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  • say_me_krish 53w

    "A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."
    ~ɴᴇʟsᴏɴ ᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʟᴀ


    Hello fellow Mirakeeans! I hope the sunsets are bright enough there in front of your window and sights to paint one more beautiful poem or prose on. I am extremely sorry to interrupt your view, but finally, I'm here with the results of the
    'ᴡᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴇɴɢᴇ'
    hosted by me in mid September (Don't stare at me, I was never a latecomer in my school, so I felt Mirakee was good ����)
    I've tried my best to be unbiased, I hope the decisions resemble the same :")
    Boom! ����

    �� @saya__
    A perfect piece with a sense of nostalgia, mixed with the perfect metaphors. Congratulations ��
    Here's your prize ��

    �� @thesunshineloves
    A tremendous piece illustrated with sheer beauty. "Love is the last lifeline". Congratulations ��
    Here's your prize ��

    ��@say_me_krish ��
    (since he hosted the challenge XD)
    {OK, don't gape at me ��}

    �� @eclipsed_sun
    A pulchritudinous piece of a dark genre, yet heartwarming and hitting at the same time {what I felt XD}. Heartiest congratulations ��
    Here's your prize {the size is larger XD} ��


    And the accessits, not forgotten to be mentioned!

    A really nice piece setting an aura with the lovely description of star crossed lovers.
    Your prize, take it with your virtual hands ����

    A poem describing about lifestyle of our beautiful co-humans on point!
    Widen your hands to reach the shield ����

    A short yet amazing writeup holding descriptions with truths of the present generation.
    Here is your shield ����

    "We're blooming buds till we wither", just beauteously perfect! It indeed was thoughtful.
    Take the weight of the shield coated with layers of my gratitude ����

    A funny yet a poignant piece bringing memories of our favourite cartoons, it was really cute!
    Yours is here, lovely lady ����


    This clearly was a challenge posted to get people out of their busy schedules and writersblock, and hence nobody should be saddened with the prizes. After all, I'm just your fellow friend here, and my perceptions cannot decide your writing, right? ��
    Congratulations again, to everyone who participated in my effort ����

    Stay happy, keep shining ��

    P. S. : Bg edits are done purely by me with my own template ������

    @_rainfrost_ Finally, ee lo ��������
    #skp_writes #skpc -- for all my challenges
    #smk_we_ch -- to read the submissions of this prompt

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  • sksfantasy_girl 64w

    Never let beguiling words solace your innocence and pierce it later@say_me_krish

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    We are illusions of water spirit

    We are those floating cotton clouds
    In this blue sky and mystery of universe
    Few cold droplets from oceans and lakes
    Journeying to fall at their favourite place

    Never let beguiling words solace your innocence & pierce it later

    We are different,though same
    Made for different colors of Earth
    We choose and love different things
    Let our likes open new portals of wonder
    Be a magician,artist or decoder etc.
    Be confidant,we are part of the same creator

  • rusha_c 64w

    We are ever blooming buds till we wither.

    Life is ever-changing and ever-growing till we are united with nature once again. The dried colourless remnants often tell stories of our existence, remembered by few and forgotten by many.

    A plethora of emotions always flickers through our minds, a phase of constant love
    then a phase of heartbreak, our delicate souls goes through a lot, still we often survive.
    "Life is a sunset where you experience eunoia in the very beginning, later will you understand that Every beauty has to drown." It's always a phase, some laced with forlorn thoughts, some stitched with halcyon memories.

    Nurtured by our own loved ones we grow, sometimes we also lose a petal or two when
    gusty winds of betrayal blow.

    We often lose a part of ourselves in pain and misery, we helplessly watch a part of us die, we shed tears of anger and frustration, we grow numb and with the changing seasons we feel again, though this time empty.

    Life consists of myriad of happiness and an equal amount of melancholy too, the question is about survival.........

    @say_me_krish ... thanks for this awesome challenge...��

    The line taken from you is "Life is a sunset where you experience eunoia in the very beginning, later will you understand that Every beauty has to drown."
    #smk_we_ch #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod
    BG credit : Pinterest

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  • daphnae 65w

    "We are the mismatched parts of the perfect jigsaw puzzle," you said.

    Stealing glances, amidst the busy crowd, we used to smile. Dancing in the rain, we used to drench ourselves in mud. Waiting for the shooting stars to cross, we would draw 'us' in the welkin. Draped with the cloak of love, we would cuddle all night long. Out dating those messages and calls, we would weave poetries through our heartbeats. Gaping at each other, we would crown the sunset everyday. Giggling all the while, we would sing lullabies to the moon.

    Today, I am scared of the crowds, where I can't see you. Today, even the softest dribbles of rain, would fill me with overflowing terror. The stars, for me now, are just the distant balls of dust. I stand, today, bare and disorbed, among those winds of the wintertides. My heart, as if freezed, to beat in another rhythm of rhymes. My eyes, desperately in search for the mires, would never dare to stare at someone for more than a second. My ears would get numb, to hear another feigned laugh.

