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  • sproutedseeds 3m

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    Our whole family was overwhelmed with joy
    to see my niece from nursery class on stage
    in her costume looking gorgeous in those lights
    on their school annual day.

    Not only my niece, but the entire class
    danced gracefully literally brought
    tears of joy to witness their innocence and at the same time their trust on their teacher guiding throughout with the dance.

    This may sound silly,
    to me,
    to us
    this was a moment
    which will everlast.

    Petrichor :. The pleasant feeling, joy received from the tiny tots facing audience from stage for the first
    time in their glowing costume.

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    The petrichor of happiness
    from the tiny buds, I could witness
    their joy with the sound of their chirpiness
    on the stage in their colourful costume
    ready with their nimble feet
    to dance with the tune
    gracefully shaking and twisting
    winning applause filled echoing
    in the hall, a memory engraved everlasting.

  • imshadesofgrey 3m

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    First Baguio Trip

    I'm a young girl who is new in a big city,
    A new employee who works hard every day,
    When I wake up,
    I always hear the horn of the cars,
    This place is so loud,
    It's stressful,
    One day,
    I was invited by my board mates to travel to Baguio,
    I thought it would be a good thing,
    So I agreed to come with them,
    As I sat on the bus
    Near the window,
    I put my headphone on
    I played "Oceans" by Hillsong United,
    I fell asleep,
    I don't know how many hours it has been,
    I woke up,
    And I saw the view,
    That I will never forget,
    As I opened my eyes,
    I saw the Moon on its Full Phase,
    Together with the twinkling little stars,
    The bus was in a wide place,
    The night was dark,
    No nearby houses,
    No other vehicles,
    My heart felt warm,
    As I watch the beautiful moon,
    While I listen to the repeated song,
    I realized,
    How beautiful this night is,
    To wake up from a good sleep,
    To wake up and see the bright moon,
    To feel free from everything,
    To not worry about anything,
    The feeling is unexplainable,
    I will be willing to travel,
    And feel peace again.


  • teasel_vente 10m

    Most of my creative efforts relate to lived daily experiences. From my garden I watched a hawk circling above while crows flew straight across below - a joyous moment which never ceases to inspire.

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    Pi hawk

    A circling hawk
    three and a bit times further
    than how the crow flies


  • the_faye_adams 19m

    Lazy Sundays
    staying in bed till 10 a.m
    sprawled across my chest
    a four legged furball
    he makes biscuits on my stomach
    his purs loud and vibrating against my skin
    soft and warm in my arms
    the floof of cuteness
    warms my heart
    he is more than just an animal
    more than just a pet.

    #joy #wod

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  • bemyonly_faithofheart 20m

    Poetries, flowers and the moon

    Poetries are the seeds of joy
    flowers are the roots of happiness
    the moon is an art of forever craved


  • smartsam 26m

    Happiness, Score & Blessings!

    If you like non veg dine
    its perfectly fine!
    I don't drink really
    but occasionally wine!

    If you wish blessings
    kids 2 in year 4.
    Day & night be assured
    our love score!

    May be you pursue
    some hobbies!
    Me too a poet less known
    & special art deary!

    If you happy with life
    happy & well planned!
    Additional talent I welcome
    if you can sing & or dance!

    Life is rope loose untied!
    It can be a garland cute
    yet when 2 soul unite!

    I have a bike
    sometimes flight!
    Picnic we go wherever
    our soul delights!

    Time seems dark
    when we live alone!
    When we love & marry
    life becomes new &
    happiness blossom!


  • piu_writes 33m


    Though I find joy in several things yet if I have to pick any three then My child ,my patents and friends ,and my soul family Miraquill is joy to me

  • amsterdam 36m

    So we sat on memory lane
    Like dolls
    Of tangled hair
    And strawberry-stained cheeks,
    Cheerful remnants of summers

    Floats and drifts
    Like a blanket of stars
    In my mind
    As we listen
    To the hum of the wind
    Telling us to adopt the sun
    And catch happiness by its tail
    While we ride a Ferris wheel
    And watch Life
    Unfold like a magic carpet

    Ignoring the knots and waves
    Of nausea
    In our belly,
    We saddle the wind
    And scream cobwebs and mayhem
    Out of our lungs

    With stars for eyes,
    And heartbeats borrowed from thunderstorms,
    There I was,
    Riding on the mystery
    Of question marks,
    If happiness
    Looks different
    When seen
    Through rose-colored glasses,
    From the lonely top
    Of a Ferris wheel.

