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  • the_speccy_outsider 83w

    A juxtaposition is created
    When happiness and sadness
    Cross paths
    Clutching each other's arms
    Smitten by the scent
    Of past reveries
    As accusations fly
    For both are guilty
    Of tempting their respective hosts
    Malice is nowhere to be found
    Since intentions are pure
    They only want emotions
    To be the prime factors
    Pertinent parameters are calculated
    Thinking about pristine saudade
    When a bond of love is formed
    A forbidden fantasy it is
    Some are regarded as noble
    And some as sinners
    Out of those who fall into the abyss
    Of this never ending cycle
    Their steps speaking volumes
    Creating a story out of everything
    Time is a scarcity
    But the moment is to be lived
    Sadness kisses happiness
    As blasphemy is the last thing both want
    Their affair will never last
    Hence it is not to take place
    Albeit why should they care about it
    Intoxicated are both
    As the only thing that matters to them
    Is that very moment
    That they'll hold onto
    For eternity
    Embracing it
    For they left a part of themselves
    In that memory
    That will then be categorised as
    Both happy and sad


    #picturec #saudadec #streetmeetc #tricubec

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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    When sadness
    Hit chords with

    In showers
    Of saudade

    Bond of love
    Was thus formed

  • rekhuu 83w

    If I were rain

    I would quench your desires
    I would wash away your sin
    I would heal all your scars

    (For darling though I maybe
    ephemeral and full of saudade
    I'll still purify you before I fade away)


  • daphnae 85w

    If I were rain, I would kiss endlessly on your wounds they fail to entwin their stare on.

    I would descend on the last letter you inked to moist off the rough edges, and hold your essence forever. I would sprinkle myself on hundreds of roses, lying inside your hackneyed diary, withering away along the frequent creases. I would leave the umbrellas untouched, and play with the pure souls colliding with mine. I would pour on the parched land, letting them breathe in solace after lingering months of sunshine. I would kindle the fire of peace on the dampest of swords.

    If I were rain, I would caress the saudade of your lost love, flowing along the tears off your cheeks.

    Dk if this makes sense. #random
    @writersnetwork If I were rain, I would abandon you as you are already flooded with notifications. XD

    @tamanna3 Cuz you love rain.��❤

    #mirakee #wn #pod #nocturnalnovember #rainc #saudadec

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  • sunset_in_autumn 85w


    I shall set her free.
    For she is silk,the
    most precious and artful.
    She must bloom.
    Wind is gutsy
    and I shall retreat myself
    into the cocoon of memories
    and longing with a sigh.
    For silk to bloom,
    Silkworm has to die!!


  • raeema 85w

    Along the birds that i want to join,
    With the saudade of joy inside,
    giveaway the pain infinitely,
    As i breathe from the top,
    With the surrounded magical air,
    To make my heart feel all fair,
    And Fly down again with them,
    Peacefully and patiently,
    Them to the world of trees,
    And me to the world of dreams.

  • zohiii 85w

    If you fall in love with
    someone who loves
    sundowns, daybreaks,
    moon, stars, clouds
    rain, and skies, as
    if she's a part of them,
    know that
    you're screwed,
    because then you'll be
    looking at her on
    rooftop coffee dates,
    and she'll be trying
    to decipher what shade
    of blue or pink
    or yellow, the sky
    is at that moment;
    you'll see all the colours
    descending and
    disappearing into
    her orbs as if she
    let them loose for
    you to see—
    I wonder how many
    night skies do her
    eyes carry to have
    the sharp black
    that fills me with
    life all the time.

    If you fall in love with
    someone who loves
    skies, know that you're
    in too deep,
    because for all the
    wretched time that she
    won't be near you,
    you'll have to look at
    the sky and wonder if
    your blue is as blue
    as hers; you'll cry
    for the thought that
    she might be looking
    at the sky craving
    your touch, like you do,
    or praying she grows
    wings to fly to you,
    or wonder if the
    rainwater had some
    share from your cup of
    water and she kissed it,
    but for the most times,
    it'd just be a curse,
    to know that she and
    you would be looking
    at the sky longing
    for each other,
    biting your lips,
    with the bittersweet
    taste of saudade.



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    "I love skies."

  • ashamurali 85w


    A child who has alopecia areata condition sees a girl with jet black long hair and questions the mother.

