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  • sidh_ru 14w

    I wish I could complete this to-do list peacefully...

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    The moments I adore the most,
    After passing through days full of sighs,
    Curse words, wrecking mind and draining energy
    Are when just this lazy lass
    Accompanied by my 'pampering me';
    With my to-do lists
    Not filled with chores
    Filled with my lovey-dovey moments of
    DANCING to the rhythm of mine filling my ears
    READING all my bundle of joys in my shelves
    WRITING my heart via the flow of ink in my ever waiting papers
    DREAMING all of my desires to paint them colours
    MASTERBATING to the very end of everything in me.
    Spreading bliss to my ' mind, body and soul' trio
    This absolutely is my to-do list of my everlasting vacation...

  • paperwhites 16w

    "I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry,
    and I see summer—its dust and lowering skies"

    —Toni Morrison

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork ��

    #painter #joy #vacation #wod

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    Poem from a Paintbrush

    I sketch summer as a woman
    cocooned in a daisy sundress,
    a turquoise bow and wheatish
    schmaltz straw hat similar to
    Sorolla's portrait of "women
    walking on the beach"

    She was shuffling with saltwater
    breeze in her espresso hairs, a
    half-squeezed lime in her hand
    and a lapis voile kerchief
    dangled around her neck

    Her redolence was of babul
    gum and the red sandalwood
    Straddling under an umbrella
    canopy with a drink of young
    apple juice, summer looked
    like a diva tossing between
    the sun and sand

    There were ocean droplets
    dancing in the air, seashells
    flirting the harp with the waves
    and dolphins ricocheting in and
    off to the heart of the coastline

    Behind the magenta and the
    watermelon hued sky, summer
    gazed like a long sunset of joy
    keeping up a little longer with the
    twilight for a tight summer holiday


  • soundsofsaddness41 16w

    A long time away

    Hot Sand...
    Warm water too.
    Set out beach towel.
    The sun cast upward, in view.
    Time away.

  • joan53 16w

    Summer comes and goes
    Like most seasons do
    Vacation is the absence of sameness
    Vacation is the absence of duty
    Vacation is a new scenery
    A place of fun and adventure
    Summer just comes and goes
    Like most seasons do

    Spring is when I was young
    When in innocence I play
    Summer is when I’m grown
    And seriousness I have sown
    Fall is where I’m getting old
    And I’m finishing things up and done
    Winter is when I am timelessly old
    Is when I slow down in preparation
    Death is coming to take me
    On a permanent vacation

    Vacation is a new scenery
    A place of fun and adventure
    I will wear new clothes of light
    And then my soul takes flight


  • kefi_kat 16w


    A voyage
    To meet yourself
    At the edge of the horizon
    & become one with nature.

  • the_faye_adams 16w

    Sunny beach days
    warm water washes over my feet
    tiptoeing on the scorching hot sand
    long yellow dress flows in the wind
    ice-cream drips, a book in hand
    laughter and giggles fills the air
    splashing of the salty ocean water
    sand castles trampled on and rebuild
    adults sunbathe and enjoy these moments,
    memories in the making
    children run and play, making new friends
    with any passing face
    these relaxing, beautiful moments
    away from work
    away from the chaos of the world.

    #vacation #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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  • missdontknowwhattofeel 16w

    Pine trees all around
    Everyone so excited to have come to the famous spot at last
    Brother went off with dad to get a camera and sprite
    Me and my sisters all decked up in our favorite frocks
    Mom looked for a place where everyone could sit
    One could see excited families like ours in the distance

    Now more than 17 years later
    The place have already been converted to a hospital
    Nothing much of the special exciting picnic remains in memory, just some snippets of it
    And a worn out photograph taken that day still tucked properly in a family album


  • borahae_07 16w


    Just enjoy it... I think some people rarely get time from their daily life to have fun... Don't ruin it...


  • inkandfable670 16w

    It's is a light reminiscence of my summer vacation which I used to spent at my nani's( maternal grandparents) home ..

