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  • starvour 13h

    #sun #randomthoughts #cloud
    The sun is awake
    Risen from the East alongside the Oguta lake
    Come to flaunt it's radiance for us to partake?
    Or is it here for scorching sake?

    The wind is grunting
    It only does that when it's hunting
    Or rather, when it's abducting
    Huh!! these trees need to do some adapting.

    The cloud is in pain
    That reminds me of Cain
    Dishing thunderous sacrifices the earth can't contain
    And so many proceedings that comes with rain

    Snow is falling
    Everyone is lolling
    We all want a winter holiday in Beijing
    But how close is this to achieving?


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  • starryeyes_ 2d

    It's just easier to let things go like you don't care,
    But there's this fear,
    A fear that I'll run out of things to loose,
    A fear that there'll be nothing worth holding onto.


  • bittersnowy 2d

    Once they smell your fear
    They'll tear you apart


  • mysterious_rover_dreamer 4d

    Bus stop

    I was at the bus stop, waiting for my bus
    the waves of heat bashed on the face.
    Being new made me curious, to look around.

    I saw people all around, some in hurry,
    some confused, some indifferent.
    people were stuffed into the bus,
    some hanging, some struggling for breath, drenched in sweat.

    The incessant flow of buses
    kept the buzz in the loop.
    I looked at them, Amused.

    Then came my bus,
    Set aside my reverie,
    I dashed towards it,
    And became a part of that crowd.

  • tosha_indian_human 1w


    What am i? Am i just my weight, my hair, my height, my face, my smile?
    My attributes keep changing with time,
    I was thin, then fat, fatter, fattest
    Oh no! You were so much better before,
    When before? When i was still questioning myself or it was then when i questioning my looks, my eyes, my nose, my lips, my teeth, my insecurities stemming from my each and every breath? No one has ever tried to understand the soul that yearns to peek out the bodily dressings,
    The weight, the fat, the complexion, the face, coverings are far more menacing , the skin deep beauty suffocating my every thought, every move.
    You will learn beta, you will grow.. advices flow,
    The mind knows but the heart doesn't follow
    Always want to fit in, thin and lean,
    My worth only in my fake smiles and fake laughs
    While my soul cries itself to sleep every night
    To reach out to someone who sees beyond my eyes the abyss of my heart trying to seep through my thoughts, my actions, my words!
    I smile to hide the fact that maybe it is better to fake than to be real and be a mirror of the world!

  • karia_si 2w


    Kill me now
    Tell me how
    Just take a bow
    And I'll take the blow


  • ginni6 2w

    There are LESSIONS for LEARNING not for LEAVING ....

    #motivation #dreams #life #randomthoughts

    @writersnetwork, @miraquill, @mirakeeworld

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    These thoughts
    Mess up my mind
    These stars
    Picturize my mind
    These silent nights
    Make up my mind
    For future
    And these dreams
    Visualise my eyes

    Day and night
    I create my mind and heart
    To write, to research
    To make plans
    And just make myself motivated

    It's not a age of romance
    It's a age of plans
    Not of your career
    But for your life

    I just don't understand
    Why everyone wants a partner
    I have seen
    It's a responsibility of someone else
    Which is not needed
    'YOU' are just enough
    For your career , education and life
    Focus on yourself
    Not on others!

  • thegirl_who_dared 2w

    A character is built, not found.

  • subtlnuegglytchspyt 2w

    A stage;

    Check the dates, the cadence,
    The substantial influence.
    It's not recreational, when I,
    Polabra Jot Alphabetic ,
    Galactic ,cutting off familiarances.
    Distractions, Play Pretties, Through
    But ,you can't help it, if you wanted to.
    DRM, ingratiative,
    Uncomplicated wildness.
    I'm in love with my existence.
    I just want someone to share me with.
    That let's me delve into his elevating omnipotence.

