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    You know it’s funny how someone place faith and hope, even if they don’t use it, they still have it and just put it somewhere and got to start to use it again; yes that goes for common sense too.. ..just saying, it’s time to wake up and do something about your today, you are the zest in life living life.

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    ♒️ #1 #v1e #1one #one 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️ #Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2021e 🦇#2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲🔥☘️⚡️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 🌬♒️

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    #ENJOY_empowered_life #lifessmile
    (Was=#Enjoy_EmPoweRed_Living )#v2021e series of#yourkindofsmile #💯 🦇🐝🐜 #Whatisright is never #Politicallycorrect the same as what is insane, for it only insane when opening a locked door,when you don't know it's locked; so is being insane,something that comes from choosing the right thing before the door gets locked; can everyone1 make the right choice if they are willing to sacrifice themselves....as, if that is the only way to make the right choice, to some how be what starts something and by the willing to let life be, only with out you being able to see it in a world and a time when everybody can make the right chose, if only they are given the best of what is being able to see all the facts and what is the history of history and never the story of what another can call history (as if, that made up history/ family history is something that is the whole of history and not just a part) and still this history is truth, it's just might not be the real truth of what is the whole true of being what history is of each step and how it became a step to being what is history. For only in history, will 1one be able to see how to better 1one's self to that of see how to make better of any murder and slavery that has cursed humanity to become that of having good parts to that having bad parts. If only history was their to teach us something more then what it means in repatriation be so used....I forgive #textadding
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    I feel like I want to kill myself and say that the next time I hath to go to court(for a pigs(person in government) with a gun, was the aggressor and Used malice(hate in action) WHEN I DIDNT HARM ANYONE, DAMGED ANYONE PERPOERTY OR UNDERMIND ANYONE1S SOVereignty(Freedom=Liberty > God given rights), yet they say I assaulted a pigs(person in government) with a gun)cop( yet, how did I assault a peace oifficer(as that pigs(person in government) with a gun a fallacy/person) when they said I am free to go and then the pigs(person in government) with a gun and thinks they own the town the (work for the people(non+Persons), as always a person is a Public Servant and as that person when they are bad, are always call/known as being a “)I am(as all pigs(person in government) P. Servant(serve Ant(is who is supposed to serve the masters(We the People\people)) yet, that Cop said “F\\\ You,” to me and so I say “F/// you, pigs(person in government) with a gun;” the next thing I know is I hear “Hey you come here,” and They me being tapped on the shoulder and then as I turn around, the next thing I know I’m being bear-hugged, aimed at the ground with me landing one top of them(I know that forsure without(of) a losing bet that if I did something wrong they would of landed on top of me, yet I landed on top of them) in that the pigs(person in government) with the gun, in acting in their unprofessional capacity(acting like they are my master and simply hiding behind a badge of(without) their holding of(with) the their oath), yet simply to say the pigs(person in government) with a gun twisted her ankle and yet how did I saw anyone when I’m walking away and they’re working towards me and running around in bear hugging me to the ground, but why; court taking my peace of pie > southern(word form,(curse them out, then in a sweetest peach cobbler manner))
    It’s been three years of holding my property, without charging me with a crime; then down the line charging me with all these policies\fallacy