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    #खुशियों के दिवाली उनके संग.#hindi_poem#diwali#lights#festival#writersnetworks

    Wish You a Happy and Safe Diwali All of you��❤️ इस दीवाली कुछ अलग कीजिए जैसे हमारे साथ वहलोग भी हमारे संग दीवाली मना पाए ....

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    दिवाली उनके संग..

    एक ख्याल मन में आया था
    सोचा कि लिख ही डालू।
    क्या इस दीवाली कुछ अलग नहीं हो सकता।
    हम गरीब है वेशक उनके लिए
    क्या हम इंसान नहीं है?
    क्या उनके लिए दिल नहीं दुखता
    उनके मासूम सा चेहरा ,
    जो खुशी से नहीं;
    उदास से भरा है रहता!
    जब सारे शहर मे दिवाली की ;
    दिये और फटाको की आवाज गुंज रही है ,
    तो फिर वे लोग पीछे क्यों?
    हा बाताओ....???
    आप तो शान से दिवाली है माना लेंगे...
    कुछ उनके लिए भी करो...
    लाखो रुपए, महंगा कपड़े नहीं चाहिए।
    खुशी से जो देंगे ,
    उसी से खुश हो जायेंगे।।
    लोग कहते है, त्यौहार होते है जिंदगी में
    खुशियों के लिए!!
    क्यों न हजारों पैसों से "light" खरीदने से अच्छा,
    पसीना बहाकर जो मिट्टी से दिये बनाते है
    सड़क पे बैठकर अपनी दो वक़त
    की रोटी के लिए कड़ी धूप में बैठते रहते है दिनभर।
    अमीर बनने के लिए नहीं न?
    उन दो पैसों से आपने बच्चों के
    चेहरे पर खुशियां देने के लिए...!!!!
    आओ खुशियों के साथ उनके
    संग दिवाली है मनाते!!!
    इस बार कुछ अलग सा
    दीवाली मनाते है।।।।


  • unusualdee 7w

    Yeah, I need to let go. I can do that. but won't I still be hurt all over again by another person who knew the fuck I went through in the past?

  • rukaash_writer 9w

    Umeedien nahi hai mujhe ab rishton se aur logon se..
    Pal pal badalte log dekhe hai maine har roz har din yahan..


  • rukaash_writer 9w

    Chaar kadam zindagi k raste ne sath na chalne wale log..
    Aaj kal humsafar hone ka daw'wa karte hai...


  • yamirajam 9w

    To hard to write �� proposal rejection
    Request by my friend


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    Rejected love
    (Respect for feelings)

    Taken years to open up my feelings for you
    Following you classes, cafe and even pet shop
    Just to get your attention and with that smile and eyes you win my heart
    After everything I done ,you were good to me
    She is too good in playing with Emotions
    Her lies stay still here with me.
    But you left me behind with one word "no" without accepting my proposal .
    God only know where I being so long
    I'm different from before
    Don't worry I never choose to end my life
    Thanks for your "NO".


  • yamirajam 10w

    Depressed to strong willed

    Time for me to become double
    Selective with people, uninvolved with bad

    It's been years
    Talkative behaviour left behind in past
    I believe in solitary listening up
    Hidden stories feels better
    When it being grant
    What to say I'm little bit nonsocial mess kid
    Created a oneself country and living with my imagination
    Well yup simply sometime I talk with bird
    Attempt to be social but in this race I lose myself and people leave behind
    Feels too fake to open up because
    In years of depression
    No one showed up
    Now I'm not living for others expectation
    Ha ha left with my only messed stuffs
    Don't mind this silly story
    Refreshing a old shy bird


  • rukaash_writer 10w


    Jhutto ki duniya hai .
    Jhutto ka bolbala hai.
    Sachai kehta hi kon hai .
    Jhutto ka hi jag sara hai..

  • yamirajam 10w

    My hands

    My hands are too weak now
    to hold a new hand and warm your heartbeat with my fading ink colours...

  • heartfully 10w


    So, in my previous post, I lamented on how I wasn't able to upload a profile picture to my profile. It's sorted out now��
    Thank you @shadowofthoughts_ for helping out ����

    #mirakeeworld #writersnetworks #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    Can I paint my name
    On the walls of your territory?

    Am I allowed to write it like henna on your palms?

    Or could it be engraved on your heart forever?

    I ask of you
    Let it be engraved on your heart forever.


  • heartfully 10w

    Today makes the eighths day of me writing here. It feels great to be able to pour out my thoughts����

    I'm not an expert poet but I must say, I'm not too bad either ������

    [P.S]: the reason you might not see a profile picture on my profile is cos I tried to do it but it's not working��
    Any ways, we move!!��

    #personification #wod #writersnetwork #writersnetworks

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    That which throbs
    A throbbing heart,

    Disturbed and tired
    Scared and sad

    Restlessly roaring
    At the sight of uncertainty

    Throbbing, pounding,
    Throbbing, pounding,

    What can cure a throbbing heart?

  • moss22 10w

    The sound

    It's a fusion, complex and restless mind,
    My heart stretch out for succour
    It's ve been here watching, waiting for the wild wind
    to whisk away this deep hurts and betrayal from inside my past nostalgic desire which has gradually turned me diffidence a femme in comprise

    I see the world like it was still yesterday's scars so afresh, just like a bullet wound I wish all was just a nightmare perhaps, this was the price affectionately paid for love rather than God
    I would love to try again this time with the jireh for guidelines

    Hear my cry & have mercy oh heaven
    Then I heard that voice saying at the center of it all is you that we see,
    it sounded like a song for a minutes I was numb how could such verse say so much within few lines,apparently this voice brought back sanity to my bereaved soul

    i pledge allegiance from this day to let this voice suit me when am down keep me steady when am weary don't know about forever but I hope it's real as they said it is,

    yes truly I lost my heart
    When you see it around your home please keep it safe don't let it wonder in the dark

  • heartfully 10w

    I can't help but look back and wonder where it all went wrong.

