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    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 5

    So, finally I would like to wrap my series with the last bhaav- Shaant Bhaav, seeing ShriHari as the Supreme Governor, God and being his devotee by having full faith in his actions, knowing them for the good of mankind ☺
    In my poem, I have listed his attributes known to me, where I describe his greatness and also the greatness of them who worship him. Even though being the Greatest of All, ShriBhagwaan is the Most Merciful. He descends as ShriKrishn, ShriRaam and his many incarnations for our welfare! Let's bow down to him. ��‍♀️��‍♀️������
    Another point, these are not all the bhaavs for we can enjoy infinite bhaavs with ShriHari, we can be his wives, daughters, sons, sister, brothers and anything we wish to be. Shaant, Daasya, Saakhya, Madhurya and Vatsalya are the five main listed bhaavs by Iskcon or maybe Gaudiyas. This list which I found on internet became just a way to express that we can enjoy each bhaav with ShriBhagwaan�� This is not the end, this is the beginning to sport with ShriHari! ������‍♀️��❤

    Shrimad Bhagwatam 1.3.26 says-

    अवतारा ह्यसङ्ख्येया हरे: सत्त्वनिधेर्द्विजा: ।
    यथाविदासिन: कुल्या: सरस: स्यु: सहस्रश: ॥ २६ ॥

    avatārā hy asaṅkhyeyā
    hareḥ sattva-nidher dvijāḥ
    yathāvidāsinaḥ kulyāḥ
    sarasaḥ syuḥ sahasraśaḥ

    TRANSLATION: O brāhmaṇas, the incarnations of the Lord are innumerable, like rivulets flowing from inexhaustible sources of water.

    SOURCE: https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/1/3/26/

    Talking about ShriHari is unequaled Supremacy, I would like to add 'Sreeman nArAyaNa' Keerthan by ShriAnnamacharya Ji which talks so beautifully about it. ��
    "In this prayer song Annamaiah describes the divine appearence and great qualities of the Super Soul Sriman nArAyaNa. He expresses total surrender to his lord."

    Sreeman nArAyaNa Sreeman nArAyaNa
    Sreeman nArAyaNa nee Sree pAdamE SaraNu ||

    Oh Sriman nArayaNa, I surrender to your lotus feet only.

    C 1 kamalAsatee mukha kamala kamala hita
    kamala priya kamalEkshaNA
    kamalAsana hita garuDa gamana Sree
    kamala nAbha nee pada kamalamE SaraNu ||

    You are like the Sun to your lotus faced consort Kamala. You are dear to your consort Kamala. Your eyes resemble lotus petals. You are dear to Brahma the creator. You move on Garuda bird. Your navel is like lotus. I surrender to your lotus feet.

    C 2 parama yOgijana bhAga dhEya Sree
    parama purusha parAtparA
    paramAtmA paramANu roopa Sree
    tiru venkaTagiri dEvA SaraNu ||

    You are the final destination for supreme sages. You are the supreme personality. You are transcendental. You are the supreme soul. You manifest yourself even in the tiniest atom. Oh Lord of holy Venkata hill, I surrender to you.

    Listen to it's rendition on my bio ��❤
    SOURCE: http://www.sangeetasudha.org/annamacharya/vol2/s.html#MARK_SREEMANNARAYANA

    King of My Heart
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriHari, Oh Super Soul
    You are above us all!
    You are the master of past, present
    And beings living and Insentient
    You live in the hearts of all alike
    Just like in Vaikunth you reside
    Oh Hari, you are the zenith of Love
    Nobody's beyond you, none above
    You glories and your consort's as well
    Are unsurpassed and limitless!
    You are the Master of Param Dham
    And descend as Krishna and Raam
    You have infinite incarnations
    Alike rivulets rising from Peak Stations
    As you come follows Shri
    Bringing forth Abundant Prosperity!
    You are the saviour of us beings
    Trapped in the cycle of our deeds
    You come as our beloved Lord
    Showering Mercy more and more
    You by your mere will
    Can bring forth creation and marring
    All wise sages worship you
    Along with Neela, Shri and Bhu
    You are the limit of Sweet Love
    Who loves devotees sans condition
    I fail to Praise you Oh King of My Heart!
    For there's no end to you, neither a start!

