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  • bipsss 10w


    Do you remember once u said?
    I matter to you
    After so many cruel words of mine,
    for me that is something new.

    That line I didn't expect,
    something from you I felt us connect
    that day I first realise
    maybe you feel the same way I felt from so many days.

    But I thought for myself
    I can't be lucky enough
    A beautiful girl like u can like me!
    oh! even thinking a story like this is tough!

    After some days when you told me
    that you have feelings for me,
    that was the most beautiful moment of my life,
    before that I never felt this kind of vibe.

    Babe! now you are my girlfriend
    A girlfriend ! who is almost perfect..
    And do you know what I love the most in you?
    The behaviour that makes you imperfect..

    The most beautiful thing in you is
    your acceptance, your understanding nature,
    you are the gem
    I wanted from the God ever...

    You are the fragrance of my life
    who could take me to the cloud nine
    I want you as my partner for life
    Hey beautiful!! will you be my valentine?❤️

  • mysterious_rover_dreamer 13w


    It was six in the morning ,
    I woke up to the alarm ringing .
    Here begins my day,
    With a break in the Silence

    It was a beautiful beginning,
    My coffee brewing,
    Here begins my day,
    Amassing my morning essence

    I stepped out of my room,
    Something was special in the air,
    Here begins my day,
    Love and love everywhere.

    I saw faces with love and regret,
    Some to make memories and some to forget.
    Here begins my day,
    A day with lots of faces,
    A day of love I'll never forget.

  • sarahrachelea 13w

    I'll be your Valentine
    Every day in every year of our life

    ~ February

  • agjproverbs 13w

    My Life, My Love, My Valentine

    I didn't fall in love with myself, there was no tripping involved. It was calculated, a strategic choice. When my life became my love then my life became my valentine

  • kelvin_alozie 13w

    February For Teens

    Your feelings,
    Are stepping stones,
    To concrete emotions.
                                 Get crumbled      
           Like               paragraphs     
    From writer's block;

    Or do they quietly Implode,
    Like pebbles,
    On a steep-slope r
    ©Kelvin Alozie

  • senika1 13w

    Girl- I'm in love with a character that does not exist

    Boy- Then I'll live as that character for you

  • curiositylive 13w

    True valentine

    All we need is affection
    Not a ship that people call relationship
    All we need is a hug, with the person you like the most
    Not a hell lot of flowers to show us love
    All we need is attention from the person who stays
    Not a fake smile with fake compliments

    Who says valentine's day is all about relationships?

    All I need is stupid young love!
    I don't care if it's friendship or relationship

    Not a ship full of lies that's all I care!

  • aliviocorner 13w

    तुमसे अलग होना
    मै कभी लिखना नही चाहती
    ना कभी लिखा ही
    जब भी तुम मुझसे दूर गये
    मैने कुछ्नही लिखा
    लिखने से मेरि भड़ास निकल जाती
    फिर मै तुम पर गुस्सा नही कर पाती
    और जब गुस्सा नही रहती
    तो सिर्फ प्यार आता तुम पर


  • crystalwords 13w

    The shimmering starlight twined
    the bracelets of glory from behind,
    I stopped by the woods,
    when the starlings chirped thereby,
    Louder the voice, it uttered symphonies
    of vibrant odour,
    that we both were left in the jackets over;
    I wandered and asked the clouds
    just to ensure;
    If everything was still and steady
    or I'm just a dreaming fairy
    Love was in the air; really,
    Butterflies passed from the periphery;
    I realised it was 14th of February,
    The moment ceased, it did so for a while
    Recalling the memoirs of past
    I know, distance can never leave us apart,
    Wishing you from far away, a happy valentine!


    #valentinesday #valentine #lovepoem #love #miraquill
    @writersnetwork #walk #wod

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  • dnswords 13w


    Faslaa jaruri sa hee kabhi kabhi

    Pyar badhne ke liye


  • dannae 13w

    Fail,learn and grow

    We fail separately
    We learn the Lesson
    Can we grow together?

  • pallavi4 13w


    I love you with a love that is more than love
    Like the gust of wind loves the tops of trees
    Like the pitter patter of falling raindrops
    Like the fragrant jasmine flowers in the breeze

    I love you with a love that is more than love
    My love you will always remain true
    Walk I will till the end of time in a sandy desert
    Till the stormy sky turns a vivid blue

    I love you with a love that is more than love
    Every breath I take is filled with longing
    Every moment feels torn and lonely
    In the search of a sense of belonging

    I love you with a love that is more than love
    That is passionately entwined with your mellow soul
    No matter where the winds of fate may take us
    You will always be the half that makes me whole


  • jpwriter 13w


    White wine & red roses
    Night time when we're closest
    Purple petals dress the duvet
    Whispering words I needed to say
    I love you my Angel
    Yet this love is not painful
    Love, beauty, & grace
    Your love truly is faith
    A religion of it's own kind
    A religion which is all mine
    You're a lover & a confidant
    Like no other, a top savant
    Cherish the ground you walk on
    I'm loving you there as you talk on
    The bed of rose petals
    For my love is so settled
    Has God connected our souls
    Completing them making us whole
    I just want you to know
    I Love you my Valentine


  • san_wordzz 13w

    "Self love contains the depth of ocean and tranquility of waves that helps you to rise high during the storm also."
    Therefore, you are your own VALENTINE!!