    I could never understand the presages you sent, before leaving. Those lucent dreams turned into the dark nightmares, where I was leading the path of 'hope'. Those feisty eyes of mine, shattered when you egressed from our room with the same debonair, but demeaning voice. I waited there, betwixt the void of our distance and the scars of my crushed nebula.

    //I existed amidst our memories and my solitude, often questioning that "If rains scatter light to form rainbows, why didn't my tears make radiance for me?" Perhaps, because we were just the broken strings of another mellifluous guitar. We were the smiles, behind those undone stiches. We were just a bit of the entire heat-broken populace, in the entire universe controlling the whims of 'love'.//

    @say_me_krish I used this line from you: If rains scatter light to form rainbow, why didn't my tears make radiance for me?
    (I hope I did justice to your beautiful line.)

    #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #smk_we_ch #universec #genuine_readers

    (Another failed attempt to cure writer's block.)

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  • jaya___ 65w

    I remember clearly the time when I was a teen and it was my post exams holidays. One day I just had an urge to paint my nails red. Being in a strict school discipline I never did that in school and before this time never even wanted to. But that day I felt like it, on seeing an attractive high end nail paint sitting pretty in the cupboard. So I picked it and painted my nails and still remember how obsessed I got with my own hands, I had painted only my left hand as I couldn't get my left hands to do the painting on the right (oops!)
    It was considered a normal desire for a teenage girl and I was indulged and I enjoyed it a lot, I admit.

    Today when I get to read experiences of so many trans people who were born in male bodies but we're in fact girls and how whenever they wished to do things which have been stereotyped for girls, they were made fun of and harassed and discouraged. It feels traumatic and for them it must have been no less than lived hell. To be wanting to paint nails, a harmless beautiful act, and being denied that and to be tortured for thinking like that, is such a monstrous act.

    Humanity is what we all are born as. Gender is a psychological concept. Not the same as sex which is a physical concept.It does not need your validation and is just the way one feels.

    I pray and hope that my generation develops into parents who don't impose gender onto their kids and let them be what they want. And dress like they want. And express the way they want.

    The universe is unending and we but a scintilla. So let's make it worthy till we last.
    We are also human
    Yet deemed lower
    Dubious questioning gazes
    Always on us do hover.
    A world where I can wear lipstick
    Without being rebuked
    Where I don't need a uterus
    To get my feminity proved
    Where I can wear a skirt
    And be a man still
    Where I ain't called a monkey
    On not doing the hair removal drill
    Where I am still deemed beautiful
    Without arms, legs waxed and upper lip done
    Where virginity doesn't decide
    Whether a girl be married or shunned
    A pedagog
    Your future

    //Our imagination flies too but their flight is so short lived, we have to bury them soon//
    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar 8-9-2020

    Check out posts On my LGBTQIA life at #J_for_lgbtqia

    #smk_we_ch @say_me_krish
    //Lines from krish's post are
    A pedagog
    Your future//

    #beauty #imagination @writersnetwork #pod @mirakee #universec @writersbay #genuine_readers

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  • taetae_ 65w


    We are ropewalkers..... The ropes are 50,000feet abovethe sea level.
    If we fall of the rope, we are not going to get another chance.
    ʟᵒᵛᵉ ⁱˢ ᵗʰᵉ ˡᵃˢᵗ ˡⁱᶠᵉˡⁱⁿᵉ.
    We are in the same castle finding a room that's peaceful with ᵖᵉᵃᶜʰᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵖᵃˢᵗᵉˡˢ.
    We are following the meteor gush,
    while being glazed all over with
    acrylic, shimmery stardust.
    Do you remember that we met under the same star's silhouette.
    You didn't notice me back then, but you were happy with my warmth back then.

    /ˢⁱⁿᵍ ᵒᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘʳ ʰᵉᵃʳᵗ/
    If my heart can still sing every line of your song before you do. If my mind can still get their words before you do. If my existence can still draw your attention. Now bitter medicines are even more tasty than your flithy words with aspartame.We are much apart and rough like the sand grains that imbibe honey and yet stay apart.

    I understand being selfish is important than being selfless. As I lost myself in the way while you gained yourself. Our polaroids with meteorites show how similar we think. I was being hurt all the time, while you were happily seated in the palaquin. When I wanted to take tour around the moon, in the same palanquin, it feels congested much more like coffin. But still, the in the coffin I feel me. I can feel your presence around, but strangely I also feel charmolypi. I feel like I'm walking on the blunt edge of knife with you while sharp edge without you. You are ᵃⁿ-ᵃᵉˢᵗʰᵉᵗⁱᶜ.

    With you sunrays fall in my street.
    /The paved asphalt roads now seem more radiant like wide pearl chains with crystals close./
    But, now I'm allied with the stars
    that brought you to me and
    the moon that brought me to you,
    except for the days which we're away, I wanna say that never again fall for me.


