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    【The Ramsetu】

    Ma'am - Name the building which is famous all over the world as a symbol of love.

    The whole class cried out together, "Taj Mahal of Agra"

    Then a student stood up and said, "Ma'am,
    "Ram Setu" is famous all over the world as a symbol of love.
    Which Shri Ram had built arrogantly on the chest of the roaring ocean to protect his beloved wife Shri Sita, and then attacked Lanka through that bridge with the army and killed Ravana along with his family and brought back his beloved wife safely.
    Shri Ram did not cut the hands of the monkeys who built the bridge.
    Rather took them to Ayodhya with love.
    This is love.

    What Shah Jahan did is not love but lust, madness and cruelty.

    While building Ram Setu, Shri Ram put his hand on the back of the squirrel.
    But after the construction of Taj Mahal, the hands of lakhs of laborers were cut off by Shah Jahan.


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    हे राम

    हे दयानिधान, करुनानिधान, पुरुषोत्तम
    हे राम,
    मुझे तुम पर दया आती है

    सारा जीवन संघर्षों में बिता दिया,
    नियति ने चक्रवर्ती से, वन का चक्कर लगवा दिया,
    कभी वनगमन, कभी सिया का हरण,
    कभी दर दर भटकना, बंदर भालूओं के संग.

    पग पग पर चुभते हैं काँटे,
    पर मुख से आह भी ना आती है..

    हे राम,
    मुझे तुम पर दया आती है

    स्त्री को छल से हर के ले जाना,
    पापी का एक घोर पाप कर जाना,
    पति का व्याकुलता से हाल बुरा हो जाना,
    रोते रोते, पत्नी का, पेड़, पशु, खग, पक्षी से पता पूछते जाना...

    ऐसी राम दशा पर,
    माँ सती भी चकित हो जाती है

    हे राम,
    मुझे तुम पर दया आती है

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    Ram Navami

    Your heart and home be filled with
    happiness, peace and prosperity.
    Happy Ram Navami Y'all

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    है राम ! तेरे देश में न्याय का क्या हाल है,
    क्या राजनेता क्या पुलिस और क्या जनता सब बेहाल है ।

    कुछ को अपनी रोटियां सेंकने से फुर्सत नही,
    कुछ को अपने स्वार्थी स्वभाव से फुर्सत नही ।

    कुछ है जो एजेंडे लिए सड़कों पर है आ गए,
    और कुछ है हीन भाव होकर जैसे है पथरा गए,

    शख्स न्याय की गुहार लेकर आखिर जाये तो जाये कहाँ?
    सब तरफ उसके लिये है जैसे रास्ते टकरा रहे ।

    है समस्या आज कल उसके लिये बनी विकराल है,
    है राम ! तेरे देश में न्याय का क्या हाल है ।


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    'रामो विग्रहवान धर्म:'
    Ram is the personification of Dharma- Righteousness

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    जन्म भूमि राम की
    वीरों का देश
    जिला झाँसी
    उत्तर प्रदेश

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    राम जैसा पुत्र ?

    #ram #ramjaisa #open_heart #relief_writing

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    कलयुग मै, राम जैसे पुत्र चाहिए ?
    दशरथ जैसे तुम्हारे कृत्य है क्या ?
    अयोध्या जैसा राज पाठ , विश्वमित्र जैसे गुरु;
    राजा हरिश्चंद्र जैसे तुम्हारे पितृ है क्या ?

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    "Do you bleed on regular basis?"
    If humiliation was a word he gave it a devastating meaning that day. He was a married man, he eyed her with a purpose!She Froze for nothing came off her mouth.she'd heard and seen enough, she concluded.

    A few years later she sat face to face with a Man trained to butcher,owner of God like eyes
    she realized that she'd unknowingly conjured up a punisher and someone somewhere was kind enough to give it a form, That Day she Unfroze.

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    If you wanna be a ravana Then mean it ravana was biggest believers and worshipped to lord shiva
    And he is king of Lanka , so be the king in your own world be undefeated you can grab alot of positivity from Ravana✨

    #day #dusshera #ink #poet #writer #reader #nature #travel #ramayana #ram #ravana #diary
    @gelukzoeker @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen

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    We live in this era
    Where everyone wants to be like Ravana
    But no one wants to be like Ram

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    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

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    Ram hu main

    मेरी क्या बराबरी करेगा तू
    विष्णु का अवतार हूँ मैं

    रावण को मोक्ष दिया
    वो राम हूँ मैं


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    ചില സിനിമകൾ എത്ര തവണ കണ്ടാലും ആദ്യമായി കണ്ട നാൾ ഉള്ളിൽ കയറിയ അതേ നോവ് ബാക്കിയാക്കി യാത്ര പോകും. വീണ്ടും കാണുമ്പോൾ ആ ചിത്രവും നോവും തിരികേയെത്തും.

