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  • madalasa 1d

    P A I N

    Pain is Achilles heel that often troubles
    The longer it lingers the stiffer it gets

    As you seek relief by diverting it on others
    It boomerangs back in leaps and bounds

    Others return your favor by retaliating in kind
    Only to leave you miffed and more enraged

    It further festers within you as time goes on
    And soon multiplies as ego eggs it on n on

    Your Little self obscures innate goodness
    As life gets trapped in neverending mess

    Its high time you realize what you're suffering
    And address its source to initiate self healing

    Pain is actually transformation in disguise
    Waiting for you to let go of inner malaise

    Paves way to evolving your better self
    Once you're clear on your future self

    So, why choose to writhe in miserable pain
    When you know its futile to suffer in vain

    Don't wait till it becomes unbearable
    Act with zeal when symptoms are feeble

    Seek help to figure out negative triggers
    Restrain yourself from controlling others

    Channelize your focus on source of pain
    That's home to many a negative pattern

    Root out causes to which you're conditioned
    Restore your calm and precious peace of mind

    You've all good things waiting in store
    Once you see how opportunities galore

    Lo, behold your bright future ahead
    Just be disciplined to be rewarded


  • madalasa 1d

    P A I N



  • manawara_jawed 1d


    What is identity?
    Is it how we see ourselves or how others perceive us?

  • madalasa 2d

    Two Words!

    That separate one from being peaceful n happy
    When one duly forgets to rekindle them everyday

    That bring tears of joy in one who's besotten
    When getting help while drowning in desperation

    That make the tectonic shift happen in life
    When one feels hopelessly miserable in Strife

    That bridge the gap between joy and sorrow
    Whence one'll plough life with love as furrow

    That pave the way for miracles to abound
    When uttered with faith emotionally unbound

    That channelize love to transform negativity
    When one prays for solace wholeheartedly

    That manifest Abundance in all walks of one's life
    When rendered to get rid of misery running rife

    That summon all the forces in the Universe
    When one expresses many wishes diverse

    That are simple yet profoundly meaningful
    When one says THANK YOU that's soulful


  • iamuday 3d

    A Misty Start

    I woke up

    in first light of the day;

    gazing up with the eyes

    lost in the mind

    with boundless questions

    where to start, how to start

    But I got up

    with the tenacity

    to change the way I

    have been living

    the way I have been


    So started of for

    the congenial journey

    of countless ups and downs

    keeping the FAITH in me

    and the ALMIGHTY!

    The journey is tough and thorny

    At the outset you won't be smart

    But keep calm your mind and be steady

    Let it be a misty start.


  • iforever 1w

    Love is deep enough to drown us
    Forgiving enough to accept back
    But self respect supercedes love
    When love is put to test


  • madalasa 1w

    Inspired by this must read post! ������


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    Karma's Secret - Choices!

    First, Make Choices Right!
    Means, Doing Right things!!

    Then, Make Right Choices!
    Means, Doing Things Right!!

    Understanding the Difference
    Unlocks Secret of Life's Karma!


  • pallavi4 1w

    7th of May, 2022

    I know this is not what was required but this is my take on the concept of an alternative/parallel universe .

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    I can hear you like an intrinsic voice inside
    My head often telling me what not to do
    You are the unseen person who internally
    Tries to make me more like you

    Some call you a spirit guide and often
    Say listening to you is the right way
    For you are the inherent righteousness that
    Knows instinctively what I need to say

    Maybe you are a wise sage that understands
    The workings of this world better than I
    And maybe you’ve already seen the consequences
    So you help keep me from going awry

    I cannot shake off the feeling that you are
    From a parallel universe I cannot see
    Tied we are to each other in many ways
    Yet our fates are an indefinity

    Incomplete I am without you
    Just like you are nothing if not my guide
    You give me strength, you give me wisdom
    You are the intuition I trust with pride

    I think you come from a world much like mine
    Natively you know where I need to go
    Navigating the troubled waters of my existence
    I think my very life to you I owe

    Does your voice belong to me or you ?
    Are we the same yet not one ?
    Did you choose to hold my hand
    Till we reach the finish line of this run ?

    I will go through this life trying to discover you
    You are my internal compass, my spiritual voice
    I hope I discover I was right in listening to you
    All my life before making a choice


  • ms_worthless00 1w

    Hey, self. How you doing?

    It’s been months since you last felt yourself, building high walls was your top priority since this year started; and slowly these walls are now being put down one brick at a time. You just can’t tell what will happen a few months from now, right? Just like how you never expected a few months back that you’ll once again “feel” for someone what you’re feeling today. You can’t say the word right? You just want to call it a “feeling” undescribable. Foreign, yet familiar. It’s like feeling it all for the very first time.

    It’s overwhelming, I know. I saw how you cried every night while listening to a happy song, because you’re thinking about someone and you don’t want that blissful feeling to be gone. I know. I feel it, too.

    Your heart feels so full, so ignited, and you don’t know how to contain nor control it. You just want to burst and explode, you want to pour it all on the person you’re “feeling” for. But you also know that you can’t do it. You’re not liable to do it, yet.

    So, for now, all you’re doing is to sit and calm down. Breathe in and breathe out. Watch as the sun goes up, and as it settles down again.

