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  • sparklingteja 1d

    Fia and Papa

    “Papa”, Fia, splashing legs in pond, asked, “who are you, papa? What did you do there?”
    Certainly, those were the questions to which he was not intended to answer, at least, for that moment.
    However, “who you are defines where you be and what you do”, replied unintendedly.
    With a pondering mind, “then, who are you papa”, Fia interrogated. The most painful question.

    “Who am I”, he, with an empty mind, started invading his past to abridge who he was.
    “I am …” he couldn’t define himself with a word, or a phrase, or even with a sentence. He was still a man without a tag.
    “You know?” he paused to check if she was still curious. She was excited.
    “We are animals with cognition. Even though, we look similar yet we are diversified”, he became a philosopher.

    Of course, her look was clear. Perplexed.
    He realized, he couldn’t make her understand. He, for a while, thought and stated “What I mean was, I cannot tell you I am something but I can explain who I was and what made me who I am now”.

    With a super exciting joy, “Do you tell your story, papa?” Fia jumped in the pond.
    “If you are eager enough”, he put a condition.
    “I am curious”

    “Well, let’s begin then”


  • pranav_sharma97 2d

    I have made mistakes. A lot of them apparently. They all come around eventually, creeping their way up my spine. The more I look, more monstrous the figures get. Some days it will be a bright shine, and out of the blue moon, a hood appears on the porch. Sys he wants my fears.
    Creek his rags of cobwebs. His walk is limp, wanting some help. Hands reach out like a beggar on a rainy day, progressing towards the door. He stops in front of the door, staring into the abyss. Nothing he wants, nothing he craves. Admitting to his sins, he begins scraping the wood. Nails, screech past wounding the flesh.
    The thing scrapes till there's no flesh left. Bones peek out like a child behind his mother. A tear greets the floor, melting the earth beneath. The feet vanish like the wind.
    "You've got some work to do", he says in his coarse voice before the earth eats him up.
    I watch this from the mesh like a wonder. When will the curtains fall on this one? When will the sun set on this front?

    #miraquill #story #diary #entry #confession #dreams #strange #short #moon #sins

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  • pal_lavi 2d


    Kya tum asal me ho? Ya koi afsaana ya mehez ek bharam? Ya ek aisa khwab jo maine kabhi dekha hi nhi ya jise dekhne ki kabhi himmat hi nhi hui. Masla yeh hai ki tum ko sirf bade parde par romantic movies me dekha tha, aur jo parde par dikhaya jata hai woh asliyat me toh kabhi hota hi nhi hai. Na jane tum mere intezar ka tohfa ho, mere zakhmo ki marham, ya mera sahil, lekin jo bhi ho mere rukhsaar ki surkhi ho. Jis tarah nanhi kaliyon ko phool sanjoy rkhta hai, usi tarah tum mujhe sanjote ho. Jis tarah palke aankho ki hifazat karti hai, usi tarah tum mera saya ban kar chalte ho. Na jaane kab, kyun, kese, aur kislie humara milna hua, lekin shayad yeh mehez ek ittefaq nhi tha, magar meri lakeero ki qismat thi.

  • raman_writes 3d


    गुमनाम लोगो के जिंदा होने का सुबूत मिला है ।

     देखा गया है सबको ख़्वाब में साथ में हँसते हुए ।।


  • enungnoklang 3d

    My Friend, Oh my Friend...

    "Life rises and falls like the tide".
    I kept your words deep within, my friend.
    I always do study the environment of my life.

    "Life rises and falls like the tide".
    But how can I make you understand, Oh my friend.
    Of this short journey we sailed together.

    "Life rises and falls like the tide".
    We could've hold a bit longer,amid the storm.
    Now washed away in different directions.
    I lost all of you, I dearly cherish our friendship.

    ©enung c phom

  • pranav_sharma97 3d

    Where are those steps headed?
    where wil they meet?
    #miraquill #short #poem #story #steps #poetry

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    Fading steps

    Away and away
    the taps move from the honking village.
    glasses clouded with
    the sounds of clinking hoofs.
    fingers reach out
    trying to grab the first one.
    Fabrics creek over
    threads reeling out the years.
    Willing to meet,
    hair flips over the sway.
    Hoods chase,
    shining their valor in midnight sun.
    Hoping the feet reach the end,
    one last time we hear those taps.