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    എന്തൊരു സിനിമയാണത്.

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    #Ram Ahuja.

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    Some stories can not be written by us,
    Some ascriptions are really indelible ...

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    अगर मुझे जलाने से बुराई खत्म होती
    तो मुझे बार-बार, हर साल यूँ जलाना न पड़ता,
    और जल के भी खुश होता मैं रावण उस दिन,
    जब मुझे जलाने आया असल मे राम होता,
    उसे राम बनाना न पड़ता |

    Written by Vedika Mishra

    :- वेदिका की कलम से

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    Birthday of Bhagwati
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Sitting on a high branch on the tree
    Which I climbed this morn, I began to think
    The Surprise to present to our Mayya,
    To please her, what should be our gift!?
    I call upon Pitaji whom I find lost in thought
    While he is sitting beneath collecting fruits,
    He looks up and understands my silence,
    While I began to think about his own,
    'We're thinking the same thing, my buddy'
    He answers before my eyelids blink,
    So I jump, he catches me, and we sit there
    Together on the bench, both of us think
    'Dad I am your bud, we need Ma's parrot'
    And both of us turn our gaze at the other,
    'Akhila!' we spring! beaming at the thought
    And I go calling the lil one of my mother!
    Hari smiles as we both come running
    Excited joyously hand in hand,
    "Oh I know, I know what to do" says Akki
    While she picks a stick to draw on sand!
    One after the other, she describes and draws
    While me and Raghav sit as students
    Obediently we listen to my sister, her plan,
    And squirrels gather around for information
    'No time to waste' I take her hands in mine
    Hari nods, as we head to the village market
    "I'll go collect decorations" he goes on own
    While she counts the money in her pocket
    Making purchases from our pocket moneys
    We buy the supplies and head to our cottage
    While Akhila enters from the door cleverly
    I enter the kitchen from a window unnoticed
    I hid the stuff, as they expected from me,
    And the evening of beauty passes by,
    As the clock strikes 5 at dawn, we're awoke
    By ShriRam's voice and his eager eyes
    "Oh! Lets get to work" and our trio heads
    To our work base, the kitchen to say
    With clean hands, we set the groceries atop
    And commence our jobs assigned that day
    While me and Akhila work with food & drinks
    Hari strings the flowers, perhaps decorating
    The room is full of lotus scents and sweets
    And he puts a charm preventing early waking
    "Its 7!" We squeal, Ma wakes and Dad rushes
    To her room beside her being her first wish
    Then he closes her eyes with his blue palms
    We each take her hands, to lead to her gifts
    He slowly opens her eyes, while people rise
    From under the tables adorned with love
    Each of us spark in unison 'Surpriseee!'
    While ShriRaghav gives her a loving hug!
    On the lofty table sits a magnificent cake
    Along with sweets, rasgullas, barfi & halwa
    Relatives bring jewels, presents of all kind
    For our Janak Dulari Kishori Sita Mayya!
    She whose magnanimity knows no bounds
    Is garlanded by the flowers strung by ShriPati
    She beams with joy blessing all with love
    While all hail the beautiful & divine Bhagwati

    So this is a surprise planned by me and my sister Akhilavandana along with our father ShriRaam for the birthday of our Mayya Sita ��

    Do you know how Raghav praised Janaki?
    Akhila narrates it to this way!

    He says,
    "Your name Sītā means the one who has risen from furrow (in Sanskrit).
    In English, I will tell you what each letter signifies. ❤️

    S- Selfless. Your care and selflessness knows no bounds. You accompanied me to the forest without thinking about the dangers lurking there. You always think about my welfare.
    I- Inspiring. Your courage, determination, strength, love, everything about you inspires me and our devotees.
    T- Trusting. You always know that I would be there for you. You did what nobody else can do. Whatever difficult situation you were in, you faced everything and had full faith in me. You believe me and this belief makes me what I am.
    A- Amazing.

