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  • tamanna3 21w

    my exams aren't over yet, and my thoughts are just scattered and incomplete, just like the world I'm seeing these days.

    i hope to come back and read soon ��


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    the same damned world

    did you see the world end,
    or your semi-inquisitive mind
    tricked you into believing
    that the concept of parallel worlds
    would come to your rescue,
    just for one day
    when you believe
    you aren't here just to someday
    trade your senses for an unknown.

    today you've enough time
    to mind an animation on screen,
    the way bees buzz in it,
    twerking in mid-air
    remind you of people you know live
    at some parallel latitude,
    their bodies sliding along a pole,
    feet raised as high as a pedestal;
    you can't believe its the same world.

    somewhere in your nation,
    a feminine heart is struggling
    within a priviledged body,
    another women wants to believe
    her ashes would make it
    to the land beyond
    where she would finally live.
    and you're here cursing stocks,
    munching grilled sandwiches for lunch,
    and minding your own business.
    there's so much going on in this world,
    at this moment,
    that you've no knowledge about.
    you haven't seen much of the world,
    you haven't lived enough either.
    but the endless hours of waiting
    for an interview,
    the many doses of caffeine
    you've sipped on,
    for the mere and yet herculean task
    of surviving another day
    and minding your own business
    is still a lot to take in.

    it's always a lot,
    and it's never enough
    to live and let live.

    but is it so tough, really?

    ☾︎ tamanna3

  • ihopeforu 60w


    I don't know
    why people are fake
    Whether they do it
    wantedly or not
    But it hurts the person
    who is true to them.
    I am not misunderstanding
    I realised How people
    act accordingly
    To different people.

  • strings_of_a_soul 82w

    Show some love guys������
    If the lockdown separated you from that special person
    And you miss him/her so much like I do mine
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #fromme #totheworld
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A desperation so much I cannot hide
    Just want to get back to her side

    I miss her smiles
    They were the stars in my sky
    Till we were all quarantined

  • hemalihenry 147w


    The Almighty God
    My Only God and Provider
    Has done something for me today
    That surpasses Earthly wisdom and technology accuracy
    There is no other reason for me to be rebellious anymore
    For He truly does the impossible

    Thank you Master and Friend

  • qveen_kayliah 177w

    Jamaican Haiku

    I love Jamaica
    It's my country, my home
    Here I'll live till death