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  • imperfect_stylo 18w


    Like a siren singing at the shore
    This delusion will devour...
    The constricted happy place,
    Will soon be suffocating...
    You need authorisation from others,
    Honey, this attitude will soon fade away...
    With the gaze of a tiger,
    Break through the fire...
    Take that leap, glow and grow!
    Take your time...
    But let the results roar!


  • silver_seren 23w


    Siren in the distance,
    finally the sign of relief,
    now I could bring her back,
    from the hands of death;
    but why do people say
    that I've gone all mad
    And it has been 6 years
    Since she's left.

  • hamallaxmi 30w

    Month of May2021
    Has been very
    critical for India
    All I could hear was
    the sirens of ambulance
    Be it day or midnight
    Every site I'd open,
    To each person I'd speak
    I'd hear about the
    Mourning, loss,
    piling of the bodies,
    Pyres, blame, flame & untouchability.


  • eusmaph 32w

    Melody of the Siren

    Against the wall
    Face upwards
    A sigh of sadness escapes
    As the melody of the siren
    Greets yet again

    The story starts about a war
    War on both sides
    And an ache so familiar
    That wants to give up

    Stuck in a desert
    One with a rainbow arch
    And ever so welcoming
    The other not so hospitable
    And ever so abandoned

    The war with the abandoned
    Is not winning and
    As the days pass
    The war with the rainbow arch
    Doesn't seem any better

    No matter which desert or war
    I am on the losing side
    My will slowly liberating itself
    From living and onto death
    What welcoming hands
    And all the ease that just seems so bliss

    "Forget the war that the mind wages
    On the two deserts — one of rainbows
    And other so dry"
    Said a voice
    It commands me into its welcoming arms
    And yet a small voice
    At the very back
    So feeble and soft
    Almost unheard
    Asks me to wait and try again

    And so passes another day
    Into a week
    Into a month
    Soon months have crossed
    And the voice still calls
    Like a siren
    I want to jump into it's welcoming arms
    And sleep
    For a very long time
    But I don't

    I start again
    And again
    Before asking myself
    How long till I give
    Into the melody of the sweet siren
    My only fear being
    That one day
    It would be far too gone
    The war long forgotten
    And me in the arms of the sweet siren
    Sleeping finally in peace

    I had given up...
    Into the melody of the siren

  • czarcasm 55w


    Beautiful siren upon the coast call out to me my sweet

    Your innocent voice could rival an angel it could really make them weep

    Such beautiful hair that sways when you walk

    You can see it from the distance

    Beckoning to passing boats to try and get even closer

    Your voice so sweet you could rob the devil you truly have no rival

    I can see why not just anyone can make it to your side

    How careless as you sway your hips you live and breathe to tease

    Your eyes firecrackers setting off sparks with your every giggle

    If only I had a map to where I could mark you on this voyage

    Just once passing isn't enough to satisfy my curiosity

    The next time I pass by it's been months since we last met

    And as if recognizing me you called out I thought you had left

    Here you were upon the shore laughing and waving your hand

    As you started to sing a song like butter that I couldn't fight against

    Tempt away with thy serene voice that drives all man insane

    I need to hear just one more time before I end up too the same

  • igautamji 61w

    Sanity stripping
    siren's singing
    seduces screaming
    shackled sailor.

    Shackles save
    safely sailing
    seafaring ships


  • journeyhale 64w


    This heart is a desert that once was a sea.

    As tears fall, the size of worlds,
    It becomes a sea once again.

    Everything good comes from the ocean,
    And so, as a siren, I will rise to sing thee to thy doom.

