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  • geetanshu_sharma 2w

    #the landscape

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    The lushy greeny mountains
    Remind me of the day,
    When I sat on the top
    Viewing landscape
    Which was rejuvenating its fate.

    The rivers were diving
    As a matter of joy
    While breezes were dancing
    Like a doll in a toy.

    The butterflies were running
    As we did for school
    The scenario gave me nostalgia
    Of the younger age when we were cool.

    The days were best ,all i could say
    As the worries reside only in the sharpener and eraser whole day.

    One line of the book still reside in my soul

    And now it happens to show , words speak truth from the soul .


  • awesomeink 4w

    #the woman within

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    A woman have the ability to act as the keyholder of her man's rage

  • kingdomdelight 7w

    The song of a newborn day!

    The bird
    that took me by surprise
    and brought my heart
    a sweet melody.

    This early bird
    on my window
    my eyes
    to catch the day
    it could fly away.

    Glorious bright
    with warm sunlight rays.

    It always gives, a smile
    and a bright spark
    to brighten my God given day!

    MALACHI 4:2
    But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings;
    and ye shall go forth and grow up as calves from the stall.

  • kashish07 7w

    I know that I am not mature.
    But please let me go through the "process" atleast.

  • seraiah_smiles 7w

    O, My Special Messenger, Gabriel!!!

    An archangel is obsessed with me.

    Hi, Mr. / Ms. Gabriel the Archangel.

    (He / She blushed.)



  • seraiah_smiles 7w

    The Seven Holy Sins

  • amazyn 8w

    #Jesus #the only true friend

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    She was in pain, she had done terrible things,
    No one could help her,
    She didn't want to share it with anyone,
    Cause she was embarrassed at what people would think,
    So she shared it with Jesus, cause He's the only one who wouldn't make her feel that.

  • seraiah_smiles 8w

    #The #Philippines #ThePhilippines what is The Philippines?

    It is the country itself and each one that lives to love.

    Pag-ibig ang siyang Lupang Hinirang, Ang Pilipinas!

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    Mark This

    The Philippines will swallow all the wicked, to be no more

  • seraiah_smiles 8w

    #Prince #Vasquez

    #Mina #De #Ores
    #The #Pearl

    The four crowns are complete.

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    (Mina De Ores?) The Pearl Personified, I Am-

    what? am i a


    or a


    or a


    or a


    or a


    or a


    or a


    or a

    or a

    or a












    all of the above

    (especially of The Philippines)



  • puneetkumarpk 8w

    तू इतनी खास है ये में जनता हूं
    तू दूर होकर भी पास है में मनाता हूं
    तू धूप में भी छाया है में जनता हूं
    तू हर मुश्किल में साथ है में मानता हूं
    अब तू ही मेरी आखरी उम्मीद मेरा आसमान है
    तेरे सपनों तेरी पहचान को हकीकत में बदलना है
    तुझे तेरे हाथों में क्या हमे पता हैं तू चाहें तू दुनियां बदल सकती हैं तू हर मुश्किल में निखार सकती हैं तू इतनी खास है ये में जनता हूं दूर होकर भी पास है में मानता हूं


  • cwifemeje 9w

    #The story of Naboth the Jezreelite and Ahab king of Israel (1Kings 21 verse 1-29)

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    Naboth the jezreelite

    There abides in Jezreel a court
    Nay thy orchard blossoms
    Thou can't give me for nought
    Thou art more than the sums

    Jacob begat me and the vineyard
    Thou art the king of Israel
    There lies no need for courtyard
    Eat bread ,I am Jezebel

    The signet has sealed
    Proclaim a fast to seek God
    Holy God he hath blackmailed
    Of the city make him odd

    Arise Ahab,make no obsolete
    Elijah ,lift up thy voice
    The court shall lie desolate
    Their bones shall raise a noise


  • cwifemeje 9w

    #The feeding of the five thousand (Mark 7 verse 33-44)

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    Twelve baskets

    Oh! what a great company
    The sheep have gone astray
    My words have restored many
    This is still a bright day