  • notrealartic 4d

    In a state of limerence...

    #limerence #love #story #series

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    Limerence: Overview

    A devastated state was the reason
    To find a new realm of relaxation
    To cross a boundary none has passed
    A sight made towards the phantom land

    A plane of fictional reality
    Where only desires and traits are seen
    With no such flaws or imperfections
    The Eden's Garden of one's cognition

    Paradise as it may seem
    A surface-level naivety
    Aspirations that once took place
    Corrupts the soul in uncertain ways

    Seeking validation is a must
    For the person keeping in touch
    Rejection must be avoided
    In the utopian world one sought

    In spite of this commitment
    Frustrations and regrets are at hand
    To be sucked away by the sought land
    Deteriorated as one planned

    The viscous cycle continues forward
    As the hopeless traveler pursues
    The quest to find happiness will not cease
    Just to reach the promised land of dreams


  • pranav_sharma97 4d


    Slowpoke summer seed
    blushes over the tearing thunder.
    soils rumble,
    for the pitch scream just hit.

    glasses raise over the
    fields, hitting bottom.
    Serene hail mary,
    runs beside the muddy swamp.

    Frowns turn to smiles,
    turning over the torn fabrics.
    glassy eyes hope,
    the blades leaving to avenge.

    wood creaks over and over.
    Tender greens brush past by.
    For the slowpoke summer seed
    blushes over the tearing thunder.

  • anandsinghmeet 5d


    बड़ा मुश्किल होता जा रहा है स्वयं की भावनाओं पर नियंत्रण कर पाना, मैं बहता जा रहा हूं उसी प्रेम में, वही सब! जैसे कोई घड़ी का चक्र सा जीवन है जिसमें हर घंटे एक नया दुःख पनप आता है, यादें आती हैं, कभी कभी बेचैनी से भरकर मर जाने का दिल करता है.. हार चुका हूं अब...!!!

  • san2799 5d

    Hey you

    Can't believe I saw somebody whom I never expected to meet again in such a way that no less than a miracle.
    Time is a very strange thing in this world of incidents, she was my classmate and no doubt she was my only close friend in my whole life.
    But we were not in touch with each other for a long time after college we had separate paths including livelihood, she was brilliant in studies and too many options but I have no option hopelessly I was thinking about marriage and settling for a good choice.

    We had our last coffee in our college canteen and said bye to each other because she was leaving the city for an interview in Delhi.
    And I was going to my native place Dehradun, Still, I can imagine her last glimpse of long brown hairs and deep dark eyes and lovely lips smiling.

    But now she's completely different, her hairs were short and looking dull and grey and she was looking too old for her 30s, and most of the strange thing that she was trying to ignore me at first sight, I called her name hey Rachna don't you remember me? Supriya yaar how could you so mean to forget me?
    She tried to be unknown for a few seconds and then she smiled, '' of course you are Supriya long time buddy how's you.
    I was disappointed with her cold behavior but seeing her was more of this disappointing stuff. Yes, long time I was out of India so what about you smart lady looking too mature looks like so busy schedule to keep you busy?
    She smiled and gave the same cold reaction, yup lil busy these days.

    To be continued......

  • aditya_jain_07 1w


    Fir ek dafa joh likhne baithe hum,
    Kuch kisse yuhi adhure choot gaye,
    Aur kuch kisso pe fir ek dafa hum toot gaye.


  • haarika 1w

    Whenever I feel low I look above to the vast blue sky and search for my companion
    The bright Moon peeps out of the clouds and whispers to me "hey little angel keep moving just few baby steps to go"

  • dumi005 1w


    Don't you wander too far,
    the forest isn't safe anymore.
    Long gone are those fairies,
    that once guarded the forest.
    Now, I have heard, monsters
    and demons dwell instead.

    -Dumi| @Pagesfromadiary

  • droy_17 1w

    Nature & Me

    Today I was standing on top of my roof and looking at beauty of mother nature.
    Full of greenery and birds around it.

    Though I was undergoing little bit stress,so I chose to spend some times among nature.
    What all I observed there was,that we all humans have been rewarded with brain having consciousness, however we care about future or the things which are not in our own hands.

    But as I looked upon birds flying and crows on the branch of a nearby tree,I saw that even crow is not sitting worried,it's just living in present.

