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  • atif_aslam 18m

    Volatile Personality:

    She is a volatile temperamental personality, doing her best to get your appreciation, love and attention, but her emotions quickly fluctuate from one extreme to the other.
    And you, with this character, are insecure about yourself, because you live moments in "the bliss of love", then soon you fall into the inferno of hate.. and you do not know anything that raised you or lowered you in front of it!!

    @zebakhanam @yusraansarii @syeddd @miraquill @writersnetwork #wod #writersnetwork

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    Volatile Personality


  • feflourflowers 1h

    #howto #wod can someone please tag I realy need the advice @todayis @mirakee @miraquill

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    "How to wake up early "

    If i wrote about this it would be a lie ; i can w@ke up early even if i try !

  • shivani23 1h

    How to read poetry

    Pause, reading the title.
    One breath in, one out.
    Title is the eye of a poem.
    Carefully, take in,
    Each word, each line.
    Wear the coat,
    The poet wore while writing.
    Feel love, when it says.
    Feel pain, when it says.
    Wear it around your neck.
    Tie it around your wrist.
    Sew it under your skin.
    Read over and over.
    Aloud, then silently.
    Quickly, then patiently.
    Leave flowers,
    For the last line.
    It's a poem's soul.
    A poet's beloved.


  • hazel_nut_sucks 1h


    I wonder who are Workaholics
    Did they get paid for doing what they love
    Or do they just love what they are paid for
    I wonder who are Workaholics
    Are they the odd ones who don't want day offs because they are busy with passion
    Or they are the ones who don't want day offs as they hate their life's
    I wonder who are Workaholics...

  • blackdee 1h

    Lust in Love

    We are in the ocean of love
    Drowning in the seven seas of desire
    Soaked in the brien of lust
    Doted in Neptune's blanket of warmth and intimacy.
    Lost in the high rising tide of the deep blue sea
    Enveloped in Pacific's ardour.
    Lust in Love

    © Blackdee

  • blackdee 1h

    5. A light in the sea of darkness
    #metaphor #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The Darkside of Light

    Dark! Dark!!
    All around me
    I, who was supposed to be a light in the dark
    Became the darkest knight of all
    Suffocating in the sea of regret, loss, betrayal, anguish and pain

    I longed for relief
    My soul longed for safety
    Safety from all the broken promises and emptiness
    Safety from all the resentment, failure, anger, fear and inadequacy.
    Drowning deeper and deeper into a Moana of melancholia

    I longed for a spark to ignite the fire within me
    Longed to feel passion once more and again.
    I longed for a light in the sun of darkness.


  • be_grateful 2h

    There's no failure
    No fall
    There's no sin
    You don't already know


  • blackdee 2h

    So...I don't know about other countries but where I'm from in Nigeria, there's this new slang 'being served breakfast' which means that someone has gotten his/her heart broken.
    So when I so this challenge I just had to do something different and unique.
    Let me know what you think about it ☺️☺️
    Hope I wasn't too late...I hope you all love it.
    #breakfast #wod #pod
    @miraquil @writersnetwork

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    Today just like I've done everyday for the past three hundred and thirty four days
    I woke up
    The disparity in today however is that
    Unlike yesterday,
    I didn't wake up to the sweet smell of early morning caffeine with bacon and eggs
    I didn't wake up to that light kiss on the forehead which you never fail to deliver.
    Rather I woke up to the smell of alcohol and dried tears on my face
    I woke up to the smell of defeat and betrayal
    I woke not feeling like the most charmed woman on Milky Way
    But I woke up feeling unlucky
    This morning I woke to the smell of a breakfast I never thought the one whom I loved the most in the world could serve to me.


  • pawani_t 2h

    A New Day, Everyday

    Amidst the everyday struggles of life,
    How to bring yourself in terms with the situation?
    How to balance the mind and heart equation?

    Amidst the rattling noise of chaos around you,
    How to find few decibels of peace?
    How to let your negative thoughts cease?

    As muddled as it may feel,
    Life gives you a new perspective everyday,
    Just to teach you survival in all possible way!

  • nirvanabharga0 2h

    *Ache is the lucid poesy ��

    Happy reading❤

    // Ibadat

    Zakhm ki ye aasuun bhi
    dua sa lag raha hai mujhe,
    Aaj kal dard se bhi
    sukoon mil raha hai mujhe.
    Aye khuda,
    kaise adaa karu shukr tera
    inaayat ki iss inaam ka


    #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #pain #free #writersnetwork #mirakee #shewrites #truth #poetry #thankyou #soulful #hindi #hindi_poetry

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    Zakhm ki ye aasuun bhi
    dua sa lag raha hai mujhe,
    Aaj kal dard se bhi
    sukoon mil raha hai mujhe.
    Aye khuda,
    kaise adaa karu shukr tera
    inaayat ki iss inaam ka.


  • theglimpsesofyoursoul 2h


    If you want change,
    You have to invite chaos.