    ✿ �������� ������������������������������! �������� ����������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriDevi, BhuDevi and NeelaDevi with Narayana ����

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 5

    King of My Heart
    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #daasya #servitude #servant #god #master

    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 4

    The bhaav of servitude towards our only master- ShriHari. This bhaav is very revered in my eyes and also hailed as the best in the Navdha Bhakti(9 modes of worship).
    This is so because daasya means complete servitude towards Lord. Servitude requires the complete expulsion of ego from our minds,when we do nothing for ourselves, but only for the pleasure of our Master.
    Moreover as we see, that Bhagwaan is the Atma of ourselves (Atma), since the body has the duty to serve the embodied, we, our Atmas have the duty to serve Parmatma- the atma of atma. Therefore due to this sharir-shariri bhaav, we're already his servants.
    When we realise ShriHari due to his Kripa alone, we automatically get attached to him and seeing his Kalyaan Gunas we consider ourselves his servants, and believe me the servants without pay like 'To see that beauty(out of love) , my heart, my soul is ready to serve you like a slave! Just accept me!'

    Meera bai wrote a bhajan-
    स्याम म्हाने चाकर राखो जी,
    चाकर रहस्यू बाग लगास्यू,
    नित नित दरसन पास्यू,
    बृंदावन री कुंज गली में,
    गोविंद लीला गास्यू
    Oh Shyaam, keep me as your servant! I will take care of your Gardens and doing this I will get your vision daily! In the streets of Vrindavan, I will sing the glories of Govind!

    Here she also enlists three benefits she'll get being his servant, they are- She'll get his Darshan(vision) daily, his Sumiran(Rememberance, Contemplation) as her payment and Immense Devotion as her property and she says all the three things are very good. (चाकरी में दरसन पास्यू, सुमिरण पास्यू खर्ची, भाव भगति जागीर पास्यू,तीनु बाता सरसी!) And indeed they're!

    And as selfless the devotees are, so is our Lord! We do not need to think that we being his servants shall live a life like how a servant is viewed. Because, his servants and even the beggars at his door step are richer than all the riches you've ever thought of! But, for them, their only treasure is their Lord and so are they, for the Lord! ������

    Late ShriVinod Aggarwal Ji, a great devotee of RadhaKrishna, who used to sing Bhajans for them wrote in his bhajan 'Phulo mai saj rahe hai' - बिन मोल बिक गयी हूँ, जब से छवि निहारी! Meaning, I am sold to them, without a price, since the first time I have admired them! ��
    I am providing a link to this wonderful bhajan in my bio, kindly listen��

    A devotee in the Bhaav of Servitude says:-
    "Oh Lord! When I die, may the material elements that comprise my body still be used in Your service. May the water element mix in the well where You go to bathe. May the fire element enter the mirror where You see your reflection. May the space element merge in the space in which You walk. May the earth element mix with the ground upon which You place Your lotus feet. May the air element mix with the breeze that is created when You are fanned."
    (I took this saying of devotee from https://iskcondesiretree.com/profiles/blogs/sadhana-bhakti-five-types-of-relationships-with-god)

    Now my poem: Though I try to, I seriously don't know why I am so bad at expressing other bhaavs, if you don't wish to read my poem then that's okay! If you read above paragraphs, you've read enough good part ����My poem isn't good, sorry, I wish I had some devotion)

    Rest Oh LakshmiNarayana
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Narayana you must be tired
    Let me massage your feet today
    Oh my sweet Father, rest lovingly
    On the bed of the Magnificent Snake
    Come Oh Mata, dearmost to Hari,
    You too rest peacefully with him,
    Let me care for your Feet,
    With the desire which my heart holds within
    Both my Shri and Hari,
    Incarnate a million times
    Bearing the pangs of this world
    Both become the part of Sages' rhymes.
    Both of you, whether as Raam and Vaidehi
    Or sometimes as Bhaishmi and Hari
    Incarnate to establish Dharma
    Sometimes as Vaaman or Narahari
    Both bear the burden carried by Earth
    And remove all its sufferings
    But Oh Merciful couple you don't care,
    For yourself leaving it amiss,
    This isn't a right thing my ShriBhagwaane
    Let me take care for you two,
    Please hence without saying a word,
    Accept my little service to you!

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Google, to original owner.
    ���� ������ ��������������: Gopika in the bhaav of servitude to ShriKrishna. ��

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 4

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #vaidarbhi #rukmini #krishna #sudama #kanha #friendship #sakha #saakhya

    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 3

    So, the next bhaav we've with ShriBhagwaan in Saakhya, the Bhaav of Friendship. One thing we must never forget is that before anything else, ShriHari is our best friend!
    The best example of Friendship is Shri Sudama, the bestie forever of ShriKrishna �� Their friendship needs no discussion, because such a deep bond, how can we ever discuss it so easily? How can we describe that love which fell as tears from the eyes of ShriHari, and the same water was used to wash Sudama's feet!
    Well, for those of you, who do not know this divine tale. Let me try to do so, which is otherwise beyond my capability!

