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  • blossomed 4d


    Let me burn
    Burst into flames
    Drown in fire
    The fire of my passion

    If you cannot watch
    Just turn your eyes away
    And let me burn
    So I can rise up from the ashes

    Ashes of jealousy
    Ashes of envy
    Ashes of anger
    Let me just burn

    I wanna rise up
    Fly in the skies
    As a feather
    Let me just burn

    ©blossomed 23/05/2022

  • suhasshetty 4w

    The Phoenix

    She burned as a little child,
    Or was it, that she was burnt?

    In her youth, she burned free and wild.
    For her life, that had taken a turn.

    She burned again for whom she loved.
    Sacrificed herself in every sense.

    Once more, she is burning now.
    For passion? Justice? Or vengeance?

    When she burns, fear not,
    Because she does not die.

    From her ashes, she rises hot,
    And spreads her wings to fly.


  • beensn 4w


    I would like to be a Phoenix bird,
    So that I can come out of the ashes to be heard.
    The bird is immortal and can be born again and again,
    I believe, truth is also immortal and can explain.
    If not in the first attempt, at least in the last,
    To make sure that truth wins the bet.
    The world gets to know the hidden secret,
    And stops making me the target.
    Truth is very hard and breaks open,
    When the pressure exceeds and makes it more swollen.
    It requires more guts to bear the truth,
    That's why people wants to prove 'truth as a myth'
    © beensN

  • thebhavnasaxena 5w


    In the fiery oceans of love,
    Or in the smoldering furnace of pain,
    No matter how the heart is set aflame,
    It hammers out verses, on the scorched
    Parchment of life;

    From ashes they paint rainbows,
    Burnt once, they dwell in the fire,
    Or perhaps the fire lives in them,
    They become phoenixes,
    Those who become poets.

  • _yuku_08 8w


    Rising high up in the heavens, beauty lies within;
    Creating a new version of herself;
    Overcoming the faults and flaunts, she is one of a kind;

    She is a phoenix, rising from the ashes and lifting herself to the tremendous beauty.

  • journeyhale 8w

    Something in me was drawn to you.
    A pull of something waiting to ignite.

    You are both magnet and dynamite.
    Burn and balm
    A catalyst that when we touch, turns into a firestorm that consumes both of us.

    I can't pull away from your heat.
    Your words, flames against my skin,
    warm everywhere they touch.
    I didn't know I was cold until you.

    You make me feel like a Phoenix.
    As I burn and burn, only to rise from
    the ashes, begging to be set sweetly
    aflame once again.

    You are the only fire I have known
    that creates as it destroys me.

    I rise up, glowing like hot metal.
    Tempered feathers and shining skin,
    something magnificent to behold.

    #fire #phoenix #burn #passion #Mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    You are the only fire I have known
    that creates as it destroyes me.

    I rise up, glowing like hot metal.
    Tempered feathers and shining skin.
    something magnificent to behold.

  • _desaiagraja 8w

    I got an Editors choice (2)������✨
    Thank you all�� @writersnetwork @miraquill

    I don't know if it makes any sense, but there was a wierd dream and I had to write it out.��✨

    Love, light and happiness to y'all ��✨��

    Heliotrope: symbolises love and devotion (for my dreams, ambition)

    Hues of evening purple and blue,
    (That's how amazing and beautiful it felt with you)

    Held the camera to capture the view,
    (And so I want to capture all this memories and time spent with you)

    Haunting hawks, mysterious place,
    (These refers to the place and people that can't accept us too)

    Hopefully it's just a game of maze, he said
    (And you told me that it's just the hurdles and we would out of it togather)

    How come you didn't hold me close,
    ( But you didn't show up for me, when I needed you the most)

    How come you left me all alone in a labyrinth,
    ( And you left me alone in this Chaos of envy and love, with all the memories)

    Hang in there, now see me fly, burning phoenix, stronger in the sky.
    (It doesn't matter now, because i will rise out of this situation like a phoenix, yet again, free and stronger then ever)

    (Also you is none other then my incomplete dreams, targets, wishes basically it's incomplete me)

    #pleiadespoem #wod #pod #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill #writersnetwork #phoenix #love #light #wierddream #dream

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    Hues of evening, purple and blue,
    Held the camera to capture the view.
    Haunting hawks, mysterious place,
    Hopefully it's just a game of maze, he said.
    How come you didn't hold me close,
    How come you left me all alone in a labyrinth Chaos,
    Hang in there, now see me fly, burning phoenix, stronger in the sky.



  • memory_lyric 10w


    Life is a game
    Where u need to tame your problems
    It's you who need to choose
    The path to solve this conundrum is that you don't concede.

