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  • seraiah_smiles 19w

    #God #Almighty #Holy #Trinity #Emmanuel #Christianity #Catholicism

    God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, One God, Forever and Ever. Amen.

    Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to God's People on Earth.

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    Children of God

    You are not slaves anymore, but you shall be called children of God.

  • seraiah_smiles 22w

    #God #Almighty #Holy #Trinity #Emmanuel #Christianity #Catholicism

    God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, One God, Forever and Ever. Amen.

    Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to God's People on Earth.

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    Slave of God

    God made my body weak, my mind tested, to make my spirit strong.

    God made me physically weaker, my mental health tested, to make my virtues stronger.

    God made my bodily health weak, testing my mind, gifting my spirit with true health.

    God made my spirit stronger, while still testing my mind.

    While still testing me, my strengthened spirit gave way to strengthening my mind and body.

    In that way, God is killing my old self, and God is giving new life to me.

    This new life I have received since being a Christian. A Catholic. A Roman Catholic.

    God gave me Himself wholly. God gave us all, all of Himself.

    If ever we would be tested, it's about the test of God or the test of Mammon. Would we pick God? Or would we pick Mammon? Would we pick what is truly good? Or would we pick what is truly evil?

    As for me, in humility, God gifted me with strength to pick what is good, to feel what is good, to look at what is good, to listen to what is good, to rid myself of what is evil and to receive what is good.

    I claim that all those that suffer from mental health illness are going through tests. The test of God or the test of the Enemy? Their mind chooses what to focus on.

    The more we focus on the evil, the more it grows. The more the illness worsen. But have faith! There is hope. God loves us. Jesus Christ already saved us. The more we focus on the good, on God, the Holy Trinity, the more the good in us and around us grow. The more the healing get well.

    "Think positive." In our pandemic-ridden world, being positive is hard. But there is more to it than it appears on the surface. There is more than the body or the physical; it is the mind. There is more than the mind or the mental; it is the spirit. There is more than the spirit or the spiritual; it is the soul. There is more than the soul; it is the heart.

    Body, mind, spirit, soul, heart: these are our eyes. Some are slaved by the body; their eyes aren't opened to the latters; they're slaved by what is evil. Some are slaved by the mind; their eyes are being tested whether to be blind or healed, whether to be opened or closed. Few are slaved by the spirit; their eyes are being opened, healed. Fewer are slaved by the soul, being tested whether to receive more of the true riches in eternity. Fewest are slaved by the heart; God is our first love, and God gave all of His heart to us by giving His Son Jesus Christ, to die for us and save us. All these are tests whether we be opened to the Truth that there is salvation and there is true and complete peace in God.

    While all of the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart must synchronize to fully attain the good, we are being slaved by the pride of our lives and the concupiscence of our eyes and the lust of our flesh.

    While the Enemy who is evil tests us to look at evil and to entertain evil, God tests us to look at good and receive His free gifts of all goodness.

    There are infinite goodness. God is infinite. While evil is finite. The Enemy has an end.

    While the Enemy tries its best to slave us in the present, God, the Holy Trinity, is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Past and the Future. God is present even in the present. "Emmanuel," God is with us. This, I learned the hard ways, being tested. I always fail, but I always redirect to the good, to God. Thus, having looked at God longer than having looked at Mammon, God freely gives me His gifts of mercy, grace, and peace. "Emmanuel," God is with us; I learned this the hard way. Through the tests of the Mammon, of evil, it is clear and getting clearer to me that God is present through all the testing of my body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart. That God is present, and therefore, God being God, being Love, being Hope, being Faith, I receive Himself with open hands. These realms of the physical (body), mental (mind), spiritual (spirit), soul (the synchronization of physical, mental and soul), and the heart (eternal life), through all these, I know that God is with us, "EMMANUEL."

    To be a slave of God is to be truly freed. While to be a slave of Mammon is to be held captive.

    Everything can lead us to the good, if we recognize who truly is God. God is God. The Holy Trinity is the Holy Trinity. The test of the Enemy is hard. But nothing is too hard for God. Indeed, even nothing is hard for God. God is able of all things.

    The test of God is easy. Not easy that it is easy as we understand the term easy. But that it is very much easier, and very much more peaceful than the test of the Enemy.

    Although there are many who love idol gods, there is only one God. Although I may speak against you, I also speak against me. For while on this earth we cannot love God just as God loves us. To love God completely is to immerse ourselves in good completely, both outer and inner. While we are imperfect, God is perfect and faithful. God can strengthen us to see what is good, to know, understand, and do what is good. Although we will never be perfect in this life (for only God is perfect), each and every effort expressed with love counts. Each and every effort expressed with love leads us to what is good, to what is truly peaceful, to what truly sets us free.

    While a slave of God, am a free human. But while many are misled and are slaves of Mammon, they're truly slaved.

    Freedom in this world still has its tests. While we may have failed very much, God loves us still, God loves us completely. God is finding us as the Good Shepherd leaving the 99 found sheeps to find us, the one lost sheep.