  • thebhavnasaxena 65w

    In the ruins of a temple,
    She rises from a sea of fog,
    Her eyes half closed,
    Her charcoal tresses
    Billow about her face,
    Hissing something to the
    Wind around, in her hands,
    She holds crimson roses,
    There's blood dripping from
    Their soft petals, and in
    Blood she walks, her footprints
    A delicate crater on the ground,
    She is a creature born of mystery
    And desires that choked to death
    In your throat, on the other side of
    The moon was her home, and she
    Had descended from the skies like
    Destiny descends upon a life,
    Stars are born and universes collide
    Within her, she is a wish coming true,
    Or maybe the answer to a whispered
    Prayer, hers is a dangerous beauty
    You can't look away, try as you might,
    Oceans in her eyes, they beckon to you,
    Make you forget your name, till all you
    Want to do is drown, drown, drown,
    Till all your secrets are clasped in her
    Heart, she will make you her slave,
    And leave you begging for more,
    For hers is a dangerous beauty
    She is a woman who knows how to
    Get what she wants, the world her stage,

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    They called her by many names,
    Witch, siren, goddess and saint,
    Yet never understood, nature's secret
    Was her own, she is a woman,
    Who lives not by the rules of men,
    But for the call of her own wild heart,
    The knowledge of who she is, she
    Unapologetically wears in her skin
    And leaves them wondering the name
    Of the unearthly elixir that is her magic.

  • devilfish 71w

    One Gasp

    Two separate waves
    Collide when they
    Are unified
    Combines in 2 equal lines
    At the center of a divide
    No need to think twice
    Tonight feeling it will suffice
    You heard me right
    Believe me this is urgent
    I have you in my sight
    I'll awaken you to fight
    Sleep with my insight
    Like smoke stay woke
    I compelled you
    I spelled you like sentence
    I expelled you
    Here I sentence you to sentiments and
    Feed the earth and free the herd
    Of ignorance
    Here's the crown from my garden
    Turned to stone
    I harden
    I'm hungry
    I am starving
    I am catharsis
    I'm burning I am incense
    That will condense
    My prophecies won't invent words where
    They are not needed
    Figure me out
    Read me like you read the thesis
    A religion that oozes into my speechless
    Purpose that It is so evident you could time it
    Put me on private
    Put my phone on silent my lack of lacking
    Is so inviting
    Smiling with a face brightened
    So enticement is exactly what you thought
    I can read your silence in between your coy
    Feel my eros in scorpio
    The serpent's eyes that peer into violence
    And make it out to the other side of
    Poseidon's Trident
    An environment out of control
    Thwarted justice with corruption
    He knew what he's inciting
    But forget all the choices
    I'm exactly who you invited
    When you fuse a muse with an experiential perfume
    An allure
    This is not a copy
    I aim
    I'm viscous when I'm forced to
    Skip off into verse after verse when
    I ripped my shirt off and carved into
    It words so the night of summer could obscure I can't stop their is no cure
    But I feel myself and transform my pain with burnt disdain I seethe hate
    I find it dirty and perverse
    The moral thing to do is now obscured
    Have i just transformed or metamorphosis
    from light to dark
    You can set me apart
    Met me at the memory of a melody
    Fleeting like a bumblebee
    It's honey is not sweet enough
    To stop me with trust
    You can't drop me while you drop dust
    You're the light at the point of It's
    Exalting time to move us with a rush
    A whisper of a touch
    I move my body like I tattooed it with the congruence in my movement when I do it
    I am moving fusing fuming parasitic service that threatens you and murders you with lust and diamond dust
    Intoxicated by your drums
    Heartbeats that thump like the urging of wanting one convergence
    Not insurgency
    At the peak of my streets echo in my sirens
    Leak insight out of my third iris

  • honeydewhymns 77w

    A Siren's Psalm

    I have met Death,

    trembled before his face.

    It is the Fate of one

    making love to a fool,

    with a mind too clever

    to know Grace.

    Still I scorched the church

    when I vowed to never,

    raised up Hell, all

    to mend his pain.

    I awoke, my

    life force drained,

    my lover escaped

    in the night.

    Yet body remained,

    strange and

    flushed with color.

    Soon night returned,

    again I yearned

    for the skin of another.

    I preyed on the hearts

    of prideful men, with

    spines so weak,

    beguiling to bend.

    Tainted his blood

    'til he reeked

    of burning candles,

    flesh as ghostly as

    his bitter end.