    The time is far spent
    Here abides the Master
    With these herbs lies a tent
    Make an abode,make it faster

    To your tents o Israel
    There is bread in the street
    Abundant fig lies in the rail
    Do not,find them meat to eat

    Fives loaves,two fishes do I have
    Father,thank you once again
    By fifty,let Andrew serve
    Gather,upon,let no dew rain


  • cwifemeje 10w

    #The story of Jairus's daughter that Jesus brought back to life (Luke 8 verse 40-42,49-56)

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    Talitha Kumi

    Come to my dwelling ,oh Rabbi
    The enemy has desired my daughter
    No need to travel to pray in Sinai
    In the synagogue is no laughter

    Trouble him not ,she is dead
    Do not weep ,she is asleep
    Come let's deliver from hade
    The wailing voice is too deep

    The master hath so assumed
    We are familiar with our nature
    He exceeds as we have presumed
    There is no need to censure

    I stretch forth my hand to thee
    Thy soul i vow not to miss
    Oh damsel ,come back to live
    Let no man hear of this


  • johnmorayo 10w

    The old man

    The soul of the old man is vexed,
    Hair like the colud of the air,
    Will not be able to see his loved ones anymore
    The old man will not be able to move,his body will be stived.

    Where will the old man run to?
    He is all alone,
    His blood turns to the eagle of the wicked world,
    And his resting bed is full of blood,
    Who can save the old man

  • the_penlighten_writings 11w

    #the pure love which know only to love tested in the name of caste and religion etc and finally made a decision by separating them...

    The pure love doesn't destroy it has been killed

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    Still I remember that day which really haunt me every day
    The day you were belonging to someone else forever, and
    I was just standing in corner looking how my whole life is going ruin

    Hey you know right I can't stay without your presence, our talks, our laughs, our giggles, our childish fights, our arguments, our worries to each other and more....

    Before that day you came to me and cried like a kid in my arms though I broke I tried , tried but I couldn't hold my tears that day we were in each other arms letting out our pain

    But that pain not even decrease one percent
    For the first time Bidding you bye was toughest thing in my life

    I turned my way to opposite not willing to see you if I see you I will be in most worse condition

    I don't want to blame yourself because our love was not killed by neither me nor you
    It's just killed by society in the name of caste,and religion



  • dreamer_girl_2004 12w


    कोशिश ऐसे करो कि
    हारते हारते कब "जीत" जाओ
    पता ही ना चले


  • sumiya_ 12w

    Yeah I still have those memories
    While I get lost in it , I still feel butterflies within me.

  • porcupine 13w


    The winds blow steadily
    The gusts grow heavily
    The geese know early
    The ducks go yearly
    The birds fly swiftly
    Their mission - south quickly
    The problem , mild lately
    The gathering remains evidently
    The weather , strange distinctly
    The animals confused apparently
    The cause inherited stupidity

  • kingdomdelight 13w

    #fear #wod #The written Word #Fix your gaze on Jesus #Ps23

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    Oh Lord,

    How I glorify thee
    For not giving us
    a dreadful spirit of fear
    And if we feel,
    the spirit of fear
    comin' like a devourin'
    hades lion near
    we can rebuke it,
    in Jesus mighty name!
    So precious and forever dear!
    The father of lies has to flee
    Jesus blood, the written Word, he totally fears!
    Holdin' the Lord's hand tight
    will not cause me
    to ever fear
    For it's the Lord's fight
    when I held Him dear
    The truth in my heart,
    God art forever near
    But the only fear,
    the fear of the livin' God
    not to fearfully tremble,
    but to know He is the livin' God!
    The fear not quenchin, the Holy Spirit, so dear
    but to be kept as the apple of His eye!


  • najera 167w

    The first time I saw you!!

    I saw u and my eyes twinkled again
    I saw u and my lips smiled again I saw u and my heart wished again
    I saw u and my body lived again
    I thot it was impossible
    But i saw u and i luvd again... only to realise it felt nothing like this the first time !!