    //That girl has flowing hair
    She dances with flair
    Why is only my head bare
    Didnt you take good care?//

    Alopecia Areata is a condition that affects children and young adults. The immune system attacks the hair follicles and all the hair falls. For some the hair grows back and for some it doesnt.

    It is but natural that the child is filled with soudade -the sad state of intense longing for something that is absent.

    // I love the hair to be in a braid
    Or leave it as a cascade
    I am filled with saudade
    Is it only a dream I am afraid //

    The mother shows the child, a picture of the celebrated author HELEN PHILLIPS, who has written four books including the collection of short stories "And yet they were happy" also has this condition, made a choice never to wear a scarf or a wig and she looks ever so beautiful.

    // Yes, my child, it is a condition rare
    Not many are even aware
    Dont let saudade ensnare
    Happy we are with or without hair//

    But then, hope is everything. Life itself runs on that.
    The mother says it's only a matter of time and reassures that the hair will grow back soon.

    // It's a matter of time my child
    Your hair will grow long and wild
    You too can have it styled
    Reassured, the child smiled //

    Being and feeling beautiful is purely our choice. Let us exercise it.


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readthisj #daadigotyourback #saudadec
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Pic courtesy pinterest.

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    celebrated author of
    "And yet they were happy"

  • bonitasarahbabu 85w

    Saudade: a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia.
    That feeling of love,
    That feeling of belonging,
    Should've known that it was too good to be true.
    You've left me in a state of saudade,
    I've been left with the memories,
    Nothing seems to take the edge off the pain.
    Even when I'm engaged in chores,
    I remember the chores we did together
    The blade of saudade slides in deeper.
    Lord! What I would do to just forget you
    For the pain, of what once was, to dissipate
    But, this is to remain.
    A stark reminder to always be wary,
    A reminder to shutter the romantic side,
    Because opening that will only lead to heartbreak.
    This emotion of saudade,
    I don't wish it on anyone.
    Saudade, please disappear
    I do not want you as a repeat visitor.
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  • zoya_charmz 85w

    Screaming aloud in the large volume
    Echoes are terrific enough
    Longing for a long time
    But seems like a void
    remains deep inside...


  • sproutedseeds 85w

    S A U D A D E

    A joint family of members eleven
    under one roof with a feeling of heaven.
    First cousins though we were
    never felt so with many hands to care.

    Grandparents, uncles and aunt
    to pamper, i always used to flaunt.

    That old house got lonely and shattered
    when we(cousins) got scattered
    over the globe
    for a penny more.

    But today at this moment
    they are all in the tense past
    memories daunting which will ever last.

    SAUDADE feeling of the heavenly home
    yearning to be pampered
    but no more elders to take care
    to show their appreciation
    and concerned as they were.

  • mirakeewrites_ 85w

    Today all the colours we painted our dreams with seem so colourless,
    this whole life seems to be a mess.
    where did it go wrong I still sometimes ponder
    puzzled, in those streets now alone I yonder...
    (Our life was such a colourful canvas , now seems to have lost all its colour, the spring seems to have turned into autumn)
    // अजीब दास्ताँ है ये कहाँ शुरू कहाँ ख़तम ये मंज़िलें है कौन सी
    न वो समझ सके न हम...अजीब दास्ताँ है ये.. //

    Your memories seem like that distant voice in dark,
    your eyes held so much love, I sometimes miss that spark.
    Your memories seem like the winter morning dew,
    giving chills, pain yet making everything seem so new.
    (As the dew gives sweet sour feeling , so do our memories never thought I would ever have to live in those memories)
    // जीने के लिए सोचा ही नहीं दर्द संभालने होंगे मुस्कुराये तो मुस्कुराने के क़र्ज़ उतारने होंगे........ कल क्या पता किनके लिए आँखें तरस जाएगी //

    Your memories seem like my incomplete poetries lying in between the pages,
    a little forgotten, a little lonely and close to me since ages.
    Thinking about you sometimes leaves me smiling all day,
    sometimes its too painful, even a word is difficult to say....
    (As I love those uncompleted drafts more than what I have completed, as they are deeper than I think, so are you deeper and more precious to me than you think....It confuses me whether you were the reasom for my smile I had when I was with you or the pain I am in now)
    // ज़िंदगी ...कैसी है पहेली, हाए कभी तो हंसाये कभी ये रुलाये //

