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  • stansteel63rd 41w


    We only find strength, honestly... When people start to recognze, or vocalize how much we've strived and thrived, with the same energy they vilified,

    All the encouragement that's positive can do, is soften a heart and mind, of all the craziness that made one not respect wrong from right,

    So stop thinking it's only about you given a bit of your time, it's about support, dedication and love that makes a troubled soul see through the darkest tunnels and begin to focus on the light,

    Then all the anger and tears that one cried, can begin to subside, and the traumas that's so deeply embedded into they soul and spirit will dim slowly in due time,

    It'll have no place to resided, nor any power to demoralize, or capsize, a severe broken life,

    It'll be up to the person, to be honest with themselves and take responsibility for their actions, no more blaming, or living in past, just working hard to be a better person, until the day they die,

    Because, honestly speaking.... You know where it all started, Today!!!!!
    You shouldn't be alive, Because your walk was fueled by anger until something opened your eyes,

    It wasn't the tears running down your face, cause I know it was mines,

    So only you know what made you pump your brakes and slow your breathing down to a even sigh,

    When your ready tell us why, Me?? I no longer minimize, or glorify my sins or rise in this world that's criminalized, Instead, I explain it, and don't deny, or at least I work hard to try, I'm far from shy,

    And I'll say this to all my Sister's and Brother's, that grew up in the streets and the system,
    that's( Shelters,Fosterhomes, Groups, Camps, Juvy to doing Adult Time),
    Head and Chin Up, always and forever with pride,
    Never be ashamed of what happened to you or what you did to survive,

    Don't pay attention, or listening to the judgemental people, but listen and pay attention to those who walk what they talk and who will, for you make a sacrifice,

    And don't forget to kneel every night to Christ, and as u pray, ask for forgiveness, and explain to the Most High, that living on earth has made you blind to what's wrong, or right, lose the fear, the ego, the false insight, be humble, be the child that respects their parent and ask for patience sister's and brother's, plus guidance to be better every day you lay and then rise...
    On G.O.D

  • stansteel63rd 68w

    A Letter To A Friend

    Well Queen, try 43 yrs and counting. The tricky part about healing one's self is this, the ppl, and the world carries on. And some ppl get worse and so do the times.
    Saying this, about 2 months ago I was on track to begin cutting at all these painful appendages. But I stopped and i thought to myself, I used to be 100% one of the careless self centered heartless fucks. Then at 30 I found some sort of love that made me start changing my own selfmade and embedded perception of life and people. And what I cared about, or didn't. It took me from rejecting all positives and everyone. My own life didnt mean shit to me. If death was here or around, bring it let it come. Then i looked at my son Jeremiah and my daughter Bear, and got a surge through me to believe i could be more than i came from. Or what I've done. And I started to walk slowly, but towards them. And I started to see love. I started to want more of it, and I knew that I was finally giving pleasure and building something up of substance. That was real. Because I could feel it and touch. It made me release a lot of the pain and damage I had done in my life to others indirectly or directly, Big or small. I felt the monster I was forced to become to survive alone in the slums of Oakland, California, as a child. 7 yrs of age, born 1977, means i was raised and a victim of " crack epidemic" and the backend of the pinnacle Sir Mack Era, heavy lace with the teachings of pimping and the arts of prostitution. A womanizing generation. SEX AND DRUGS. All 80's to the mid 90's. It was pure corruption. Money was easy to make, and the games in the streets, was being pass down, like family heirlooms, from Father's and Mother's, with legendary streets name's, given because they supplied the neighborhood, or slanged that pussy good, Or for walking people down, meaning, reckless and unhesitant to do violence, with no talk, shed blood,
    Now stop, look at this world that surrounds us. Shit, where i come from, and what I've allow myself to settle into, and all I've let plunge so deep into me to makee numb, its good for these days and times, wny would i want to make myself feel or vulnerable to the shit, obviously I'll meet it, or it'll some how be a bump, but i feel this is no time to encounter humble, let my guard down, or play monk, watch yourself, you might make yourself my unaware and more vulnerable trying to heal in time that people just don't give a fuck.... GB


  • inconspicuous_ 74w

    This was a poetry challenge I decided to partake in yesterday. Thank you @priest. Hope you enjoy��
    #beautyincreativity #thestruggle

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    The Struggle

    I have been used, my body abused. Battered and bruised, I beg for mercy; yet at the sight of my plight, they seem amused. No, they really are amused. As I lie on the cold ground I curse cruel fate. Is that all I am to them? A tool for leisurely gratification of the flesh? Can't I be seen for my actual worth? But in a way I blame myself. I should have fought harder for the male gene. Thousands flew past me, and yet I attracted the same species; now I'm out of the womb as a weaker species. The cycle is endless, and my heart is restless. If I was told now that hearts don't bleed, I'd call whoever a liar, for this pain is quite dire. I look up at them with eyes of scorn as they approach with lust as a garment worn. I'm lifted up, and I writhe in disgust. Their toxic fingers roam my skin. I hear a rip as I'm being stripped. My body weakens as the dreary cycle begins. Tears flow like streams of water. Then silence. My heart yearns for justice but no one delivers it. Finally my body fights back. It's a gruesome struggle with little chance of success. But I know I have to fight. All I have left is a piece of clothing and the hair on my head. With weakened strength, I refuse to let them take of the remaining strands of my dignity.