    #joy #wod

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  • rk2006 42m


    Joy of knowing other's culture,
    A wish that sounded silly,
    But was a dream for me,
    So As you see,
    I overwhelmed when ,
    I got a chance,
    To experience their day,
    In the mid of May,
    It was an amazing time,
    with the pleasant sounds of chimes,
    Joy of culture,
    Being the best reviving memory.

  • jlaine 49m

    Callused Corners

    Hope hanging by a thread,
    As callused corners bleed redemption,
    Desire drowning in valor's bed,
    O bitter flesh you betray my intention:
    For what cause do you beguile,
    Breathing life into ambition,
    Professing to reconcile,
    Then prodding the sore at my ascension?
    For cruel derision runs unbridled,
    Still I'm no stranger to discontentment,
    Sent once again into exile,
    As such cognizance demands repentance.


  • aphroditenow 1h

    Song of a Muse

    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let hands dig up the cold graves
    Or let the frienzied fingers carve out sadness
    In frost.
    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let the brush choose paints
    Or let the strokes stagger along the canvas
    I know some hopes are like deaths,
    Can be tasted only once.
    I know I have left the hope there in the dust
    Amidst million faces and million voices,
    Amidst million moments blurred with million images-
    Perhaps a kaleidoscopic dream.
    I soak in the shades,
    My eyes can no longer tell apart crimson from scarlet.
    The canvas reminisce about beautiful flowers,
    Insane with fragrance.
    Insanity lures me.
    I tear through the canvas.
    I trample the blank sheet.

    A fresh page.
    A fresh start.
    I know some hopes are like deaths
    And death visits life only once.
    Tonight I will resurrect love.
    Tonight I will grasp the sun within the glint of slush.
    Tonight the mad woman would find her lost love.
    Tonight the mad woman would cry in deep delight.
    Tonight it would rain to the rhythm of dulcimer.
    Tonight I will glean joy-
    A lovely, innocent joy;
    A joy that would smell of childhood...

  • anshikainks 1h

    L I T T L E ����������������

    A glimpse of her waist ,
    through her draped black saree ,
    Tinkling of her anklets
    As she runs across the wet grass and
    Plucks a fresh petal from gulmohar
    To festoon her bun,

    Happiness to me was
    Her chappy lips and
    That mascara scattered all across
    Her eyes ,
    Her lying next to me , when I
    Woke up and resting her head
    On the bed like a foetus to her mother,

    Her insecurities about her weight
    And height , and my constant
    Teasing her ,
    Kissing her gently on the forehead
    Whenever we met ,
    I don't know what gave me joy,
    Perhaps every little thing
    That was HER /
    While she was mine

    -Anshika Mahajan ��

    #joy #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • _gk_07 1h

    Million were the dreams I sowed
    on the fertile land of hope,
    eyes closed and eyes open
    awaiting for a distant call
    with enchanted visions to glittering roads,
    Where I smelled the space between 4 am's
    when the world used to be quiet
    and I made one and an another
    attempt with bated breaths
    to seek where my dreams go.

    I blindfolded myself from decaf voices
    barbing about failures of my dark roasted dreams,
    'cause my chaotic cornea was only decorated with origami of schedules and to-do lists.

    Mercury was rising due to temper of my backlogs,
    the heat adversely wilted the sunflower of hope, I once sowed in the fields,
    on canvas of my imaginations.

    The whimsical results popped as
    notifications on my phone,
    always left my utmost efforts to
    be just bare minimum,
    breaking my peppermint paper houses
    of expectations everytime,
    leaving self-doubt and self-hatred to me,
    'cause I considered my subconsciousness
    as the only culprit,
    behind the robbery of less secured focus
    in the bank of my chaotic mind.

    My delicate hopes sailed parallel to
    porous paperboats,
    to reach the island of my own
    beliefs and dreams,
    where I processed the zeal to achieve
    my perfect dream I dreamt of
    on my favorite couch,
    made me a survivor of a silent sleep.

    I hadn't reached yet to en - joy the soil below my feet at the shore but still I'm sailing to reach towards it.

    #wod #joy @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Once a girl with loads of words
    elaborated the delicate dilemma
    of dreams,
    it's not about success or failure,
    but about living and enjoying the process,
    an off-road journey with slants and craters, on a motor car
    where you regularly need determination as a fuel,
    a perseverance to continuously drive following the sign-boards and cautions,
    and repairing the faults from time to time.