    And though a crow has no consciousness about future,being a bird if that crow and all birds can live in present,then why can't me ??

    A deep message I learnt there and turned out of my worries for some times.

  • uttkarsh_15 1w

    She was shocked listening to the story and felt sorry for him and her daughter.
    Then the watchmen handed over the cupcakes to her which she forgot to pick up from the office room. She said a warm thanks to him and asked why he still works here.
    He replied, " I don't want anyone else to face what my daughter had gone through, That's why I'm still here doing my job right "
    Then he walked her to her scooter and the rain too had stopped.
    She kept the cupcakes in the scooter, gave a sympathetic smile to the watchmen and started her scooter.
    After her scooter covered a few metres she looked into her rear mirror's view .
    She was shocked to see that the little girl was waving goodbye to her smilingly exactly beside where the watchmen were standing but the strange thing was she couldn't see the watchmen in the mirror.
    She waved ignorance to that moment and went home.
    They all celebrated the birthday of her little sister and khushnuma was cherishing every moment with her sister from making her eat the cake, to hugging her and kissing her, to dancing with her to her favourite songs and many more good moments.
    The whole party was wrapped up and all were asleep.
    Except for khushnuma who was placing the things at their right places. Once khushnuma was done with all of that she got to her and her sister's room and saw her little sister sleeping.
    Then she picked up a chit from her pocket which came out of nowhere.
    She opened the chit and read from it
    " It was nice playing with you,
    I hope you come again to see me "
    All of a sudden she picked up rage and just opened the drawer of her study table threw the chit in there and closed the drawer.
    And the very next moment she got to bed hugged her little sister tight, kissed her goodnight and slept with a smile.

    The End

    Original Concept by my Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by me ��

    Corrections and criticism are appreciated ��
    #horror #story #paranormal #psychological #thriller #suspense

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    Under - Construction

    Part - 6 Cross Connection

  • uttkarsh_15 1w

    And the next moment, someone patted her shoulder.
    She turned around to see who was it!
    Then she noticed it was the same watchmen who she met at the entrance of this building.
    He said "madam It's not safe to be here at this time as I've told you about this place before,
    And you should immediately leave now! "
    Then khushnuma said " I too wanna get the hell outta this place, but I think a little girl is too stuck in here like me. ..we should take her then we must leave "
    Then the Watchmen understood the matter and told her about the Story behind that little girl
    He narrated -
    [ I had a daughter, her name was amyra and she was 6 years old. Due to the Financial crisis, I had to work night shifts for the extra money to make both ends meet and being a single father I too had to take care of my daughter. Most of the time I'd bring my little daughter to work as she was so little and as the neighbours didn't treat her well whenever I said them to babysit her.
    And she too loved to come with me to my work. But deep inside she missed her mom whom she lost when she was nearly 3 and kept talking about her to me but all i could say was she will be home soon .
    One night, I brought her to my night shift as usual and I got busy handling the paperwork.
    I told her to play around and not go too far.
    I remember she was saying "My mom is calling me I have to go...you should come soon. "
    I thought it was a joke from her side and I ignored.
    Then at a moment, I thought I should check on her as she was out of my sight for a long time but I focused on my paperwork instead.
    (the decision I regret till now...he said with a guilty face)
    Then I heard her voice saying I'm coming mommy wait for me, and she jumped from the place exactly where you were standing a minute before. It was dreadful for me to look at her as she was on the ground with the blood running from her head and her face was like she wanted to cry hard but she couldn't. ]
    Khushnuma was Shocked listening to the story.

    To be continued ...


    Original Concept by my Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by me ��

    Corrections and criticism are appreciated ��
    #horror #story #paranormal #psychological #thriller #suspense