    Rise and realise the power within you
    Even if failure is near you
    Rise from the ruins like a phoenix
    To fight the battle of life

    You are more capable than you think
    If you know to use the power within you
    You would never sink
    And you can win the game of life


  • infinity_means_you_ 11w

    You tried to stop me.
    But now it's time to show the rages inside me.
    Right now I am on fire, burning.
    You thought all I'll be left is ashes!
    But baby I'm a phoenix.
    Sooner or later I'll be rising,
    Up in the sky flying.
    Wanted me to be defeated?
    Oh no, still trying.
    Yesterday I was scared,
    Today I'm unstoppable!


  • dalisayagape 12w

    Phoenix Soul

    The hammer that has been dangling precariously from my now frayed heart string has finally become to heavy of a weight for it to bear.
    With one final tug on the weakened string the hammer falls!
    It falls fast and without care, breaking first through the wall in my soul that I so perfectly built that seperates my strength from my vulnerability! What took me years to build it OBLITERATED in a mere second.
    As it found its way to the bottom of my being it shattered EVERY part of my soul into a million jagged little pieces, leaving nothing of my prior self to be salvaged! An empty space, a blank canvas!!!
    The jagged little pieces are removed one by one carried with the current of my tears! Each tear cleansing as it flows taking with it the toxins that polluted my being, one by one.
    The toxic thoughts
    The toxic feelings
    The toxic doubts
    The toxic insecurities
    Flowing fast and freely! I surrender to their current. I do not fight it. Im tired of fighting.
    The rush of tears slowly becomes a trickle. Their job is complete.
    The cavity where my toxic soul once resided is now vacant and scrubbed clean.
    Ready for my soul to begin renovating itself on a solid, pure foundation. One free from toxic waste.
    Each piece fitting with the next seamlessly, without friction. Piece by piece my soul emerges.
    A piece added for each person I make laugh and two for each time I laugh.
    A piece for every person I make smile and two for each time I smile.
    A piece for each word of encouragement I give and two for each time I welcome encouragement
    A piece for every time I offer my shoulder to cry on and two for allowing myself to cry on someone elses
    My old souls one and only focus was to make sure everyone elses soul was unscathed.
    My renovated souls one and only focus is to make sure it remains unscathed. A healthy soul can help alot more people than a dying one!! So two pieces of the whole are given for each time my own soul is nurtured and only one when I nurture someone elses.
    MY SOUL IS VALUABLE....and deserves nurturing!
    My old soul absorbed everyone elses negative energy in order to keep them from feeling any pain.
    My old soul had an open door policy, allowing everyone to drag in their toxins and dump them there.
    My old soul, in its quest to heal everyone that was hurting, internalized that hurt.
    My old soul in its mission to protect all it loved from pain became oblivious to the pain it was in.
    With time my old soul became so convuluted with everyone elses toxic waste that I was turning in to the person that needed to be saved instead of the one saving everyone else.
    Now that I needed to be saved, who was going to save me?? Nobody but myself!!
    My old soul was shattered when it could no longer bear the weight of the toxins that had collected there. Self destructed in order to self reflect and renovate itself with self love being its number one priority.
    My renovated soul

    will still do all that made my old soul so special but will not do it at its own expense.

    does not have any walls within it. There is no wall to seperate my strength from my vulnerability. They are one in the same!! Allowing myself to be vulnerable without fear is the ultimate show of strength!!

    will surrender to cleansing as often as it needs it. It will let the tears flow as fiercely or softly as they need too for as long as they need too.

    is okay with the fact that its okay to not be strong all the time.

    knows that reaching out for a hand or asking for help is not a sign of failure or weakness.

    will embrace the good that people are willing to share with me with open arms, without guilt.

    will no longer have an open door policy. I will no longer allow negative energy to get past the threshold and pollute all the positive energy coming to me and from me!

    will always put my feelings above all others. They are valid and should be vocalized, heard and respected with as much weight as I put in everyone elses.


    If by chance I slip back to the ways of my old soul and the weight yet again becomes to much to bear, I vow to surrender all power and give myself permission to accept defeat without feeling like a failure. Defeat is not failure. Failure would be allowing myself to continue hurting when I have the power to stop it. The worst kind of failure is failing yourself!! I refuse to fail myself anymore! There is more than enough things/people that can and will fail me in this world, the only one i have control over is myself. Accepting defeat is the first step on my way to victory. I will stumble, I will slip, I expect to renovate my soul numerous times before i get it just right and im okay with that. In the end no matter how long it takes I will claim victory and my permanant soul will be impenetrable ♥

  • sarahrachelea 12w

    Phoenix Soul

    I was BURNED TO DEATH in March 2020
    I have risen from my own ashes though

    ~ March 2022

  • virahela 14w


    The love that burns
    Only for you, forever without ends
    It flame heal wounds
    Purging your soul from the darkness
    Cremating all the deepest scars
    Restore and resurrect your heart to a new beginning, since I was created to be the one made for you, a love messenger that is endless.