    So, Sudama and Krishna were taught in the same Ashram by Rishi Sandeepani. They eventually became the best of friends, like besties forever! So, once their GuruMata sent them to collect wood from forest and gave some raw gram to eat when hungry. As the night fell, it rained and both climbed to a tree, Sudama being hungry ate the gram without sharing it to his friend, ShriHari.
    As they grew up, Krishna became the charming Prince of Dwaravati but Sudama remained a poor brahmin, both being separated by destiny, yet their bond remained intact. So, once Sudama's wife asked him to go to Krishna's place and ask for some help, for they were not able to feed their children even. Sudama though a bit hesitant, agreed. (THIS SHOWS IN FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE, WE ONLY GIVE, NEVER ASK TO THE ONE WE WANNA SEE CONTENT AT ALL TIMES, MOREOVER HE WAS CONCERNED THAT KRISHNA WOULD BE SAD SEEING HIS CONDITION, HOW SHALL HE MAKE HIS KANHA SAD?)
    So, on reaching the Palace, he called upon the doorkeepers to call Krishna that his friend has arrived, they at first couldn't believe that Krishna's friend would be in such a condition, yet they went to Krishna. And as they uttered the word, 'Sudama', Krishna immediately got up.
    He ran towards the palace doors to see, that his friend has remembered him now! Oh how fortunate the day is! (THAT'S MY LORD��)
    Krishna brought him inside the Palace, he couldn't control his tears at the pitiable sight of Sudama, his best friend, his life!
    The tears of love became the water to wash the torn feet of Sudama while Mayya Rukmini, the Great Goddess Lakshmi, herself fanned him to comfort him. Krishna saw in his hand, a small bag of raw rice which his wife had given him for Krishna, that too by taking by a neighbour but Sudama felt embarrased to present it. So, Krishna forcefully took that away reminding him that he also ate raw gram all alone in the forest once, so now he'll eat all the rice! �� And that rice to him were better than the Royal dishes of his Palace! (AGAIN, THAT'S MY LORD!)
    Later, when he went back home, in place of his home, stood a great mansion and his wife and children were decorated preciously with jewels and good clothes. All due to the mercy of our VaidarbhiMadhav, our LakshmiNarayana ❤

    कितना खुश हुआ था, तू सुदामा के आने पर,
    नंगे पाँव दौड़ा तू, उसे अपने घर बुलाने पर,
    तीनो लोक लुटा दिए, आधे चावल के दाने पर,
    मर जाऊँ श्याम मैं तो, तेरे ऐसे याराने पर!
    - By unknown author, but dear to me��

    How elated you were, when Sudama came at your door,
    You ran bear footed to welcome him in your home,
    You gave three worlds to him, on a half grain of rice (Krishna gave one world to Sudama when he ate one portion of raw rice, and on eating three portions he gave three worlds to him which were under his rule, and Mata stopped him from eating the fourth portion otherwise he would have given Vaikuntha also, his own abode!!!!)
    Oh Shyaam, I will die at your such Friendship!

    Now my poem: My Saakhya is sooo funny ��
    A brief introduction: I have a teddy bear, it was gifted to me on my b'day, I love it so much, cutie pie ��
    So, I thought I will gift it to Hari but I told him to take care of it but the teddy seemed sad, so I told him, I will give it to Ma, you don't take care of my teddy, and will tell her not to give it to Hari, but then Ma seemed sad �� it felt like she didn't like it. Hari being deprived of teddy bear����
    So, owing to her sadness I have to give Teddy Bear to Hari too. Such a clever trick by him right??

    Teddy and ShriHari
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Narayana, you care not a bit
    I won't give you my teddy bear
    Look you made it so sad,
    It feels his eyes contain a mini tear
    You see, you can't push it
    And throw it just here and there
    Also, you're not allowed to play
    While pulling it by the ear!
    I will give this to Ma instead
    You would regret it then, Did you hear?
    She will take good care of it,
    And would not hurt my teddy bear
    I will present it to her on her birthday,
    Which falls near to the start of an year
    And would tell her not let the toy
    Come to you, not even little near
    But wait! Oh No! My Ma seems sad!
    I won't let her fall a single tear,
    Okay, okay, fine my Mayya,
    I will give Hari the teddy bear!
    What clever trick you played,
    Oh Vishnu, Oh Lakshmi's dear
    Just to get the toy from me,
    And to play with my teddy bear!