    And so we celebrate our Mayya, Bhagwati Sita's birthday to please her and get her blessings ��

    Pic: A drawing by her based on the poem ❤

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    Birthday of Bhagwati

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    श्री राम चंद्र कृपालु भजमन

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    Ayodhya jinka dham hai,
    Maryada purshottam jo kehlaye..
    Apne sang siya bhi laye wo Ram.

    Devta bhi jinko pujte hai,
    Pursho m uttam hai wo Ram,
    Raghukul k Raja wo Ram,

    Pathhar bhi jinke naam se tar jaye wo Ram,
    Kan kan me Ram
    Jan jan k Ram.

    Jai shree Ram ��
    #ramnavami #ram #jaishreeram #ramayana #india #hindu #lordrama #sitaram #hinduism #rama #lordram #lordhanuman #hanuman

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    Ayodhya jinka dham hai,
    Maryada purshottam jo kehlaye..
    Apne sang siya bhi laye wo Ram.

    Devta bhi jinko pujte hai,
    Pursho m uttam hai wo Ram,
    Raghukul k Raja wo Ram,

    Pathhar bhi jinke naam se tar jaye wo Ram,
    Kan kan me Ram
    Jan jan k Ram.

    Jai shree Ram

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #shri #sita #ram #navami #chaitra #shubh #abhijit #birthday #party #love #celebration #devotion #happiness #fun #glory #raita

    Shubh ShriRam Navami to everyone!!!
    So here's an account of his birthday celebration by me and @aarsha_ns Didi. We planned this birthday and executed it with Ma Sita along with our team for our ShriRam ��
    Feel free to be the part of our team and plan!
    Have a great great day for its ShriRam's birthday party!!!!!


    Birthday Boy ShriRam
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The day's arriving, the auspicious one!
    But Oh The Ruling Lord looks fumed
    What did you do or perhaps I
    Even Sita Mayya seems confused
    Well, I know, I did some mess
    But we need to make him smile again
    While Shri Hanuman sings his eulogies
    We sit together to make a plan
    "Look" I say, "like a child,
    His baby face sprouts a pout"
    "And we don't even know why"
    Says Ashu Di, "or what is it about!?"
    One thing leads to another
    And we come upon an idea
    But this would not be easy to hide
    From either Raghav or his Siya
    So we plan to include
    Our Ma in our little plot
    While I execute this, Ashu Di
    Goes about informing the whole abode
    So I enter the chambers of our parents
    And climb to Mayya's lap
    While Raghav sits with his phone
    As if busy on Vaishnav-Chat
    So I quietly exit the room
    After sliding the secret letter to Ma
    And she smiles acknowledging
    And appreciating our idea
    So the day comes, the Navami of Chaitra
    But everyone quietly does daily chores
    Raghav raises an eyebrow, in surprise
    As he keeps staring around and all
    But no one seems bothered
    So he proceeds towards his throne
    Moving with his pout on,
    He picks up his bright blue phone
    But as he sits at the couch
    All the lights go off, it's dark
    Then a glowing figure appears in the middle
    Its Ma, with her lovely charm!
    Her golden glow emanates the room
    As she sings his eulogies with love
    While everyone emerges from the shadows
    Each in a different bright colour!
    We dance and sport and form the scenes
    Beloved to his heart and soul,
    We celebrate and enact upon his Katha,
    While food is served to the lovely God!
    Some fondle him, and decorate his hair
    While some relatives offer a sweet
    Some give presents and elders shower love
    While little children press his Feet!
    ShriRam lights up, his face is brightened
    As Ma Jaanki caresses him along
    He seems impressed and every voice chants
    "Long live our Sweetest Lord!"

    Okay, so this idea most twenty first century devotees like that ShriHari should've a phone and a Vaishnav Chat (app like insta perhaps invented by me ��), so that every Vaishnav, every devotee, could chat with him easily.. So I added this element for fun.
    And, I am not lying ShriRam was really making a face these days... And Sita Ma also looked confused.. So Aarsha Di told me to fondle him, like really he smiles when you give him love filled attention.
    So don't ignore ShriRam today, play with him, love him, worship him, celebrate the day and MAKE HIM HAPPY!

    Pic: My SiyaRam (I called them Raita cuz Ram+Sita= Raita ��)

    Jay ShriHari! Jay ShrimanNarayana!
    ShriHari bless all! ��❤️��

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    Birthday Boy ShriRam

    By ShriHari Nandini