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  • jlaine 18w

    Fickle fancies
    Flaunting felicities
    Forfeiting formalities
    Fortifying fallacies


  • jlaine 19w

    Creed, churls curdling

    Citrine, curse comes


  • profuselypoetryly 27w

    #silence #wod #tautogram
    Pic credit - Bitmoji app

    Simply Stated.

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    Since scribbling;
    she silently sulks


  • muskaanbhatt_ 27w

    Some random stuff��

    This time roasting mirakians:
    Listen, when I was new to this platform, @writernetwork @miraquill used to like my posts and used to give me that EC, that time I used to take their likes and all very commonly like normal followers,that time i wasn't knowing about all these things, about thanking them and all and mention like and EC given by them in captions, but then with time i saw everyone thanking for EC And WN for likes and all, then I thought here is a rule of thanking for these kind of things, then I used to start the same and Rechecked all old posts and edited those posts in which I got likes and typed thanks and all in captions, but now I am seeing everyone is like they like anything of anyone, why to thank them unnecessarily, it seems funny, now my point is jab mai ni de ri thi inko importance mirakee people was like dedo dedo, ab jab de ri hu you guys are like mat do it's foolish ������

    #pod #wod #writers #start #tautogram #wanderer
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Tautogram (W-M)

    Wintry windy waves wonderfully wakes winters winsome
    Making me my mindset mesmerisingly munificent


  • _rutu_writes_ 28w


    Humble heart, singing songs of solitary
    Driving into departed downcast,
    Fundings for furious future....
    A long lost longitude to go for....
    Tales and tautogram to tell.....
    And a half filled ink box to fill.....

  • ashangg 28w

    Everything gonna be okay

  • ashangg 28w

    I'm thankful that universe has got my back

  • dipalirana 28w

    The times that tumultuous tale titillated, took the tiger tad too tamed, ‘tis troubled the Trojan typewriter to the twinkling Thetis towards their troupling trade.

  • fromwitchpen 28w

    Train of her life consist of 26 couchettes, cessate in a warren of poems

    Daughter of Autumn
    Anguished allegories are ambling
    on the alcove of aestheticism where
    aubergines of artistry are amaranthine
    to ablaze the alliterative arms of an
    artist whose art is atoned of autumnal
    autographs and asteroids

    Ballerina: Her sċōh‎ pirouettes stories
    Backyard, her braids ballyhooed
    as bullions where begonias and
    bergamot boohoo for blue birds
    who burgeons the benign boats
    of breeze to boogie beneath the
    ballet boots

    Celebration of Existence
    Caked up countenance carved the
    chapters concomitantly with coffins
    chock-a-block with creases and the
    campfire creating a collision betwix'
    consonants and candent candles
    chorusing to cook a cake of clay

    Diaries: Draped Dreams
    Decorating the dale with dreams
    dwindling dreamcatchers awaits
    for a dilemma dated as a day of
    dainty daffodils which delineate
    dauntless diaries

    Entitling Hope in Mystic Orbs
    Entropically, enslaved eyes
    erupting an eventide encased
    in eerie and enthralling ellipses
    engraving evanescence in

    Faded: Freckled Fountains
    Faint forenoon, flickering flowers
    with flakes' frost and flames of
    fermented fuchsia unto the fluffy
    figs of forbearance

    Gifting Ghazals to Gloominess
    Gyrating gulmohars gigglemugs
    to goldilocks gaping at the goose
    of gaiety glittering the grampuses
    with glossaries to gnaw glee and

    Huckery: Honeyed hearts
    Hail on the heartbreaks and
    hopscotch the hinged halls of
    happiness hovered to hop the
    heaven's heart

    A haiku to invite Matsuo Basho
    Imbroglio irises ignify an
    impressive iconographic
    iota of imagination impact
    the iced-isle to innate inked
    isochronic illusions

    Wrong Way: Jumbling Cobblestones
    Jingle-bells in the jocund
    jungle where jests join the
    January journals with the
    jacketed joy

    To Find Home
    Known or (un)known
    kalopsia where Kafkaesque
    kimos and kites knead klit
    to be known of kindness

    Love: Dead Bones
    Love a lustre luring loom,
    lanterning the lilies and lost
    in lust limping like a laurette
    to live with the lanky lime of
    longevity, looting land-lamps

    Carriage of Beauty
    Moon miles away map to
    mysterious moonscapes
    morphing mornings to
    mourned meadows

    Nights: Awoken by Similes
    Nymph noticing a night
    netted with noons nestled
    nape of nostalgic nefarious

    Myths Oohed with Plights
    Oompahed the ottoman owl
    oolongs omnipresent the
    offed omens obfuscating
    the odds

    Poets: Crocheting Sentiments
    Ponds were prepossessed
    with poems and pauses
    painting a poignant penumbra
    of phantoms and phantasm

    Quest of Metaphors
    Quill or quietude
    mayhap quenched the quixotic
    queries quipping the questionnaire
    with quick qualms

    Rendezvous: Bus of Nihility
    Red or roses
    the rainbows so rhombic
    rural or reckon to
    routes and rooms
    rare or real ?