    @fairytales_ Something for you Jelsa! ������

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #smk_we_ch

    1@say_me_krish Sry had to mention this first ����
    The lines that I've used from ur write-up are....
    The paved asphalt roads now seem more radiant like wide pearl chains with crystals close.
    Ps: I loved this line muchhh!!! ��1

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  • kin_jo 65w

    Be you

    We are entities born from a single explosion of universe. Yet, Unknowingly seldom we forget the elemental state of our existence and gets drenched behind the facade of this glittery World. We live our whole life portraying what we are not, rugged under our insecurities.Our day rises in rays of hopeful yellows and ends with diving in murky blacks. But we forget our own colour hues. We meet unexpected strangers and let them add hues to our canvas, called life.

    As the time passes by, I have begun to understand we have more flaws then we think we have and it's a inseparable truth. So accept your flaws and just flaunt it your way. It's okay to be average filled with flaws, in the world of overachievers and under performers. Not necessarily be the last bencher or the first bencher, it's okay to be the middle bencher.
    / life isn't measured by the number of success or failures. It's counted by the Moments lived /
    To keep moving on is all that matters irrespective of the ways- run, walk or crawl. Its better to be one unseen wildflower, safely nestled between the thorns of life amongst all dandellion.

    We are always on an endless mission searching for our missing pieces. We always forget that we aren't one puzzle, which needs to find its missing piece. We ourselves are a masterpiece, a very creation of our own. Under this cloudless sky, all we need to find is a viel of light, a light of our long forgotten strength. we need to dust off the weights that weighs us down and paint our beguiling soul with our actual breathing shades

    / Peel off the facades of glitters and be vulnerable YOU /

    Thank you for the kind repost @writersbay. You just made my day. Humbled ��

    #beguile @mirakee @writersnetwork #lightc #Smk_we_ch #pod #mirakee #universec #writersnetwork #writersbay

    The line used from @say_me_krish is "so accept your flaws and just flaunt it your way"

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    Set your soul free
    Before world loses its spark in thee
    Be thankful to life, who set you on whirling spree
    For, it lead you to the world of glee.

  • say_me_krish 65w


    So, this part is to let you know that
    "Participation times are extended till the end of the submission time, i.e., you can participate even now!"
    *applauds please��*

    If you didn't participate yet and if you're sad, don't worry. There's a lot of time!!!! ��

    ALL THE BEST!!!!

    P.S: If you do not know about what the challenge is, look under the hashtag #smk_we_ch or #skpc


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  • ariel_writes 65w

    We are the generation which walks on the path of illusions and yet chase dreams. We fear reality as life strikes hard breaking strings of hope. Sowing seeds of future and watering them with water of past ,turning plains to moor.

    Inhaling grief and guilt ,we flicker the light in our souls as darkness makes home. Veins carry joy to heart and arteries makes each muscle sore with gift of gloominess. Love isn't acquaintance any more.

    Tears have forgotten home and lips aren't the architect of smile. Scars on soul are numbed while those on skin are hidden behind fragile clothes. They aren't forgotten just never accepted .

    Blindly jotting down pain just to seek solace while it just carved heart out to put up an exhibition of perfect broken. And still we scream , gathering all the broken pieces

    "I'm off to fit them into tiny places ,the null spaces . I will cover all the peculiar spaces with faith "

    Though the winds giggle as she knows the fate of broken. As we are the generation which walks on the path of illusions.



    @say_me_krish Thank you for conducting the challenge.

    Lines by you : "I'm off to fit them into tiny places ,the null spaces . I will cover all the peculiar spaces with faith "

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @tengoku @raika
    #smk_we_ch #pod

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    Lost Lèas

  • say_me_krish 66w

    Hello everyone!
    Hope everyone are keeping fine with their online classes and writing ��

    Note: This challenge is posted just in the perspective of unleashing the creativity in you, take it easy, if you don't wish to participate or feel it is kinda complicated, I'm okay with it. (I'll be sad though XD)

    Just comment for now, see it later if you can make time or not (maybe you regret later��)

    *Intense drumrolls and trumpets*

    "WE AND ME CHALLENGE" (Part 1)

    So let me first explain you the parts of it:

    Part 1:
    For this, you'll have to write some sentence beginning with  "We are ..............". For example,

    "We are sand in an hourglass which is flipped again and again to let those few uncertainties of time delay"
    (Yeah this is inspired from her post)

    You can try making it more metaphoric and make it more captivating! Simple right?
    Part 2:
    (Uhm, this part is from my deleted challenge)
    For this part, you must go through my posts, find a sentence from it, and include it in your writeup (self- assessment XD). This is mandatory!
    Part 3:
    Just continue with your beautiful piece ��



    ��Your piece must include all the above mentions.

    ��You can either write a prose or poetry, it's upto you.

    ��No word and line limits, so write your heart out. (Not tooooooooooooo long XD)

    ��Make sure you submit your piece within 12 pm of 13th September.
    (Times are extended till you're seeing this, don't worry��)

    ��Tag me and the use the hashtag

    ��No plagiarized writings.

    ��Obscene images and harassment speeches aren't encouraged.

    ��Write in Pure English.

    ��One submission per person.

    'Tag' more of your friends and 'Repost' it so that they can enjoy writing too! Let this challenge be an interest to bring you out from all the stress and boredom!

    #skp_writes #skpc

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