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    ▪︎Happy 1 year in miraquill to me ▪︎

    #December #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork under your guidance, inspiration and motivation I created one year here today. Bless me for more. You have no idea how perfectly this challenge blends with my topic today. Maybe a coincidence showered by God. Thank you so much idols ��❤ many more hearts to you. May God give this fam more and more blessings.

    Also, warmest hug to all those miraquillians to supported me through this ever lasting journey. Many more hugs and prays for you...��


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    Happy 1 year to me – amidst professionals and amateur poets...

    To anyone who would listen ( V )

    And to dear December,

    I know or I have full confidence that
    You don't remember the details wholly.
    Let me give out detailed encounter of
    What miraculous incident happened
    Three sixty five days ago.
    Last year, 5th December, the evening
    Was holy jolly, brewed tea and muffler
    With mum made muffins in right hand
    While scrolling chats on the left. Dad
    thudded his tea mug on the table
    And requested me for the TV remote.
    It was a social time of tense moods
    And bad news every house. More
    Covid positives and more oxygen
    Lacks. People agitated, home quarantined
    More deaths and endless pains.
    Everyone sighed while I thumped
    And left the room in a destroyed
    Mood. Sister grunted "always, like
    This, you're. Lazy in watching the news
    Every day. When will you grow up?"
    "People don't need swallowing
    Amounts of upsetting news about
    Deaths to grow up" I shot back and
    Slammed the door. lockdown seemed
    To have had a depressing amount
    Of affect upon me.

    While scrolling down chats, I suddenly
    Found a story update from one of
    My relation. It was a beautiful poem
    Written by her. I comment "wonderful,
    You really seem to have some nerves
    For writing XD XD" but I noticed
    There was mirakee etched on top
    Left corner of the picture. "What's
    Mirakee?" I asked. "Its a writing app"
    She replied. "Is it good?" "Of course,
    It is" "what can you do here" "you can
    Write, add pictures and post or save it "
    "Besides you can have a lot of
    inspiration" I frowned, and after thinking
    For a quarter of an hour, went over
    To the download symbol. The first
    Thing came was "sign in" I was
    Scared. Never had i installed any
    App that includes singing in. I was
    Too a solemn person (or am I still,
    I guess) hesitatingly I typed my name
    "Jikimi" and filled up the form. My
    Shaking hands touched the start button.
    I saw 4 options, home, discover, write
    And profile. I looked up a lot of posts.
    I wrote a lot..and drafted them. The
    First night, I posted, I was shaking.
    But your love made me stay. And
    Since then, it feels like a palace.
    Even greater than that. I never
    Cared for likes as a beginner. Knew
    I had to practise more. But the tinge
    Of poet I got from here makes me
    Think, I can be one someday.
    Can't say any more here. Cause this
    Will go on and on if I keep up.

    So here presenting my one and only
    Question to December:

    "Will you present me with the same
    Comfort and fluffy blankets to enable
    Me to write more and more? Cause I
    Still remember that happy, miraculous,
    Merry December eve"


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    #howto #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    Thanks for the ❤


    How to do certain things you couldn't simply.
    Turn the awkward into confident. Erase the
    Term "embarrassment" from the nation.
    Make you world confident, and strong.

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (49)

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    To anyone who would listen ( IV )

    How to rub teardrops?

    Let them pour, and fill the basket
    With it. Then close the lid
    and swing the handle in your
    Mother's hand. She will know the
    Proper use of them. Cause mothers
    Are true healers.

    How to make someone happy?

    Share with them children tales
    Or a panchatantra one. This will
    Make them interested and they
    Will get merged into the pool of
    Childhood. Distributing roses in
    The name of love isn't strong enough.

    How to write a poetry?

    Take a withered rose whose
    Petals are deep red and whose
    Leaves are dead green. Observe
    It, and write its qualities, quantity,
    State and abilities. It will be
    The first sign of you being a poet.

    How to be matured?

    Stay like a child. No enough
    Words. The one who can stay
    And enjoy doing childish works
    Is the one truly matured.
    Pretending to be silent, and sitting
    With false tears isn't a workload
    Or maturity.

    How to fall in love?

    Don't look at a boy/girl. Feel
    The sunset and watch those
    Birds in its reflection. Help
    Your mother in washing dishes.
    Keep your head in her goose
    And talk awkward things. And
    When anxiety reaches your head
    You will know you are in true love.

    How to bid a goodbye?

