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  • amulyapurohit_18 58w

    Girl in Quarantine

    "Ah sure!" I exclaimed.
    And I saw it again!

    Oh sorry! Let me begin from where it all started.
    The night fell... The stars smiled,
    Finished my 'friends' n the text revealed:
    "Forward this to 15 friends..
    Or u will be gone, forever exiled!!"
    "Ughh" I sighed.. lost in my dreams, wild!

    Probably it's all because of the motivational vidoes we watch for stability..
    The world is high on "positivity"!
    Thank you, Sandeep Maheshwari.

    It was just day 1.
    "No bid deal". I thought to myself
    Me, my books, the series and no one!
    "WOW" my soul sighed.

    What best could I do?
    Watch Harry Potter all day..
    With little smiles and weep!
    Get up in the morning,
    Drink the morning kadha n go back to sleep!!

    Little did I know..
    By day three to rock,
    I would end up conversing with my clock!
    "How do you keep going ahead??"
    And nod at the reply,
    "Luck, luck, luck.."

    Maybe I wasn't that lucky..
    "I want to travel" I said..
    "Where? To the living room?"
    Asked my clock!
    "I don't have anything to wear!" I said, sulky!

    I guess I talk too much!
    Cause I imagined myself returning being a monk..
    Thanks to the little friend,
    Even he did mock!!

    While I sat all day,
    Wondering why I ended here..
    Alone and away....
    It struck! It was because I didn't forward that message that day!!!

    The night fell,
    The stars gave the same smile!
    I heard the clock, "well,
    May I know the time??"

    "Ah sure!" I exclaimed.
    And I saw it again!

    { This time I'm forwarding it to 50 of my friends!! Hoping to see u all soon:) }