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  • jpwriter 2d

    Creative Emotions

    Creative emotions
    Is leaving me focus
    From trees to the ocean
    Their leaves & the blowfish
    I'm seeing the notion
    Unweaving the woven
    Then breathing the smoke in
    From heating the molten
    Believe me it's potent
    Overseas to Oakland
    I needed to own it
    The leading component
    Like freezing to frozen
    Then speak in the open
    Releasing the omen
    The dreamer, the chosen
    Are being ferocious
    When bleeding & broken
    The cleanest of poets
    Will cling onto moments
    With feelings not hopeless
    I feel it, I know it
    So be it, I wrote this
    With meaning explosive


  • faceless90 2d

    Repentance Denied

    With everything lost and all thoughts left to rot I repent unto God praying resting will fall upon many whom call to the Omega we all have accepted as guard of our festering hearts. Still we trek through the dark as the devil regards us as men whom he's charred deep in hell where the farce God we tempt to be ours has rejected the arms reaching heaven as shards of us shred up our hearts.

  • catdadjynx 3d

    [Star's Spark]

    Oh my little star,
    it wasn't meant
    to be so hard;
    arduous and harsh,
    this isn't really
    what we are.

    Starved for
    unadulterated ardor,
    shimmering shards
    of our hearts
    brittle and shivering,
    slivers carving sharply
    through the dark.

    Twilight garnished,
    twinkling sparse,
    dot dash dot dash, parsed;
    sometimes falling,
    shooting, dart;
    make a wish, but hark-
    God slips
    between the bars
    and kisses
    heaven's borrowing arms
    marred from
    twisted bristles,
    brambles, and barbs.

    Boundless black reservoir,
    lapping waves of tar
    tarnishing our ark,
    hull a canvas for
    rorschach art;
    split this sea of sorrow apart,
    create our wake,
    looming larger,
    wind to swell our sails,
    light speed, we charge,
    constellations chart.

    A million miles
    farther from our start
    in search of
    lighthouse and harbor,
    shining catharsis
    to guard us from harm.

    But all it takes is a spark-
    contrasting, blinding, stark-
    and this sea will char,
    leaving no mark,
    illuminating what is ours-
    so come on,
    we've already embarked.

  • catdadjynx 3d

    Less commonly used words (to spare anyone the time having to look them up)-

    Pensive - engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.
    Reverie - a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.
    Asunder - torn into pieces, apart, divided.
    Rended - 1: to remove from place by violence; 2: to split or tear apart or in pieces by violence; 3: to tear (the hair or clothing) as a sign of anger, grief, or despair; 4: to lacerate mentally or emotionally, cause great emotional pain to (a person or their heart).
    Perennial - 1: (of a plant) living for several years; 2: existing or continuing in the same way for a long time, happening again and again; 3: (of a stream or spring) flowing throughout the year.

    #rhyme #reflection #BPD #mentalillness

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    [Greenhouse Unattended]

    Weary gaze's attention
    drifts between dimensions,
    mind eyes' pensive lenses
    pondering past tenses,
    my five upended senses
    blended somewhere
    in suspension.

    Memory's tender reverie apprehended
    seeking splendid spring times
    sweet scented;
    garden's greener entrances
    no fences,
    nor damage from
    relentless tempests
    long since lamented.

    When did
    rhododendron's appendages,
    flowering in a tremendous energy,
    ascending to a trembling crescendo
    end in
    sour fruits of limes, clementines, and lemons?
    Tulips' two lips
    now whispering a slender mention.
    Who else had rose blossoms befriended but their bodies' ornamented thorny brethren?
    Men, lent their every hands extended
    left with wounds weeping,
    wrenched asunder, rended,
    recoiling resented.

    Pen's river runs
    in quintessence,
    drenches in each sentence;
    crimson can't cleanse
    despite dispensing in
    perennial attempts,
    as if gravity's
    contention depended
    gentle tendrils built
    tall walls defenses,
    stems became cemented,
    and how long have I been
    within this glen hidden?

  • catdadjynx 3d

    [Note To Self]

    Internal monologue,
    to self, a note:
    prose and poetry
    I wrote
    to what I loathe;
    every word I chose
    a potent seed of
    grief I sowed.

    Sturdy oak's
    branches, limbs,
    and stoic bones
    turning into woes of
    a weeping willow's roots
    overgrown and exposed.

    Grain of timber groans,
    bends and bows
    in billowing wind blown;
    a coat of leaves
    in ribbons, clothes,
    cloaking grove and
    hanging rope below;
    around my neck,
    coiled and closed,
    asphyxiating, chokes.

    thrashing throes,
    no breath can flow,
    slowly losing hope;
    devoted to
    an unspoken oath,
    towing this
    floating ghost and
    shadow of an ego
    dangling alone
    on threadbare throne,
    only home
    I've ever known.

    So what, to this world,
    do i still owe
    and why can't I

  • catdadjynx 3d

    [December Remembers]

    Spring spent
    as a sprout
    in sediment
    then edifice jettisoned.

    By summer
    roots ready,
    tendons threaded,
    a frenzy of
    extremities extended.

    In autumn
    stem shedding feathers,
    fallen flower petal treasures,
    emerald essence surrendered;
    amber bled,
    bloodletting red,
    in ephemeral orange embers.

    But winter
    December veteran
    still remembers
    fledgling seeds spreading
    instead of this,
    presently condemned
    to frigid tether
    then again severed
    and unfettered;
    sun's warmth,
    tender benevolence and pleasures
    if ever through
    the coldest weather
    and snow
    yet treaded together.