    Happy self love day to you all♡

    #valentine'sday #selflove

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    A Valentine's Day With Our Own Self

    It's a day of roseate hues that strikes your heart to caress the heart of your muse. Wondering where your muse is?
    Well, go and stand in front of the mirror and your eyes will catch the glimpse of the person who survived thirty polar nights, thunderous days and trillion heartbreaks.
    Therefore, it's a time that :-

    • you gift yourself the Aurora's warmth package containing spectrum of self love.

    • you pick up your clogged paintbrush,or that dormant mic, or your buckled feet to manifest the magicality of your talent that makes you happy.

    • you open the petals of your bleeding heart to soak the mellow rays of your imperfections that make you unique.

    • you melt your favourite chocolate and use it to garnish the velvety cupcakes of passion.

    • you felicitate your mind with a crown made of rosy pearls of peace.

    • You promise to never slice your soul even when chaos dips you in the bucket full of melancholy.

    Because you are the one who stood for yourself in every thick and thin of your life.

  • jpwriter 13w

    Delicious Valentine's Day

    Strawberry kisses,
    Watermelon smiles
    Blueberry wishes,
    Coffee bean piles
    Green grape grass,
    Candy cane trees
    Jelly jar glass ,
    Cotton candy dreams
    Chocolate cake delicious,
    White whip creams
    Slices of thickness,
    Light icing
    From mango Mondays
    To ice cream Sundays
    Life is scrumptious
    I Love you bunches


  • raghu_ji 13w


    मौसम इश्क़ का साक़ी हिस्से तो उसके भी आया होगा
    हो-न-हो प्यार तो उसने भी जताया होगा
    अफ़सोस नहीं कि वो ख़ुशनसीब मैं नहीं हूं
    बस उम्मीद है एक पल को उसे मेरा ख्याल आया होगा ।।

  • raghu_ji 13w


    आज का दिन भी निकल गया ग़ालिब
    इस शायर की शायरी कल भी अधूरी थी और आज भी है
    बदला ना वक़्त ना किस्मत से समझौता हुआ
    तन्हा ये शायर कल भी था और आज भी है ।।

  • _bikash_k 13w

    #valentine #♥️daykavalentine

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    Valentine's Day.

    Top much love in the air
    Red draped all over
    Make-up and cutting of the hair
    Love in the sofa and also in the chair.

    Season of hugs and kisses
    For the teen's and for mister and mistress
    And for those who are single; loneliness and distress..
    Some single write poems while some go incognito in the web..
    Some eat rajma chawal while some lollipop and grapes.

    Valentine... Season of love they say..
    Hell nobody knows it's significance per se.
    For other day's it's black and white but in valentine it's red and white..

    It's cold and you need someone to cuddle
    Fuck if you're single just solve the puzzle
    Unlucky you drink some whiskey while couples sip on wine..
    And when you see 18yo kissing each other !
    Your respect is on the line..

    Okay...Ab underground hone ka samay aa gaya hai

  • spechless 13w

    #February #valentine's day# #spechless


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

      ~ LOST VOICE♡

    © All rights reserved

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    Time of death:14/02/22♤

    February the 14th is the  day of lovers

    Or as I like to call it  Dia de los Muertos

    The day of the dead

    Because  on that day I never think of love,

     I think of us or ,the us that once was.

    Of  how you decorated  the bed , with the petals  of  roses in red 

    I thought it was me that filled your head .

    As you know, I'm a lover red

    It's  the colour of love

     (or bloodshed)


    Those rose petals brought me so much joy.

    I thought  you remembered me 

    But apparently  I wasn't  on you mind at all

    The room look like you emptied  a rose stall  

    But of course  is wasn't for me, it was for penny 

    The bestie you told  me was only over friendly 

    But ignorance  is bliss 

    I remember when you wrote your 

    love letter on white notes

    But today you choose the red note

    ( my personal death note)

      I  traded my joy for  sorrow.

    The sorrows only the dead of heart  know


    So forgive me if I think  of  February 14th

    as the Day of the Dead .

    Because  I wanted cupid and I got the 

     Angel of Death instead.

    I wanted a day filled with heart candies and flowers  in red.

    You know the ones ,the red roses that seem to be 

    On   show and tell on our bed. 

    But I got my roses , a different  shade though

    The  angel of death brought  me a bouquet

    of the most beautiful  black roses.

    Who knew he was so thoughtful 


    I look at it ,confused by his cute gesture

    Surely he didn't take time to think of little old me

    So I wanted to know what he hadbroken

    then I saw it  .

    He  broke  my friendship , in the corner was my dying reality,  rolling around on the rose covered bed,

    I guess my relationship is dead


    I wish you all the joys of the day 

    I truly  hope that it's cupid on his ways  

    and that you never  see  black  roses 

    of Día de los muertos

        ~ LOST VOICE♡


  • diplim 13w

    Home is not a place
    It is a feeling
    Its that feeling
    When I am with you.

    At around the aftermath of midnight
    All sweaty from the love making
    We walk into the freezing balcony
    on a december night
    As I light your cigar
    And watch you contently.

    Moonlight touches your face faintly
    As I sit in the railing
    and stare at your beauty
    I feel like being at top of the world
    As you hold my waist gently
    I felt being held too,
    a rare feeling lately.

    And I still am in awe
    Of those nights
    Which left me full with content
    I still question
    If they were real.

    You see I have never known
    this unusual feeling of warmth
    and protection.
    People have confessed love for
    me before ,
    brought me flowers and pearls
    promised me the moon, wrote sonnets
    And at times, painted me on paper,
    But none could waltz through
    my ribs, none could penetrate my heart.

    Darling muse, you are a miracle
    a reverie , I don't want to wake up from.