    We knew right from start, we may fall apart,
    yet we could not stop the stupid , silly heart.
    We met like two notes yet formed such a beautiful song,
    I miss that melody we formed , its been so long..
    (love, is most unexpected journey from a heart to another , sometimes we know it may nit work out yet to feel such a lovely emotion for a short while is like livinga lifetime in few moments)
    // शमा कहे परवाने से परे चला जा ,मेरी तराह जल जायेगा यहाँ नहीं आ....वो नहीं सुनता उसको जल जाना होता है, हर ख़ुशी से हर गम से बेगाना होता है प्यार दीवाना होता है मस्ताना होता है //

    Even today, most of my poetries are about you,
    some about our old fights and some about the love which was all new.
    They are now my solace, comfort to my pain,
    They are my music when ever I dance in the rain...
    (My poetries still speak of you, I cannot stop thinking about the time we had tohether, whenever I think of you our memories seem to rekindle happiness and bring colour to my life ....)
    // लिखे जो ख़त तुझे, वो तेरी याद में हज़ारों रंग के, नज़ारे बन गए
    सवेरा जब हुआ, तो फूल बन गए जो रात आई तो, सितारे बन गए //

    But now I think sometimes that if we meet one day,
    we would just smile when we have nothing to say.
    walk past each other without saying a word our eyes will say it all,
    I am sure we will meet, they say the world is too small....
    (When we meet, if we meet I hope we would still smile at each other and our eyes will say what we could not or will never be able to again... )
    // रास्ते में जो मिलो तो हाथ मिलाने रुक जाना हो.. साथ में कोई हो तुम्हारे दूर से ही तुम मुस्काना .//


    (PS- I just wanted to write something . pta nhi kya kya sochti rehti hu. Sorry for such random rants of mine ��.. Temporary !! may delete later)


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    Even the moon felt saudade thinking about the times we spent,
    as you left even those flowers have lost their scent....

  • _sagarika18_ 85w

    You left me in saudade,
    Is that the forever promise you made?


  • bclark2681 85w

    Saudade For Lover

    Saudade overcame her like an
    Ocean flooding the beach as
    She craved to feel her lovers
    Strong hands touch her body,
    To feel greed in her fanatics lips
    As they devour her own kisses,
    To feed her own appetite as her
    Desires rage to explosive fruition

  • spicy_sugar 85w

    //Idk if I am allowed to miss a person I broke up with, but I do//

    Saudade hits me, crushes me
    When I walk through that neighbourhood
    When I see a person with dimples
    Every time I see blue eyes
    Every time I meet a person with your name

    It makes me happy and sad at the same time how everything reminds me of you
    The flower pressed in between the pages of my diary
    The names, our names, scribbled on the last page
    The song we listened to, on loop
    The poems that hide your name, painfully and beautifully

    It appals me and haunts me
    How 'we' is just past
    How "we" became "you & I"
    How short-lived our forever was
    How we are not only each other's first love but heartbreaks too

    // I wish I can hug you, every time I remember you.
    And that would be an "always."//

    #saudadec just tried

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    Idk if I am allowed to miss a person I broke up with, but I do


  • the_moustached_poet 85w


    I wish my saudade
    could absorb your tears
    you shed alone,
    burn moments of melancholy
    in the air of solitude,
    together as we grow!


  • ratha_virus 85w


    Losing my golden grannie!

    It's just a melancholic longing
    The absence felt in suffering
    With trauma,
    Your care, your love
    Your scream in your deathbed
    While Thinking, tears shed
    Years are passing
    With bittersweet memories
    With pessimism of life
    I have choosen saudade


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  • alextheft 85w


    I arrived at the daunting grounds,
    As in search for a case,
    That's when unknowingly I
    Met her brighter face,
    My detective stay was stray,
    So, she gave me a hand,
    Said, her father's room is alone,
    It could be my stand,
    She hummed a local song,
    And jumped as she walked,
    I chuckled at her behaviour,
    Or admire how she talked,
    Days slid past,
    And my case drew intense
    Searching for a killer,
    Was haunting suspense,
    My unknown friend returned,
    From school all consumed,
    More I wanted to ask,
    More I resumed,
    I boiled some turnip soup,
    And she poured her heart in,
    She fell for a teacher,
    In love which couldn't win,
    "Swear, on my child,
    I loved him like death."
    She held her stomach,
    "I'll name her Beth"
    All the cuts on her wrists,
    And those big eyes,
    Were flooded with purity,
    Of pretending nice,
    I patted on her back,
    Everything will be fine,
    Another day, and another file,
    There ran the time,
    In evening, they tracked our man,
    I ran outside and drove,
    My head all siren,
    To catch the mob,
    I reached the site,
    With back up in brain,
    "This is it"
    Ran a bullet in rain,
    Another figure, thin and timid,
    It was her near him,
    I pained so bad,
    Under the dim,
    "It's the psycho girl"
    A teammate screamed,
    "What?" I dried,
    My pulse leaned,
    "The one who killed a child,
    And the mother died of trauma"
    How much I was blind?
    I cursed my karma,
    Took an aim on the guy,
    And she nodded hard,
    Bullet went in for him,
    Until she retard,
    Both of them died that day,
    "Great work, Ella" they said
    A hollow odd praise,
    To cover the red,
    I returned to the room,
    And cried it all,
    She was pure
    Yet uncertain of all,
    Her blood on my heart,
    Was like poison in veins,
    Her innocence went wrong,
    And mistakes did rain.

