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  • divyanshi28_03 29w

    I breathe,wait and hope again
    for you among the passing clouds.
    Restless thumping conquers my heart
    why are you taking so long to light up my sky?

    Every line I ink bridges my heart to your soul.

    Our love can sustain growth
    If I hold your hand and you hold mine
    Above the clouds among the stars
    Our spirits align
    We touch the moon
    We touch the stars
    We touch the land of divine.

    Flowers of love
    blossoming in divine garden
    Stars watching them bloom at night.

    Kept( list poem)
    I have kept the delicate memories of us
    deeply rooted within me
    Wind slips down the window
    Whispers to me
    I never let it steal our secrets that I keep
    Under a blanket of coarse rustic love
    I have kept all of you and
    broken decayed part of me.

    Wind singing through window pane
    Touched me,wishpered your name
    All the secrets you parted with her
    have reached me again
    When the wind took my hand in air
    She felt my frozen pain
    Running through my vein.

    Walking through the garden of love
    when I passed through the memory lane
    I recollected all the happiness that we gain.
    Once upon a time
    The two nostalgic souls loved each other
    And later they found love forever.

    While exploring all of her
    He found mysteries hidden within her
    While looking for stories within him
    I found a poetry of imperfections
    Lying by him.
    The two decided to surrender to each other
    Accepting the imperfections
    Embracing each other forever.

    (You once told me)
    You once told me that you don't need feathers to fly
    You just need me to touch the sky
    You once told me that I was the centre of your world
    And I own your pen and you own my fancy words.

    Let's travel to the moon
    Let's breathe amongst the clouds
    Let's promise in the universe
    Let's pull each other in gravity
    Let our bodies rooted on earth
    But souls in the sky.

    (Color) white
    White moon quiet,soft and dear
    Comforting the sleepy souls
    Sits back,watches and hear
    The story of our love
    The story of two saints
    The two white roses
    Losing each other
    In each other's pain.

    It was a battle of love
    It was a battlefield
    Losing in time
    Winning in hearts
    was the destiny indeed
    All you believed in me
    All I believed in you
    All we believed in us
    We took to embrace our pain
    All we knew was we are
    suppose to meet in heaven

    This time I came up with something different
    So far I have taken to many miraquill word prompts and challenges.I have blended few to give it a color of love.
    #metaphor #wod #combinaton #monostitch #haiku
    #growth #kept #personification #nostalgic #enso #youoncetoldme #travel #color

    Combination= You and Me
    Monostitch.= heart to soul
    Growth = love
    Haiku. =Flowers
    Kept = Memories
    Personification = Wind
    Nostalgic =Memories
    Enso = Imperfections
    You once told me = secret
    Travel = moon
    Color = white
    Metaphor = Battlefield
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #wod #two #wod
    Words used- star,night

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    Jar of Blended Love


  • 17musancwadi2003 33w

    You Once Told Me

    You once told me you will stay by my side
    But all of that was a lie.
    You once told me you would protect me
    Only to find out later that you would be my enemy.

    I trusted your words
    I believed your promises
    Never knew that they were full of mysteries.
    To my eyes they were clear as day
    They made me believe that you would stay,
    To my dismay,to you it was all just a game.

    You once told me things will be okay
    But where are you now?
    I am drowning in this darkness and decay,
    There is no one to pull me out.

    Your words have hurt me that I can't trust anymore
    Your words have pained me that I can't feel no more.
    My soul is shattered,it can never be repaired.

    You once told me you will stay by my side
    But you left me to die.

  • i_shukriya 33w

    You once told me...

    You once told me...!!
    your eyes are the part of my life,
    all your pains are the story of my tale.

    You once told me...!!
    your presence are the rhythm of my song,
    lyrics no matters it's sad, but the beat are all mines.

    You once told me...!!
    your smile are the buds of my garden,
    it may shed, but the aroma still remains inside oneself.

    You once told me ...!!
    the heart goes beat and it feeds,
    all in your means.

    You once told me...!!
    'm not the writer,
    but my writing is all meant for you.

    You once told me...!!
    'll be always with you,
    whenever you need me.

    You once told me...!!
    you are the shine of my dark,
    and the flower of my yard.

    you once told me...!!
    I 'm your in your every start,
    in your up's or down's.

    You once told me...!!
    the poem of your life,
    believing me as your love.

    you once told me.....
    Now, here I need you
    please give me lap.

    I want to be wrong,
    if the question is about your faith,
    and the option are all against your wave.

    Yes I need you please met me in my dreams
    give me that cozyness and here,
    'm free with my pains..