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Me ��
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriHari as Raam, Govind, Hari, my home Murthis and Teddy Bear, in the poem I am talking about first big one, but the little one is also very dear to ShriHari.
    Yes yes that's my weird Saakhya �� Childish but, yes, I kind of add my feelings in every bhaav, please Bear with that!

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    EDIT: Now since I have told you guys what Hari does with my teddy bear, he is being extra careful in handling and playing with him. Therefore the teddy seems happy again. ��������❤❤

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 3

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #madhurya #love #lover #lakshmi #vishnu #shri #hari #mylordvishnu #godha #godamma #andal #bhudevi #bhumi #meera #rukmini #satyabhama #radha #sita #seetha #ram #raam #krishna #krishn #govind #father #all #everything #ShriGodha_story

    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 2

    So, the next Bhaav I pick is Madhurya, the cherished Bhaav which compels even the great sages and men to turn their get up to a women just to cherish ShriBhagwaan as their lover. When Krishna did the Raasleela, all Devatas from Indra to Mahadeva, the husband of Mata Gauri, came as Gopikas to do Raas with Krishna.
    Among the Azhwars, Nammazhwar turned into Parangkush Nayaki and other Azhwars too, sorry for my lack of knowledge there are many many instance like this, so many to name.
    Andal or Godha Mayya- She was situated in Madhurya Bhaav, Completely surrendered to her Narayana, Her Kanna.
    Her story in brief: She is BhuDevi herself. Periyazhwar who used to do garland seva for Bhagwaan found her in his flower garden and took her as his daughter, he raised her up in the devotion to Kanna or Krishna ❤
    She used to wear the garlands by Periyazhwar first before they went to Narayana, and imagine herself as his beloved bride, one day her Father found this out. So, without saying a word to her, he made another garland for Lord, a fresh one. But the garland fell from the Murthi, meaning the Lord didn't accept it. In his dream, the Lord informed Periyazhwar that he shall wear only those garlands which were first offered to Godha�� And also, the Lord, called upon the King of the place in his dream, that prepare for Godha to get her married to me, in the RangNath Temple.
    The next day, with pomp and show, Godha was brought to the temple and there she merged into the idol of RangNath after being married to him at the age of sixteen!
    Such was her devotion, her two texts are Thirupavvai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi �� While Vedant Deshikan extols her greatness in ShriGodha Stuti by him. ����

    I am sharing a verse from Nachiyar Thirumozhi, when Godha Ma tells a cuckoo to warble sweetly to call Hari who is separated from her, while the cuckoo has her love mate with her, Godha Ma doesn't, therefore she calls for that cuckoo.

    PASURAM 5.4
    enbu urugi ina vEl neDum kaNgaL
    imai porundA pala nALum
    tunbak kaDal pukku vaikuntan enbadOr
    tONi perAdu uzhalginrEn
    anbuDaiyAraip pirivuRu nOyadu
    nIyum aRidi kuyilE!
    pon purai mEnik karuLak koDiyuDaip
    puNNiyanai varak kUvAi

    Oh cuckoo! My sorrow has infiltrated even into my bones (and has caused them to melt). My eyes that can be compared to deep piercing spears (vEl) are not able to even close. I have been struggling in the ocean of sorrowful separation for a long, long time because I do not
    have the help of SrI vaikuNTha nAthan who will serve like a boat for me to cross the ocean of sorrow. Oh cuckoo! You know well the grief that arises from separation from the beloved one! Please do warble sweetly so that kaNNan who has a body that shines likes gold, who is the embodiment of dharma and who has garuDa flag, will come to me!