  • inkandfable670 1h

    December Delights

    Walking amidst fog in morning
    Enhaling the mist around
    At noon when sun seems so balmy
    Like a brighter moon
    Some lazy ones among us,
    I'm accepting I'm too
    Seeks siesta under sun
    While little ones amuse themselves
    In playing weird games,
    Some active ones plays badminton
    Where one hits racket harder
    And the other in response
    Hits that with more zeal
    Whereas some sitting silently
    Observe dodging racket,keenly,

    In eve, we crack nuts
    By fingers not so cold
    While relaxing around bonfire
    Cherishing sips of ginger- tea
    And shares kind of stories
    Some of us tell their meetings
    With witches and ghosts
    Some cracks hilarious jokes
    Some spill out each other's secrets
    That's lits the fire of fray
    And then the chilled environment
    At once turn into a hot summer.

    In chilled winds of winters
    These are mine warm
    Delights of December
    Reminding me,no matter how much
    Colder the situation is
    We could over come if we are
    With our loving beings.

  • rekha_123 1h

    Piece of Emotions

    Canvas is my page and I paint my poetry with the colors full of emotions,
    I create words from the brush strokes of creativity.
    Beauty is in my hands,
    And I spread it in cool shades.
    As the colors sparkles in the sky,
    My poem shines very high.
    Emotions glimpses in my painting,
    I have ocean of passions which keeps changing.


  • thoughtsprocess 4m

    I was like a Peacock,
    awaiting the rain of love
    to end the scorching,
    heartburning Summer
    of my heart and soul

    I was restless like a wandering Deer
    searching for the musk

    I was thirsty like migrating tired birds
    and seeking the lake of sweet water

    I was eager like a poet,
    determined to complete
    his epic before the fragile bubble
    of his lifespan bursts

    I was like a lost traveler
    in the desert
    whose exhausted soul
    seeking an oasis

    I was like an undelivered letter,
    yet hoping for the reply

    But when the rising Sun
    started spreading the colours
    of the heart of my beloved
    in the sky

    When the Moon started
    conveying his love poems
    through moonlight

    I felt like receiving
    the reply of my undelivered letter


  • tinkling12 2h


    Knocking on the door of my heart,
    But before i reached to open,
    You slitted my heart with deterrence,
    Hues of emotions dripped down through soft corners,
    I saw you wincing there too,
    The way,you dabbed my eyes with your fingers.
    I harked your numbness thereafter,
    But forgot to bury that behind your footprints,
    The way,you left me shivering in pain but with a hope to be mine afterlife..

  • anuja_jayakumar 2h

    #joy #wod

    My heartfelt thanks to @dusky_dawn and @childauthor_345 for repost❤❤

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    Joy Everyday

    Day breaks with a hot caramel coffee
    The aroma makes me blush
    Seems to say "Have a great day ahead"
    Full of positivity and the day begins
    Every little happening
    Makes me delighted
    The food that I consume, where many suffer hunger
    The work that I do , as many are idle
    In doing my passion , where some are confined to situations
    When seeing a humanitarian act
    And I'm to do it, Aww! That's more joyous
    Look closer ! You have happiness everywhere
    Be joyous within
    And thus joy hits you everyday!

  • prose_nexus 2h

    ... autumn's fair breeze. The pages she glanced through, wafted into her nostrils first, a whiff of dust.

    She was reminded of the carefree days of old, lingering in small inked characters. These texts stood as a symbol of emotion. She flipped through, page by page, ignoring the sentences but admiring with aesthetic emotion, the craftsmanship.

    She closed the book once more. Waiting a few seconds to reacclimate to her surroundings. She reopened the hardcover back but this time, feeling its barked weight.
    The texts encapsulated within this journal spoke to her of infantile days when imaginative thinking was optimistic thinking. Ki realised again what it was like to note emotions on paper and have it matter to her alone.

    If only her steps could retrace themselves to the oceans of naivety, let her heart beat from the sudden glances of handsome counterparts, and bleed on to paper the tales of forbidden love, a quest for revenge, and honour restored.
    All these she reimagined once again. Now she only waited fervently for life to tear her a new script.

    And in that moment. In that sliver of seconds, everything that surrounded her spoke to her sentimentality and with it came the steady curving of the corners of her lips into a JOYOUS SMILE...

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #pod #love #old #colour #beauty #wod #joy

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    Ki's Memories

    ||DaMoN Aura||

  • beast09 3h

    Fallen dreams

    Instead of chasing to meet the standards of success.
    I learned to collect all those fallen dreams of mine to sew them onto a dress and put it on with pride, realising of how much joy it brings me.