    With a chest as hollow

    as the dark wood, perhaps

    deadly devotion

    can be understood.

    We exist now

    as mere apparition,

    lips embrace in ocean waters

    whom kiss the sands of time

    at shore, and births

    once more, a Dream.

    A hope and a hunger

    buried within, as

    restless as the sea. 


  • terbell 84w

    Sirens Beauty

    Her scent is like the ocean breeze,
    Sweetly crisp and clean,
    Diamond like eyes,
    Gleaming glittery green,
    She was like fresh nature,
    Oozing out her beauty,
    No one could tame her
    She lives under seas,
    A magical place,
    You would crave to see.

  • sarahrachelea 89w

    She's a siren in human form
    Her angelic voice will seduce him during the storm


  • lunarwolf 91w

    Siren's Depths

    Your very existence beckons me. Its a pull that my mind cant ignore. Like a lighthouse from shore you guide me back to land but I always end up washed up on a rocky coast. You're a lure I cant seem to ignore. Whether it be sweet words or a memory. I always end up hooked. Finding me in my weakest form yet you show no mercy nor do you care. You use your siren call to drown me. Til Im submerged in you. Where you have control over the domain. I sink with my eyes open all the while trying not to breathe you in. Yet I sink deeper inside your abyss. Struggling and praying I find some kind of relief. Although your life essence is my life line.

  • jade_mccartney_ 97w

    Fantastical Visions

    Fantastical visions swirl about.
    Fairies dancing in the trees,
    A siren sings
    And a Satyr plays his pipes.

    I observe
    From a hidden place
    Fantastical visions
    That swirl about.


  • normancrane 104w


    Among the hideous shapes
    you are my favoured
    For the wretched silence of your scoliotic spine
    flavoured with our crimson wine:
    Blood diamonds
    screaming songs of sirens
    writhing on a desiccated island's edge
    Boiled alive—
    can be distilled into the language of a pledge
    I hereby promise to be yours
    Foretell you will be mine

  • callingcrows 114w

    The Siren Sang, A Short Story.

    Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful Siren. Her appearances were several, like the seasons, and many of the races fought to have her. Wars were waged, and battles were had.

    Some won her on the first day, some on the second, some much later. Amidst all of the tossing around as if she were some sort of trophy, no one had come to notice the full extent of her power. For when she sang, she could do so many wonderful things. She could win hearts and bend steel. She could begin blazing fires and part great seas. She could create, and just as well destroy. The siren chose not to use these powers against the mortal races as a show of her mercy and forgiveness, for a time. 

    But there soon came a day when she changed not only her decision, but also herself. After witnessing yet another crown fall before her, and another outstretched hand to take her to another new home, she found a spark of something new inside herself. She had grown bored with mercy and its results.

    And so a new war began, but this time was different. Instead of races clamoring over one another for the chance to hold onto the Siren's beauty, the races united and attempted to fight the very thing that they had once wanted most. Iron of the Dwarves and silver of the Elves were thrown against her. Steel of men and stone of beasts were raised towards her. Even the ragtag tools of the humble small-ones dared to face her, in order to keep and defend their homes. But for as much as the races threw at her, she simply tossed back with ease. She sang and sang, for she loved to do so. She sang, and the earth opened up and swallowed hundreds. She sang, and weapons turned against their masters and the blades drove themselves into their hearts. She sang, and thousands simply went to sleep, never to wake again. She sang, for she loved to do so.

    But then there came a different one, stumbling to her fortress on a cool winter's dawn. The Siren stared down at the beastwoman before her, awaiting a cry of attack and indignance. Yet the beastwoman only looked the siren up and down, and said,

    "You are a thing of beauty, and I am a thing of ugliness. That is all most ever see in us, isn't it? Siren, I know you, and I understand."

    And for a moment, the Siren let down her guard. She had finally been given a shred of respect and equal ground. She smiled at the beastwoman, and asked her to come inside.