  • stansteel63rd 75w


    Fuck love....
    And the gullible ones that seek it intuitively,
    I salute the ones that see the world's most tantalizing emotion, for what it is, Deadly!!!,

    LOVE is many things, and can be connected to so many meanings, it can be right, when it's wrong, and wrongfully made right, by the ways of the individuals traditions and upbringings,

    It can be condescending, addictive, misleading and
    very confusing,
    But it can also be, exuberating, pulsating, and undeniably breathtaking,

    It can be a weapon, that's misused, or abused, because its power is so captivating,

    It can make a person murderous, that never showed any form of negativity,

    It can make an overzealous religious fanatic, proclaim God told them to do violence for blessings,

    Or it can be a heartbroken recipient, that gave every inch within themselves, psychologically and physically to another, to find out, it wasn't a mutual admiration, it was what they had that intrigued,

    Or love can just make one blind to the negatives of the people that proclaim they love them unconditionally, that have hidden agendas and are willing to deliver wrongs to them, candidly or underhandedly,

    Today the word Love is used so emotionlessly and commonly, like, "hey stranger, yes call me, I'd love to speak, or wassup bruh, I love your weed," but how about yep, alright I love you too, bye, through a uncomfortable hug and clenched teeth,"

    I was 30 years old, the first time, I attached the word (LOVE) to myself , or any human being,
    Before then….
    I equated it to the extra work, my drug plug would kick in, and wasn't thinking about the black lives I was helping push closer to the cemeteries,

    I have to say now, I've begun to use my words more wisely, and attach them to the proper entities, with less talk, rather a showing of my devotion and loyalty for clear cut clarity,

    Being (Lost Occasionally Verses Eternity), is not what I want to appease or teach, It's commitment, diplomacy, and real peace, for that the reclaiming of the true definition of LOVE starts with Me….


  • bknock313 128w

    Painfully Addictive

    When it come to doing drugs I have never been a rookie but hold let me tell ya bout the places that they took me

  • artheartpoetry 131w

    Some days

    I look back on our love and
    I can’t believe how it so violently ended.
    Murdered, the most gore I’ve ever seen.
    And look at me now, still so unmended.

    It’s hard to look bad and look on
    you with all my love.
    Because it’s shocking to see how I am
    now because you didn’t give a fuck.

    You didn’t give a fuck and sometimes
    I really wonder if you ever did.
    What the fuck was eleven years to become this broken pile of shit?

    I’m so goddamn broken from all
    of your violent handling.
    And look at your life now from my life
    you have to the devil for gambling.

    What the fuck was it all for?
    And will I ever know the answer?
    All I want to do is get up but I’m so
    weak and riddled with cancer.

    You ruined every single part of me.
    and I’ve just never been the same.
    I wish I had the strength to rise and
    chalk it all up to the game.

    But all I do is carry on this
    in epidemic wave of apocalyptic zombies.
    I’m trying to get up but the monsters
    that run this shit are always on me.


  • impoetry 146w


    seems like a never-ending battle. It feeds on you and eats you till there's barely anything left.

    Not like a ferocious lion would, more so, like a small worm - parasites
    nibbling away from within.

  • impoetry 146w

    Don't give up. Just don't.

    I want you to know that you were created in this universe to be absolutely unstoppable
    when you have a sense of purpose.

    Be free.


  • ventrova 163w


    The weight of my sins creates the deformities that plague my body. I hide in the darkness so that the light wont burn my open pores and cause more pain. I tuck my head deeper into my arms and rock back and forth silently in my corner. This was my safe spot, my comfort, my home. I begin to drift off into a new place, a better world. Where I can be free to chase my dreams. Not that I had any, but I did recall the dreams of my parents, my friends, and the people around me and how they put all of it on my back. Like Christ, I carried it all on my shoulders as the world did everything in their power to break me down. They spat on my face, pissed on my name, and launched curses at me with their furious tongues. Yet and still I continued to press on because I thought I was approaching the horizon for the light began to cast a shadow upon me. That was until I raised my head...
    and saw that where I had ended up was nothing I had hoped for.