    Spring will Arrive
    Soon the sun will set
    the stars scintillate with
    sombre shade or may naught
    shrink the subfusc syllables

    Tinge of Death
    Train will tootle
    to turn or take off the track
    toast and toss the tyres
    trembled trespassers
    tasting twilight to be
    trapped under the table

    Utopia: Feuillemort
    Umbra of urchins will
    be umbrellas to unreal
    and umbrageous urns
    are ubiquitous

    Voice or whimpers?
    Virgins now vaping
    with vantablack veracity
    to vamoose away from
    the vulnerable vamps

    Wicked: Winters
    Woolen windows and
    warm waning gibbous
    wagered the waffles
    whistling above the
    welkin of writhing

    And Xylophones were
    xeroxing the xerophytes
    to form xenial in xeric

    Yawning yesterdays
    and yawps of yestermorrows
    yin yang to each other
    at yonder where young
    yammers are yielding

    Conclusion: Silence
    Zapping zeroes out from
    zeitgeist zombies of zeal
    zinc to zippered zawn

    A poetess lived 26 lives while travelling through a train, with each passenger she met, a new curtain of life unfolds for her. She progressed till the 26th passenger later to remember, she wasn't counted as one of them. But, she is the lost part or lesson they learned while they suspire in the tunnel of mockery, she was their muse, a hidden poet they never knew existed in themselves. She is a voice to their silence.
    PS. Each part expounds the thought of a passenger.

    @safflower You are that person who always glittered love and warmth in this place. Thank you so much for everything , for giving me a shoulder in this moving train . A very happy birthday to you :-) stay happy . Love .

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much team for supporting me in my ups and downs *-* unexpected.

    #tautogram #hyperbole mayhap !

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    Two words, a verse, few papers smudged with those footsteps which saunter on broken pebbles of love when the train whistles adieus and hiraeth smoke out wrenched poets,
    finding hope in the cracks of their souls.
    |•poetry, a womb of light •|

  • preetkanwal 28w

    Soaking sun,sky,sea
    sipping silence
    seeking solace
    satiating stark soul
    she savoured sonnets….


  • bellemoon99 28w


    Taunting thoughts
    Tempestous tides
    Tales told today
    Tainted testimonies
    Traditions that test time
    Turning tiredlessly
    To tomorrow's ties

  • strangestranger 28w

    To take the train ,
    at that time ,
    to thrive ,
    Tim tried the token to toil ,
    to terminate the tragic tyranny ,
    through the traumatizing Talisman ��


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  • iamdilugurung 28w

    Autumn always awakes ardour
    Anthurium advicing all along,
    Aye, anybody advantagely animate
    Accidents,arctic arises and abridge aswell,
    Absolutely all apt ascendancy and assurance
    Alltogether assert animation as aptitude!!

  • siddharthajana 28w

    Crispy crayons canoeing cheerful creases
    Cruisy clouds caressing cackling cygnets
    Crimson chameleons climbing cold cedars
    Crying candles calling coalescent candlesticks
    Cuddling children's capering conjoint celebration


  • taivell 28w

    The truth

    Trudging through the temple
    Tempted to take the throne
    The truth thrives throughout time

  • francisfavor12 28w

    crescent changed Cupid Cursed
    calm clouds clever chant
    come close Cascade
    cradlin' cracked Crepuscule
    reverse rejection receive redirection
    reading raider requiting ruination

  • francisfavor12 28w

    planned pressure pleasing promises
    painful pictures of poignant poet's presenting patchy past

  • elli_mcfarlane 28w


    Springs sweet spirit succumbs,
    summers symphony singing soulful succession.

  • sairam24 28w

    The timid tides tumbled through the tenets,
    Tenaciously thrashing the thriving turtles,
    Trying to tread through the tough torrents,
    Tiptoeing to touch the trench.


  • artemiswrites 28w

    Towering trees tell timeless tales
    winds whisper wayside
    stories, storms sing sad songs