now. Maybe your parents were not financially capable of helping you achieve your dreams but if you are financially strong and able then why not let your children pursue their dream?
    It may take a little longer for your child to achieve his or her dream than it took for someone else. Or who knows someone else might not even know what they want from life let alone living their dream but your child at least knows where his or her happiness lies. At least, your child is running after his or her dream.
    There are many children out in the world who compromise from the day they are born to the last day, be happy that at least your child has never learnt compromising on their dreams that they have dreamt of from the time they have learnt what the world is.
    You compromised may be your partner did too that doesn't mean your child also should adjust. Does it?
    If you are capable of helping your child achieve his or her dream, then why not break the stereotype of forcing your unfulfilled dreams on them?
    Tomorrow when your child is of your age, your child will be proud enough to say that "my parents helped me achieve my dream, my parents supported me to become the person I am today" and maybe your child will help his or her child to be the person of their choice.
    In the era where money matters a lot more than peace of mind, be satisfied that your child is choosing peace of mind over monetary terms.
    It's not very often that someone chooses peace of mind over money if your child is pursuing peace of mind, calm, satisfaction for a less amount of money maybe you're lucky you know.
    If your child comes and shares the idea of their dream with you, may be your child is sorted and knows where his or her serenity lies. It's not always that dreams are fulfilled. The society isn't bringing up your child, you are. So your child will share things with you and not with the society. Forget what the society will talk about you, your family and child; make sure to preserve your child's dream, help your child in pursuing as well as achieve it.
    Be the change and see how the world changes slowly.

    #dreams #parents #life #longform #ambitions #goals #bethechange

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    Dreams are dreams.
    Be it yours or your child's.


  • varunasopa_ 5w

    #PARENTS ����

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    Who is more superior and almighty than God ?


  • mysterioustalks 5w

    What kind of generation we live in,

    Youth is adopting pets,
    and abandoning parents.


  • beensn 5w

    We are born as daughters and sons,
    We grow up as sisters, brothers & cousins.
    At our youth, as wives, husband's, daughter/son-in-laws,
    Then become parents, aunts or uncles.
    In-laws, grannies, grandpa's,
    Some of us, even great grand parents.
    In between, we are friends and relatives,
    Teachers, employees, employers, officials.
    Politicians, ministers, administrators,
    Doctors, engineers, scientists and celebrities.
    One most memorable and enjoyable amongst all the roles,
    Irrespective of age is, being students ❤️
    © beensN

  • the_colourful_kalam 6w


    Those real life hero's in whose arms you are safe like nowhere ,
    No matter how much you fight , they'll always care,
    When you're stuck in your life they'll always be there,
    Their decisions might be wrong but their intentions are always fair
    They are those gems that are absolutely Rare. ❤


  • smartsam 6w

    Love your Children!

    Childhood is imagination
    not heap of bag & school!
    They follow blindly others
    only to be fooled!

    Kidhood is wonderful
    to listen stories!
    As far as possible
    reach kids imagination very!

    Love them true hug &
    embrace them in your arms!
    A child too pretense can
    soberly understand!

    Try to understand all
    their shallow seeming stories!
    Little boys & girls are docile
    Brick on brick is building
    castle monuments & story!