    Stay strong. Don't loose yourself.
    Say a confident bye and rush out.
    Spend time with the one you are
    To leave, instead of locking yourself
    Up. And the one you were going
    To miss, will be the one you never
    Miss. :)


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    #lifeadvice #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    A piece of advice, to anyone who would listen ♡


    Thanks for the ❤

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (48)

    Elisabet, I am happy today ��you liked after a long time... I liked that...I can take it as if you have read ..��

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    To anyone who would listen ( III )

    It doesn't matter if you're not
    Liked at your house, the place you
    Called home earlier. You have
    Another secretive world. Another
    Different world with no parents,
    And siblings and no family
    Relations. You have the world
    Of friends. The seven letter word
    That has an impact almost
    Directly at the heart. To dear younger
    Me, you didn't understand the value
    Of this seven letter word when
    You were at your late childhood.
    To you some of them were just
    Good friends, some were enemies
    And most of them were jealous.
    Well, people might be a nerd some-
    Times. But that doesn't signifies
    Their real attitude. Friend is a word
    That itself is an emotion. Specially
    Those friends at your schooldays
    Were just baskets of emotions
    Beside you. But you didn't feel it.
    You just saw competitions for
    Winning against them. I am not
    Scolding, cause we can't change
    The past. I would just like to advise
    You to learn the value of friendship
    In future. Cause friends are real
    Stones that are hard to find.

    I was watching a farewell video
    Today and tears swept my cheeks
    While those students in my phone
    Were crying and embracing each
    Other. I realised my past, and thought
    10 years I wasted in competitions.
    And forgot the emotions of friends.
    True friends when United can change
    The world and I immediately promised
    My future self to understand. Cause
    Understandment was the only thing
    I lacked.

    So, dear anyone who would listen,
    A small piece of advice to you all,
    To understand someone's true value
    Before shunting them aside. Thank you.


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    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    We are all humans, and each of our categories are different. Some are poets, some are house wives and some are just huge baskets of emotions.
    We all shall end differently, even though we are all same

    Thank you so much WN for the kind repost �� (2) and ❤ (46)


    Thank you for the love in this series...its only the second part and I am feeling blessed <3

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    To anyone who would listen, ( II )

    A poet ends,

    Not when a quill gets damaged, but when his heart couldn't work out feelings and force them into a shiny white papyrus.

    A mother's heartbeat ends

    When her child loses hope, not when she
    Gets into deep trouble. Cause every trouble
    Of a mother ends with her looking into those
    Smiling faces of her children's.

    A trust ends

    When someone you trust becomes so
    Superior, that they're even ready to
    Pump your heart with their skeletal hands
    To join others.

    A night ends

    Not when the sun rises, but when dreams
    Yawn and midnight memories start to
    Cease off. And also when the moon gets
    Intoxicated playing with its lovers.

    A song ends

    Not when the melody stops. But when
    The depth inside it reaches a limit.
    When the song says "I love you " and
    becomes shy, it ends.

    A laugh ends

    Not when the joke is over. But when
    You can't stop forcing it and the bitterness
    Finally comes out.

    A book called life ends

    When the blood of emotions inside
    Veins overflow and stop working.


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    #quiet #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    My genuine life experience...

    I know it's okay if you scroll...

    If you read once, I would really appreciate ❤

    Just started this series : #TO_ANYONE_WHO_WOULD_LISTEN...
    If you like ... I will continue...do tell me :')

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (44) I am encouraged

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    To anyone who would listen, ( I )

    Sometimes it feels like lacking of strength.
    Sometimes days off in importing love.
    When that love wasn't really a love.
    Some days I feel like writing
    Tearing my heart into a thousand
    Pieces of words.
    Sometimes I feel guilty of not doing
    Something, but still I don't do it.
    Often I try to cheer myself
    By watching the skies and birds
    But even in those blue pieces
    And beaky birds, I can find skeletons
    Shrieking for life. It's hard in times
    When you can't speak.
    There may be many reasons, a
    Million reasons for why you can't
    Speak. Because you're awkward to
    Utter that single word? Or that whole
    Composition of the sentence? Or
    Does the vocal chords sometimes don't
    Show support? It's hard to speak
    Sometimes in front of boys, or at the
    Station packed with a million passengers.
    And you are forced to convince a smile
    And press your words back.

    I remember once, from my own life
    Experience. I feared speaking a single
    Term. Either vowels or consonants.
    But I couldn't. That was when I was
    A nerd, or i felt like one.
    People asked my name, and I found
    Those words jumping at my throat
    But not at my mouth. And I couldn't
    Say anything. Sometimes they asked
    Me my standard, my school, my address
    And again I found those answers lurking
    In my lips but not loudly enough
    For them to hear. And then I beared
    Mum's thousand yells and anger throbbing.
    I tried to explain and yet again found
    The explanations lurking. They were almost
    Escaping from my lips when I shut my