    God is faithful. God can do everything. God gifts. The question isn't about whether what we should do to attain salvation. The question is about what we should believe in, hope for, and love.

    "Love Is The Answer"

    "God Is Love"

    "God Is Perfect"

  • frederico 39w

    Godly Inspired Thoughts

    I want to depend on God
    and not be led
    by my own feelings or thoughts.

    I want to be led by the Spirit,
    and not be directed
    by my fleshly desires.

    I want to live in the liberty of Jesus,
    and not
    in the spiratually bonded freedom
    of the world.

    17 Aug 2021

    #Proverbs3verse5to6 #Galatians5verse25 #John8verse36 #Trinity #3in1 #God #HolySpirit #Jesus

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV

    If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
    Galatians 5:25 NKJV

    Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
    John 8:36 NKJV

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    Godly Inspired Thoughts

    I want to depend on God
    and not be led
    by my own feelings or thoughts.

    I want to be led by the Spirit,
    and not be directed
    by my fleshly desires.

    I want to live in the liberty of Jesus,
    and not
    in the spiratually bonded freedom
    of the world.

    17 Aug 2021

    #Proverbs3verse5to6 #Galatians5verse25 #John8verse36 #Trinity #3in1 #God #HolySpirit #Jesus

  • seraiah_smiles 39w


    When I speak of those dearest to me, I don't mean to compare them to others, but I mean that they're tremendously important to me.

    When I speak of my dearest brother, kuya Ry...
    When I speak of my dearest Billie...
    When I speak of my dearest family...

    When I speak of those dearest to me, I don't mean to say that one is superior or greater than the others, but I mean that they're tremendously important to me.

    Still, there is one that transcends everyone; and that it is right and just. Above all, the One whom I most love, the One from whom all things were made and if not for Him, everything is nothing, that One is none other than Him: God, the Holy Trinity.

    [The Whisper of the Wind]
    For we do not presume to rank or compare ourselves with some of those who commend themselves; but when they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they have no understanding (2 Corinthians 10:12).

  • seraiah_smiles 56w

    Of god and of the God

    The god, science, is emotionless, lifeless, void. It can bring certain truths and advancements, but it does not have compassion for anyone.

    The God, the Trinity, is full of love, is Life Himself, and because of Him everything (good) exists. Jesus Himself is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He died so that sinners like everyone of us, humanity, may have life (eternal).

    The thing is, we have the freedom to believe in whoever we perceive is God. But the one true God, nevertheless, remains God.

  • little_mochi 72w

    Lord, you are amazing!
    How Splendid are your works
    Yesterday, When I was suffering
    You were there protecting and handling
    My emotions and Eventually you gave me
    That Peace to my heart though pain physically didn't reside
    And Now, You have removed that pain
    Within few hours,
    How Majestic You are LORD,
    Showed your Mercy on Me
    The minute I came to you.

    "Wait unto the LORD,
    He will Deliver you"

    My Everlasting LORD!!!


  • raghavendran 94w

    Birth of Gods of Small Things

    Birth of Gods of Small Things

    The grand creation over,
    The Trinity rested-
    The All Powerful Gods-
    The Gods of Big Things;
    For quite a while
    Everything worked fine
    Like perfect clockwork;

    The Sun and the Moon
    Rose and set,
    Planets all whirred
    In their dedicated path,
    Seasons four visited
    With unfailing regularity;

    Mother Earth wore
    Brilliant colours
    Like a newly-wed bride
    With joy writ all over
    Her charming face,
    Proving to the Big Gods
    That all was well
    With their creation;

    But, alas! The Mother Earth,
    The land of humans,
    Soon calamity-ridden became,
    Strange diseases spread,
    The climate of the land
    Changed for the worse,
    Draught and floods
    Took many human lives,
    The earth was no longer
    That once it was;

    Big Gods were stunned,
    Problems became too many,
    People cried for succour,
    Looking to the Trinity
    For help and sanity;

    Gods of Big Things
    Found the situation
    Spinning out of control,
    They decided to create
    Gods of Small Things
    To tackle the problems
    Growing by the minute;

    Gods of Small Things
    Thus took a grand birth
    Whom the people
    Were to propitiate
    For all their ills,
    To save them from Smallpox
    To Malaria to Dengue
    From Plague to Covid19
    And from Draught
    To unseasonal rains;

    Soon Gods of Small Things
    Proliferated all over
    Cities and towns,
    Villages and hamlets,
    Each with a unique name
    And a unique bearing,

    And Gods of Small Things
    Too many to name
    Became a reality
    In the human land.

    Raghav R

  • rithu_saji 97w

    The matrix..

  • inkeddisaster 97w

    Without him I'd be a mess!
    I hope y'all are staying safe❤️
    #God #together #trinity #love #life #beauty #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Me, myself and the holy spirit
    Go through each day.