    #wod #vacation

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    Subway is moving
    Continuously on its track
    A series of memories is
    Flashing without any break,
    That pillow fight and the
    Talks of mid-night,
    Games we played, with cousins
    The moments I crazily shared ,

    My craving after getting the
    Aroma of granny's dish,
    'I wish I could stay here forever'
    Was my only wish,
    I'm gonna miss all those
    Gratifying hours,
    Compassion of granny,
    Scolding of grandfather ,
    Although I knew,
    I have to come back,

    Yet the detachment
    Aches so bad,
    Days have passed
    Smoothly but swifter
    And now it's time to bid all,
    Farewell, My tearful eyes are
    Ready to roll them down,

    My journey is over
    Now I'm in hometown,
    No matter how much love
    Care you receive here
    No matter how much you
    Want to live here forever,
    At the end,we have to
    Go back to whom we belong.


  • msushil 16w

    Sitting on the back bench
    Summer vacation
    Tries to make me a truant.
    With closed eyes,
    I jump into the cold water
    To transfer the heat
    That the subject of heat transfer
    Infuses in me,
    But the cruel
    Chalk hits me
    And I come back
    To the voice
    of livid teacher.

  • jikimi 16w

    #vacation #wod

    A summer trip with my family to beaches, though I haven't been there in life, I tried my best to sculpt moments and scenarios of sea and sun, and chairs and shops....♡

    Hope you like it @miraquill @writersnetwork

    And I asked the sun
    'You are alone too, like me. But still you shine' ��

    Skip it....
    Unfortunately its long.....��

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    The summer scent crawls my feet and the smell of sand freshens my nose....

    The summer scent crawls my feet
    As I, unaware of the earth jump in
    The ocean with sand still wet in my
    Feet. The glittering water from the
    Sea, mixed with shells and pearls,
    I shout with merriment and call my
    Parents to look at what I have found.

    Sometimes I create a thick solution
    Of sand and water and sculpt a castle
    For my family, or sometimes I unhesi-
    Tatingly transfigure into a kid and
    Jump like a trampoline down the sailing
    Blue. Coconut trees give us shade,
    Under them in the cosy chairs I sit,
    Goggles in my eyes staring at the sun,
    Asking him 'you are alone too, like me.
    But still you shine'.

    Small stores near beaches that stand,
    My sister shouts to the shopkeeper
    'Uncle!, four sweets please!' And the
    Smiling man at the smiling little
    Girl, hands it over, and when she hands
    Out money in return, he refuses answering
    'Your cuteness, little'.

    All the depression, stress and career
    That I had in my mind, now seems like
    The sand flowed by the glittering, jewelled
    Water that sweeps again and again.
    Maybe I am not so good at explaining
    Scenarios but the caterpillars in my mind
    Are now turned to butterflies that fly
    Through my brain and create a jigsaw of
    Vivid memories and memoirs with my
    Cute little family and the sun, which
    After being alone, still shines...


  • adorable_girl 16w

    Tiny envelope

    We are inhaling our smiles,
    That mixed in the climate,
    Leaving the footprints,
    In the sand castle and,
    Taking the memories,
    Miles of walks are,
    Overwhelmed by bliss,
    Jumping into water,
    Pulls out the sad,
    Reminds the harmony,
    Behind the culture,
    Architecture sculptures,
    Stoles many gazes,
    A tiny envelope for,
    Soul to remember,
    An aura that leads,
    Happy moments.

  • rahmahdi 16w


    The serene whisper of the wind
    joyfull cries of birds
    calming earthly smell of grass
    magnificent smile of brother, sister and parents
    Laughter and love running around in the air
    priceless memories saved in mind and heart
    Stories of unforgettable vacation
    Too great and too big to be told in words

  • anuja_jayakumar 16w

    A Hot Summer Day

    A fine morning , me unusually off my bed
    Hurrying and packing things
    Summer suits ,hats and sandwiches
    Form a part in my bag
    A voice came out loud
    "Don't forget the frisbee"
    That was none, my brother
    Being set for my trip
    We were all in summer suits
    Reaching the beach ,excited and thrilled
    To begin with ,the waves that threw us around
    Gave a whirlly twirlly spin
    Sun bath where the Sun was sharp and
    Hit us with its blaze
    Next was the hunt for shells and crab
    Where count matters a lot
    Sand castle of course our first dream house
    The castle that has our own tastes
    By sun above my head ,munched my veggie sandwich
    Then our frisbee battle started
    The potential to show our throw and catch powers
    By dusk returning home with full enthusiasm
    The most satisfiable summer day!