    �� ©ms_worthless00


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  • mellora 1w



    वो महफिल तो शायद बस एक बहाना था
    इस कुदरत को मुझे आप से मिलाना था

    जो सब मैने कभी खुद से या किसी और से चाहा
    वो सब गुणों को एक इंसान मैं दिखाना था

    जानती हूं की हमें मिले ज्यादा दिन नहीं हुए हैं
    जानती हूं की आपके मन मैं ऐसा ही कुछ हो वो जरूरी नहीं है

    पर पिछले कुछ दिनों से मेरे अंदर चल रहा
    जो यह जज्बातों का तूफान हैं,
    उसको शांत कराने का शायद एक ही ज़रिए
    ये मेरा इज़हार हैं

    ना जाने आपने ऐसा क्या कर दिया हैं
    उठते बैठते जागते सोते मेरे दिल में ऐसा क्यों घर कर लिया हैं

    की जब सोचती हूं तो सिर्फ आपका ही खयाल आता हैं
    आप और बेहतर जान ने का जी चाहता हैं

    अल्फाज़ ही नही हैं की जिनमे आपको बयान करूं
    सोचा तो था की आगे लिखूंगी आप के लिए बहुत कुछ
    पर बस आप इतना समझ लिजिए
    की अब मेरे इस दिल का हाल
    ना राज हैं ना और कुछ।

  • tanya_oberoi27 1w


    want to
    be me don't
    want to be crowd


  • kshana 2w

    You're the root and
    You're the fruit
    You're your whole damn tree.
    All your leaves
    Leaving you now
    Will nurture you.
    The seed you're sowing
    Will return to you.


  • loftydreams101 2w

    Faults in the Illusion

    Deflated in the aftermath
    Of my selfish struggle
    This war scorches on
    Raising plumes of denial
    For the kind eyes of strangers
    The stray remarks of travelers,
    The graze of their affections
    Feed an ever burning sorrow
    I hold on to every praise
    Through the onslaught of memory
    When the outer world is silent
    And my inner phantoms stalk
    I hold on
    Dragged under
    By their fearful thrash
    I hold on
    For the weight,
    For the strain
    And fading glory

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • madalasa 2w

    Expectations grow...

    When we...

    ... surrender our power
    to be peaceful at others' behest

    ... squander our freedom
    to fill others' petty imprest

    ... pander to others' greed
    masked as our best interest

    ... tamper our happiness
    with unending quest for conquest


  • dreamer_broken 2w

    Life and death

    Is it true that you are carrying on with a day-to-day existence of death or the passing of your life?
    Is demise coming unexpectedly, or would you say you are simply dying?
    Which of these sullen inquiries holds reality I can't state,
    With one hand you're viewing your life rot,
    On the other you're sitting tight for your last day,
    Whichever of these assertions you feel, is valid...


  • yourshuli 2w


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    How much longer will you poison your mind,
    Feed the things that Bind,
    You to all the things you hate,
    Instead of moving you wait,
    You continue to watch,
    You continue to read,
    Certainly it's got you in its clutch,
    These are the thing you don't need,

    How much longer will you poison your mind,
    Remain blind,
    Until your enemy strikes?
    Until you get enough likes?
    Well yikes,
    If only you knew
    The things these people spew,
    Are worthless,
    Because if you just take a breath,
    Close your eyes,
    Touch the grass,
    And March forward,
    So many possibilities are open,

  • superrita_21 2w

    Your authentic Self

    Haters are going to hate
    Lovers are going to love
    U stand in between
    Forgive haters
    Embrace lovers

    Now it comes to You
    Because after few years you dont remember
    Live life to your standards
    Be your authentic Self
    Don't focus on them
    Focus on Yourself
    Everything will be okay


  • write_from_my_heart 2w

    Dear Me in my 20s,
    Please love yourself more.
    Don't be so hard on yourself,
    Take a deep breathe,
    See the SUN out there,
    Glow, smile and love yourself.

  • sanchez_11 3w

    Little do we know our admirers ,
    Smile big.

  • madalasa 3w

    Bitter Lessons — Sour Lemons

    Beware of things causing likely Strife
    Because spiteful stuff is normally rife

    Bad luck could strike like lurking tiger
    Bringing results fraught with danger

    Bitter lessons difficult to learn may follow suit
    Brutal consequences might cause much hurt

    Blindly sticking to old habits is of little use
    Beaten by miserable fate that could confuse

    Bear in mind it's easy to make things worse
    Bitten once, twice shy you'll be in any case

    By any by you'll realize after things happen
    Beholden to your fate that's likely to worsen

    By then, not only finding causes will be late
    But also willingness to learn lessons will deflate

    Boring life might become norm than exception
    Beliefs limiting self esteem may fog your brain

    Brazenly affected will be your ability to reason
    Both mind n heart need to act together in unison

    Bringing your senses alive to uphold conviction
    Badly requires meaningful planning and action

    Bravely going after lessons hammer and tong
    Binds you to stick to good habits life long

    Best way out is to envision your bright future
    Believe firmly in your commitment for sure

    Boldly Affirm good faith in your future Self
    Befittingly commit to transcending Self

    Be diligent in pursuing path of your Mission
    Better your present self with gay abandon