    Now my poem: I am not at all situated in Madhurya bhaav ���� forgive me, my friends for this, but yes, one thing is true, when it comes to a Lover or a Husband I won't choose a man other than My ShrimanNarayana! ����
    Moreover, Madhurya requires the blessings of Ma ShriLakshmi and I am a person without any such good attributes, but yes since I am attached to them, My LakshmiNarayana shall never forsake me! ��

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Vishnu, can I rest my head
    On your broad shoulder?
    Just like Lakshmi does always
    Who is my beloved mother!
    Oh Father can I see you,
    As my beloved lover
    And cherish you in the melody of love
    For I do not wish another.
    Another man to my eyes
    Is just like my own brother
    But you oh Hari are my all,
    From Father to a lover.
    Whom do I deserve
    I sometimes sit to ponder
    I am the lowest of all beings,
    Present here and yonder,
    But Oh Bhagwaan you haven't forsaked
    The ones attached to you and mother
    Therefore I ask if I could rest
    My head on thy shoulder?
    Oh Madhav, I see your beauty
    As unparalleled all over,
    Which I wanna cherish resting with you
    In the shady and cool bower
    While you play with my cheeks
    Touching them with your palms together
    With your soothing glances
    As we sit beside a Sarovar

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Google, it's original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: RadhaKrishn, found it somewhat related to my poem, and I love this picture therefore, added. ��

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

    Sorry for the long post! ������
    Guess what would be third?? ������

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 2

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    Hello Everyone!
    So, from today onwards I am starting a series on Bhagwaan ShrimanNarayana that will be called ShriRaasRaajeshwar (श्रीरासराजेश्वर) The Ruler and Lord over all Rasas (Devotional Bhaavs).

    #ShriRaasRaajeshwar 1

    In this I will try to encompass various Bhaavs in which we can sport with ShriBhagwaan. �� The ShriVaishnav Sampradaya says that we can play with Bhagwaan in each form, we can see him as our son, our brother, our Father, our Lover, our Lord, our Friend and our Husband and yes on the same time.☺☺
    I have heard he says, 'Just accept me in your life, my child, you can see me as your servant as well!' That's his compassion of course, to get us back in his Vaikuntha and be worry less.
    It's not compulsory that we have to fix our mind in a particular bhaav, we can relish every bhaav with him at the same time. And this is possible in Vaikuntha Dhaam.
    The Azhwars, the Best Devotees of ShrimanNarayana, they were known to worship Bhagwaan in each form and each Bhaav with no discrimination ever.
    They saw their lover in Kurma Avatar sometimes, while suddenly be parents to Krishna, and the next moment be the children to Raam. That's Bhakti. Pious and sans Faults!
    Therefore being a follower of this Sampradaya and a servant of the Great Azhwars, I wished to relish this feeling.
    This feeling, of seeing and enjoying the qualities of Bhagwaan in each Bhaav. His qualities are for the devotees to enjoy and for all of us too. He has nothing for himself because he is always satisfied. His loveable form is just for his Devotees and Us.
    Let's enjoy Bhagwaan, I hope you all will join me in enjoying his qualities and Bhaavs with him.

    Jaya ShrimanNarayana! Jaya ShriRaasRaajeshwar!

    So, the first Bhaav I pick today is Vatsalya, seeing the Lord as our Child, having parental feelings towards him. ��

    The best Bhaav of Vatsalya was seen in Periyazhwar. He wished on seeing the Lord, that Oh ShrimanNarayana may you live long for thousands of years! ����

    I request you all listen to THIRUPALLANDU by ShriVishnuChitta Periyazhwar on YouTube. It's first verse, I am sharing. May My Child's lotus Feet Live long��❤��

    Pallandu Pallandu Pallayirathandu,
    Palakodi noorayiram ,
    Mallanda thinthol manivanna ,
    Vun sevadi sevee thirukappu!

    For several years, several more years,for several thousands of years and for crores of lakhs of years,
    The strong shouldered blue hued victor of wrestlers ,
    May your reddish sacred feet be well protected!

    SOURCE: http://kcsujata2.blogspot.com/2016/11/thirupallandu-by-periya-aazhwar.html?m=1

    Read the whole translation and listen to full song. ����❤

    Now my poem: Please don't compare with ShriVishnuChitta, I am not even a particle of dust in front of him. ��������������

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Bhagwaane, Satchitanande
    You have assumed a little form
    With little hands and little feet
    And jingling anklets adorned
    You laugh melodiously Kanna,
    With your sparkling teeth
    While you come dancing to me
    On your tiny (little) Feet
    The Peetambar too scintillates
    And flows along with you my child
    As you run, on a slow pace
    And a charming full smile
    Your curly hair are messed all over your face
    Let me settle them Oh Raam
    While you watch me lovingly,
    Oh ShriDevi's lovely Dhaam
    You who play with ShriGodha
    And carry a flute always
    I prostrate in front of You, My Child,
    I pray You be happy in all ways!

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: My little Krishnaa, My child��

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    ShriRaasRaajeshwar 1

    By ShriHari Nandini