  • nav_abhi 15w

    Phoenix sinew

    My thoughts seldom say
    Ain't this this the wrong way ?
    My heart silently weeps
    Why can't I take the leap ?

    It's only a matter of time
    Ain't no love divine .
    Tis a mortal's creation
    Conclusion's the only redemption.

    Silently I weep the loss
    But a victory I do achieve..
    And cleave, my heart's belief .

    Hope reigns supreme ,
    A new tommorow beckons ,
    Of which but little's gone .

    Ready to be written anew
    With..my phoenix sinew .

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 16w

    My heart has turned into a blind man's knot that cannot be untied but needs to be cut open.
    The phoenix with its pomegranate wings beats rapidly against its gilded cage. It's desire to fly is glowing red like that of a bursting heart of a volcano.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 18w


    ​Am an old soul, with a young heart, age cannot bind me in. I have been born many times and died many deaths in the past 3 decades. I love the country side, the open fields and clean streams, the green mountains and virgin beaches while I enjoy binging and trying out new games. I shop when I want to, eat when I wish to, meet people when I have to. Don't let Facebook fool you. My true friends are mostly in books and movies and some are in songs too. I will burn to give you light or burn to find light for self again. Am a human with a Phoenix soul. 

  • thebhavnasaxena 19w

    Sharp objects slicing
    Soft skin, silent screams
    In carnivals of joy,
    Bloody hands sweep away
    Shards of something broken.

    Under all the ice,
    There is a lub-dub
    Growing fainter each moment,
    Foggy afternoons and cold winds
    That tear off meat from bones,
    The cold burns, but no ashes are
    Left for me to remake myself again.

    Where are the tears, when you need
    Them to flow, when the soul is a
    Vast winter wonderland, who saves
    The day, if not the sun.

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    Come to me beloved, lest I feel
    Nothing at all, kiss me deep,
    I am thirsty for your fire,
    Let me drown in your heat,
    I bare my heart to you,
    Set it aflame, let them
    Hear me scream, as I burn,
    When the first rose blooms,
    As crimson as my blood,
    I will return wearing the
    Colors of spring.

  • mandah88 19w

    The Phoenix

    Scattered among the ground
    are ashes all around
    fragments of dust,
    what's left of me
    the only remnants
    of the former me
    but now among
    the ashen dust
    I take a new form
    colored of sunshine
    copper &rust
    up, up, up
    I begin to arise
    leaving my old life
    far behind
    I surpass the restraints
    that my old life shackled me in
    a new me, a new life
    I will soon begin
    soon now
    i will soar
    a better version of myself
    than before
    time to reintroduce myself
    to the world
    no longer that
    lost and shameful girl
    I'm back
    a new mission in mind
    for I'm rejuvenated
    and more inclined
    to make a difference
    for each of those
    that have become
    saddened, lost souls
    take my story
    make it your own
    you can do it
    you alone
    rising up in a swirl
    shaped of a helix
    I expand my wings
    I am the phoenix

    © Manda H.

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 20w

    I shall soar any day now,
    My wings maybe battered
    But not broken.

  • _desaiagraja 24w

    Unfathomed love

    He lived in a caliginous dream states,
    While the dark black clouds perfectly camouflaged his luminous thoughts.

    The ruby zoisite eyes of hers, Would squint in his glowing, gleaming radiant art work.

    She could easily explain his allegories,
    Her love was unbounded, unfathomed,
    So much so that she would turn down to ashes,
    To make him rise like a phoenix.
    But he would still live
    In a caliginous world of disbelief.

  • freewords_v 27w

    Have I told you,your
    Voice gives me frissons of all kinds?
    It's the,
    Cortex copulation,dopamine releases;
    Like space diving in Amaarae's tunes or
    watching paints transform into
    immortal pieces,
    Then getting hit by your smile
    And the beautiful contradictions your eyes feed me with...
    and then,boooom! I'm dead.
    Now,can you calculate how many times I might have died
    Cos you was in my feels?
    If I'm the freaking phoenix,you must be my fuel,
    Multiverses or metaverse,same outcome,
    Same thrills.

    Sprinkling a Little Zest off the Muse's Aura