  • catdadjynx 3d

    [Broken Window]

    Like a window smashed,
    waxing accidental cracking of glass;
    canyons mapped
    as light refracts fast,
    captured through snapping fragments and gaps.
    Hung unintact,
    procrastinating its shattered collapse,
    stress tracks had last laugh
    as paths from impact
    form webs and traps.
    Gilded, a net of gold wraps
    as fractured attack grasps
    before being scattered and blackened
    to an abstract mass
    of countless unmatching halves.
    Tangled, travelling passions cast
    into a savagely scratched mask;
    mouth closed, asphyxiated,
    and afraid to gasp.

  • rakeshbalu 1w

    Happiness is a balloon!
    If you let the air out, the happiness dwindles.


  • porcupine 1w

    A new friend

    A month or so
    Of talking
    And it seems okay

    A month or more
    Of chatting
    Always something to say

    Writing is common
    And reading too
    I cant wait until the next day

    A great artist
    She loves drawing
    Creating from her mind at play

    I would like to
    Know her better
    Talk about life if we may

    I will recite a
    Poem to her
    If she says it is okay

  • aisha_k 1w

    Although nights are dark

    but it shows me the smile of your spark
    igniting our spilled marc
    to thrive the cold night at the park
    when I touched the neck of my ark
    reiterating our sweet dreams of lark

  • jpwriter 1w

    These Words

    Let these words enter ears
    And relax your mind
    May they take the thoughts of fear
    To unlatch from spines
    These words will be your chiropractor
    Plus your masseuse
    They will heal all your fractures
    To make your body feel loose
    Allow somehow, this worded rapture
    To refuse the abuse
    They speak powers like a pastor
    Hypnotizing your mind to seduce
    These words are hands of a healer
    Releasing the choke of the noose
    Close your eyes only to reveal words
    Are the heart & they are the truth


  • jpwriter 1w

    Go Figure

    I was told the sky is the limit
    Why do we stop there
    There's infinite digits
    I want the top air
    Plain and simple, sweet
    Put the fire in hole
    And call me Pistol Pete
    The i in the pinnacle
    There's no i in defeat
    I am the lyrical
    Devising a fleet
    Would you take a chance
    And dance with the devil
    Give me a challenge next time
    Now get me a shovel
    I'm on another level
    Knowing I'll go bigger
    Disappear on the 13 floor
    Showing Impossible, Go figure


  • jpwriter 1w


    I keep my eye on the prize like a monocle
    In the meantime I dream rhymes in chronicles
    I've seen lies from these guys no honor though
    Two degrees, yes that's me plus the honor roll
    It seems like I beam light then on I go
    To heaven I'm stepping, Exonerable 


  • jpwriter 1w

    My Inlet

    My Outlet
    Is writing
    My Inlet
    My purpose
    Keep fighting
    I'm worth it
    Inside me
    It's working
    So guide me
    The person
    The first with
    His timing
    Reverse it
    Not likely
    I might be
    When hurting
    Like vikings
    Then swim
    Like a Pisces
    Now turn on
    The lighting
    And learn to
    Play nicely
    Hit follow
    And like it


  • jpwriter 1w

    Rise from the ashes

    From a deep distance the lightening crashes
    A new beginning, I'd risen from the ashes
    Redemption, a clean slate from hate
    Dimensions, in figures of eight
    Exemption, of self blame in this life
    Resurrection, like the name of Jesus Christ
    The tension, sharply cut with a knife
    Contention, a challenger in the fight
    I mentioned, my thoughts on what's right
    Prevention, from all evil that bites
    Perception, controlling all people's minds
    Connection, my renewal & energy combine


  • rakeshbalu 2w

    Never, ever had I thought!
    the things that break us; can make us
    oh! be happy or be sad
    life is just a mere mystery
    that's what our lives are made for
    make this day a special and count the treasure.

    Oh! the stars are about to collide
    the earth is yet to retire
    but the sun shines bright
    make this day a special and count the treasure.

    Oh! is that you, where are you?
    come with me to sing this song again!
    who cares about the words that rhyme
    make this day a special and count the treasure.


  • jpwriter 2w

    Delicate Dancer

    Delicate dancer
    With elegant answers
    Her beauty is unmatched
    Something so insatiable
    Just to see occasional
    Brings blessings directly attached
    An adored aura sensational
    In all ways irreplaceable
    Perfect from front to back
    Not an ounce of confrontational
    It's more than motivational
    Astonishing on first contact


  • jpwriter 3w

    Moment Arisen

    I woke in this moment ineffable
    A speechless moment with peace upon it
    The angelic being with wings up on it
    It Knew I need this moment,
    Only few, see this moment
    My life was knifes,
    Shackles & chains
    An effortless fight
    Attracting the pain
    So God almighty
    Sent them back again
    So God all night
    I've been practicing sin
    Too much pessimism left in visions
    It came to bless, then it left arisen
    Hands pressed to chest,
    Then i thanked that it listened
    All was confessed
    I was meant for this mission


  • faceless90 3w

    All Knowing Killer

    The omniscient ghost with it's Christian hopes knows oblivion's close, but won't mention the crows coming into the slopes to initial the bones of the miserable souls that are withering slow.

  • porcupine 3w


    There was a man named Bob
    He forgot his way to the shop
    He looked around for a map
    Paused to open it up in his lap
    And found it's right where he stopped