  • bethinkful 97w


    Your DNA melts, heavy, drip drop, into Earth's rooted wellspring; every spine and blossom alert to attention, ready to help fuel your journey

    You rise on yellow and black flutters, so light that the wind controls your rising, and you attune to your body below, sleeping beneath the constellations

    Of a dark, deep night, which as you now know, was always there waiting behind the clouds, waiting to break open its mist, to show your soul

    The archetpyes of meaning that the dense, fearful night holds in her womb; but tonight, you are not worried, for, it turns out, you are the night

    And the wings that carry you, the breeze as well, the twinkle of light. All can be seen from this dark, starry vantage, and you laugh at the old fear

    That kept you from being absorbed into this beautiful oneness, this loss of the lonely, from suctioning into the stardust, the big bang...

    From emerging as creator.

    The mist droplets rotate, in darkness and light, pulsing with anticipation, and all you were waiting for is released, as you slip into waking sleep

    Revealing the swirling fractals that contain the total of All in their tiniest section. And they whisper to you (thank God you no longer have ears), yet, you hear:

    I Am the knowledge - You Are too - that
    You were never just you
    To begin with


  • mithumarkose 107w

    Holy Trinity

    Life, career, job.
    Three in one.
    One in three.
    Yet, a dream for many.

    Mithu Markose | 28-04-2020

  • lokeshdahiya 112w

    Value of C & She

    Forget about corona fear and fever

    Just Boost your immunity
    But Always Belive in Trinity

    Eat 2 pears with vitamin c family friends orange and lemon.
    You will see all community cheering .
    If you want to see
    eat -C drink -C
    But don't forget to respect
    the She.
    ©lokeshdahiya 22 march 2020

  • jessejamz 112w


    My soul composes beautiful music.
    My hearts beats passionate poetry.
    Philosophy is articulated in my mind.
    With this trinity I'll produce
    works utterly sublime.

  • allemuor 117w


    Fluid that sustains the body
    Essence that empowers the spirit
    Energy that refreshes the soul

  • frederico 140w

    We Are FBMI

    We are called
    to walk by faith
    and not by sight,
    believing in the Trinity,
    staying connected to our Lord Jesus Christ
    to give meaning to His greatest gift,
    which is to love one another
    as ourselves
    and to express along
    the fruit of the Spirit.

    We serve His Kingdom,
    sharing His LOVE through the Gospel,
    building up faith for the individual
    and each other,
    taking our responsibility
    for the pastoral
    and evangelical,
    and also believing
    that the prophetic
    and the apostolic
    are still present,
    led by the Holy Spirit,
    with the Holy Bible as our foundation,
    all for the glorification
    of His Name.

    We are Faith Builders Ministries International,
    servants of the most High!


    9 Sep 2019


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    We Are FBMI


  • swega_nalawade 142w


    Love is that picture stuck inside my head
    And the one I keep remembering before going to bed
    Its the power that aids me to go miles ahead
    To the HOME where my fears are dead

    It's a Holy Trinity for my restless mind
    A vision to my dreams when my hope gets blind
    It's the clarity and confusion amazingly combined
    More than just an attachment or attraction it's uniquely designed

  • frederico 146w

    Unity in Diversity

    The one strong
    in teaching the Word,
    the other strong
    in the working of the Spirit.
    The one strong in preaching,
    the other
    always searching
    for the right wording.
    The one very simplistic,
    sometimes almost conservative,
    the other
    very explosive expressive.

    have the Bible as their foundation,
    the accent often differs
    depending on the congregation.

    That's why the fruit of the Spirit
    is an important, guiding element.
    The Word says:
    the truth will set you free.
    In reality
    the experience
    may be different
    for you and me.

    in all that diversity,
    there is an unity,
    in the teachings of the Trinity,
    saved by the grace of the Son,
    confirmed by Himself
    in the Gospel of Luke
    and emphasized several times
    by His servant Paul.

    Traditional or charismatic,
    eloquent or less eloquent,
    praying in tongues
    or just praying as we are used to,
    through faith in Jesus
    we are all saved,
    a present,
    a gift,
    provided by our Father
    in honor of His name
    and called to persevere
    until the end is near.

    28 Feb 2019
    Original: Eenheid in Verscheidenheid (dutch)


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    Unity in Diversity


  • alpavlo_inc 154w

    3nity Day

    Hey Babe!!
    Happy birthday!!
    As you add a beautiful year to your bag of many more,
    Multiple folds of fruitful years
    I pray for medals of accomplishment
    & a heart of abundant joy...
    I wish you the best of wishes
    As blessings will never elude you
    I dream for you
    A path of immeasurable success,
    sound health in mind & in body
    as you age with Grace in love & wisdom
    to enjoy the spoils of your toils!!
    Cheers Love!!


  • st_august_writes 160w

    Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son The ill that I this day have done That with the world, myself and thee,
    I e'er I sleep at peace may be ...

  • jlaine 163w

    From the soil of your soul, springs life.