  • pallavi4 85w


    You occupy all my thoughts
    All day and all night until
    I forcibly push you out leaving
    My mind and soul unfulfilled.
    I feel sick with longing and confusion,
    The space between us feels
    Torturous to me.
    The way we are together
    Is so complex —
    As simple as a thread,
    Yet as complicated as a knot.
    Sometimes I think it is
    Easier to pretend that
    Our lives were much
    Simpler before we happened.
    Do I cast aside the thoughts
    That plague my mind ?
    I twitch, twist and turn awake
    Weathering the unbearable wait
    And hoping that you go through
    At least a part of this saudade .


    7th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “I am lots of love”

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  • fleeing_fossil 85w

    #saudadec #winterc @writersnetwork
    @writersbay thank you so much for the kind repost(3rd)

    Bop poem
    first stanza: 6 lines,
    second stanza: 8 lines
    Third stanza: 6 lines,
    Between each stanza, used is a refraining line.

    @my_cup_of_poetry an innocent piece inspired from your astounding poem dii ��

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    Winter sprinkled snowflakes of metaphors
    and adorned the abandoned autumn poetries,
    cleansed dusty corners of the forlorn
    woodlands and strengthened the blemishes,
    its glossy glaze caressed the broken leaves of syllables and furnished them into elegies.

    Yet, people call winter a saudade season and named
    Spring as the season of love.

    Fogged the cimmerian sky, which poetry
    can't measure with its miniature clouds of
    metaphors and prohibited the sun
    to intrude into our awry rhymes,
    scribbled brumous balladries on the rusty earth
    While ever graciously, the Blanche snow fabricated a
    veil to hide every stygian chasm on her skin;
    frosted the pain, that each of the chasms caused.

    Yet, people call winter a saudade season and named
    Spring as the season of love.

    It crooned bright carols to soothe the saudade realm and filled the lovelorn moors of diaries with fresh poetries of snow, dispersed the sweetness of Apple pies and the fragrance of peaceful mauve lavenders;
    freezing away broken past, it paved a pristine path with the warmth of blankets to welcome Spring.

    Yet, people call winter a saudade season and named
    Spring as the season of love.


  • discoveringself 85w

    Escape from chaos!

    Step into my world, dear friend!
    When your heart is heavy
    And full of grief;
    when you feel exhausted,
    And confused and bleary;
    And your chaotic mind,
    Seeks some rest and peaceful sleep!

    Knock at my door, O' cherished friend!
    Whenever you need
    a shoulder to weep,
    When your world feels grey,
    And dark and fickle,
    When you need to be heard
    Without judgement or disbelief!

    Step right in, old friend!
    Into my simple home,
    Where there are no brands,
    No luxuries, no lavish meals;
    But you can always look
    Forward to warm fresh
    food served with love;
    Some simple homemade treats!

    Just walk in any day, dear friend!
    When you need a break,
    From your high profile parties;
    And posh business meets;
    No need to call or set up
    An appointment;
    You will be welcomed with open
    Arms and a warm happy greet!

    Come and sit by the hearth,
    Dear friend!
    Take off your mask to be yourself;
    Let's go beyond the customary small talk,
    And have a hearty tete a tete!
    On the ways of the world,
    Or the laws of the universe,
    Or any other topic, intense and deep!

    For that is what my world is all about,
    Being a friend to a friend in need;
    When you feel intense saudade;
    Of the years gone by, or a person or thing;
    Just drop by, my dear old friend!
    We will laugh and cry about those,
    Just the same!