  • kindbruhh 167w


    I love seeing that which doesn't
    seem to be meant for me wandering through wealthy neighborhoods just
    to smell laundry and the flowers
    pressing forth being deemed worthless because I was born carelessly into a life that wasn't worth it with each second that goes unnoticed
    nothing left except breeze pushing
    feet that grow in doubt
    i'm far from home with no white
    towel to throw but I refuse the
    ticket out

  • shakshichoudhary11 177w

    Few people are so hard to forget. You try to shake away the memories but it is hard when your heart doesn't coordinate with your mind. You want to move on but a part of you always wanders around them because no matter how many times you deny it you still want them.
    Moving on is possible without actually forgetting them. It's not a process of never turning back but rather moving forward with those memories treasured in your heart forever and not bothering you. Instead of leaving a void, they remind of you the beautiful moment that you once shared.
    #thestruggle #past #memories #beautyinthepast #treasurethemoments #dontforgetmoveon #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #writersofinstagram #shakshichoudhary11 #kinderedsoul_ss

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    We don't look back because we can't look away in the first place.

  • stateofmind 185w

    The struggle to find my purpose is continuous
    Some have found their purpose
    And are living their best life
    Some are, at this very moment, discovering what their purpose is
    And there are some that have had their purpose prepared
    Am I here to make all the money in the world?
    Am I here to destroy, kill and maim?
    Is my purpose one of good or evil?
    Do I know what good and evil are?
    I might just be here to help others.
    You might be here to garner fame and wealth
    We might be here for no reason at all.
    One thing that's certain is this
    I am constantly discovering myself
    So, I have no fear about my purpose.
    I will know when I know it.


  • luhquillabarbie 196w


    Sometimes you got to go thru that storm to make it to the other side where the sun shine ❗

  • zebra_da_poet 202w

    The youth

    The backbone of the world
    The young trees of the earth
    With skills and knowledge that will grow
    They will live to teach the next generation
    The youth lives in the most difficult lives of their time
    With all the distractions and threats
    They wish to learn and get a job without getting into debt
    How are they supposed grow if they are being missed and mourned
    Aren't you tired of the stories that are told
    About the youth taking drugs instead of helping people and offering hugs
    The amout of bulling to each other is too high
    Saying idiotic stuff that are lies
    Age is nothing but a number
    Pornography a raising case
    That always strives and never slumbers
    The youth getting addicted with such a hunger
    The amount of teens watching this high
    Even the parents and government know it isn't a lie
    Kids are not ashamed to speak about it and watch it in public
    They treat it as if it's nothing
    Not knowing it will be hard for them to escape this thing
    The many reasons why the rape thrives and never dies
    Movies and shows prasing crime and  fights
    Are know imitated in real life that is now done in the day and in the night
    The youth idolising the movie ring lords and praising their skills
     Imitating their work in reality and not caring about how people feel
    When they have their belongings stealed or thier love ones killed
    Everyone wants to be the alpha
    By disrespecting thier mother
    And father
    Stereotypes are the chemical's that destroy the young tress
    They wish to grow straight but they grow skewed or not at all
    You might think it's nothing but
    Don't let a small fire become a wildfire that will kill the young tress that were yet to grow
    But what do i know I'm a teen,a child,a kid and yes a baby
    One thing is for sure everything I've said nothing new
    You can look at it at all the angles but you know very well I'm telling the truth.

  • precedingchaos 204w

    Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.

    The more I age, the more I come to realization
    That not only do I not have time
    For fake and negative people,
    But I don't want to make time for any of it.

    Why should I continue to exhaust myself
    Trying to see the good in people,
    Giving a hand to those that seem in need,
    When in reality, they wouldn't do the same?

    Sorry, I'm not sorry for valuing the little time
    That I do have left in this world
    So I'd rather give my time and energy to
    The people and things that will always be here.

  • precedingchaos 205w

    Guard Game Strong

    The more my guard builds, the harder it will be to break it down.

  • theorem 220w

    Creativity comes with confidentiality to seek recognition.

  • kyanite_queen 229w

    Some of us will always pursue love or feelings of love the way an addict seeks their next high
    #selflove #iswhereitsat #powerful #divine #loveaddict #hopelessromantic #thestruggle #istoofuckingreal

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    The powerful pursuit of something bigger than ourselves

    The euphoric high of connecting with another being in ways that no words can express

    The quick spiraling down to hitting rock bottom, certain a broken heart will be the death of us

    And then we claw our way up to the surface, fiending for something stronger and more potent

    Only to discover that the only prevailing love lives inside ourselves, for ourselves in spite of ourselves


  • lindsey_antiquesoul 235w


    You are just as human as I-
    You bleed red too

    So don't hide behind
    Your well dressed self
    -your social ignorance is seeping through-

    Imperfection is Beauty
    Ignorance is Bliss

    Humble yourself;
    You are never hidden from
    Your daily indiscretions

    Therefore you have no room to judge-
    Just because I sin differently than you


  • lilsleepygemini 240w

    Relationship issues 101

    Egg shells aren't fun
    Expecially to walk on
    How much I wish I could understand
    How much I wish I could get you back
    Seems like your far far away
    My tears they flow a stray
    I feel like you hate me
    I'm only human
    This I do not deserve
    In the end what do I do
    When all I want is to love you