  • purnimaindra 10w

    दो जोड़ी हाथ

    जेल की सीखचों के पीछे
    अपराधिनी सी खड़ी
    सलाखों पर
    अपने एक जोड़ी हाथों से
    टटोलती रही
    "अपने एक जोड़ी हाथों को"
    जिनकी मुट्ठी में शायद--
    मेरे अपने ही सपने
    अपना सारा आकाश
    मेरी अपनी ही आकांक्षाएं
    मेरी अपनी पूरी जीवन लीला बंद थी।
    ठीक एक दुनियां में आए
    नवागन्तुक शिशु की तरह
    जो भाग्य बंद किए थी
    मुट्ठी में।
    और टटोल-टटोल कर
    उन रेखाओं में अपना जीवन-दर्शन
    खोज रही थी।
    और मैं भी--
    सलाखों के उस पार के
    एक जोड़ी हाथों को
    जो पृथक संवेदना के थे,
    टटोलती रही,रोती रही,
    अपनी व्यथा सुनाती रही।
    जल्दी पास बुलाने की
    मिन्नतें करती रही।
    लेकिन साथ ही
    सलाखें थे कि
    दो जोड़ी हाथों के बीच
    दीवार बन कर खड़े हो गये थे।
    जो मुझे और उसे
    आपस में देखने तो देती थीं,
    पर आलिंगन में बंधने को
    तीखी नज़र से देखती थीं
    शायद इसकी ईर्ष्या ही थी यह
    या फिर शायद-
    ये सींखचे भी सौतेलेपन का
    रूप प्रस्तुत करते रहे।
    मैं उसकी उंगलियों में
    वह मेरी उंगलियों में
    उंगलियां फंसाए--
    आलिंगनबद्ध होने को आतुर
    सारा दुखड़ा,बीती यादें,आने वाले पल
    सारा प्रेम,सारा आह्लाद, विषाद
    एक साथ परस्पर
    बिखेरने को आतुर
    एक दूसरे को निरीह सा ताकते रहे,
    आंसुओं की ज़ुबान से सब कुछ कहते रहे।
    और बार- बार इसी तरह
    मेरे व उसके दो जोड़ी हाथ
    सलाखों के आर-पार
    मिलते रहे।
    अनकही बातें कहते रहे।
    अपनी इच्छाओं को
    इन्हीं दो जोड़ी हाथों से कुचलते रहे।
    और चार वर्षों की
    अवधि खत्म होने की
    प्रतीक्षा करते रहे।
    ©️®️ purnima Indra


  • heartfully 10w

    Write a letter to your younger self telling him/her something he/she would have appreciated hearing at that time ��

    Try it��

    If you end up writing a poem after the experience/experiment, you could tag me. I'd love to read your poem❤

    #writersnetwork #writersnetworks #mirakee #livelife #healingjourney

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    My love,
    Did I not tell you
    That you would be ok?

    As broken as you felt
    As shattered as you were
    As lonely and dead inside,
    That you will be alright?

    So I hope the next time
    I tell you
    How that too shall pass
    You will find it easier
    To believe my words,
    True and sincere.


  • heartfully 11w

    If you're reading this, I hope you'd finally be able to heal from whatever it is you've gone through. I hope you'd be able to find courage to rise up once again and grow higher ❤❤❤

    #healing #healingjourney #growth #breathe #livelife #wod #writersnetworks #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    A soul,
    Embracing the calmness of nature
    And the beauty of solitude

    The wind gently brushing up
    Against her skin

    Can you see her?
    Gently! Very gently
    Setting herself free

    As she begins to let down the luggage
    That has been weighing her down

  • heartfully 11w

    Don't exhaust yourself by pushing yourself too hard. Cut yourself some slack. You don't have to feign being strong all the time. Take a break and just breathe ❤

    #healing #healingjourney #growth #breathe #livelife #wod #writersnetworks #readwriteunite

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    Allow yourself to live
    Allow yourself to breathe
    By taking
    One gentle step at a time

  • heartfully 11w

    First writeup. I will find myself!.
    #wod #writersnetworks #miraquil #mirakee #lost

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    Burying myself in my own thoughts
    Am I my own enemy?
    Carrying a heavy load and feeling lost
    Lost but on a journey of finding
    I will find myself back.
    I will.

  • nityabhatia 12w

    The Potential of Nothing

    Your canvas is never blank
    it carries the void of the abyss,
    with undertones of sacred emptiness,
    free from strokes of conditioning
    a nothing from which anything
    blooms, a nothing from which everything emerges...


  • vbear9396 12w


    Once, when I was young,
    I planned to...
    wake up every day with optimism,
    laugh as loud as I can.
    sang a song, that implies happy thoughts.
    dance in a exuberant tone.
    cried because of blissful stage.

    And I did!

    But, one day, all of these fades away in a blink of a sorrowful eyes, full of melancholy.


  • nyctophiliacnivs 15w

    Kabhi ek pal bichad jate the to
    Dil Na jane ish kadar
    Bechain jo jati thi
    Ki ghabrahat mei
    Na jane kya kya soch lete the

    Aur aj aise bichad hi gaye bas
    Ehsaason mei sab mahfoos lage!!