  • ckeerthana 16w

    The time when family becomes one
    The excitement of traveling
    The happiness of our time together
    The delicious food had outside
    The breathtaking scenery of nature
    The fun time at beach sand
    The eye catching moment of sunset
    The dripping mood of sleep
    The working mechanism of cameras
    The disappointment of coming back
    And the yearning of going again
    Never changes!!!!!!!!

  • shabbz_felix 16w

    Vacation from words

    My mind is overrated in thinking
    By all of this inking
    Living I am forsaking
    And I just can't find myself in
    Don't know what's up with all this writing
    I need a vacation from all this wording
    Horsing back riding
    I should be engage in
    But here I am with words sailing
    Lost in the sea words fishing
    Family and friends uninviting
    To where my soul is heading
    For my mind journey keep on racing
    Jumping through Loops below water sinking
    Night and day lonely hearts wandering
    As my weary heart keeps aching
    Words in my mind needs to be vacating
    With pen and paper sale seas across wavering
    How long will before this journey go on ending
    For my mind needs some complete resting
    From all these resurrected painful memories unwelcoming
    Into the sea of forgetfulness I am vacating

  • childauthor_345 16w

    Monday mornings are musings
    Why don't the sun go on #Vacation .

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    Joy in lapse

    Nestlings wearing the blanket of droplets
    With the subtle wings and the diving wet
    Chirrupings in euphoria knitting a flight
    Felt with warmth of fluid , joy on young knights

    With the wind of kerala , they cascade and escalate
    Dancing whilst rustlings , making the leaves skate
    Big Birds in sigh dissolve the atmos with strict strings
    Nevertheless fragile angels are stubborn and do cling

    ~ that nestling nurtured under the subtle yet sufficient claws .


  • asmita_chakraborty 16w


    The calender states nineteenth,a wednesday
    The clock tickles ten past eight
    Wind brushes against stony faces
    Of passengers in the local trains and buses.

    Smelling crowds and buzzing whistles
    Crying hawkers and dancing trinkets.
    There was a man, in rags
    Staggering down the path.

    Praying for help, to those in suits
    To those with books,to those cars,
    To those with food.
    Anguished his face looked.

    Oh now,oh now,so calm he looks
    The world of praise now stops to look,
    At sleeping man,arms still curbing his guts
    Now dwells in better place to life

    Humanity vacaying out somewhere
    Away from the racing crowds
    Where humans co-exist,
    Live, laugh and let live.


  • lanzhan 16w

    My existence today
    may not be tomorrow's
    As time and fate fixed
    in the book of life
    If death snatch and
    strangle me and wouldn't
    depart until I give up my
    last breath
    I want to be in my best
    vacation that would
    satisfy me to scrub
    all the dullness of my
    and there I wouldn't
    resist to go to a place
    where I must rest

    ©lanzhan 01202022

  • pallavi4 16w

    Summer Vacation

    I still reminisce summer afternoons long past
    When petrichor drenched the sweet smelling grass
    The scent of hard bound old novels
    With merlot poured in a wine glass

    The squeaky colourful swing set
    And the rusty slides in the park
    The weed filled gardens that once were
    Painfully frightful in the dark

    The lanes where we would ride our bikes
    Under gulmohars with large orange flowers
    Us leisurely playing hopscotch
    Surrounded by scores of golden showers

    Feeling scared of ghosts on the roof
    Never ever following what was told
    That time where life was carefree
    When friendships mattered more than gold

    Those picnic spots around the fields
    Filled with daisies, jasmines and pear trees
    Chasing colourful butterflies all over
    Running after bugs and bees

    The stories of great wonder that contained
    Magical pixies, fairies and elves
    There is nothing more intoxicating than the
    Things that remind one of their youthful selves


    20th of January, 2022

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork !

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner - Peter Hurd

    #wod #vacation #childhood #holidays @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity
    @miraquill #pallavi_wnreposts

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