  • lilac_blooms 2w

    I don't like how the general definition of a successful or rather a perfect life is stuck between acquiring formal education and then getting a High paying job. I don't know what I'm living for? Would I be satisfied once I get my degree, land a perfect job, get married and have kids. Would I feel like I have done what I was supposed to do and that my purpose is served and I can die without regrets. Sometimes I just look at my parents and think, are they happy with what they have achieved so far? or do they think that the time just flew by and they didn't realize how old they have grown. Once they were young students working hard to give their best, fresh graduates competing for jobs and then a young couple maintaining a good relationship. Do they think it was a long time ago and does it look like a memory to them or was it just a few years back when all of it had happened.
    "Do what you love to do" looks like a Luxury to me. what do I love to do, what do I want to do, how do I want to spend my life. I don't know.
    is it okay to not know the answers to these questions and let the things take their course.

    #randomthoughts #chaos #confused #miraquill #writing

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    Silent chaos

  • sye_wang 2w

    They gave up so many things and you are still finding the purpose in others. Grow up!

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    Random Thoughts

    Sometimes I just wonder 'Do I have purpose in this life?' Then I see my parents.....I Do!

  • dreamer_broken 2w


    Never acknowledge individual help from anybody, since you yourselves are workers.

  • __shining__ 3w

    It's not like I hated her.....
    It's just.......
    I don't like her

  • lilac_blooms 3w

    Growing old

    Its good to be young and have dreams and things to look forward to and so getting old is beautiful yet scary. To me growing old means reaching the end of your favorite book that you'll never be able to reread. Its like knowing that there would be no more thrilling chapters to look forward to and that soon you're gonna know the end. Would it be a happy ending or a tragic ending? Its like knowing that these roads leading to exciting places would gradually start to decrease and that soon you're gonna reach a dead end.

  • rishvanth 3w

    I don't know whether this will make things better, but we can't sit around thinking of our sins as we all are sinners and no one will redeem our sins more than ourselves.

    This world is not a magical place, actions have consequences and impact. But dwelling on those mistakes will breed sorrow nothing less and ignoring them leads to mental trauma.

    Learning to breathe even when you are pushed against the wall is the solution for sinners like us. As we don't have any redemption from this orderly world, rather it's in our hearts to forgive ourselves and treat ourselves as human beings.

    Forgiveness is found inside out.

    It's all about the choice to remain as a prisoner or not.

    Remember this shall too pass

    Be safe and stay healthy.

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    Standing quite by the window still hungry
    Of things, I can't say out loud.
    By knowing the cause, I wonder
    Will this soul cease its everlasting search?

    As never have I ever dealt
    With anything like my soul.
    For we all are the prisoners
    Of things we rarely speak about.

    As thick as solid and thin as air,
    Which helps me and sometimes opposes me.
    As no one is cruel to us than ourselves,
    By thinking about our sins we fail to notice our best.

  • skyenet 3w

    Ever felt the kind of agony that your soul starts thrashing to escape your body?

  • ami12345 3w


    Scars are most powerful
    That can mend anyone
    In the darkest phrase of life

    Scars are the most powerful
    That can cut into deep wound
    Taking it long to recover

    Scars are the most powerful
    That can capture a bird
    Preventing it from spreading its wings

    Scars are the most powerful
    That prevents a soul to shine

    Scars can sometimes be very beautiful
    And become more dangerous

    Scars can sometimes become the identity
    That is accepted by the soul by force

    But scars are the most powerful
    That can help to realise the
    Power of a soul.
    Leading to transformation in life.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w

    The Face of Perfection

    Its foundations are poverties,
    And mascaras are inflations.
    It dips in dirty discernments,
    And lines its eyes with racist shades.

    Pricey cheques are concealers,
    And blushes are clownish conventions.
    Highlighters are hypocrisies,
    While tasty lies are lip balm tints.

    It does its hair with the heat of the globe,
    And scents it with some lethal dope.
    Touched and brushed by misogyny,
    It primes its face with misandry.

    Look at the face of perfection,
    Its a graceful ball of illusion.
    Dimples just lack compassion.
    My mind likes poetic allusion.


  • syedat 4w

    Just because someone can handle emotional damages properly doesn't mean they can be tormented over and over again!!!
    Standing strong doesn't mean it doesn't hurt right????


  • miss_silentlyweird 54w

    (O̶n̶e̶ L̶i̶n̶e̶r̶) : When you scare and then the choice is also scary.


    Just posted it before I make
    my write-up for challenges.

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    Sometimes I wanted to vanish in the air for them to notice my existence but what if I vanish and no one notice at all?