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    One of my hot favorite scenes ever includes the drowning of #Titanic_movie when everything is upside down except that #orchestra band that kept on doing what it has been, making themselves true #Virtuoso .

    (A journey from golden rules in literature to No rules)

    》Middle ages rusted classical Gracio-Romans
    》Renaissance invaded darkness of the middle ages
    》Puritans hanged the Renaissance humanism
    》Neo-classics revitalized pseudo classicism
    》Romantics rebelled rules by making no rule, a rule
    (Reminded me of a character #Gonzalo in Shakespeare's #Tempest when he says "When/If I shall be the king.........there would be no king;) .)
    》Victorians made art matxist
    》Moderns violated ancestors
    》Blank verse gradually n finally got into #Free_verse!

    Clamour of rules is to writer,
    what glamour of Titanic,
    was to orchestra.
    It stood,
    while it sank.
    It stayed,
    while all escaped.
    It played,
    while all groaned.


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    Rules to writing are something
    like stereotypes are to rebels,
    not worthy until they are broken.