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  • aarushisood_as 24w

    They were first used and now they're abandoned by the ones who earned thousands by making them work for hours no matter in chilling winters or hot sunny summers. Now they are sick suffering all alone just because of humans selfishness.They loved their owner and served them like they were their everything but ruthless people abandoned them like they were just use and throw material. This world has lost humanity actually they are so selfish that kindness no longer is part of their life. Try to be human. Don't become scum become a better human being atleast for once in your life..
    Save these Lil animals from humans cruelty in ways you can.

  • bibliophile3 37w


    Human trafficking,
    female infanticide,
    animal cruelty and What not?
    Why are people doing this to their own surroundings?

  • palakyadav159 54w

    SHe - jalebi khane wale kyo samosa pansd nahi karte
    Me- kyoki samose me mirch hoti hai
    She - samose me to aalu bhi toh hota hai
    Me- hum to jalebi se hi khush h
    She - han duniya bhar ki mirch tumko hi lag rhi h na
    Me - hao, tum chahon to samose me shakkar dal do
    She- nahi kisi cheej ko badal kar swaad lene me vo maja nahi khana h toh sahi rang roop me hi khao vese bhi kitna badlenge ki, hum kadmo pe bhi aagye izhaar lekr Or vo darwaja kholne ko hi tayaar nahi
    Me - ab kya kare hum jalebi se khush h toh
    She - thik h hum b besharm hai, hum b jalebi khane wali ke sath beth kar samosa khayenge

  • palakyadav159 54w

    Agar kuch nahi badla
    Toh ek din puri dunia badal jayegi
    Insaan agar hewan ho gya
    Toh maut asani se nahi aayegi
    Kisko kisko maroge tum
    Unki duao ke haton se tumko
    Sukoon ki neend nahi aayegi
    Thoda to sabar karo itne bhi kya bhuke ho
    Maut to aani hai sabko sabki ek din aayegi
    Tum ger ke bacche maje se chakte ho
    Tumhare baccho ko unki duaa kya rang layegi
    Me to khafa bhi kisse hu
    Meri to dekh ke rooh bhi chillayegi
    Manao khusiyan juthe shan shokat ki
    Mujhe to jhopdi me bhi rehmat najar aayegi
    Tum ase benakab ho jaoge
    Ke katra katra khoon dekar bhi tumse uske assun ki kimat na utari jayegi
    Jo dekh ke aaye ho kisi ka bura jeb me vo dolat nahi thehar payegi
    Bhut buri mout maroge marne pe jannat toh chodo
    Tumhe jahannum naseeb b na ho payegi

  • manomayshalini 55w


    एक बेजुबां की आंखों में नमी थी,
    और कोई उसे काटकर खा गया।।

    हम देखते ही रह गए इस मंजर को,,
    और कोई इसे त्योहार बता गया।।।


  • krishnajha 60w


  • mystical_writer26 61w


    Dear humans,
    There was a time when we used to stay in harmony,
    Together we made a wonderful symphony...
    We gave you joy and were your subjects,
    But then slowly, a sin inside you, something injects!
    Why, oh why did you have to do this to us?
    You burnt our houses and scattered our young ones from us!
    You starved us to death,
    you made us pay for our breath...
    You burn us alive,
    while we in frugal numbers thrive.
    What oh humans did we do to you?
    That you just cut us in two...
    What oh humans was our fault?
    That you kept us caged in tiny a vault!
    You... You malignant creatures kill our children in front of our eyes,
    Just so that your evil pleasure may arise
    Are we not living beings,
    Don't you think there's something that you are far far away from seeing?
    Your old friends,


  • krishnajha 65w

    इंसानो की गंदगी से
    ये अपनी भूख मिटाते है
    जीवन इनका एक आसरा
    जिन्हें हम निभा नही पाते है...
    ये बेजुबान आपको दुआ
    फिर भी दे जाते है...
    गर कभी मन करे सिर
    हाथ फेर देखना
    ये अपना सिर आपके आगे झुकाते है

  • shriyaselwal 70w

    Kuch is tarah log apni taqat aazmate hain
    Bezuban janvaro ko apne pero tale yun dabatein hain
    Unke dard, unki cheenkhon m khud ka sukoon vo patein hai
    Janvaro se badsaluki kar khud janwar jaise ban jate hain
    Khud ko insan khne wale ye jaahil, un masoomon par
    Kuch is tarah apni taqat aazmatein hain.

    Janwan hain, tumhari koi jageer nhi
    Dard usme bhi hai, tumhare dil ki tarah vo bedard nhi
    Sar p pyaar se ek baar hath ferne tak se jo tumhara ban jata hai
    Us janwar par haath uthana tumhare mnn ko kaise bhaa jata hai
    Khud ko kamzor dil ka kehne wale, khud se kamzor ko bht bebas kar jate hain
    Pyaar doge toh apni jaan tak vo tum par luta jatein hain
    Or uske dard m chand jaahil khud k liye sukoon talashnein nikal aatein hain
    Khud ko insan khne wale ye jaahil, un masoomon par
    Kuch is tarah apni taqat aazmatein hain.