    But when a wounded soldier of one of the other races came to, and saw the opportunity, they didn't hesitate. An arrow shot itself through the chest of the beautiful Siren. The beastwoman cried in shock, and the Siren said nothing, falling to the ground in cold silence. The beastwoman fell to her knees and wept for the Siren, and only when the soldier came up to the beastwoman and slew her only friend with a stab to her grieving back, did the Siren show her cards. 

    That soldier's voice was not given even a second to sound in horror as their entire existence was erased. The other races were given more time, but they too, were eventually erased. The Siren had watched the mortal races for era upon era, waiting to see a difference. And when she saw the ratios of that difference, she had made her judgement. 

    The Siren sang once again, for she loved to do so. The Siren sang, and the whole world went still.



  • thebhavnasaxena 118w


    From fire came ashes,
    From heaven came the devil,
    And I stand here dripping
    In bloody nectar, it came from me,
    When my heart broke and
    My wings failed me, what
    Did I have to piece myself
    Back together, if not for the
    Silver of the moon and the
    Gold of the sun, when all
    Colors faded into nothingness,
    From that void, came the color I
    Used to paint my pupils black,
    Look into my eyes, endless like
    A fateful night, when hurricanes
    Wreak havoc and the sea is a
    Crimson tide, I will be there, calling
    You, oh children with flesh of sin,
    And will you then remember the
    Warning signs, beautiful songs
    That are death's lullaby, what will
    You do, when a drowned girl comes
    Back to life, and in her siren melody,
    Lies her retribution and your demise?

  • knjwrites 120w

    I decided to make a series of poems based on a character I make up in my head from the color they are wearing.

    #thewomen #color #fire #passion #rage #alluring #confusing #contradiction #burning #fire #eyes #reddress #red #dress #blackhair #siren #vampire #mysterious #mesmerizing #magical

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    Eyes on Fire

    The woman in the red dress-
    She had a fire in her dark brown eyes
    And a golden tiara on her head
    She only wore the blackest eyeliner
    And blood on her lips
    She smirked and smiled
    With a soft movement in her hips
    She had a way about her that could lure any man
    She had a way about her
    She took his hand
    She was passion and rage
    A bonfire in her soul set ablaze
    She was fireworks and sparks
    She was brightness and dark
    Mysterious like the craters of the moon
    Eyes shining like the metal of a spoon
    She had long black hair
    She was mesmerizing
    Everyone stared
    She was confusing
    A contradiction of herself
    But alluring
    She couldn't play any other part so well
    She was mythical
    Either a siren or a vampire
    Something magical
    Her body burned beautifully
    Her eyes on fire

  • heart_wrenching_stories 123w

    We are twin flames, me and you. Close enough to tear each other apart , and far enough to never let love claim us in this war. You can never forget the red on my lips. I hear your elysian voice, humming along with every song of The Smiths.

    Do you remember the bench on the east side of park, water rides on Adventure Island, our shadows illuminating the deserted bookstores in CP , the stolen moments in the alley behind the Mexican bar.

    Your Sunflowers growing in my balcony, that broken ashtray in your office. Don't they still carry a little bit of you and me ? I know, you know every muffler I wear , still carries your smell & you still have my faded picture of kissing a snowflake on your nightstand.
    So tell me how can we ever forget us darling? When I am still the Siren you want to drown for & you are still the muse I never cease to write for....

    Image : Pinterest
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #Siren #muse #pod #love #poetry #thoughts #diary #life #heartbreak #findmeagain #twinflame

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    Tell me how can we ever forget us darling? When I am still the Siren you want to drown for & you are still the muse I never cease to write for....

  • restingdepressiveface 123w

    Mythical Creature; Apsara

    Air plays with my hair down my chine
    A bite in the air warns me
    There's not a gaper or sun to shine
    The secrecy in the midst doesn't surprise
    My city is desolate; cinched inside
    There is a melody up in the skies
    A voice of a siren, sings as she hides
    Apsara is that you?
    Humming my demise
    Did I lose my ears my eyes my sight?
    My faith is not in you
    But you seem to be true
    Your melodies drum me to sleep
    Are you there or was it just a dream?