  • pallavi4 2h

    How to survive a Panic Attack

    On a day where everything seems fine
    And you perceive a threat or some stress
    You feel you have a racing brain
    And anticipate an exposure to certain situations again
    Maybe the situations become triggers or banes

    Feel intense fear and anxiety
    Discomfort and chest pains
    Have a feeling of being unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    And one of unreality and detachment from self
    Feel numbness, palpitations and a pounding heart
    Have a feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Trembling, shaking and sweating
    Choking and having a fear of losing control
    The feeling of severe nausea
    A feeling like dying and going crazy
    Having a feeling of everything going hazy

    It is time to try:
    Deep and mindful breathing
    Becoming aware of your body
    Practice progressive muscle relaxation
    Thinking calming thoughts and visualisation
    Taking anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

    #wod #howto #panic_attack #anxiety #mental_health #anxiety_attack @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • inkandfable670 2h

    Soup of Happiness

    To cook the soup of happiness
    You neither need of expensive ingredients
    Nor high quality or branded equipments,
    Just put an ordinary pot on hearth
    of satisfaction
    Pour some oil of self love,
    Believe me, it will not increase your calories,
    Add those days you have cherished,
    Those sweet memories that make you nostalgic,
    The smiles of those whom you love,
    The care you receive from your dears,
    Things provide you even small pleasure
    A pinch of salt and pepper of friskiness
    Give it a stir with the ladle of hope.
    And here your ' Soup of Happiness'
    is ready to gulp.

    NOTE: So add a bowl of ' Soup Of Happiness ' in your every breakfast for a happier and healthier life.

    Hope you like it...

    #howto #wod

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    Soup of happiness...

  • inkandfable670 3h

    My sheet of trust
    Crumbled many times,
    Shattered many times like
    A piece of mirror,
    Those piece reflect that scene
    When I blindly trusted
    On those, people perceived as
    Floating bubbles,and then
    I was the one who trusted them first,
    Cracking sounds of my breaking trusts
    Are still echoing in my ears
    Saying not to trust again
    But my soul confronting my fickle brain
    Saying to give them second chance,
    Those creases,those wrinkles
    That once got occurred on paper of trust,
    It's time to remove them by ironing it
    With the iron of generosity or forgiveness-
    It's time to build a bridge of trust
    Over the ocean of people changing each hour,
    With the concrete of hope,
    Thinking if you get hurt once
    Never meant you get another scars.



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    It's time to build a bridge of trust
    Over the ocean of people changing each hour,
    With the concrete of hope,
    Thinking if you get hurt once
    Never meant you get another scars.

  • muskaanbhatt 3h

    For @divyanshi28_03 a writeup for you and for your blessing comments as I promised you taht I will write on your sweet blessings, so here it goes❤

    For my love:
    My family is same as your family, that's why they all love me and like me very much as when your mom secretly sends me her gifts through you ❤that really defines how much she likes me and how worthy I am in her eyes, and says can't wait to have me as her daughter-in-law , because she is same as my own mom, simple,decent and religion following woman whose living for her afterlife not for this world, our moms are not like those who show off their selves in the name of fashion and modernisation to other men instead of their own spouses,and when you and your mom said days back that definitely daughters look like their moms, I mean daughters resemble their moms and follow their paths and teachings, that was so true, I am very proud of you both my moms.

    #pod #wod #life #love @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Another happy day❤

    Everytime when my fellows say to me
    He is so blessed to have you
    Their compliments touch my heart and give me glee
    After all, love like ours is not everyone's cup of tea

    We both are blessed by having each other's side
    As you never hide my love, and tell everyone I am your bride
    Saying you have every quality which my mom wants
    You won't never live like a daughter-in-law but a real daughter without any taunts

  • feflourflowers 3h

    Bad @$$ lesson

    How to Be a bad a$$ without giving a dang .
    Walk like the boss ,gain respect without giving .dress like the boss ..and last but not least don't give a damn that your the boss .just make them respect u. And be that bad a**

  • shadowofthoughts_ 3h

    The brightest butterfly is you.

    How do you do this?
    You put shades as if it's only you that's bright.
    You steal stars to make your galaxies.
    You touch thorns and they become flowers.
    You rain like pearls.

    I'm so curious about the imagination
    How do you know the best fiction?
    After few sentences I'll loose my diction.
    See, I'm full of contradiction.

    How do you do this?
    You revolve around the sun.
    Yet you've got a satellite.
    You are the moon.
    Yet you are the world.

    How do you do this?
    You love you,
    even when you're blue.
    How can I learn the shades of you?



  • sparkles09_ 4h

    How to fall in love with one's own self

    In mornings,
    when the sun is shimmering with hopes
    Soaking one's self into it's warmth
    And wearing a smile, like dazzling sunlight, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In noons,
    When the wind blows, slowly
    With closed eyes, feeling it's delicate touches
    And smiling tenderly at one's self, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In evenings,
    When the sun sets,hiding one's self in puffy clouds
    Watching the scarlet skies with a look of adoration, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    At nights,
    When the moon glows along with dazzling stars. Standing infront of the mirror and embracing one's flaws, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~


  • shabbz_felix 8h

    How to do

    How do I stop lying to myself
    By telling myself I am creative artist
    How to do a lie detective test
    Can anyone help me please ?
    I need to know the truth .
    Do I have to cheat to know
    the tricks of lies

  • anusha_sem 10h

    How to make “ Not to give a damn” potion?

    Add 4tsp of ignorance
    3 tbsp of I don’t care
    Keep both your ears open to let proper ventilation for in and out.
    Also not last but least
    A jar full of natural looking fake smiles…as it burns up your enemies and burned up enemies will make you real happy 😊😂