    #writersnetwork #shriyaselwal #dontabuseanimals #saveanimals @solitarygirl_ @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Insan jaise shkal hai toh janwar jaisa sulook kyun?
    Jab uper wale ne daya ka bhav diya hai toh tumhe dard dene ki bhook kyun?


  • sleeplessly_yours 88w


    Amongst the tall cider trees
    I found a place called home.
    Sharing fishes, berries, fruits
    And peace with my little ones.

    They threw knives at me,
    Piercing my skin.
    They cut down my trees,
    Killing my little ones.

    They burned down my home,
    To build their own.
    They called me a beast,
    What do they call themselves?


  • umesh098 89w

    कोई गुनाह नहीं, कोई चार्जशीट नहीं, कोई वकील नहीं,
    कोई जज नहीं, कोई सुनवाई नहीं, कोई जजमेंट नहीं,
    सीधा आजीवन कारावास।
    प्राणियों के प्रति इंसानो की हैवानियत
    ना भगवान न्याय देते हैं...ना इंसान....
    #saveanimals #savetheearth

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  • muskan_trikha 97w

    It is very painful for us when someone in our family dies but then how can we make their(animal's) death as a part of our celebration or parties? How can we forgot that they are also living beings, they also have a family to love, they also feel pain. If we can't feed them or help them, atleast we shouldn't kill them!!
    On this Beautiful Earth with a large variety of plants giving us food, why we love to kill someone for our pleasure only. For the people who live on such islands or places where they have lack of food, it becomes their necessity for survival (like animals who hunt other animals for survival). But What about those people who have a large variety of food Available? Why they still love to give pain to an innocent living being?
    Now there are many people who would say "we won't kill them, we just eat them" or "even if i stop eating, no change will happen just by one person, they still get killed". Yes! I agree that not one person can stop all this but remember no big change happen overnight, it takes time and it always start with one person then everyone joins.
    If every single person reading this would promise himself/herself that from now he/she would stop eating or using those products (for which animals get killed) and share this thought with their family and friends then i believe that one day we will be successful in making a big change.

    If you have any opinion in favour or against you can share in the comments ��

    Spread this message to help make a change in the society ❤️

    #socialmessage #ngo #saveanimals #veganfood #boycottanimalproducts #bevegan#kobd_art#fpc_slc#comics #hubmanchubgirl #funnymemes #cutecomics #couplecomics #comicbooks #comicartist #wipart #drawingart #characterart #comiccharacter #drawing #cartoon #digitalart #comicart #muskantrikha

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    Read the caption

  • 0_benign_0 97w

    28th September, 2020(yesterday's incident)
    Age-19 years.

    I cried a lot. Because i was supposed to collect, kill and preserve insects for my entomology course. This sought of incidents are common with me, in which i burst out unwilling or accidentally for unknowningly harming any creature. I feel very guilty and low. Though that insect collection is for the betterment of mine and the farmers. As it helps us to explore more about Arthropods. But still i think there should be an alternative for this.

    Year- 2007(forgotten the date)
    Age- 7 years

    Alas, i remember when i was 7 years old that time i brought a wounded li'l bird with me from my school. As a concerned caretaker, i feeded him. Then wanted to clean him so poured a spoonful of water over it. And few seconds later it got stiffened. My mum said, "honey he's no more". I started crying so abruptly and mourned a week(or may be more i guess).

    P.S.- The picture holds my yearnings for animals. I have only grown in terms of height, weight and age. Else, everything is remaining same.

    @writersnetwork @poetrydelivery #saveanimals

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    Incidents Reflecting My Sensitivity: *cries*


  • soulfulwinter6398 98w

    Vicious circle of cruelty
    Habitats of living things destroyed
    How to save THEM from US?

  • harshmadaan 113w

    Ekdusre ko maarne ka dhundhte bahana
    Paiso ka hai khel saara doglo ka zamana
    Yahan bikte hai log yahan bikta zameer
    deen dharam emaan ka ab nahi koi thikana

    Kaalak bhari bheetar aur bahar ujala
    Aage badhne ke liye lete dhoke ka sahara
    Agar aisi hoti hai insaan ki insaniyat
    Aye khuda mujhe phir insaan na banana

    Bik gya insaan, mar gyi insaniyat
    Mar gyi rooh aur mar gyi roohaniyat
    Khuda ne cheen apni saari khudayi
    Bach gyi hawas aur bach gyi haivaniyat

    Bhool gya insaan apna hi farz
    Us maati ki khushbu aur dhoodh ka karz
    Khair yeh toh bharat ka itihaas hai
    Jis jis ko maa kaha diya bs usko hi dard

  • aaditya99 114w

    किस हक़ से बोलूँ ?

    आजतक किसी महिला का सामान किया नहीं
    तो आज RespectWomen किस मुँह से बोल दूँ ?

    बचपन से आजतक कुछ जानवरों को पत्थर मारते , कुछ को खाता हुआ आया हूँ
    तो आज किस मुँह से SAVEANIMALS की मुहीम से खुद को जोड़ दूँ?