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    Under -Construction

    Part -5 What Happened Before

  • husnachikwela 1w

    EXTRA PLAYER chspter10

    In the morning Rebeca was ready prepare herself, but sport master came and pick her at afternoon. When he come and check out her properties, he found out alot of them were not good for wearing at where she will be. She told her told left them and she will get new properties. When they reach at the town, sport master send her direct at suppermarket and buy all wanted materials for her. Rebeca was only having eleven years old. Sport master was thinking on her age at now she was support to be in which class when they were going home. He get idea that Rebeca should studdy at home for a year inolder next year to be with her fellow pupils. In writing it take her two weeks to turch a pencil well and write. At the side of knowing all alphabet and differentiate them it take her for one month and know how to make some sentences. In all that year she have know mathematics, language and history. Her teacher tought her addition, subtraction, division, decimal, percentage, fraction, all numbers, roots, geometric and algebra. At the side of language, he teach her tence, singular, plural, reading stories and poem to answer the question. And at the side of history, he teach her only a history of their country. Everyday Rebeca was having home work for doing all three subjects after she have ready know how to read and write. But before knowing only one subject was giving her a homework. After he have tought her one subject, other subjects was only introducing her slowly like to count number and small introduction of their country.
    After her all year studies and homeworks, Rebeca went and do a test at one school of class 3 and perform well. But his teacher ask for her to try for class four if she can perform well. After a week she went again and do, mathematics and language performed well but not in history. This is because some of question she could not know them. Due to she was only start class three inolder to know and other subjects. Only after she have finish her school studies, Rebeca tuition was waiting for her at home. Her teacher was helping so much inolder to be like her fellow students. At now he was not giving her alot of homeworks, but school was doing that. He was only questioned her in what she was studying and if not undetstand well, he was giving her another task. Everyday he was teaching her one subject. Sport master could not consider her in doing home activity untill she have finished homeworks. In all her test Rebeca was continue to perform day to day. But in class three upto five she could not ever being in top 10. This is because alot of time she was wanting to learn more and ends in top twenty upto twenty five out of 65 pupils in their class. At the side of all class A upto D she was among of top 30 students who perform well. At end of class six studies Rebeca was among of top 10 pupils who performed well in their studies. At the side of a good students in every subject she get only three gifts, and remainder they get other pupils. The best pupils who were performing well in their all studies was Neema, Bright, Claverian and Abdallah.
    But before all those task at the first time meet at home, sport master introduce himself his name was Brian.


  • sachinanithaanilkumar 1w

    Another Last Stroke!

    As I took my brush after the last stroke, a blow of warm air from the canvas startled me.Then I checked over my colours where I felt the blow from. "Yes, she is alive", I told myself. It was the breath of hers, the one who I was painting. She looked at me, a look that made my heart go numb. She started to show off her dance moves to me over the wooden hanging bridge. Her moves were so slow and as smooth as the river flowing in the background. Her flow came closer to me and she extended her hands towards me, asking me to join the party. I knew it was the creation's call for the creator. I gave her my hand and stepped into the bridge. I could feel a taste of reality in every breath that left me afterwards until it stopped. I looked back at the portal to my filthy word for a moment. It was closing like a shutter. At the same time I felt her dragging me into her world on the other side of the bridge.

    Ages passed. I lost her to another one who painted her far better than I did. So, I found some colours and painted my room on a tree and got into it. I wanted to get to my Canvas where I painted her, so that I could get her back and live this life again. I found the canvas but it was empty. Probably this happens when the portal closes, I assumed. I decided to paint her with all my heart all over again. As I took my brush after the last stroke, a blow of warm air from the canvas startled me.

  • husnachikwela 1w


    In how days go Kiri husband was not even to sleep at home and if sleep, he was coming with other girls inside the and Kiri was being chased in the room. When she was speaking, she was being beaten and sometimes went at hospital. Due to that Kiri was not speaking anything than watching. Her husband in other days was not left money for her to cook and if she have cook while he could not left the money, he was shouting to her that she have ready get other man. Kiri told her aunt in how she was suffering, but her aunt just answer in short "That is a marriage just sit on it" (while going or continue doing other business) And after she have being told about that, she was going and tell her husband. When her husband turn back, he was speaking while beating her "Are you not eating inside and succified? Untill you Are going to tell your sister? Go now to tell her if she can help you anything"
    In her marriage some of women could not like in how Kiris husband was doing. Due to that, three women want to help her when speaking in their groups. But in how discussion continue from 45 women only three remain. Because in two of the there was other women walk with Kiris husband another women were afraiding of their husband and want to save their marriage, other they were having husband but they have power to help Kiri, but they could not want. Also women who could not have husband. In those three women, two were having husband and one could not have. At the first, one of them who have husband could want to go aside and not have confidance in that and there she went by hope of her friend who have husband.