    आजतक गलती से भी किसी गरीब की मदद नहीं की
    तो आज सरकार को गरीबों के प्रति असंवेदनशील कैसे बोल दूँ ?

    खुद मेरे अंदर इंसानियत है नहीं
    तो आज HUMANITYDIED का नारा कैसे बोल्दु ?

    लोगों को उनके रंग की वजह से मैं भी चिढ़ाता हूँ , अलग अलग नामों से उन्हें मैं भी बुलाता हूँ
    तो आज किस मुँह से सोशल मीडिया पे BLACKLIVESMATTER और AGAINSTDISCRIMINATION की मुहीम को सराहता हूँ ?

    गुनाह सामने होता हुआ देख कर आँखें मैं अपनी मूँद लिया करता हूँ
    लेकिन कानून को आज किस हक़ से अँधा बोल दिया करता हूँ?
    ©Aditya Pant

  • backstorypoetry 114w

    This Environment day let's take a step and come front and protect the trees, animals and the rivers who can't talk. But the pain of being killed does make them scream.
    Are we not going to learn?
    Don't these climate changes, cyclones, earthquakes etc teach you, what our mother earth is capable is when you hurt her again and again.
    Just like we love our mother's and motherland, is it that difficult to love our mother earth as well?......
    Wishing every environment lover a Happy World Environment day ❤️❤️❤️
    #worldenvironmentday #environmentday #motherearth #earth #fish #tree #river #savetrees #saveanimals #protecttheanimals #money #industries #stoppollution #pollution

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    After the last fish has been caught,
    After the last tree has been cut.
    After the last river has been poisoned,
    Are we going to realise then that we cannot eat money?........

  • unknownhaseena 114w

    #informative #secondquote #RIPhumanity #SaveAnimals #SaveNature

    Really sad to hear how a pregnant elephant died. Shame on humanity !

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    RIP Humanity

    वे बेज़ुबान थे,
    नहीं समझ पाए।
    हम इंसान थे,
    नहीं साबित कर पाए।

    नहीं समझ पाए वे,
    की क्या दोष था उनका।
    सिर्फ इतना था,
    की भरोसा किया था उन ने,
    जिन पर विश्वास नहीं सही था होना !

    - Unknownhaseena

  • aamergamer 114w

    Animals are far better than humans
    They are more kind than human.

  • succhiii 114w

    #SaveAnimals #StopAnimalAbuse #BeKind
    ईश्वर ने जब मानव जाति को बनाया होगा .तो ख़ुश हुआ होगा अपनी सबसे उत्कृष्ट रचना देखकर ..लेकिन आज वो क्या ख़ुश हो रहा होगा ?? नही कभी नही ..रो रहा होगा पश्चाताप कर रहा होगा कि मैंने ये क्या बनाया ..😭😭😭केरल के मल्लहपुरम में एक गर्भवती हथिनी के साथ क्रूरता के हद को पार करते हुये कुछ निर्दयी मनुष्यों ने ..जिन्हें मनुष्य कहना उचित न होगा , अनानास फल में बारूद भरकर भूखी हथिनी को खिलाया ..तीन दिन तक दर्द से तड़पकर अपने बच्चे के साथ उसने अपने प्राण त्याग दिए ...हाय रे ! मानव तेरी मनुष्यता 👎👎 हमें सोचने पर मजबूर करती है ..आत्मचिंतन का वक्त है ये ..सोचिए जरा मनुष्य ने क्या दिया है इस दुनिया को इस प्रकृति को ??सिर्फ़ लिया है
    दिया कुछ नही ...दिया है तो सिर्फ़ तबाही और भीषण तबाही
    प्रकृति का दोहन किया है इस मनुष्य जाति ने ..लेकिन ये भी नही भूलना चाहिए जब माँ प्रकृति सज़ा देने पर आती है तब किसी की नही सुनती ..धरे रह जाएँगे सभी विज्ञान के फ़ार्मूले ...उसके बेज़ुबान मासूम बच्चों पर अत्याचार जब तक करोगे ..तुम्हारी भी बारी आएगी जब वो तुमसे गिन-गिन के बदले लेगी ..और शुरुआत तो कर दी है उसने लेकिन अभी भी होश नही ..शायद इससे भी ज़्यादा विनाश देखना हम मनुष्यों के क़िस्मत में लिखा है तभी हम नही संभल रहे ..और ग़लतियाँ किए जा रहे हैं 🙏🏻🙏🏻😢😢😭😭😭😭 बर्दाश्त से बाहर होती जा रही है मनुष्यों की ये पाप लीला ...कवि निर्गुण अवस्थी जी की ये पंक्तिया आज स्वतः याद आ रही है

    यही सत्य क्या प्रगति हमारी ?
    इसी भाँति क्या मनुज बढ़ेगा
    अथवा अपने ही कर से वह
    नितप्रति अपनी चिता रचेगा

    यही विषमता इस जीवन की
    दिन दूनी बढ़ती जाती है ,
    मानव को मानव कहने में ,
    लज्जित होती शरमाती है

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